As always, it is nick here back through david crypto news and analysis, and today were actually going to be talking about a ton of utility grade tokens uh that ive been talking about here and there on this channel. Uh, you know a few that ive been talking about forever on this channel. Xrp h, bar ive talked about algorand going all the way back to when it was around 40 cents. I did a deep dive on it. Weve been talking about q and t for a fairly long time were going to pretty much address. All of them were going to be talking about some news as long as well as a lot of you know pretty much speculation if you will so overall lets. Just get into it lets talk about it right, so the entire crypto market cap is up about 4.20 for 20 lets, go uh 2.23 trillion dollar market cap. I dont even know if this is refreshed, lets refresh it real quick. So this is fluctuating here and there nothing too crazy with that now i do want to talk to you guys about a few assets right. So first off xrp is one of the most in my opinion, suppressed assets out there we go back to november of 2020. It was ranging around 80 cents. It is currently trading at about a dollar. Seven! Okay, if you guys know what xrp is capable of doing, if you guys know the end goal of xrp as well, you would understand that at these current prices is extremely undervalued.

Im not saying go ahead and buy im just saying: we already know that it is undervalued. A lot of these utility grade. Tokens are actually undervalued, uh al goran is doing incredible things and they still will continue to do incredible things. If you guys dont, know about agreement, definitely watch my other videos on it and uh. We look at other assets even like xlm. You know stellar, i i know a lot of people in the xrp community. You know hate on stellar for what it is. But xlm is not coming for xrps neck right. This is more p2p driven based in the retail market. Ive discussed that multiple times ive done deep dives on it. Xlm is a great asset right, a lot of these assets. You know i always compare it almost like the cell phone industry, you guys remember when cell phones became a huge thing you could have invested in. You know sprint t mobile verizon, you all of those companies us you know. Cell phones got more and more adopted in all of them thrived. So when were talking about a lot of these utility grade assets, i think they all will do great things as soon as we get into a utility driven market which, in my opinion, is around the 2022 to 2025 time frame. I think that thats the sweet spot, but um honestly when were talking about a lot of these assets. You know a lot of them havent, even really pumped.

Yet in fact, an asset that ive been telling you guys for a while now is actually starting to move in price. We see. Xdc is actually sitting around 14 cents, its up about 12.5 percent. This is great to see. Xdc is one of those undervalued gems. Like i said, thats very underlooked or overlooked, i should say, on the seven day, span check out the current price that we bottomed out at right when were talking about this nice bottom point which ive been talking about this asset uh for a while. But we go back to the first when i really first mentioned it and um. You know, overall, when were talking about these prices, that it was ranging at this was major support down at this point of about 12 and a half cents around there, and now, like i said it, its ranging at around 14 cents. Xdc is a great asset. If you guys do like iso 222 tokens, youll love xdc, definitely do some more research on it, its a very undervalued and overlooked gem. Now i do want to talk to you guys a little bit about h bar. So, as you guys already know, with the h bar foundation uh, you know theyre trying to focus on really kind of growing the ecosystem. You know allowing it to thrive. Ive talked about this for a little bit of time. I think that this is great to see theyre truly marketing it now as well um.

I think that hbar foundation is going to do great things for hbar itself and for the ecosystem, and i think that this is only the beginning in terms of innovation happening within the ecosystem of hedera, and this all goes hand in hand with actually growing. You know the name hedera as well. I think that this will allow a lot more growth to happen within the entire space for hedera as well. Now we do look at crypto adoption and we look at whats happening uh overseas right. We already know that the u.s is pretty much attacking crypto. If you will, they want to make sure that they have their hand in it. Whatever the case may be were going to be talking about that as well, but we do see that crypto transactions are surging. 706 in asia, as institutional adoption grows, which weve been talking about this for a fairly long time in regards to xrp, we even see our institutional and large payments accounted for the highest percentage of transactions, offering further evidence of smart money adoption of cryptocurrency. We already knew that you know theres no theres when you look at xrp adoption happening around the world opposed to. You know the us its actually comical to see that um and how diverse it is right. The us is pretty much attacking it. We see you know japan and all these other places around the world adopting xrp. We even see you know india being mentioned here, because it india has been adopting crypto for a fairly long time.

Now i understand that we hear a lot of the speculated news like indias gon na ban crypto. We see you know china wanting to ban crypto thats, never gon na happen. Uh digital payments are here to stay and dont take my word for it. Take you know, bank of americas word for it. We do see your bank of americas crypto research team has launched its first report. Digital assets are too big to ignore digital assets are transforming the way in which markets, businesses and central banks operate and guys. This is from bank of america themselves check it out: right, uh, bank of america, global research, launches coverage of digital assets, theyre even saying overall digital assets represent a two trillion dollar plus market value, with 200 million plus users and have the potential to transform every industry By improving efficiency and reducing friction across transactions, which ive been saying for the longest time, creating a new asset class, this is also the idea that, when were talking about hbar when were talking about what hedera is actually doing when we talk about xrp and all these Other assets and what theyre trying to accomplish at the end of the game, this is transforming everything right we even see down here. Bitcoin is important, but the digital asset ecosystem. So much more. Our research aims to explore the implications across industries, including finance technology, supply chain, social media and gaming, its going to outstretch to every single aspect of life, and i think that thats the biggest problem where a lot of people kind of get confused.

Theyre, like you know how big could digital payments actually be? You know its just. You know its just another form of money, so its not going to do anything for anybody really but thats the problem right. People arent looking at the actual end game, where pretty much crypto will be spread out to everyday use cases. Every way that you will transact or go about your day will be utilizing one sort of cryptocurrency or digital asset. We even see here the the primer provides an investment framework for the digital asset landscape, looking through a variety of lenses, tokens that act like operating systems, applications powered by smart contracts, stable coins pegged to fiat currencies, central bank, digital currencies that could replace money and non Fundable tokens that connect creators and fans in a digital way, and i think it is also very good to mention that when were talking about digitization and tokenization, that actually hasnt even hit a you know a high point of adoption. Once we get to the point where digitization and tokenization is the end game point, i think that that is where we will see a massive influx of a lot of adoption happening within utility grade assets, and i think that that will spark the flame that lights up. This entire market into a utility driven market. Now we do see here that first off bank of america has already partnered with xrp. Just so you guys know, but when were looking at the overall factor, the company provides unmatched uh convenience in the united states, serving approximately 66 million consumer and small business clients, with approximately 4 300 retail financial centers, approximately 17 000 atms and an award winning digital banking.

With approximately 41 million active users, including approximately 32 million mobile users, this is a massive bank. This is also pretty much one of the biggest bank names out there and they are recognizing digital currencies and digital assets for what they are right. This is the future ive been telling you guys about this for a fairly long time – and here we are in the us – okay, where gary gensler is refusing to admit. Bitcoin and ethereum are non securities, despite previous statements made by the sec, its simple he and the sec want to shut down most of crypto watch how he approves a bitcoin futures etf, but refuses to approve a bitcoin spot etf, its all about the banks – and this Is exactly what it is right? So ive been talking to you guys about this sec case with the xrp and all that kind of stuff right. We go all the way back and we talk about how they want to save banks right thats, the thats, the end game right. They want to make sure that banks are still thriving in the united states because thats their bread and butter right thats, how they make them the most amount of money. Think about it right, theyre, giving you 0.00, like one percent. I think you might actually just get one percent overall right at most banks, at least so you get this one percent and that one percent accounts to pretty much nothing.

We heard gary gensler saying you should be saving five dollars. You know a day for the rest of your life, because by the time that youre 60, you have 130 000 like come on, 130 000 is getting you nowhere, especially with inflation rates and all that kind of stuff. But we go all the way back to why they want to save banks. Well, banks, like i said, control all the money thats its the same way as like putting your money on an exchange right in in crypto. That exchange essentially owns your crypto. They own your crypto, its, not your keys, its, not its, not your. You know assets right so when were talking about banks controlling the money that theyre, basically the ones that actually hold your money, its, not your money, its theirs essentially, but also the fact that when banks are controlling your money, they could also spend your money without you Really kind of realizing it, for example, anything that a bank invests in anything that a bank partners with your money is essentially connected to. So if you see a bank say for so youre holding, i dont know a hundred thousand dollars in in this bank and that bank is investing in to some idiotic company or something like that. Essentially your moneys connected to that. Of course you have the potential to pull it out, whatever the case may be, but its all inefficient right, even like my local bank.

If i were, if i was to go up there and you know say: hey, can i get a hundred thousand dollars? It would take so much time to actually get that out unless you ordered it, of course, to be delivered to your house or something like that. Then it would take a little bit less time, but we know that banks are extremely inefficient. We know that banks are no longer going to be the future of finance. We talk. You know. Bank of america has already seen that in regards to non fungible tokens, and also even you know, just the overall idea of digitization of finance were talking about cbdcs replacing money. They even said it themselves. Digital currencies could replace money, and that is the end goal here. Thats, what we want to see, but again we have these individuals that first off should not even be talking about crypto, that dont even understand crypto, and they are essentially trying to stomp out innovation in the us to save face for banks that are inefficient, that just Control your money in idiotic ways and overall are not providing you any value, weve seen them. This has been going on forever, with them trying to shut down the coinbase um lending or the funding lend right. The whole idea of earning four percent on your usdc. Okay, that was the big problem because they dont want you earning more yield than you know what you earn in a bank, but the problem is, is that banks should be more in more efficient and provide a lot more value to their customers.

I mean theyre. We are loyal customers, so they should provide us more value. How could a crypto exchange provide us more value than a bank? I mean come on. Think about that. So, overall, i think banks are a thing of the past and i think that when were talking about digital assets, they are too large to ignore this is the future of finance. This is the future of all. Of these major markets were talking about massive ways of life. This is going to innovate, our entire daily life. Now, of course, we go all the way back to this as well. The federal reserve, announcing reserve banks will be adopting iso 222 as their new message messaging format. In case you forgot, which assets are iso 222 compliant xrp, xdc xlm iota algo. A lot of these assets are incredible. Assets to hold and, like i said xlm, is nothing to ignore xdc, nothing to ignore iota xrp algo. All of these massive assets, ive talked about q and t and how q and t pretty much bridges all these together in an interoperable way. A q and t is doing incredible things in regards to you know: building a distributed, ledger network, so you guys know so i would definitely look at qnt as well all because its not an iso 222 token definitely look into it same with hbar. Hbo is not an iso 222 token, but it is doing incredible things in the web 3.

0 scene and, as you guys already know from my earlier videos, 140 trillion dollar market cap for the web 3.0 uh space coming soon. So when were talking about all of these, and when were talking about all these massive projects, you want to hold iso 222 tokens, because a lot of these are going to really kind of connect and drive the future of all finance and all these massive markets and Xrp xlm xdc algo iota all these huge assets are going to play such a massive role in regards to price appreciation as well. So when we talk about xrp, we talk about some major price targets. We talk about major price targets for xlm xdc algo. We are extremely early within the space of pretty much the entire future of banking and finance so, overall to kind of wrap this up. Listen, ive talked to guys about so many utility grade assets in the space. Ive talked to you guys about how this space will be different, as we do march forward on in time its not different just yet. This here is not different. Like i said, i think that were still following the four year cycle. I will not change my mind on that, but you want to be in utility grade assets. Why very simple? They are the future, so with that being said, to wrap this up, i hope that you all enjoyed this video. If you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications, if you guys do more free content, you guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join the free discord down in the description below.

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