Strap in october is here and were gon na guide you through the absolute best ways to profit from this movement, and if you love making insane gains from crypto, then all you have to do is smash that like button and subscribe, because this channel has out traded Literally every other channel here on the interwebs and im here to give all of my alpha to you. So all you have to do is subscribe. This is rapidly becoming the biggest alpha league for nfts in the whole world, and i want you to get ahead and stay ahead of this market, so make sure you subscribe with that bell notification on and you can get ahead just like we have for the last Three plus months, while there was a quote unquote, bear market weve been crushing it. You definitely want to subscribe smash that like button and lets dive in so as we see here, meme tokens are back and this is on a day were seeing pumpage and bitcoin pumps and meme tokens, and this is on a day mind you that we actually had A pretty big negative announcement of an investigation going on by the sec. Normally this stuff would flood the market, but, like we told you before, the insiders know that the fix is in and crypto is in up only mode. Now, of course, there could be shakeouts. Well, talk about the strategy again at the end of the video, but i just want you to know that ive been preparing you for this q4 movement now for months and helping you stack up your ear helping.

You stack up your coins, so you could get liquid and enjoy this amazing alt season. Now, first and foremost, we have the meme tokens here and meme tokens are historically a big push from young retail audiences. We saw that tick, tock mania brought in the doge coiners. The shiba innowers, all of these meme coins exploded with the growth of the tick tock retail audience. So i can only imagine that retail fomo is back once again with a little movement in the king of all meme coins, the doge himself. We see a 10 pump here up at 25 cents. Doge is only about 60 down from its high. At one point, it was crushingly down. We see shib, making moves. Of course, whenever doge pumps sheba pumps way harder. We see this with a 60 gain here in shiba inu. I told you guys. Shiba eno is a leveraged long on doge, its also a leveraged short, so itll crash harder. But if you want easy exposure to meme coins, shiba is kind of like that. Pepsi to doges coca cola, it pumps harder it dumps harder, so higher risk higher reward. We also see all these other ones im not going to read through them, because theyre kind of ridiculous sounding, but the meme token that i like best of all as ive shared with you guys, is of course ufo gaming, which is top of the search here. On coin gecko and thats, because it has been on an absolute tear here, i was calling it out during this dip.

Saying: hey look its been basing off this 200 level, uh. Definitely something to look at and boom. We got a 400 percent gain here, absolutely astounding. So massive moves here out of the ufo token, and just so you know, ufo is part, meme part gaming, metaverse and 100 lovable. In all seriousness, i have a ton of ufo once i dropped my stigma towards meme coins and i started seeing that some of them are actually building utility. Like ufo uh and i met with the team, i saw their gaming uh build out. I saw their metaverse plans and i said all right: this team is moving, they know how to brand and get into that meme coin space where theres a lot of fomo – and they just have like look at this. They have like what is this six mil volume for a random coin: thats, actually pretty good um their volumes been pretty consistent throughout. You see at some days here, theyre, even as high as like 20 mil volume. I think uh, if i remember yeah 20, mil volume here – thats really good for just random random altcoins uh. So it shows me that theres some strength here in the ufo chart and thats. Why ive been supporting this project? I hold a ton of ufo im very long, ufo no plans to sell any time soon. My price that i bought into was about 100 here. So keep that in mind and i like to be fully transparent.

Whenever i even hold something i talk about on the channel, obviously you guys know i hold all the majors bitcoin ethereum and all that now before we go into my strategies here the efficient strategies that im going to employ here. I want to point out that, on a day when the sec is investigating circle, which is a goldman sachs, backed stablecoin issuer, that is actually the issuer of usdc were seeing pumping in the markets. This is as mainstream markets are experiencing. A lackadaisic sag were seeing a massive amount of fomo were seeing non correlation in crypto, and that is a beautiful thing to see its exactly what we came to crypto for a safe haven asset. Now. The question here is: will btc break macro consolidation pattern outlined below, or will we once again get shoved down? What raul is saying is look here. If you see this sort of falling trend line, if we break through it and then retest the support, we would most likely hit a very, very healthy seam of price appreciation. These things tend to take some time to work out. As you can see, this has been in its sort of negative consolidation mode since earlier this year about march, and so what we know for sure is that these things can take some time to play out. But we have multiple sources here, calling for a btc macro flagging structure. Looking like it wants to break out in a bull flag structure here, this is representing a period of extended consolidation.

Overall, this flag represents reaccumulation. A breakout from this market structure should proceed to new macro uptrend for bitcoin. This is what everyones been calling is that this is printing up towards the end of the year and weve been giving you the keys, not just to wait around and twiddle your thumbs, but literally making multi hundred x gains against eth as eth is going up. Multi xs, so when us dollar value its like hundreds and hundreds of xs, maybe even thousands of xs gains here in u.s dollar value that weve been giving you in nft lens way more alpha than any other channel here on youtube and were gon na continue to Do it? I want this to be the number one source for information around nfts here on youtube, i believe were already achieving that goal, but im not stopping. I want to push this even further, because i see the results here and when this pattern breaks out in bitcoin and youre sitting on a massive amount of ethereum that youve gotten from making amazing bets in nft land. That is the absolute freedom maker where people can totally change their lives. Now i want to be completely clear here: nfts are the most risky part of this ecosystem and you could easily lose your shirts, but you could do that with bitcoin too. So, in my opinion, if youre going to lose your shirt, potentially you might as well have the potential gain bitcoin going to 200 000, a coin for most people who are investing with about 10k or so its not going to change their lives completely.

So im trying to give you something that gives you more edge more advantage and puts you in a position to truly win here. But of course i just want to prepare you, because these cycles go up, they go down and when they go down, i get infinite amounts of reply, guys and noobs in the space that come. They want to point the finger at me when all im trying to do is help you get ahead of the trend, but i promise you in six months when theres an eventual crash from bitcoin from 200k down to you, know: 80k, all of a sudden, everyones gon Na want to come from my head, even though i was trying to get you ahead of this trend here at 30k, at 40k, get you into nfts in may, and june thats right ive been doing everything i can to help. You see the trends way before they become popular so that when this stuff happens, when these end, your consolidations break out youll, be in amazing shape and you wont be chasing the trend. Youll be taking profits like a pro anyway. What we love is that this non correlation is once again in full effect, its always nice to see the crypto markets in a positive territory, but its even better when crypto is behaving in the non correlated way. Its supposed to to be fair. This hasnt happened too often lately now the reason why it doesnt happen.

That often is because a lot of the people who have bought into crypto, like big banks, macro traders, hedge funds – they see crypto as a risk on asset that is sort of more or less being compared with their other risk on tech bets. And so that is why you get big money, kind of pumping and dumping with the markets, but after the dump ensues based on news based on some china ban based on some investigation. What you see is that the real strong holders, the real diamond hands, come in and they buy up those weak hands and then the price moves up once again and everyone who has fumbled the football is left crying in the last few months we have seen crypto Correlates strongly with other risk assets, aka stocks, when uncertainty and no strong trend prevail. However, in times of extreme bullishness such as january february or fear, elon and china, fud crypto tends to decouple at least partially from the markets theres some charts here. To that extent ill. Let you pause it and check them out uh. This is a big story here. So look its not very surprising here that were seeing an sec investigation of circle. Now circle, of course, has been the biggest stable coin, regulated stablecoin issuer aside from tether. Now tether is much more vulnerable to this, but from what we understand, every circle usdc is backed with real us dollars and they have a very user friendly redemption mechanism where i can send usdc and cash out to a bank they actually are backed by a bank.

However, now were getting an sec investigation, most likely around their lending function. Their high interest yield account, which is, of course, a big attack on those big bank, zero percent earnings accounts. We know what this is. This is essentially protecting the big banks until they can figure out defy, but i do believe that if theres any company that can successfully defend themselves against the sec, it would be circle. They are super super compliant, highly regulated and very, very strongly audited. So anyone who wants to withdraw their usdc should easily be able to get us dollars for it and, if theyre able to prove that theyre one to one backed, which is what i understand they are and what theyve been audited to prove. Then, in my opinion, there should be no issue here. We will see how this plays out, but its important to realize that at this point we probably need these big entities not to just bend over but to actually stand up and try to fight for the rights of the crypto industry in public. Its not going to be that easy, but it does seem as though lending and stable coins are essentially the next battleground here in crypto land. Something weve also been waiting for is to see ftx and the other multi billion dollar behemoth stand up and start lobbying. What were seeing is a political action committee or pac being formed here for crypto, and what we know is that the money flowing around crypto is astronomical.

Its actually way more than you think it would take to influence policy here in the united states. We see pax political action committees with tens of millions of dollars, yeah. Well guess what crypto has trillions of dollars and many many many billions of dollars are flowing around these fungible tokens, especially in a bull market. Forming a pack is an incredibly powerful thing to do. Sam, we need you, please help us, sam and again its not all banks here that are anti crypto. We have the fifth largest u.s bank now offering crypto custody. Meanwhile, the race to serve institutional investors in the us who want to trade cryptocurrencies is heating up. After several announcements by big banks earlier this year, we now see crypto services actually going live, which is a big deal for the entire space. We have u.s bank announcing a new cryptocurrency custody service for institutional investment managers. What do we see? The chasm is being crossed. Little by little first slowly, then all at once. This is the tipping point for crypto being fully legalized regulatory firm ground, its happening in front of us. The next few years might be a little messy, but by the end of the decade, if youre not holding crypto youve been left out of the biggest movement of mankind, and that is without a doubt. And finally, we have facebook here offering the best possible example and advertisement for web3 facebook down instagram down whatsapp down web3 ecosystem up bitcoin up nfts are up web 3d.

Centralization is the future. There is a little doubt about this. We love to see these centralized platforms. These centralized actors completely crash and burn every now and then not all the time, but just every now and then to remind us that central points of failure are a huge liability for the entire society and just to bookend. Here we have bank of america offering a bullish outlook for d5 and nfts. We have bitcoin tapping 50k. We have the imf saying that 110 countries are at some stage of cbc development and what we know for sure is that crypto is the future. The question is: when are you going to hop on? Are you going to buy at all time highs? Are you going to buy the dip? Are you going to buy the blood? Are you going to predict the return and the dominance of the most important technology? That has come into existence in the last 2 300 years. The choice is yours, so, with the excitement around new retail interest, as evidenced by the dog coin pumps and, of course, crypto now being teflon to some bad news, i mean how much bad news can we get? We got the china ban, we got the energy flood, we got elon musk pumping, then dumping. We then get the sec. It feels like every single force that could be pushing against crypto is indeed pushing against crypto, and still here we are again at 50k, with nfts.

In a massive bull run and my strategy has been playing out to a t which is riding the winter wonderland and nfts and then once things heat up big time in altcoins and ethereum im expecting for some of that air to get sucked out of the room. At nft land, like i said, nft mania has been loading and exploding over the last few days, and is it any surprise here that my plan to get liquid in mid to late october is playing out to a tee? To be honest, im super excited at how much ive nailed this strategy and how excited i am. I will obviously be missing some flips and some diamond handed opportunities in nft land, but the idea to get highly liquid at the end of the year ride this massive altcoin pump and then really optimize. My portfolio come end of the year thats. My strategy, you form your own strategy, take responsibility for it, but thats mine, im, gon na be getting liquid here at the end of october. Getting some really big selling in at the end of november and early december, preparing and doing some tax optimization on my side. Making sure i have enough to pay uncle sam his fair share and also enough bacon to take home for winter thats. My approach to the market because i want to buy the absolute bottom of the next bear trend, which of course there will always be a bear trend.

There are parabolic rises and parabolic crashes, and after this next insane parabolic blow off top, there will probably be another period of sustained boringness in crypto. If theres not amazing, we love to see it, but if there is im ready and ill have a ton of dry powder there to buy the low prices on bitcoin and nfts and exciting projects in gaming thats my strategy, i believe, over the next five years. It will prove to be the dominant investing strategy here in krypton, by extension, probably on risk on assets across the world. Well, go ahead and check in on this over time, but i hope this has given you value if it has smash that, like button remember to subscribe and put that bell notification on, if you want instant updates, were doing two videos a day at least – and it Is my commitment to build non stop value for you, the audience with that said my names leotrades, you can find me on twitter at elio trades now verified. Thank you to all you who helped make that happen and ill see you very soon.