I want to give you an update because crypto is pumping. We have crypto pumping up and bitcoin smashed through 53 000 when all the way to 54 000 nearly hit actually overhead 55 000, and we are seeing just a lot of money flowing to into bitcoin right now. So we saw about a two billion dollar buy over five minutes, so the volume went up two billion dollars. Now i talked about this recently. How you dont need a ton of money to go in for it to move up the market cap a lot and ill, explain that here a little bit more. But i want to talk to you about it here, because yesterday i did a video talk about whether it was the last chance to buy crypto last chance to buy bitcoin under 50 000, and i think fomo is hitting so were going to talk about it here. Really quick just for a few minutes, if you guys dont mind hitting the like button, i do appreciate that hit subscribe too. For these short videos, i do want to give one update from a company that i work with so on this channel. We talk about crypto, adoption being so important in the long term and one of the companies thats leading that adoption is unstoppable domains. So theyre partnering with 32 of the worlds leading wallets from uh trust wallet to im token and they are going to join, join forces. As the dot wallet alliance, so you might know if youve ever tried to send crypto that there are long strings of letters and numbers now you can get dot wallet, so i could have sam.

wallet or say on myfinancialfriend.wallet. Also, a lot of people might not know this, but you can actually speculate and buy like top wallets and try to sell them on a secondary market. So i could get like bitcoin ethereum wallet or something like that if thats available – and i can try to make money on that – like people did in the dot com era when they made millions, i will put a link to this underneath the video, along with a Link to unstoppable domains to actually buy a domain, so bitcoin had a massive massive green candle. Here we can see it moving up well over 54 000. Now we could see it retrace a little bit coming back down to about 53 000 in that 53 000 range. But lets not forget theres a lot of bullish things coming right, uh, i think institutions are definitely buying. I mean this does not look like a group of retail traders buying a couple billion dollars worth in five minutes, so we have to remember. The illiquid supply is at an all time high, so theres, not enough bitcoin to go around. There is less than weve ever had right, uh, the the equip the illiquid supply is at all time highs. The liquid supply is coming down, so anyone that wants to buy is going to have to pay a higher and higher amount and its going to push the market more and more because theres, not a lot of bitcoin just sloshing around on the exchanges.

In addition to that, we do have the possibility of an atf this month and, of course, we might see a little bit of a sell the news event, but i would think this would be more good than bad unless we pump up well above where we are Now, before we see an etf, then we also have countries adopting possibly right. So we have brazil, tonga. Those are both countries that might be adopting bitcoin here soon. Obviously, brazil is a lot larger than tonga. Tonga is really small, but there is a lot of excitement. Coming here in the short term for bitcoin now we might see that dribble into some of the other altcoins. We had actually seen that their altcoins drop down overnight, while bitcoin actually came up so uh. We could definitely see a little bit more excitement in those other altcoins if we see maybe some money coming out of bitcoin now. Overall, i think this is a great time to be in the crypto market. Ive been increasing. My bags uh has anything changed over the last day. Am i taking profits now that bitcoins at 54 000? No im not, but of course you have to do your own research. Do your own due diligence. I think fomo will kick in here, especially once news articles say that bitcoins at an all time, high and people look at it and it moved from maybe 64 000 up to 67 000 in uh short um on the time, and then people are like.

Oh, should i get into this once you start having everyone that you know start asking you if you should be if they should be buying bitcoin and other cryptos, then you know that might be time to take a little bit of profit. At this point, i dont have that yet i dont imagine ill be taking profit here in the next little while so it kind of depends on where the market moves. Of course, plan b says that we could get up to. You know 50 uh up above the 50 000 range and into 63 000 by the end of the month. Well have to see on that, but thank you guys so much for watching. I do appreciate it. Thank you for having the like button.