One specifically talking about the price action of the one coin, guys im going to try to keep this one, nice and brief im, still incredibly unwell. So, im hoping to get through this the best way i can and convey over to you guys the best information i can with what is going on with harmony one right now. If we, as we get into this, if you find it useful and informative hit that like button, i really do appreciate that if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications and in doing so you Will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here at cheeky crypto right with that said, done that way, lets dive down into harmony one here and see exactly what is going on with the one coin. Were gon na start things off with the weekly guys, just as we usually do, and basically the ball runs started back in march of 2020. First, wave up here peaking around the august time second wave coming down towards the latter part of uh 2020 december, and then we peaked up nice and strong up here in. I think it was uh march of 2021 right so from march to march weve. Seen, eighteen thousand nine hundred and five percent in gains and for those people who were buying harmony one at the top of way three theyve had to endure all of this down to the downside.

Okay, in terms of what is going on and with that fourth wave correction, we unfortunately have set a new all time high. So as long as you didnt succumb to the fear and you didnt sell at the bottom of wave, four um, then youre doing quite well. You can also see that uh theres an upward trend line that was acting as a bit of resistance. This started back in february of 2020.. We tested this with the peak of wave one we broke through it in wave three back tested and turned into support during wave four. So now, as we heat up into wave five, where we have a pretty good target, i think its a 79.7 about 355 percent from our current position. Okay, right now we are battening some critical areas where, if we do break through which i do anticipate us doing, it should set us off to a new. All time highs very very soon. Ultimately, harmony ones been heating up quite nicely, and the expectation should be that we are looking towards some pretty good targets going further forward. We can also see that the stochastic rsi is oversold down here and oversold down here. This is basically wave four and wave two. Okay, so being oversold during those two waves and obviously over ball when were up in the wave one and wave three, the anticipation is a small pullback right now on our stochastic and to go back into overbought for the rest of the ball round.

I do anticipate that quarter. Four is going to be a really big run for harmony, one to finish off, taking us up towards that uh 79.7 area, where we might even over extend to hit that dollar range. Okay, um lets jump down into our daily view, and this is where we start to see exactly whats been going on the most recently okay. So so we do have a cup and handle pattern. This is something thats, quite common on pretty much most of these old coins now and we can see theres a cup here and we pull down to the handle and then we blast on up right and that for harmony, one comes in at 34, so basically it Comes in pretty much on the nail of our 1.618 area of the fibonacci, retracement, okay and so thats, the expectation, but first of all, we have to battle through the 786. um so for the guys are familiar. Weve been talking about the 18.6 area for a while. This is an area that were rejected from over here we break through it over here. I need to have bitcoin pull us down and then obviously were battling up this area right now, so looking to push past and get that closed candle above 18.6, preferably a weekly close thatll, be really the strongest move, but for now ill take a daily and see How that kind of progresses to the upside as well? We can see that the stochastic rsi is overbought just about um and we can be up here for a while in line with what we were doing previously with this nice surge to the upside over here, and so overall weve got some pretty good targets for october.

Im coming in at about 34, and and of course, you know, as we push up here, 79.7 is our top there uh, with the fifth wave potentially overextending to that dollar level and from there i do think thats going to be a psychological barrier where we are Likely to see a lot of selling occurring and so make sure that we do lock profits in on the way up. Okay, um! So at this point, well jump over to the avay dashboard load up harmony and just take a look at what is going on here. So here we have a b1 rating, its actually dropped down. One rating in the last 24 hours now lets get into the detail of this. The ami had ratio ratio and comes in an a2 rating, so no problems with liquidity. The fear in greed index, however, comes in at a c3 rating, which means theres a lot of fear in the space for harmony, one right now, and this isnt really warranted and ill get into why that is in a moment. The sharp ratio is an a2 which is pretty much the risk reward ratio working for us in our favor well above the 50 day average. This is basically suggesting that holding harmony. One is a pretty good idea rather than a bad idea. Okay, we also have the profitability the return on investment. This is up there as an a1 rating, obviously, with 18 000 in games its hard to see this thing not being the best profitability um that this particular platform can give right and come down a little bit lower.

The peak end value demands the b2, so pretty neutral, pretty good. We have uh moving averages up here in a2 right, pretty good moving averages, so the anomaly really comes in from an unnecessary amount of fear in the harmony space, whereas everything else is actually looking pretty good. So when we jump back down into our charts – and we say – okay well were fighting up against the 786 and the sentiment just isnt quite there, but everything else is lets. Take a look at that hourly chart and see whats going on here. You can see it pull back just down to the 702 as we entered the oversold area. This is actually looking pretty good. So if we do have a good search to the upside now and we get some good volume, let me throw that volume on right. So we can see here if we have this kind of volume come in here now and grow this to the upside. I do anticipate us pushing past that 786 area. Okay, getting that close candle above that 18.6 zone, okay, so being oversold on the hourly and but obviously we just be a little bit mindful over that sentiment. Right theres, a lot of fear in the space uh people might be unwilling to to buy harmony and actually everything else. In the background, the underlying data is actually indicating that its a pretty good buy, because we are looking to push past this area here and head towards our 21 cent zone.

Okay, so right now and what were looking for is to basically um increase this volume good buying and allow us to push past this area and target that 21 area. Now i dont anticipate thats doing that in one one move. I do anticipate as pushing on past. Maybe just getting past the 18.6 back testing on 18.6, turning that into support and then moving our way up to 21. Okay, so overall everythings looking pretty good for harmony, but do be mindful that the the market isnt quite comfortable with it just yet and if bitcoin decides it is going to kind of pull back a little bit then do anticipate us pulling back down deeper and towards Our 618 area on the charts – this would actually put us down towards 15.5 im hoping that isnt. The case bitcoin is, of course, up against some pretty key technical areas itself, and it is fighting those zones right now, so we are looking to try to push bitcoin past 51k. If it does, then thats going to be great, because that means that harmony here will allow us to push past 18.6. If, however, bitcoin pulls back then do anticipate us pulling down towards our 618 area 15 and a half cent okay and otherwise everything for harmony. One is looking pretty good did want to just kind of cover that off with you guys, the expectation is that that harmony is going to be pushing up as long as bitcoin holds its position and guys im going to leave it there.

Hopefully, you have found this video useful and informative if you have hit the like button. I really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here at cheeky.