I want to talk to you about when bitcoin could stop moving now im coming in a weird location again, today, uh, you know it seems like every other. Video is in a new spot, but im sitting here with the dog. So what could stop bitcoin from mooning or when will it come down right? Because a lot of people are saying hey end of year end of the bull run. Some people are saying: hey, no its not going to happen until next february. Next next march. Some people are saying: hey: there are going to be no more cycles. You already got in if you got in under 50 000. This is the last chance that youve ever had to get in, or that was the last chance youve ever had to get in under 50 000. So lets talk about a couple things that could push bitcoin down and stop it from it continuing its run. Now, let me be clear: these are just a few things that could push down the price of bitcoin short term, but i think bitcoins inevitable. I think it is going to fly uh well beyond where we are today. I think its gon na hit six figures and even north, that in the future, so this is just short term things that maybe wont stop it long term, even for maybe a month, but will push it down short term now. I did warn that this might have been the last chance to buy cheap bitcoin.

I said: wait one more week. I also did another video saying that this was the last chance to buy cheap crypto. That was all in the last couple weeks, so ive been trying to warn people that this is this wall that weve seen is not here forever. So if you want to get even more content like that, where im saying hey, this might be the last chance and giving my opinions showing what im doing ive been talking to the patreon about how bullish i am on crypto and talk about why i keep on Making videos on it as opposed to all the stock videos i was making six months to a year ago, and if you want to get more information on that, there is a link underneath the video to patreon thats, where ive really been trying to dial in how Important crypto is for everyone. There are just a couple spots left and we just started a discount if you sign up for one year, so definitely check it out were getting a lot of good price action and we saw the coin shares report recently. That showed that most money, thats going into crypto right now from institutions, is going into bitcoin, so thats very bullish for bitcoin. So what could actually stop it? Well, i will tell you if you guys dont, mind hitting the like button subscribe button, all that, if you guys want to check out the link underneath the video to start up with block file, you can get an interest rate on your crypto and up to eight And a quarter percent on stable coin.

So what could push bitcoin down? Well, there are a couple things. Obviously there could be a black swan event uh, you know if the stock market crashes or if the roney rona comes back or you know something like that, we could have bitcoin falling down along with the crypto market. It is considered a very high risk asset comparatively to you know, stocks, bonds, cds, that kind of thing we could also see bitcoin fall down if people start to move their money into other altcoins right. If bitcoin pumps up dramatically, we could see some people taking profits and throwing it into ada ethereum uh polka dot. We could see that happening before a couple of the massive events happening in their ecosystems. Now i dont think that would have a large drop or that would cause a large drop in bitcoin because i think it will be bought up uh. I think so many people will see bitcoin running so much theyll probably take some profits if theyve been invested in it, but that means that just leaves other people uh the door open to start buying some bitcoin. Also, there are a couple things i think we could see if we saw some sell of the events where hey first of all, maybe companies dont actually buy bitcoin for this quarter. A lot of people are thinking, hey apple, a lot of the other tech companies are going to be adding possibly bitcoin to the balance sheet.

If we dont see that hey, maybe bitcoin drops a little bit also, we could see a dip if countries dont make it legal tender such as brazil or tonga. If those countries dont make it legal tender sure we could see a drop now, i think they will. I think we will see companies put it on their balance sheet. One other thing is: we could see no bitcoin etf from the usa. A lot of people are expecting that to happen in the next few weeks. So right now, those are the reasons they could drop. Although i think that all those things are bound to happen, just a question of when the other thing to remember too, is that a liquid supply is growing, the liquid supply is only getting smaller and smaller, so there could be a squeeze. We dont need a trillion dollars, two trillion dollars to come into the market, to push it up one or two trillion dollars. We need just a small fraction of that, like 125th of that, so if we start losing more and more of the liquid supply, bitcoin people are willing to pay more and more for it. Also, we are seeing a lot of miners that arent willing to sell the their bitcoin and, as it keeps on moving up in value sure they might take a little bit off the table. But these are the some of the most bullish people in the space i mean theyre, putting millions on the line, hundreds of millions of dollars on the line to mine.

We knew that september was going to be bad, but its kind of a self fulfilling prophecy right kind of like technical analysis where, if enough people believe it its kind of the case right, so a lot of people think bitcoin is going to fly and a lot Of time when we think one thing it doesnt actually happen in crypto, but with with everyone believing it with institutions adopting it with a possible etf and companies possibly buying it is looking really bullish. Let me know your thoughts on this down below. Thank you guys. So much for watching and i will link to a video where raul paul talks about his 400 000 bitcoin prediction in the next six months.