We are just getting started and uh. As i said before many times, i think q4 is going to be just fireworks and were going to go over. Why thats going on right now, whats leading to mass adoption and what we can actually look forward to so first thing well, do is well, do a new segment. Its called market data were going to take a look at price and price history. Also, some on chain analysis were going to get into kevin oleary and why kevin oleary is actually important for this space. Why kevin? As i call it also talk about how gold and crypto is not leaving in any way, shape or form, also well take a look at uh talking about front running as far as ethereum and nfts, and also clipped crypto clarity and how its actually coming along and Whats going on so look into all those things, but first take a look whats going on into the market data, so i want to do something new. I mean we always talk about uh the market data itself. We talk about the price action, which is just a very small part and uh mark cap today is 2.31 trillion. I think uh. Yesterday we were, we were down like 200 billion, all of a sudden bang, 200 billion just comes about no big deal uh. We call that a wednesday, so weve also got that bitcoin daily sentiment theyre using trade. The chain trader chain analysis.

You know they scrape all the interwebs and all the blog posts and they have a direct api integration all that great stuff. So you can kind of tell where things are going link in the description you want to check out trade the chain, but were looking at 70 out of 100, which is pretty darn bullish and the coins themselves. I mean look bitcoins up its almost 55 000 and its up uh 10 in 24 hours, thats pretty great for the biggest market cap. As far as the cryptocurrency market itself, ethereum is at 3600, almost uh binance coin 438 cardanos up a little bit. One percent uh. Nobody cares xrp watch out 2.4 dogecoin, one percent just because mark cuban says that uh he might be using it more in his shop, okay and then poke it up. Look i got nothing against uh uh, uh, dogecoin or shiba. You know one of the meme coins youre, making money great good for you. Uh lets see how, if theyre going to be here in the next 10 years and then uh, everything else is just pretty much up across the board, so were looking pretty good and then thats just the first part. What i really want to get into and start to and im going to ask you what you think about this link, this uh or talk to me in the comment section is uh things like this. So this is the total liquidations, because when you go up ten percent, when you have those things you know, youre gon na get uh the shorts get squeezed and you get a big price action.

And here we are so total liquidation 6.17 in the past 24 hours. It looks like uh, oh bummer, 95 000 plus traders were liquidated and heres all the tokens that were, and you can take a look at uh down here. This is on bybt.com and out of all the exchanges, binance had the most 53 percent and 68 of those were short and they got liquidated like crazy 83. All these things down here. So that is what is going on as far as like who got wrecked and how much also the single largest single liquidation order happened on huobi for about 11 million dollars, uh very sorry for those individuals. But that is what we have and then i want to take a look at how much as far as is going on is for shorts and longs in each individual uh crypto exchange so heres the stats bitmex binance. Whatever else this is over the last 24 hours. What i want to show you is that sentiment really does drive the market. I think, when you see a lot of people getting uh liquidated. Well, guess what happens. This is a period of 24 hours and you got shorts first longs pretty even right. Greens of the longs reds of the shorts well lets just back that up and take over look at the last 12 hours, not too much of a change. But what happens at four hours a little bit of a change here over one hour, then we got a little bit less and then 30 minutes all of a sudden.

Now people are like wow, i think im gon na, not short bitcoin, and then here we go on most of them, but uh it just depends on which one it is, but you got 58 percent 45 73 on dairy bit, uh well, 74 of bit mix 48 And 51 yeah sure, 47 and 52. I would i would love to see how those shorts ring out uh thats funny id love to see how those shirts ring out. I would love to see how those shorts actually get uh as far as like in time goes. Then lastly, well take a look at some on chain analysis as far as all miners outflow, meaning how many of these miners are actually selling and the more that the miners sell yeah. Usually, that means more of a dip in price, and we can see here its not like too many, but there is a little bit of an increase, as you can see right here as far as like 4th of october and then as far as the reserves, meaning How much bitcoin is on all the exchanges we can see here that once the reserve starts to drop well, that means that the supply is going down, but the demand still stays the same or increases, and the price goes up and now like, where were at right Now we are pretty darn low, so the amount of bitcoin on exchanges are going down because people are snatching them up, which means price goes up and look at ethereum, its even more pronounced on ethereum.

Look at that from the left side of the right side. Theres. Just not a lot of ethereum, so thats whats uh going on as far as the market data. Let me know what you think about that new segment lets move on to our next piece, which talks about why kevin so this one here, first of all, kevin oleary. I think most of us know this guy. He is uh one of the shark tank members and uh, he said hey. My crypto exposure is greater than gold for the first time ever. So the real question you have to ask yourself is: why does rob care? What kevin oleary says well its not that i really care about what kevin oleary says: pretty smart business guy, but as far as crypto, what i care about is the reach that kevin gives us and also the demographic that kevin gives us, and i hate to to Point it out, but kevins uh, older guy hes, a distinguished gentleman here, 67 years. Why do i bring that up? Because kevin is a boomer and i know on uh, mostly in the crypto community, we make fun of boomers for some reason. I dont understand why uh because uh kevin here is a boomer good for him, whatever else but boomers, if you dont, know, carry a boatload of wealth. So when we take a look at this and uh were like ah youre a boom. Well guess what baby boomers in america uh hold the vast majority of the wealth in the nation? Now people will say ah, but you know the baby boomer is a you know its going to be a a wealth shift.

Thats true, but it aint happening tomorrow, so show a little respect. So baby boomers have a ton of money. Gen extras have uh theyre in the second place, millennials yeah, not so much so. Why do i care what kevin says because hes got reach man hes got reach, so this is whats going on uh kevin says he hopes to increase his crypto allocation to seven percent in the next few months. He says i dont see a situation where kryptos ever going away and well get to that in a second he says: uh at the end of the year, im hoping to uh be at seven percent of our operating companies, portfolio and crypto im investing in a wide Range of different crypto products as a strategy and to finish up, he states nothings, going to replace gold. So i know that were all hot and bothered about how great crypto is. But you understand i dont think golds going anywhere either and i think kevins right here. He says gold has been tried and proven for 2000 years. The romans were hoarding it. I think what happens is gold will remain an asset class in portfolios like mine and others as a property and thats really what it comes down to so, when kevin here is talking about this, this, these are the types of stories and comments and publications that people Are going to get into because of like you know what i dont know about cryptocurrency, but i know kevins a pretty smart business guy and i like what he says in shark tank and thats reached over millions of people im, also a boomer.

Maybe i should get into that and thats where we get the funding or thats, where we get more people getting into our space. I think this is a very big tent and we should allow all types of people to come in, especially they want to be a part of it. I welcome you with open arms, which leads me to my next point. So if were talking about crypto, we got to talk about gold and, just like kevin said, golden crypto is not leaving and about this whole thing about gold and crypto. Is that if you look at gold first of all, i own gold, i own silver. I never understood why the gold bugs were like you got to only have gold and thats about it, and metals are awesome and you suck. I dont understand. I think that theres room for everybody to buy everything. Why wouldnt you diversify just a little bit into these different assets? I dont want to go over the debate, but i wanted to point this out and that is that this this is a 10 year history chart of spot gold prices and uh in 2011, our before 2012, you were looking at a whopping uh price of 1800, its Pretty good for gold and then over the last 10 years you didnt do anything. I mean you went up a little bit. You went from hundred dollars to what is this two thousand dollars in a decade? Are you kidding me so look its a great store of value, but if youre trying to get wealthy investment opinion, not investment advice, i dont think gold is your play and all those people who are telling you that golds the only way to go.

You understand they own a boatload of gold and they want you to invest into it because guess what they are mega rich and want you to be there, so that is just my opinion, uh of whats going on. However, i will say stress, i cannot stress enough. I own it myself because i do think its gon na be around for a long time, just like cryptocurrency and dont take my word for it. Take the word of the bank of america again. Why does rob care what bank of america says its because for some reason, some people look at these old institutions? Like you know, i kind of have a feeling that these guys are trustworthy, theyre, not but its good. When the bank of america comes out and says, hey, these are too large to ignore. We actually covered this yesterday and uh. This is a just a quick snippet bank of americas. Global research has begun, covering crypto debuting, with a report saying that digital assets are too large to ignore man. Maybe they can get into uh netflix next, if theyre just cutting edge anyhow candace browning, head of bank of america global research states. If you look at the number of corporates, mentioning crypto on their earning calls, thats gone from about 17 last year to 147 in just this quarter and uh. When you take a look at things and were looking at mass adoption and whos putting on the balance sheet and how things are going, these are just the big indicators of what is going on.

So weve got all that happening in tandem right and thats good. Now its time to look out for us, because if youre already here, youre probably way out of the curve i can guarantee you front, ran all the banks and all the big hedge funds, if you, if youre already here, because theyre just getting into it, uh too. So the next thing is, you might want to look at ethereum, nfts and not like ethereum is any any great thing, but the different products that are built on and as far as nfts, and why theyre so important so im going to try to break this down. As quickly as i can, and hopefully it makes a little bit of sense. First of all, ethereum, i thought the big news, or the big reason why ethereum is going up was because of all the nfts well its really not. If we take a look at this, this chart right here. I actually stole this from uh from guy over. At coin bureau, thanks guy and uh, it talks about how ethereum settles 6.2 trillion in transactions in the last 12 months. But you can see here. 17. 18. 19. 20. 20 was a pretty good year. But look at this almost a 400 increase, and you see that light blue area right here i was like. Oh, that must be nfts its not you know what that is. Thats stable coins on ethereum, stable coins, the rest of it is all the different transactions, including nfts, so once ar when gary ginzer, the sec says that stable coins, the poker chips of cryptocurrencies digital assets, he might be right because if people want to get into the Market a lot of times, they want to put things into stable coins and thats, where a lot of the value is locked up, and i think that is why the governments are looking at that.

Especially agencies like the sec, which well get into in just a second and also i just want to say that lets say this: if youre looking for the next big thing, potentially uh, it could be nfts and i never really unders. I understood nfts and what the whole thinking behind them was. Of course you can claim you know your property. Essentially, you can claim it as art. You can claim it says real estate. You can claim it as a patent or whatever else its a non. Fungible. Token. Great, but when i saw this, it kind of made a little bit more sense, so im going to play two snippets, one is like six seconds. The other one is like 30 seconds just check this out: metaverse nft virtual reality. The first edition of digital art, fair asia, shows a new hong kong buildings. So in the photography section we sell nfts, which are available on this screen. You have to scan the qr code and it takes you to refinance website there. You pay in ethereum and you have to have a wallet um. This is a new way of purchasing artwork. Okay, great fascinating. Why like to show that to you its because this is just a new way, its not so much a new way of paying for things, but imagine this if youre an artist right lets, say this painting behind me right. You paint this picture and uh like you, sell it, for i dont know one million dollars.

I dont know what it is and uh all of a sudden youre like well. Now i got ta make a new painting. Well wouldnt. It be a lot easier if youre, an artist just to say hey, you know what you wan na you cant get the physical copy, but you can prove that you have the digital copy by buying it here scanning this barcode its on the blockchain. It is immutable. You can prove it any way, shape or form im gon na sell 20 of these for thousand dollars a piece. Well now you got a whole piece of that youre like well. Who would do that? Who would pay for that? A lot of people would pay for that actually and then also, if you take a look at its all about the community. So when you have these communities, that kind of come together and theyre all behind one thing like a board yacht club and crypto punks, and things like that, you are involved in this community which brings everything together and it becomes tokenized. So it doesnt make a lot of sense. I know a little bit in certain ways, but if you take a look at the next great thing, of course, nfts i think could be a very big place, which leads me to my next point and last point, which is about clarity. So, if were looking at crypto clarity with what gensler just talked about poker chips and things and whatnot, i think this is one of the big reasons why weve seen a little bit of an upswing in the last couple of days or so, and it kind of Comes down this sccg says he see chair gensler in a tuesday hearing, gensler told the house committee on financial services that the sec has no plans to ban crypto.

I want you to listen to what he says here, because i dont want you just to take. My word for it or just what coindesk writes. I want you to take it from the proverbial horses mouth. So just take a listen to this financial stability issues that stable points could raise as well, but no bans that youre interested in implementing via the sec, as as china, has done really to funnel everyone through uh their own digital currency. No, i i mean i that would be up to congress. I mean what we what were really working with with uh the authorities youve given us and ive said this. I think that that many of these tokens uh off its based on the facts and circumstances, but many of these tokens do meet the tests of being an investment contract or a note or some other form of of security, that we bring them within the investor protection. Uh remit of the sec great, so there you go so i think that uh, what we have here is just people are able to exhale just a little bit, because, honestly, i thought people. I think people were thinking that uh gary here was trying to just put the gabash on all of the crypto and digital assets out there and uh just pretty much bannon, which i mean lets be honest, uh at this point near impossible. That would mean that all the governments in all the world would have to get together in one s, place and say: hey its time for us to ban cryptocurrencies as a unit as a global community, and do that are you kidding me? We cant even get these people to talk to each other theres, no way thats going to happen.

So that is one relief and then also youve also got a little bit of relief here with uh jerome powell, head of the federal reserve bank and hes, pretty much just saying, look same type of thing, just take a listen. So, mr chairman, as a matter of policy, is it your intention to ban or limit the use of cryptocurrencies like were seeing in china? No and and i i immediately realized i had misspoken there. I didnt mean to take the word cryptocurrency out of that sentence and i would say fairly widely understood that central bank digital currencies could perform some of the some of the uh could make, but no intention to bans less uh, no intention about attention to ban them. But theyre you know, the stable coins are are like money, market funds, theyre like bank deposits but theyre to some extent outside the regulatory perimeter and its its appropriate that they be regulated same activity, same regulation. So there you go. I mean you get uh two people at the heads of their respective departments. Pretty much saying were not here to ban crypto and were just going to kind of play. It, as is the big sticking point, is the stable coins and i think they can all work through that, but it really just comes down to congress and how they write the laws and the rules, because the howie test is from the 1930s. I think we need an updated version and theyre already talking about that right now.

So as a collective side, everybody can say great now were not going to. We can move away from this. This uh talking points of banning crypto and move into the next phase, which is how are we going to uh maximize the usage and make this into a legit uh business, businesses or asset class? And if we just take a look at everything we just talked about today, i think this is what moves us into mass adoption. This is perfect timing for q4, 2021 and ive always said october november december are going to be fireworks, and i i mean you cant, really put it any better than that now. Having said all that, every time i think i know exactly whats going to happen in the market, does the exact opposite so uh dont just take my advice: do your own research take a look around take a look at on chain data just get as much information As you possibly can and make a decision from there but uh for me, im feeling pretty good today anyhow, so that is it for today. So if you stuck me all the way, the end first of all thanks, i appreciate it. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up, also consider subscribing everything you talk about is very time sensitive and we do this every single day.