Thatll help the coin to jump to the next level and today were back with two amazing catalysts which are surely going to help shib to pump in price. The first catalyst is the acceptance of shiba inu by now, payments which will allow people to easily accept ship on their online and physical stores. The other important catalyst is the automatic ship token burning system that was introduced by shiba inu lead developer, satoshi kasama. So how do these two catalysts work and how will they boost the price of ship to make millionaires? Now these are some of the questions that this video is going to address. Plus we have amazing news on the automatic burning system and the shiba inu price prediction. So be sure to watch this video till the end to find out, if youre new here make sure to subscribe to this channel and turn on notifications to be the first one to get our new videos whenever we post now lets get straight into the video shiba Inu, like the majority of cryptocurrencies, did well during the general crypto market come back in august. However, the price started to correct after the bulls failed to hold strong and the bears took over, but thanks to a major exchange listing in september, the price of ship resumed. The uptrend indeed september 2021 is a month that will be remembered in the entire ship history for the greatest listing. Ever it is the month in which we saw the binance us listing, and just before we got over it.

The same week also saw a ship listed on coinbase. The two listings saw shiba inus price urge by over 40 in just a few days. In addition, the listing enabled chiba eno to receive extra 100 000 new holders driving its tilt holders to the current number of 670 000 holders, and the number keeps increasing daily. How important is the listing to the shiba inu ecosystem? Well, we all understand that whenever a token is listed on an exchange platform, it becomes available to many users, thus creating convenience, but that again helps the involved cryptocurrency to get recognized and people start to view it more seriously that, together with the popularity attached, helped to Grow a cryptocurrency to achieve mainstream acceptance. This year, shiba inu was named. The third most talked about cryptocurrency, just behind ethereum and bitcoin. According to ico analytics, the price of shim has gradually been on an uptrend, especially after major exchange platforms started accepting shiba inu, which led to a social hype for shiba inu. Now there are two major catalysts that were going to consider that are going to help shiba inu to surge in price. The first catalyst is the move by now payments to adopt shiba eno in its service. This after it announced a major partnership with chiba inu, which is geared to helping business people to easily accept ship on their online and physical stores. If you have no idea what now payments is, then dont worry because we got you covered right here, be sure to watch the remaining of this video to know how this major partnership, in the token burn system will affect the price of ship.

Well, now, payments dot io is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows all kinds of e commerce to accept crypto as a payment or donation. Globally. Now payments has over 70 different cryptos and fiat conversion available. The service is fully non custodian, doesnt hold any limits for transactions and has the most competitive fees available. So how will shiba inu benefit from this partnership, while officially announcing the partnership now payments tweeted to its followers, stating the progress while detailing how the partnership will benefit? Shibaino quote: hey shiva army were happy to contribute to the hashtag sheba ecosystem. The tweet post noted that through the partnership online and physical stores can accept ship payments theres. Also, the possibility of shipping charities can also accept ship payments, and the service will also enable online streamers to accept shibainu now, payments also through the tweet, acknowledge shibainu as one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in 2021. Now, a visit to a link left on the noun payments tweet leads us directly to the now payments website where we got to learn more of the benefits that chiba in will reap from the partnership on the website. Now payment tries to market the new partnership. Saying quote: accept ship as payment on your website and get your share of the coins hype. Now payments offers an easy to integrate solution for deploying a ship payment gateway. Now, as you can see, this partnership is very significant for shiba inus price growth. The partnership will increase shiba inus acceptance in use case, which in turn will help ship to spike in price.

Ideally, with no payments, we can be sure. Shibaina will be accepted in several stores or e commerce platforms, leading to an increase in the number of ship holders and transactions. All these are enough to send the price of shiba inu to the moon. However, its not the first time shiba inu is partnering with a crypto payment gateway. We all remember the partnership between chiba inu and shopping dot, io, which now allows people to buy goods from alibaba, amazon and shopify and pay and ship. The news of the partnership between now payment and chiba inu was also announced by the ship developer shitoshikusama, who posted the information on through the medium post. Shitoshi revealed some of the major updates on upcoming projects for shiba inu, though he shared many upcoming updates. Just one caught the attention of minnie and its surely a major catalyst that can help pump the price of shiba inu shitoshi reveals that its now possible to spend sheb in any location worldwide. He added that the spending of ship by businesses that support the original vision of shiba inu pseudonymous founder ryoshi, is a great illustration of utility via usage. This usage of shim makes it a more powerful and useful currency worldwide. Shitoshi acknowledged the partnership with now payments. Saying quote: you can currently use to pay for things on amazon with ship, but with our new now payments partnership you can integrate and accept ship at any shopify woocommerce and a host of other digital locations within a short install of a widget.

Ideally, what shitoshi meant is that you can accept ship in physical locations, ship payroll among many others. Essentially, this is positive sentiment and points towards ship achieving mainstream usage. This acceptance of ship in the real world is significant and will increase the number of ship holders as well as payments, hence helping ship to spike in price. Another significant catalyst relates to the nfts that shiba inu developers are working on. How are these nfts going to help shiba inu to burn millions of ship tokens from the circulating supply, and can this burning of ship tokens make you a millionaire, but before we get to that, we need to understand what nfts are now a non fungible token or Nft is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger called blockchain that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. Nfts are currently being used to represent works of art and therefore fighting the issue of copyright. Infringement were all aware that chiba inu has a huge circulating supply sitting at ‘4 trillion ship tokens, and this has been the major hindrance to the growth in the price of ship and on realizing this challenge. The shiba army community started lobbying, shiba indo developers to come up with an algorithm that will reduce the huge ship circulating supply. Indeed, shiba inu developers listen to the plea and theyve come up with a system that can help to automatically burn ship tokens shibley developer shitoshikasama.

Recently revealed the plan, shiba inu has for burning tokens using the upcoming 10 000 nfts. These nfts are named shiboshis and are based on shiba swap. However, anyone who purchases the nfts can choose to rename them by burning the ship token. This initiative to burn ship tokens will help to reduce the circulating supply, making ships, cars and eventually helping its price to strengthen the price of ship will therefore increase in tandem with the quantity and frequency of tokens burnt. Now you can be sure if more ship tokens get burned through the process, the price of ship will search astronomically to one cent, and this is enough to make you a millionaire, depending on how many ship tokens you hold. What is the price prediction for shiba inu for 2021? Well, according to crypto experts and analysts, shiba inu is expected to remain bullish for the remainder of this fourth quarter of 2021.. This is because existing fundamentals and technical analysis indicate a positive price move for shiba inu through several upcoming catalysts like entry into the nfts industry, auto burn of tokens anticipated robinhood listing and the recent launch of its own exchange, shiba swap among many more therefore shiba inu Is surely going to surge in price one crypto analyst trading beasts predicts ship to grow by nearly 27 and close 2021 and 0.1 satoshi units, so that was it for today, guys do you think shiba inu burn can generate millionaires soon? Let us know in the comments below, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a like and subscribe to this channel.