Well, luckily, you just stepped your face into the best place to do that on the TUBE. Any tube by the way. Televesion tube and Youtube Youre, not going to find crypto information anywhere else, even on non tubes like Podcasts., So strap in open those ears and eyesbecause Its time for Chico Crypto Sooooo lets talk about Altcoins, as a few of my top picks were performing muy excelente yesterday, in the face of a slight market downturn. Everything else, a majority of the altcoins, even in the top 100, were in the red. So lets begin with one of the top HODLs in my portfolio who Ive covered on multiple levels over the past 7 months, That is Alchemist Coin and its up over 7 percent 24 hours. From 124 dollars to 134.but, then pulling out the 7 day. Chart things. Look even more bullish for alchemist. Going from a low of 68 dollars to that 134. We were at yesterday Nearly a 100 percent gain in under 7 days Now, Im not going to cover this again as Ive made videos covering this already..even 6 months agobut. There is some pretty solid information out there that Uniswap is integrating Flashbots technology and mistx..to save Uniswap v3 users from Sandwich attacks and also providing them. Cashback rewards for the MEV that is saved And many think the deployment and announcement of it is coming this week. Why? Well, Dire0x, he is an alchemist coin: core developer, who focuses on mistX.

Well, Sir Dire replied Next Week to a tweet last week from a Don Vincenzo. That said, Cant wait to be next week and tagging both alchemist coin and mistx twitters. Link 3 Dire0x Tweet. Now you need to watch my previous video on this to fully understand why this is important its down in the description. If you want to check it, outbut Dire0x had an open issue in the Uniswap v3 Github for Frontrunning protection with mistx, which has been closed. Aka settled for over a month nowand in that issue he was working with Uniswap core developer Moody, Salem, So Ive been saying since 6 months ago, this was going to happen..but. There is a little more speculative evidence that says its coming., And this is actually pretty big. In my opinion. On the same day of his Next Week, tweet, he also was tweeting about sandwich attacks on Uniswap v3.. He tweeted Heres a juicy sandwich on UniV3, the user lost more than 30k USD. Public Uni Sushi sandwich dashboard coming soon with big eyes.. Why is this important? Well, you should know that mistX only works with Uniswap v2 and Sushiswap in alchemist blogs. They have said that. Why would Dire0x be tweeting about Uni, v3 sandwiches and a Uni v3 dashboard last weekif v3 integration wasnt coming soon He wouldnt be Nowww. Its time to move onto the second altcoin for the day, which is following a similar path recently as alchemist coin., That is OlumpusDAO.

Ohmmmmmm Over the past 24 hours, its doing better up nearly 11 percent over the past 24 hours. From a low of 824 dollars to 922 And then, over the past 7 days, its gone from 600 dollars to the high of 922., A gain of nearly 54 percent. Now OHM has taken the crypto world by stormand defied the odds, Its the only cryptocurrency in the top 100 that doesnt have a centralized exchange.. Its only listed on DEXs like Uniswap, Sushiswap and 0x protocol. All other coins in the top 100 have a CEXlike Binance, Conibase, Kraken Kucoin or one of the others. Sooo. There is major upside still to OHM in the short to mid term.. A centralized exchange is going to want a piece of the OHMIE piewith, the fees that can be made by traders, exchanging it back and forth.Who will be. The first centralized exchange to swallow. The ohm pill Well have to wait and see, but let me tell you its gon na happen and most likely soon, But regarding the hype behind OHM it a calles down to 3 3ing aka staking your OHM tokens through the protocol. The current APY on staking is a ridoncoulous 7309 percent. What that means is if someone just put just 100 dollars into the protocol over a yearthat, measly 100 bucks would turn into over 7300 dollars if the APY held, where it was 1000, would turn into over 73000 thousand and so on and so forth.

Although the APY of OHM is going down over time, its not going to HODL at over 7300 percent, It will go down, as that has been the case throughout OHMs history.going to the OHM dashboard on Dune Analystics. We can see that OHM staking began at nearly 300 thousand percent during the launch. As time has gone on, the APY has fallen, settled and went sidewaysgrowing a bit went down and as of now, we are going pretty much sideways again, So there is still time to savor those juicy high, APYs and Im sure some of you are kicking yourself for Not getting earlier to get those massively high APYsbut, let me tell you there will be another chance And its coming from a friend of OHM, an actual fork of the protocol where OHM is helping advise And that is.KlimaDAO klimadao logo Going to one of the medium blog Posts titled Climbing Olympus, the Klima team says The Klima DAO ecosystem is modeled on Olympus. Dao. Iterating on their work presents the best framework for us to achieve our objectives.. We are grateful for their vision and execution. The example they have set and advice they have offered us. So do you understand what that means? That means ultra high APYs, just like Olympuss right out the gate Like they said Klima is modeled on OlympusDAO. Now there are other forks out there right now, but I wouldnt touch them with a five foot pole.. None of these forks have advice from Olympus DAOand.

There have been forks before these Other recent ones like Time on Avalanchethey thought they could do itthese ones before and they failed., If they had advice of Olympus and backing of Olympusthat, might now have happened. Now there is something else I found out about KlimaDAO recently. That is super super interesting. Everyone should know about this ethereum address that ends in AAC.. This is Mark Cubans, ethereum address, which Ive confirmed in multiple videos before..tying it right back to the cubster himselfand, showing that he holds and stakes OHM Well also in that walletis, something so interesting. PKlima tokens aka PreKlima. Now last week the Klima team put out a blog post discussing the differences between aKlima and pKlima. Making people understand that pKlima is not aKlima.. The blog says KlimaDAO has also distributed a number of pKLIMA to people who can help. This protocol become a success in the long term. pKLIMA is not the same as KLIMA. There are no underlying BCTs locked in the treasury to underpin the distributed pKLIMA supply., Nor is pKLIMA the same as aKLIMA. A BCT will not automatically be delivered to the treasury. On behalf of pKLIMA holders, when they are redeemed. To redeem, pKLIMA holders will be responsible for delivering BCTs to the treasury themselves. They go on to say this was modeled. The distribution and supply based vesting schedule after OlympusDAOs pOHMand, then below a tad bit further. They give the details of the distribution. Team, 330m pKLIMA and 7.

8 supply share, Project Stakeholders, 70m pKLIMA and 3.5 supply share, Advisors, 50m, pKLIMA and 1 supply share, OlympusDAO, 70m pKLIMA and 3.5 supply share And finally, the Klima DAO community, 480m pKLIMA no supply share because the Community decides through the DAO what happens to those tokens SoooooMark Cubans pKlima had to come from two spots.hes, not part of the team hes not on the Olympus. Dao teamso, either a project stakeholder or advisor..