We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now today, dude come on man. All the bears have been wrecked, theyve been wrecked, they were, they were saying, come on. We got ta hit 53k um. I havent seen anything until we hit 53k. Even i was saying this because 53k was absolutely the level that we had to break from robert art. Right here he shows that we were in the exact setup as 2017 right and we needed to break this right here. This third circle needed to get above the second circle right there, and we did do that last night bitcoin got up to at the highest. It was fifty five thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars. Bitcoin is now a trillion dollar asset. Once again, it has passed a trillion dollar mark. I love where ethereums at at 422 billion right there. You guys know, i believe ethereum will be a trillion dollar asset as well. I also believe xrp should be a trillion dollar asset and i believe that hbar and qnt should be trillion dollar digital assets as well thats, how bullish i am and okay, so there we go. We got bitcoin going crazy by the way make sure you smash that like button, if you want to get rich in q4, hit that like button right now, if you want to get rich in q4, because its looking like uh, this is whats gon na happen were Gon na cover it weve got xrp news today about how theyre gon na survive a blackout a worldwide cyber pandemic.

Xrp looks like the developers are preparing for something like this right were going to cover that were going to cover george soros. Moving into crypto selling. His stocks were going to cover xyo price predictions today, because ive seen some suspect stuff coming from xyo or just one thing were gon na cover. All of it. Man lets go lets go also. Thank you guys for 500 000 followers on tick tock. Maybe some of you dont even know that i have a tick. Tock yeah ive got half a million on tick tock, so i appreciate everyone there. We did a giveaway of 900 in solana yesterday, amazing all right. So, as we can see also, i want to point out about h bar. I looked at the h bar chart right now. If we look at the h bar compared to bitcoin, chart its kind of vastly different. Let me let me go to the four hour on bitcoin four hour on bitcoin looks like this right by the way, this this red period, this red phase, is mercury, retrograde, um, im a big fan of astrology right. I do not base investments on astrology. I do not base investments on astrology or the moon or anything i do not base it on that. I base it on real and just scroll down the page. You can see that im all about the real um, but i do like to have that on because im um thats just one tool in my tool belt that you dont have because you dont accept it.

Astrology is just another layer of analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, sentiment, analysis, uh, microeconomic astrology is another layer that you cant accept, but i can therefore i have one extra tool than you. If you dont accept it, a lot of people do accept it, though, so here we go right on time with the new moon. Of course, we know that new moons are local tops, but lets compare this look, it looks like hbar is actually ahead of where uh, where i think bitcoin is going to come down. I think bitcoin is going to come down right, but i hope that we can actually do something like this. You see this right here this level right here. We we we pump up 43 to 47 and then literally this just went sideways. I hope that we can pump up right here and just go sideways. Hopefully, but hbar looks like its its its been in a down a downtrend right here. 38 cents were all good on that. If we look at the the visual overview, we see that shiba inu is still making people rich out here. Man uh 218 percent on the week, so it has had an amazing seven days right here, even better than its month right um. I dont even want to look at this number right here, its 22 million percent up in a year. I dont even want to know about these things. Man, it makes me feel, like i missed out, because i was just couldnt get over myself and invest in one of these, but no, i will not be going into sheba uh.

Do whatever you want man im, not a financial advisor um, okay, fear and greed has moved the opposite way and it has went to 68 and we are greedy now and we were greedy yesterday very interesting right there we have xrp at one one, one um and The sixth position right here – i i do like to see it at one one, one thats a good uh were: do we just been holding above a dollar. I love it. Hbar we already covered quant still at 301 right here. I think quant will have a good q4. I think itll get to above 500 in q4 hedera hashgraph. Let me tell you something if this makes another run at all time, high right, if this makes another run at all time high, you better be taking some profits. You better be taking some profits if this makes another run at all time. High like if this climbs back to like 50 cents, take profits. In my opinion, right thats, just my opinion: no financial advice, 13 cents xdc. If we look at this chart, robert art has been putting out some gold here. He says october november december, in the 2017 bull market, look at this, 47 percent was was october, 54 was november and ‘ was december in 2017.. I think we are headed for a great q4 man and you got ta pay attention. I wouldnt be selling anything massive until like christmas right. Just like do the latter sell thing, man sell five percent sell another five percent sell a five percent sell a ten percent as we go and you guys will be knowing what im doing right like youll, be knowing uh ill, be on the videos telling yall what I do because, if you watch these daily updates every day, youre youre right on the timeline man, i am presenting a timeline with different narratives such as this one, okay, so xrpl labs, which is the xrp ledger, labs right, proudly showing off x pop.

What is this x pop? No, its, not a new pop genre, it is proof of payments. Okay, and this richard dude presented this, and what this does x pop generates an animated qr containing everything needed for an offline, xrp, ledger transaction proof. You heard him right an offline, everybody says what is going to happen when the internet goes down and you need to send crypto. Well guess what we have somebody working on offline transactions. I bet this guy is red pilled right here he knows whats up. I bet he knows that we need to focus on some offline payments. I mean because the xrp people we can you like thats cash cash, is offline right. Cash is completely offline. Um wow, im reading that right there about bill gates, damn okay, um but yeah this. This is why xrp is primed to survive a blackout like this, because they have people considering all of these things, um yeah, so they uh they can do offline transactions right right. Here we have soros, which is uh hold on. Let me remind myself: soros is the the guy who runs uh black lives matter or something like this? He he i dont, know what he runs. He runs some kind of big charity thing or something open society. Open society is what he runs. I think but yeah this dude is a complete demon, in my opinion, absolute demon and im not just saying that, because hes old im saying that, because behind those eyes i dont see anything, i see blackness and and negative energy.

In my opinion, no offense to him. Man no offense to him. I just think hes carrying a lot of demonic energy with him uh in and doing a bunch of weird stuff on this earth. Dude. These dudes are weirdos like bill gate, youre a weirdo bill gates. You are a weird mf, okay, youre, a weird mf, but what this guys doing, hes getting this this lady, who runs the thing for him to speak about what hes doing so hes selling stocks and hes going into cryptocurrencies, as you can see at the end right Here it says we own some coins, not a lot, but the coins themselves are less interesting than the use cases of defy, and things like that, she said noting that cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream. This is exactly what ive been saying. These we are mainstream. This is mainstream adoption. Investing is cool right now. Investing is the best thing to do right now. Investing is trending like thats. The things the kids are doing is trying to invest right and its because of crypto its because of robin hood dogecoin blah blah blah. So what hes doing hes not putting money into china, he says putting putting billions of dollars into china. Now is a tragic mistake. Um, so yeah interesting george soros heres, the sus stuff from xyl right here we are on linkedin. This is from a week ago. I dont know how i missed this. This is kind of sus um, because i dont like when companies or or cryptos talk about their price, especially price predictions and xyo, has posted this with a chain jelly chain.

Jellys. So nostalgic to me, i used to use that xyo price prediction for 2021 through 2030. Okay, theyve posted this, like theyve, shouted out this article, which is not even that its its good, but like the price predictions like lets check out the price predictions by the end of 2021 digital coin price says that xyo will be 12 cents. Gov capital says 5 cents and wallet investor says 5 cents by the end of 2021. So that means people are in for basically uh either a 6x or a 2x on this right, and we are already big x up on this, like i got in over here. So, im huge up already right: im big up on on x y o. I could take profit anytime. I want um and and basically they say, six cents, seven cents for 20, 22, 9 cents, 13 cents, 14 cents for 20, 25 and then 20 30. They dont even give one, so i dont know why theyre shouting this type of article out but thats thats, okay, i mean im still bullish on xyo its its pretty solid man, its pretty solid. This this thing will probably get into the top 100 or top 120 um. If it has not already been there. I think its been maybe close to that, but yeah this. This is a decent coin. I mean weve been in this for a long time, so youre already in profit. As for buying this now, i would just wait till a bear market dude, because this is like very ahead or you could buy.

Now like this is about half of its market cap. You could buy now if you wanted, but im not recommending anything thats im just chilling on my xyo man, fat albt puts this. I just wanted to put this for fun. Look the regulator, uh genuinely believe securities laws are clear, im not going to get into any one token, but i think the security laws are quite clear. Has a nine figure net worth wants you to stay poor? He has a nine figure net worth. I dont believe that talks a lot but never really says anything. Yup thats gary gensler bro, but that is all weve got for today. Man, theres, not much news coming out. Bitcoin is the star of the show, making uh waves right. Shiba inu is also the star of the show thats. All we got. I appreciate everyone make sure you follow on twitter.