But first were going to take a look at uh bitcoin, the price action as it pertains to 2016. All the way to 2022 were gon na get into the big stuff with the hedge fund, insider and their mentality. As far as the hedge fund mindset, i can tell you right now is a lot different from the average investor like me, and you were also going to take a look at his prediction for the bull run, end time frame and probably the most important thing. As far as taking profits and this persons strategy as to how they do it, as were going to be asking him and some other people about taking profit strategy along the way and well be talking about that, a little bit so lets before we get all that Lets take a look whats going on into the market, so today it is uh tuesday, a beautiful day markets up fantastic 2.23 trillion, its up 3 everybodys happy using trade. The chain bitcoin daily sentiment, 62 out of 100. You cant beat that and then, as far as like whos going up or which coins are going up, actually its all pretty much uh the big guy bitcoin, hitting at four percent so not too bad bitcoin at 50, wow, 51, 000 403 said it jumped, like a Thousand dollars, just since i was uh putting this together, ethereums a three percent binance coin in the third spot; now four percent cardano kind of underperforming, but doing okay, two dollars: twenty cents; two uh, two percent xrp watch out three percent solana down a percentage point; and So on and so forth, so bitcoin really pulled ahead for a while and now the altar is starting to catch up, but i believe that bitcoin is doing pretty good and should be on a pretty sustained run.

So that is what is going on uh if youre a big trader heres the projected ranges the things to look at as far as sentiment analysis goes. Let me short sort this out, take a look at wink engine coin. I had a bunch of that red coin. Store max, i had a bunch of that ultra v, thor token and hive so lets take a look at whats going on with a little perspective, and this was actually uh sent down as a tweet from my friend uh digital dave over at crazy for cryptos. Actually, retweeted the trust wallet, and i think this is good to know as far as to get your mind straight because look at this, this is the price of bitcoin. We know everything pretty much follows bitcoin for the most part, not everything but 5th of october 2018. Bitcoin was 6 600 bucks, 6 600. Everybody thought it was dead, then 2019, it was 8 200. So in one year it went up just a whopping, less than 2 grand watch out. That is awful and then in 2020 another two grand went up: 10. 600. Nothing to write home about and then in one years time were at 50 400.. I want to say this in 2017, bitcoin was at i in october, wasnt, 20, 000. Yet, but it was, it was pretty high around. I think, around five or six checking the comments. Not like it did too much. The big action comes around october november december, maybe january february i dont know, but if you can take a look at this in october, just how far ahead, we are thats amazing, so things are going in the right direction.

The thing that concerns me right now is, i think everybody has a feeling that were going to see some pretty big fireworks come around in q4. I keep saying fireworks, i think its going to actually happen. The thing i want to make mention of is that its not how much you make is how much you keep. So i want to bring somebody in here to bring a little perspective as to what is going on what you can expect if youve been here for a little time – and i think a lot of you have not been since 2017 – its a good lesson just to See like how things could go so im gon na bring on alex maschioli hes from trade the chain he was head of: institutional investment at uh, at b, quant services and uh. He handled uh, multi billion dollar accounts and hes gon na give us a little perspective. As to the mindset of hedge funds, how they are going where things are going and then how much it takes to actually manipulate this market and uh, really its all a bunch of whales and whale games, whats going on, can you be protected from this? Can you do stuff yeah its called taking profits and again this is not investment advice. This is investment opinion. This is what alex is doing. This is also what i am doing: im taking profits along the way im trying to get as many people as i possibly can to talk about taking profits and how that works out for them and how they do things, because, on every other channel its just buy And hold and buy and hold and buy and hold, and i have to tell you i dont think that is the greatest strategy of all time for all time.

I think at some point you have to get into other assets and really just protect yourself and de risk. What is going on so without further ado lets talk to alex masculi from trade the chain, so everybody as promised i uh brought in a guy who could give us a little bit of background and uh. As you may know, this is alex maschioli alice, massioli show one of the co founders of trade. The chain sentiment analysis all that good stuff uh alex thanks for coming back on the show to give us a little perspective. Thanks rob always happy to be here fantastic. This is, this is harrowing times right. Everything seems like its gon na go up its the moon and its forever and uh. We shouldnt be uh, uh scared or anything like that. We should just let the whole bull train go until the wheels come off baby, but i think that it takes a little bit of time to just uh kind of step back and just get a little uh of of lessons from history. So the first thing i was going to ask you about, you had told me a story about when everything was going like crazy in the s p 500. Back in the day when you were big equities and all that stuff and stock and uh, what did you do at that moment when everything was starting to kind of like you could feel the momentum pick up? How did you ride that train all the way up, because right now, it kind of feels like were kind of going in that little direction here in the crypto market yeah? No, it was.

It was definitely a time where it was on the upward momentum, um and i wanted to. I wanted to try something out new and it kind of goes along with the dollar cost average tweet, that trade the chain put out the other day, um and – and so what i did was i took the s p 500 and i reversed it with the greatest Losers at the top descending down, and so what i did was i packaged up a bunch of the uh, the largest losers in the s, p, 500 um invested into them and then watched to see what that performance would do and it turned out to be 84 Uh over the course of the following 10 months, so that was when was that, when did you do that that that little trick 2000? Was it 2011.? Okay, fantastic? So everything was going up and you did that now that youve got you kind of see the patterns and whatnot. What did you do here so with trade? The chain which we use every day take a look at sentiment analysis. You did the same thing you flipped. It on it just to see the sentiment itself, but then and im, not not the sentiment but the actual uh, how things were going as far as crypto, which were underperforming. So you did that, but you cant get into every underperformer and you also use sentiment right. Correct so what i did was, i basically took the order reversed it like.

I did in that s p 500 example and then i went through and i compared sentiment to price loss over the last 30 days on blue chips. So things like ada comp, link, um and and basically selected those because for me, that was a dollar cost average uh play right there. We all know where theyve been. We all believe in certain projects, and so i just put put it into that: gotcha, okay, cool and then im sure youll do at some point well get you back on. You can show us exactly how that works as far as with trader chain, but we kind of well. I did that in the beginning, okay, so then, the next question is its about your history. Over at uh, at b, quant head of bitcoin institutional services, you worked a lot with the hedge fund, guys the big players, the money that was coming in and they got into crypto and theyre all theyre still all excited right. The thing is is that i keep hearing the narrative that look that cryptos gon na go forever, or at least its gon na go for an extended period of time. Sure, okay, but then we take a look at well which crypto projects, because in my personal opinion, i think that the black hole that is bitcoin could be sucked into microstrategy and never come out thats. What michael saylor says and some other different players could do. The same thing, however, does that mean that everything is going to keep going up all the altcoins and uh? How does that work as far as market manipulation, because i dont think it takes a real big swing to manipulate this market? So talk to us real, quick about the people you used to work with and their intentions and what their mindsets are, because i could tell you right now: their mindset is not like my mindset, its just totally different yeah, you know so when i was a bitcoin Overseeing about 35 billion dollars a month in uh, crypto trading with hedge funds and institutions, you know the the mindset was well first of all, a lot of viewers here, a lot of long term investors or midterm investors.

Theirs was constantly trading and trying to produce strategies that generated alpha and beat the market, but what people a lot of people, also who watch didnt come into this market until lets say last year and and a handful even this year. So all theyve seen is up. You and i we cycled through the last event, which was 2017 going into 2018, and then we had three very very long years of of looking at each other and waiting to see what happened. I cant tell you a more boring three years in in our lifespan. So as we go into this cycle, you know when were on youtube or whatever form medium and were trying to relay some knowledge of. This is what weve seen in the past, and this is what were thinking about in the future. Its coming from you know real world experience and, and you need to be able to uh maximize your profit potential in those short spans of the cycle, because youre going to have a long time between them to really contemplate what youre doing in this space. Yeah. And then real quick, so it makes a lot of sense right. But real quick talk to us about the guys that you were involved with those hedge fund, guys whats their mindset. Is it long term big time investors and just stay and hold and hotel forever, or is it like max profits, so its both um? You know you look at different firms like nydic uh, which are theyve always been since the creation of uh, their crypto group, long term bitcoin holders and then trickling down into uh other top assets.

But then you take a look at uh firms like pantera or you know other various hedge funds, where theyre trading every day they dont actually care about long term profits, theyre looking for arbitrage on a day to day week over week basis, so theres two different mindsets. I like to think that im a blend of both um but theres, definitely one side that has conviction and the other side uh that doesnt yeah and i think its one of those things where i think theres not a lot of pressure to move the needle either Way as far as market manipulation were only at two trillion its not the stock market can be manipulated, thats at 90, 100 trillion dollars so its not that much thats. What uh concerns me and then the last two things? Look real quick, rob uh apologies for interrupting, but you know right now. You know 2.23 trillion around there, as we were speaking uh lets go back three months ago. That was almost one trillion dollars less yeah, yeah and then like, and then what? What is the the big asset thats, making the big gains bitcoin right now? Could it be that way forever? No, i think all kinds are going to do pretty well but then, as as as people cycle through and investors, theyre like this is a little more safe and they kind of move into bitcoin im, not saying that your project you watch. This is not going to succeed.

I think a lot of them are going to succeed, but its the long term, and i think its the big thing that we have to get in our in our brains, which is we got to be careful first, its not how much you make it is how Much you keep and its more important to have assets on the books than just to be there holding forever, and i can tell you from experience it sucks thats how it goes so that leads us to our last ones alex your predictions for this. This bull market are we going to see an extended bull market, whether this is the last four year cycle? Where were going to just keep going up and up and up, and then you know like a little bit of little bare little bowl a little bear a little bowl more bull, a little bear, or is it going to be theres going to be like a little Bit of a of a stop point at some point yeah, you know six months ago, um i was definitely preaching – were gon na go were gon na? Have our second leg up were gon na run into uh the first quarter of next year in this bull cycle? Weve had a great play coming out of this out of the uh late spring. Bear cycle of having that little bull. Little bear little bulls, a lot of a lot of profits to be had in that in that market and now were in october and were were not back to where we were, but yet were going in the right direction.

So with that ive over the last uh week and a half two weeks, uh corrected myself a little and and just shortened the timeline, i think, were good until the end of the year. I think its going to be a steep climb up uh through the october momentum, but then i think its going to cut short at the end of the year. I do not think were going to bleed over uh into a bull run into 2022, with with any great length yeah so hopefully, hopefully were both wrong. I can see it going to february january february and then we kind of tail off, maybe even march. I dont know but uh the big thing is, and this this really is the last one. Sorry i forgot this one. This is the most important one. How do you take profits and im trying to get a sense from different people and their perspectives to give these to my subscribers? How do you take profits to make sure that you are in the game uh when everythings going crazy, yeah, absolutely and – and you can attest to this – i can test this during the last cycle without taking profits we held on to what we had for those three Long boring years – and there was nothing we could do for it um what during the summer, you know what was created was that the ever famous uh monday, tuesday, sell off followed by run up monday tuesday sell off.

It was a step and repeat process. Almost you could set your time to it. Um during that uh process. What i would do was i started entering positions on tuesdays and a little before that it was mondays, but it went into tuesdays and i started entering positions into tuesdays and i would start uh de risking my holdings come saturday and i want everybody to know this. I have a base a core of long term investments, but i also have a pool that gets swing, traded and that counts for everything, whether its the ones that people are passionate about vgx, storm x, but also other ones where i see opportunity and sentiment. Um and other things, but thats, basically what i did and i would de risk every saturday i would pull cash out, go back into the positions on tuesday and pull cash out again. That, following saturday ive done that every single week for the last 10 plus weeks. Its crazy and then whatever you want to do with the cash you can go back in, you can do it. You can put in assets whatever else, and you can kind of de risk yourself got it all right alex thanks for for stopping by. I appreciate it if you want to check out trade. The chain sentiment analysis. The link is always in the description. Theres a link looks just like this, and then you can check it out and uh talk to everybody and the big thing thats that trader chain does is community not so much about this sentiment, which is great but learning from everybody else alex any uh.

Last words of wisdom for everybody, absolutely not just make sure you take profits when you can sounds good, perfect, all right lets jump back all right and thats it, and then i just like first alex thanks. I appreciate it again. Just like alex was talking about its good to take profits, have things in the sidelines, but its also good to have other other assets uh. For me, i love real estate and i take profits out and i purchase real estate down payments. I do short term uh. Rentals for airbnb and vrbo or verbo, or they call it verbo and that works out pretty well for me, also im getting into a little more safety. As far as like an uncorrelated asset, which is art and artwork – and i am im already signed up for masterworks – and they use a fractionalized type of system where they fractionalize multi million dollar paintings and over time and im talking time im not talking about like six Months, im talking like three years four years, five years up to seven years, uh since it is uh, uncorrelated uh it depreciates pretty well, were talking about 16 and just a safe, its just a safe haven and another avenue. You can take a look at that and what i talked about as far as the link in description ill be doing a deep dive in that later, you can check it out and do your own research, but then, on top of that, also make mention that we Are going to be uh having uh ill be on the show, the conscious crypto traders and theyre going to be going over their methods? These ladies, are ex forex traders real hardcore they kind of soften a little bit as far as like what they do.

As far as taking profits and just to see how they do it, so im gon na be on their show im gon na ask them these questions as far as taking profits and and uh trading and whatnot just to get a grander perspective about whats going on And then well have some more people on to help you guys out, so that is it so look if you uh, if you like, todays video, give it a thumbs up that always helps. Consider subscribing. If you like these types of videos, its always great time sensitive. All that good stuff, but that is it so thanks so much for watching.