Now that bitcoin seems to be leading the market up and returning viewers uh go ahead and hit like leave me a quick comment down below to help out the alcohol here, even if its an emoji thumbs up or cosa muy, verdes or cosa muy guapo or whatever You want to do cosa, muy, infermo, uh, leave me a quick comment down below and new viewers heres. What my channel does for you. My channel uh is the trifecta its the third point and the information that youre already getting from youtube. You are watching two points, project, fundamentals and news, and what my channel does for you is. It gives you an idea of a statistically sound understanding of hey whats happening when im clicking around with my money, because youre not going to find other channels out there covering all coins that do that for you so thats. What we do here on this channel and i try to help you – convert yourself from a buyer and prayer to a profit pimp, so if that sounds good, keep watching until the end and uh subscribe and hit the bell at the end. If you like, the content here so lets, jump in to cardano actually lets just take. A look at bitcoin. Bitcoin is now above the range, so a bitcoin can close this candle above the range. You have a statistically pretty sound likelihood that this uh is not going to have a fake out um, similar to this uh, clear, bull trap over here, um and whats, even more compelling on the five day chart just to show that um bitcoin, indeed is leading here Is let me get to a cleaner chart without the? So what you can, i guess i can delete these boxes.

Make this a super clean chart. So what we have going on here with the five day is this: we have a low, a high higher low, a higher high, so assuming that in two days um on thursday ish. If this five day chart can close, if this five day kindle can close above, you know right about where it is now or even slightly lower, which is fine. You can close above these candles here, which it looks like its. It could easily do. Youre were going to have a an uptrend on a five day. Nice uh chart so a five day. Uptrend is a pretty strong trend. Well now, the oddly enough, we wont have enough tournament on the weekly unless the week closes above 51. 600. However, on the five day chart, just in two more days, we will have a pretty serious uptrend and a five day, uptrend isnt i mean its its, not something to joke about. So the idea that this is going to be a sustained run is looking pretty good at this point. So that makes the question what the heck is going on with cardano um, because cardano is uh not quite doing the same. So lets start off on the monthly chart on cardano lets. Look at the the signs of health and all that kind of stuff. So here cardano has stayed above the monthly 10. This entire time entire big drop. Everything looks good um, so it even tested the monthly 10 twice here.

Actually three times look one two three, so that is the sign of health. So, from a monthly standpoint, cardano honestly looks just fine and it is on the uh, even though it looks like kind of suppressed right now. This is the third highest. You know monthly candle that cardanos ever had, which means its consolidating near the top. So i mean that that checks out its a bill of health lets take a look at the rsi on cardano, still above its moving average still within the bullish control zone. So it can have a lot more to go. Everything looks good on the monthly chart. Lets go down to the weekly chart and again, as i briefly mentioned in my last uh bitcoin video um cardano has checked the weekly 10 once twice. Three four were on the fifth week, so it could be ready to really pump here, um im, not for sure. If theres news behind, you know some fun behind uh cardona whats going on, but it looks like theres something news based holding it back, but it looks like its staying strong during that time and again, im not more of a im, not a news person as you All know so lets go to the two day chart what we have here. Let me take off price. Is you have a skin play of the red coming down to kiss the yellow and it looks like it might want to curl back up, which means the daily red? If, when i flip to the daily, the daily has gone below the yellow line, so lets go there and it looks like you might be getting the squeeze play here.

So when once the red can squeeze price above the yellow, you often get so this is the daily time frame a daily chart. The 10 ema, which is the red, looks like i can squeeze price above this yellow go here and it hasnt quite convinced yet. So this could produce a pretty powerful move up, um that this could be a nice squeeze play and im. I personally uh have taken a long entry uh at two dollars and not 19 cents. I believe on cardano expecting the squeeze play. It could uh work out. Pretty well for me here, this cardone is pretty volatile and once it gets going, it can really get going. So i i um. I think that cardano looks like it is ready to go. Um lets look at it on the 12 hour chart take off price here, and it looks like the red line that it looks like were getting a squeeze play on the 12 hour right now, which would lead in to a full on squeeze play on the daily And then on the weekly here that would propel cardano up um on the weekly chart and could give it the power to uh close a candle, a weekly candle above two dollars and ninety cents within about three or four weeks. I dont think youd get up there in one or two or three weeks, but uh, maybe three to four uh would be my guess on when cardano is closing a weekly clandell clandle, a clandell um cardano clandell um.

So i think lets see two three. So i think, the week of november 1st, the first week of november uh, you could see a candle close right above all the um. These two candles right here at two dollars and ninety cents, which would then propel cardano past three dollars. So i think cardano could be at the precipice of a a pretty pretty nice move up here. Thats. What im saying with cardano lets take a look at the eight hour chart. You have a series of um, so you have a series of higher lows: higher highs. As price is kind of moving sideways here, so thats, not a bad sign at all. Lets take a look yeah. I like it when a larger time frames rsi can get into an uptrend and thats. Usually, when you start getting a move up so a lot of times my base rule of thumb, if i can take off rsi here, is i like to see the ema of rsi be above the white neutral line here on my favorite time frame, and usually i, Like the eight hour or the 12 hour on cardano, so on, both these its getting pretty close, and that might be when you get lift off time, which could happen at any time now. So lets take a look back here on july 25th and look thats when cardano started really taking off, see that actually did it nail it perfectly for some reason, when the rsis ema gets above that it just often stimulates the move and that hit it right on July 25th, so that that could so we could get another really big, strong candle out of cardano uh, given that this eight hour chart here is getting ready to have its ema above uh completely outside of the bearish zone.

All right so lets go to lets. Go to ethereum all right, so ethereum looks like its already got its work done here, so you see how ethereum has already led up a little bit after this cross here. So i i also like the eight hour chart on ethereum. Does it work every time? No, sometimes you can fail, i mean look crossed it and then came back down, obviously depending on bitcoin, but so this happened on october 1st, and when did the move happen? The move uh really started getting going on september 30th october 1st. So i think cardanos getting ready to have a move similar to what ethereum has already done here, and the thing is here on ethereum that has me really interested in it or a move up is that ethereum is looks like its going to confidently close this two Week, candle above this consolidation point and that should be able to bring uh that that should easily propel it into the 4ks and really get it going here. So it looks like this breakout of bitcoin is supporting the breakouts of uh, soon to be breakouts of uh. Larger altcoins, like ethereum and cardano and cardanos the last one that looks like you know. It looks like its the last one thats. Why im trying to play this – and i think cardano – could really catch up here pretty quickly, so um im not going to give any uh end price targets, because it really depends on how bitcoin goes here um, but i think cardano could have a pretty serious move To the upside in terms of an roi, you know roi potential, perhaps a little bit greater than what bitcoin and or ethereum have left in it, because theyve already been leading before cardano has taken off.

So i i i think cardona can have a really big pop here. Folks um i you know everybody loves cardano. You know i ive made fun about cardano of cardano a lot because its its market cap is bigger than ford motor companies. It doesnt um. It doesnt. Really have you know that much to show for it to be that large of a company um without revenue and all that kind of stuff, much revenue if any at all uh? So i think it still has a little bit of revenue, but not very much to support that. So i know i make fun of it, but im looking at price action only – and i think i think cardano could get a really really nice pop here um. They could really get moving folks and i think it could uh pass three bucks um by the first second week of november thats, what we got here for you today. So if you like what you saw, um new viewers go ahead and hit subscribe. I hit that bell, so you can stay in the know. Im in regards to click around with your money have a little bit better of an idea of whats going on around you using emas, simple tools like rsi and stochastics. We dive into more complex stuff when needed, but right now things are looking good and we just need to make sure were avoiding a fake out and be prepared to be prepared to capitalize on downside movements should the signs uh happen and if those signs do start.

Turning around ill make another quick video, let everybody know hey im, seeing some bearish diversions. This might turn around the other way ill.