We did have bitcoin break 51 000. Today things are looking very good in the crypto space. A lot of people are very bullish for october. We do have discussion of the bitcoin etf in the near future and we do have more mass adoption for bitcoin and crypto in general. I do want to talk about, so we are going to go over the crypto prices and discuss uh. Some other important news in this video before we get started. I do appreciate, if you guys liked the video subscribe to the channel if you havent already and hit the bell to be notified for regular crypto videos all right guys, so we do a bitcoin breaking 51. 000 today, which is pretty huge even with that dip, we saw in all that panic bitcoin did not break below 40 000. A lot of people were predicting 38 000, as we did discuss so pretty huge were back above 50 000.. Everyone is pretty bullish for october. It seems and um i do think end of year, uh everythings going to be looking pretty great, so we have some people saying were going to be testing a 56 000 bitcoin very soon major resistance, so im gon na go over the bitcoin charts and go over Some resistance levels and where i see things headed in the near future, uh besides that other top ten all coins are only up a couple percent which is pretty strange to see. We usually see the other all coins in the top ten up more than bitcoin.

We do have dogecoin up around the same amount as bitcoin now back to 25 cents, so ada has been holding above two dollars, but we really have no good price action, nothing going on with that, and that is because we do have a lot of selling pressure From people that bought the test net and then sold the maintenance at the same time, things are more quiet. Now we dont have a huge upgrade in the near future uh, but we do have projects starting to build on the cardonal network. We do have nfts picking up on the cardano network, so if we do get adoption for uh cardano nfts on the openc platform, thats gon na uh really open the floodgates to cardonal nfts, but that could be uh anywhere in the near future or the long term. They could possibly never even do this as well, and we will have to wait for a third party cardinal nfp platform to really get developed and uh be ready for mass adoption. All right guys so were on the bitcoin chart here and, as we can see, we had a huge recovery from the low 40, thousands for bitcoin uh, with all that panic, the stock market and everything and more china flood, so huge recovery, huge support in the low 40, thousands uh. It is good to keep that in mind if you are looking to buy bitcoin in the future. Uh major support is there, so that would be a good buying zone around uh 41 to 45, 000 bitcoin.

So uh we are uh back to around 52 000 bitcoin here and our next major resistance is around 55 000 and then 57 000 uh to uh, 60 000 bitcoin is going to be pretty huge there. So, according to uh some predictions here, we are going to be moving up and testing 55 56 000 right here, so that will be huge, thatll be the highest. The price of bitcoin has gotten since the market did crash here, back mid may so um. Definitely looking good for end of year. If we continue in this general uptrend, of course, there will be retracements as we go, but in general i do think we will be uh retesting at bitcoin. All time highs here of 64, 000 and possibly even breaking that hundred thousand dollar bitcoin by end of year, especially if you get a bitcoin etf approved. I think theres gon na be so much um, fomo from both retail and institutions into bitcoin that this is really just gon na blast off end of year and historically uh end of year has been great for previous bull runs, so things are looking pretty good. Um. Definitely holding up stronger than a lot of people expected and uh. We do have some huge news here. I do want to go over as well all right guys. So this is pretty huge news here. We are getting more adoption for cryptocurrencies from banks, and these are banks um. I never would have expected to be getting into bitcoin cryptocurrencies so quickly like this.

So that is a great sign. Institutional adoption is coming when institutional adoption starts. Picking up were gon na get peak retail fomo at the same time and thats. The scenario where i do see a super cycle happening like a lot of people discussed and breaking a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin a lot of all coins doing much better than that as well. So i definitely dont think were headed into a bear market theres. So many huge things for mass adoption happening, i just think thats extremely unlikely. Unless something really catastrophic does happen in the economy or something i do think thats really the only thing that can throw us into a temporary bear market. So us bank launches bitcoin custody service. As institutions race to cater to crypto demand, this is very huge in my opinion. So u.s bank is the fifth largest retail bank in the nation and they did announce today that its cryptocurrency custody service is now available to fund managers. So the offering will help investment managers store private keys for bitcoin bitcoin cash and litecoin, with the help of sub custodian nydig, so uh support for other coins, like ethereum, is expected over time. Im surprised they didnt launch with support of aetherium and they did litecoin thats. Why i am uh somewhat bullish on litecoin for the long term because it does get paired along with bitcoin for many huge things for mass adoption, so as adoption picks up for bitcoin, it will of course pick up for litecoin and bitcoin cash as well.

But i do think litecoin is the better pick than bitcoin cash, so this is definitely huge. We do have more uh news for banks as well. Uh bank of america offers bullish outlook for d5 and nfts pretty crazy. Theyre talking about nfts as well, and we did have visa buy a crypto punk. We cant forget that that is extremely massive, so uh nft demand is picking up uh, whether you like it or not. You should definitely be looking into this ive made more profit in nfts than i have in crypto in the last couple years, and this is just continuing to pick up and if you do get in early on some good sets. You can get in under one ethereum and then some of these sets are going over 10 ethereum very quickly. So in the next couple days i will be doing an nft update video going over nft projects on bullish on for october. I did buy into a couple new sets that are currently under one ethereum and i think, do have high potential building some good utility and stuff for the long term, so definitely check out that if you do want to get in early on some new sets im. Also launching my own nft membership set by end of month. I will give you guys more information as we get closer to launch, but basically this will give you private access to private discord, chat, private nft, update videos as well as whitelist pre sale access to my future launches.

I already have two uh more nft sets in the works that will have some awesome utility and some awesome art, and then i am looking to help other nft projects launch through this membership as well. So i will keep you guys updated about my nft set coming. Just keep in mind, dont trust, anything that you dont, find on my official twitter or youtube account theres already scammers out there creating fake, open c sets and trying to scam people using my name and image. So just be very careful that theres an increasing amount of scams in the nft space as well. I do want to quickly talk about this because uh some quick tips like this could save people out there from losing thousands of dollars in value so um. Something very common right now is. It is connecting your metamask wallet to a website that cant be trusted or a scam website, thats impersonating another nft set, and then you sign off on the contract, which is actually something malicious and then uh. Basically, it gives them access to send out all your crypto and nfts, and a bot automatically will connect and take everything out of your account. So this is happening to a lot of people right now, especially in discord. Since all these nft sets are in discord, um theres scammers in there messaging people with malicious links, so just be very careful of that. I do recommend creating a new meta mask wallet for all your future mints and anything that you do plan to do in the future.

Send off your nfts. You plan to hold long term to a long term wallet and i do recommend using a ledger – nano s or x, to uh further secure this as well, so with china completely banning cryptocurrencies once again uh. We do have some speculation that the us is going to ban kryptos as well, and the sec chief came out uh gary gansler and said that the us wont be banning cryptocurrencies. I think this was pretty obvious to most people, but regardless with so many new people in the crypto space that hardly know anything about it, uh there is uh. Some speculation going around that should definitely be cleared up like this. So uh be very careful about what you believe in the space. A lot of this is designed to cause panic and shake out new investors, and i do think thats what happened with the uh mid may market crash as well, where we did draw back to 30 000 bitcoin, as you guys see, were already recovering back to previous. All time highs so thats pretty much it for what i want to go over in the mainstream news. I do want to do a quick update on spark point and shopping.io. They both launched their october monthly roadmaps. So i am a advisor for both of these projects. I do own tokens in both of these projects im not required to hold, but i am bullish on both of these and i see the direction theyre going both aiding in mass adoption for crypto and building useful things so spark point in october.

Here uh, they do have their spark nft minting launch. So this is very interesting. They really didnt talk much about this or hype it up, but they are launching an nft platform where you can easily mint your own nfts, so uh very interested to see where thats headed. They also did user uh interface improvements to their spark swap, which is a minus smart chain, swap so really trying to push as much mass adoption as possible, especially on the binded smart chain. This nft platform will be using the binder smart chain as well to save uh gas on minting fees and everything which i think is good, so theyre also launching their own merch uh play to earn game early preview. I believe this is their fifth game now that theyre going to be launching on mobile and then spark bridge user interface improvements as well. I did hear theyre redoing their website and basically just trying to improve the overall user face on all of their products and really try to start pushing at mass adoption and marketing soon. So definitely huge for spark point if you check out their uh long term roadmap on their website. It actually says theyre getting a tier one exchange listing in quarter four and quarter four just started so hopefully thats financed. They pushed so much support for binance. I think it would be insulting if binance did not list srk and uh s fuel at some point, so i definitely see that on the horizon, even if its not by end of year.

I think it will happen early 2022, so they are trying to push more exchange listings and as much adoption as possible. Definitely a great project and lots of staking and passive income opportunity so shopping.io they have huge things in the works and as crypto mass adoption picks up. I think adoption for this platform will as well more average people retail investors getting in that want to spend their crypto on uh at places like amazon, ebay and stuff that cant. They can only do this at shopping.io, so they accept around 150 cryptocurrencies theyre, constantly getting new partnerships with new crypto projects, which is huge for marketing as well, and if you do hold their spi token uh, you can get different membership levels where you do get bigger. Uh percent discounts, shopping on amazon and stuff, so thats definitely huge. They also have different vip benefits coming up, holding spi tokens, so theyre trying to build extra utility. They also have the global launch of shopping version 2, inbound, which this is a massive improvement to their current platform. If you guys go to their website, you guys can check out the beta version at the top. Here definitely looks pretty good uh. So this is it uh squeezed in here, but uh. If you guys check this out, it definitely looks good uh. Definitely a much cleaner. Look and you can see the different membership levels here as well and the different benefits. If you hold 1000 spi, you get 10 off all orders across the dot ao, including auctions, access to vip, only telegram group uh, free shipping and different benefits as well.

They are working on some different stuff that they will be adding to that list, so definitely very bullish here and then sneak peek regarding nfts and our mobile app will be rolling out this month. So thats huge ben um updates coming as well a mobile app where you can shop with crypto as well as their own nft set. That could add some extra utility also so definitely uh bullish on both of these projects for end of year. Doing huge things. Definitely great long term holds for me personally, so keep in mind its not financial advice. You should always do your own research to make sure you understand a project, never just buy it because a youtuber or someone on twitter is saying uh theyre buying it so thats. It for todays video – i hope you guys found it useful. I do recommend following me on twitter, at jrnycrypto for more regular updates on time sensitive info. I do have a lot of nft giveaways lined up for october and i will be uh notifying you guys about my nft set here. Also so again, thank you guys so much for watching.