I could do a 5x. Certainly in q4 lets go through them, Music, hi. Everyone welcome to the channel if youre new make sure you have subscribed, make sure you also hit the like get the algorithm going. I know people complain about watching other people all the time, but lets get this channel to the top. Now were going to talk about five coins that, in my opinion, not financial advice, of course, theres. Definitely no timestamp, because im going to be talking about these, i dont want you skipping through it theres, no real reason why you should skip videos, certainly if youre learning theres no skip button in trying to get rich seriously. There is not, if you pick you buy as well. If you look at the right, buy zones and stuff like that, which you should know from watching these channels or attending my courses, ive been in my patreon youll know how to get these at the right prices. On how to take profit, okay, so im gon na do five coins. However, this video is gon na, be a lot longer because on patreon im gon na put in another 10. yeah. So if you want to get the remaining part of this video make sure you jump in patreon theres a link below now. I want to use an element of a little bit of an overview of what these assets are disclaimer. I may hold one of them, certainly on this bit, which you probably know anyways.

However, i will do a little token overview and i will go through the coin perspective website in terms of understanding the numbers so im not too far. Fetched, however, well see well see how things go. Everyones got an opinion on these types of videos, but for me, everyones looking for a good investment that they can sit on. That could do well due to their being under value due to the market being potentially sluggish, and it has been. It is starting to ramp up a bit. You want to get something in the bag that could – and this is a caveat – could benefit from a network effect, which is what these coins all focus on. So the first one doesnt need any introduction. Is it its polka dot pyrochain is going live soon. The network effect of that alone is going to be key crowd. Loans, theres already 70 percent of the supply in stake in right. Now, when you add the crowd loan element to it, thats gon na increase even more when you increase more and more wallet, theres gon na be more and more circulation taken out due to the fact of the one dot required to make a wallet theres all kinds Of stuff happening right, however, when you start to compare the fact that some of the power chains that are going to go on to this pretty soon in terms of the bidding process, which i think will win anyways, which is essentially moonbeam and akala, they are layer.

One blockchains that are compatible with ethereum language right, so thats, already gon na create a network effect alone on their ecosystem for their layer, zero to enable security elements and obviously the rewards you can earn about 16 staking rewards currently on pokedot, which is really high. Its definitely worth doing, and if youve not yet done any research, make sure you understand how this works. This is, in my opinion, by far one of the best projects ive ever seen in the space, if this is enabled correctly with the multi chain element to it and theres. No such thing as you know, a one chain maximalist which i thinks bollocks anyways. I i echo the same views as gavin. It winds me up, but theres so much tribalism in this space, the amount of abuse i get for like liking. A coin i dislike the coins, unbelievable. It reminds me of going back to football twitter, which is a horrible place to be now reminder. This is not fully out yet as in fully functioning fully working, so that is usually a good time to invest boys and girls. I know for a fact that over a period of years, people probably look back at these videos and go well. I wish i bought when you said it was certain certain price, because the network effect is going to come more and more apparent as things progress. So the way i look at this, its like investing in ethereum below 50 bucks, basically its got the same sort of ilk to it.

So have a little look now if we are looking at overall market cap now, im going to be quite simplistic and im going to go for about 600 give or take around that number. That is roughly as class as a 5x, including your initial snake. Back now that would indicate a potential 216 polka dot, and that is a market cap of 224 billion. Why is that important? Well, because its still only half the value of ethereum right, so when we start looking at that, is it too far fetched? No, some people might think its far fetched, but i dont think it is considering where we are right now: okay, so 31 billion right now, i think, could go much much higher but as i say that is the high cap of this video, the next one i Want to talk about is near protocol. This is currently 3.8 billion dollars, and i like this, i dont hold it, but i like it its very, very similar in terms of its hard to explain it because its fast, you can build your own dapps on it. Its not quite as fluid, in my opinion, as polka dot, but as a multi chain. Polka dot will always give you that fluidity, whereas this is going to be pretty powerful versus what ethereum is right, which is where the caveat to this is competitor to ethereum. Now everyone goes oh well, ethereum is never going to die, no its not, but what nia could do is take a slice of that market cap.

That ethereum is dominating every new person. Every new developer new chain, new blockchain new, whatever right, always gravitate to ethereum because its easy, its cheap, it was cheap. Its not anymore. Building costs are cheap, not the processes to get the blockchain live, but this aims to change it right. This is overcome. The limitations of the ethereum network, without starting from scratch, so theres elements to the fact of what polka dot have with substrate. These will enable you to have a framework to build your dapps effectively, but it will also support also support the ethereum blockchain i.e. It will support the erc20 and the solarity contracts, which is huge right. So when we start thinking about cost factor to build your own blockchain its expensive to build a blockchain on ethereum will become more and more expensive as the price rises. Due to the fact that the fees are horrendous, this aims to solve that. So when we start talking about market capitalization, pulling away from ethereum well, neoprotocol can certainly do a job and its that network effect isnt it more and more people use it. Utility is a bridge between the two networks happy days right so again, going onto the coin perspective, i really recommend you check this website out its pretty cool. I have no idea who built it its a free website, its cool anyways. If we start looking at say the 5x sort of situation roughly around there, that is only a 26.

7 billion market cap thats a 56 nia. Basically right when you start, comparing that that is roughly where polka dot is, you know, laughs like a rank. 10 rank. 11 coin: i do think this could be a top 20 coin very very easily, in my opinion, so near protocol certainly could be one that could take quite a chunk of that market gap. The other one of interest a little bit higher in market cap, but i do think this is very very apparent that this could be happening too. Cosmos, the internet of blockchains, its very, very similar to polkadot its interoperable, its basically a multi chain as well. A little bit different in terms of how they utilize it and again its another situation where, as the market develops and grows and gets more and more things working with it, the interoperability of all these chains, communicating with each other, can be a huge thing. This is why im not an investor in ethereum, because, yes, ethereum, can communicate with others, but its not the hub. Is it its not going to be the hub where these will be, where its a little bit more different, where the interoperability element to it is going to be huge now this is called interchain accounts all but different, but realistically you can utilize other chains within this And you can basically build a layer, one block chain on top of it, which is pretty cool right. We want that. We want that ability to do that to enable no bloats similar to polka dot, similar to the likes of near as well, where it can communicate in a fast nature, with ethereum led contracts to work.

We know what is not working right now, ethereum and again, this is another use case that could basically take a slice off the ethereum token flow, because its going to go somewhere else instead of the ethereum blockchain, make sense cool again coin perspective a little bit higher. This time, but realistically, though its all gon na meet one thing, the better, the network is becoming in terms of the overall structure of cryptocurrency alone, by the way, all of it, the more these blockchains will get used and utilized, because it will effectively help the blow Of the market, now again, as you can see, 73.2 billion dollars is a market cap 261 dollars per atom. I think thats possible as well personally if the market is going to continuously grow and take care of itself through the network effect. That is something that we will all probably get used to big blockchains that are doing big things will always do okay, because the token flows out the utility there, its all that – and i i did a video not too long ago – actually talking about there – may be A time where well never know how much blockchain and other people and other industries, or whatever using the world of blockchain now weve, got on one hand. Weve got the investor. In the other hand, weve got the average joe, the average joe could be using blockchain technology. Without even realizing it creating a massive network effect for us investors to profit on right, thats kind of my point here: network effect of normal people utilizing partnerships with all these kind of global brands.

Potentially, that could be utilizing blockchain technology without us, even realizing it, which is pretty freaking cool. Moving on fita now, with all my network effects were talking about, people were talking about crowds of gamers, streamers, etc. Right. This is another element where its a little bit different, but also the next generation video entertainment world that is powered by blockchain. These are the ones out there and the next coin that im going to talk about is very, very similar of similar ilk, but were gon na speak about the normal people? The average show, as i say, moving on nicely not even realizing theyre fully using cryptocurrency. Look at all these different situations here, youve got right. People might not even give a about the fact that theyre earning a feta token as long as they can. You know, convert it easily into the tea fuel ever and then utilize it and get money for it. For pay to play sort of situation happy days right, you know what lets to say that in the future youtube doesnt adopt its own currency right. You just dont, know right, but thats the thing network effect youve got to be positioned for it. These have got all the positioning tools for it. They they have the the ecosystem, essentially, have it all there to have their own wallet to have partnerships theyre doing really well right, but again how many people are using this and utilizing this versus traditional methods? Well, its probably a much its probably a very, very small percentage in reality, so maybe maybe when that percentage swings over a bit more and people, uh people may utilize the fact that well, i can get more from this put in my stream, not just on twitch, Not just on youtube, not just on facebook, but why not just put it on here as well makes sense right, thats kind of the thought process that people go through eventually, and it will happen who knows when, but it will happen again, its not a bad little Area to be in terms of market cap, certainly if you can earn rewards in this, but again this could be a 42 billion dollar company that could be utilizing the whole network of gamers streamers content creators, whatever it may be right.

So, for me, 42 dollars per feet could be of interest, certainly if this bull market does absolutely blow and the network effect takes hold of it. Now last one spoke about this a couple of weeks back xcad. I was a bit cautious regarding it. Why? Because its very very bold, but its also pretty undervalued, in my opinion right now, were looking at this. The whole watch to earn revolution is coming kind of just touching it before with peter the ability to watch content play content do content whatever it may be, to earn something right its getting there. The gaming nft all kinds of good stuff right. There will be a time where therell be a crossover period where normies will go into crypto and they just use utilizing the world and its working youve already seen theres some big backers, theres a lot of people utilizing this anyways and its going to, or i think, Theres about i cant, remember 200 million fans or something utilizing the token side of it, its something ridiculous. I cant quite remember the numbers right. However, this is another one where utilization with youtube, for example, to monetize audiences, to basically allow viewers to earn rewards for watching content right, pretty big deal now again, im, not sure if xcads on here, i hope it is – is it it is, oh god, so, in Terms of being undervalued, this is relatively underbar. This could probably do much more than a 5x potentially well talk about that.

Roughly even a 5x here could be a market for 427 million dollars right per one x card, its ridiculous, when you think about one extra could be 25 dollars when were at it right now, but i think this could go much higher and this is the one Thats on my list that potentially could be buying, but at the same time, though, youve got to remember the network effect. It may take a bit of time for it to happen, but its one of those coins where could well be of interest in the future. Certainly, if people do cross over and all the youtube users have discovered the fact that well, i can just put a plugin on my channel and i can watch or earn for watching something thats crazy. What do you think about it? Anyways im gon na leave. You, however, jump in my patreon and you can get another 10 more coins for your pleasure ill.