The idea that xrp is a security. It has traded out there for eight years. You know its kind of like well. If it was a security, i guess we should have known that a long time ago. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen to another 24 hours of krypton say thank you all my subscribers are thumbs and, like i do appreciate every single one of you guys if youre new to the channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button turn on that post notification when Youre, only 500 xrp in total will reach 30 000 subscribers five lucky subscribers are each going to win 100 xrp lets get right into this episode of the 1 000 crypto portfolio and how i would diversify one thousand dollars today. So the first thing that i would put my money into would be xrp, and how much would i put in that 500 and the second coin that i would be putting into is whole and i would put two hundred dollars and we got hbar at number three And then we have matic at number four, both split at 150 dollars each and the roi projected on a conservative scale of a year and a half on a very conservative scale is approximately six thousand six hundred and eighty six dollars on your thousand dollar investment. Keep in mind, youre not going to get gains like this anywhere else and im just doing this as a favor to show you guys and im sure other youtubers.

You know make portfolios like this as well, but the banks youre not going to make money like this. The banks, even a savings account – i remember you know there – we had a client 200k just hanging around in a savings account earning about 10 dollars a month in interest. Okay, and i brought up many times and they they they really didnt care for it. Maybe they didnt need it, but you got to make your money grow for you when its not doing anything and the banks are doing nothing financial advisors. You know if you have a private banker, get your money out of the banks and please, if youre, if you guys, are the older individuals just do this yourself. I know its scary getting into something completely new, and especially with cyber security going on right now and with the whole technology. Evolving crypto is the next financial market 2.0 and get into it before your financial advisor tells you about it. Okay, uh thats, just a little warning heads up warning so thats how i would do a thousand dollar portfolio? Okay, so i would split it up. I didnt! I could i just want to get straight into this video thats, how i would do it and let me know what you guys think in the comments down below lets: jump back to a thousand dollar portfolio that i made when i first created this youtube channel back In february 15th, here it is, as you can see, my picks were holochain vechain xrp, xlm cardano and a thousand dollars invested it on february 15th.

If and again that was a conservative outlook for you know two years when i made that video on a very, very conservative scale again i like to stay very conservative. I try to give you guys a smaller picture and the bigger picture will speak for itself when you see the digits look like phone numbers, okay, but that thousand dollar investment. If you sold, if you guys waited two months well, obviously you guys would have waited waited. Two months after i made this video, you would have profited nine thousand dollars from your thousand dollar investment and if you didnt, sell at the all time highs in april a couple months ago, then, if you held all the way through, then you would still be up On your investment, which is still very very good, even if you do gics at banks, youre getting very minimal value for your money, youre getting about like 28 bucks, you know if its a locked in gic its come over like a hundred bucks, its its really nothing Right, so let me know what you guys think of the comments down below for the new 1 000 crypto portfolio, how you guys would change it up, but these are very, very conservative price projections. You guys know that um i like to be very stupid. Conservative, because even the conservative numbers are very nice and i and like i said before, let the bigger picture print for itself and well watch the media unfold.

This propaganda going on right now in regards to crypto the c word and everything thats happening right now. We are waiting for this monumental shift in the next world revolution. Basically, i know it sounds crazy, but its actually happening right now.