So what better time to look at the top five blockchain gaming projects, the first one on the list is engine engine was founded in 2009 and they are a video game, nft platform built for issuing and trading nfts of in game items that runs on the ethereum Network, essentially, engine is connecting blockchain technology to the video game world through these in game items, and they do it a little bit differently than other services. So a special piece of armor or a fancy sword or any item that is part of a game could be issued on engine as an nft, and these items can be bought and sold on the engine platform between players or nft enthusiasts, just looking to collect in Game items are minted on engine by locking up their native token enj into the item. This means that in game items that players earn have inherent value and developers can automatically profit off of these items as theyre traded from player to player via commissions, and then, on top of this earlier this year, engine partnered with a labs group to enable users to Buy and sell nfts of real world fictionalized pieces of real estate for as little as a hundred dollars to quote enable smaller investors to invest in real estate. Now, im a little bit skeptical about this piece, but its interesting, considering engines years of experience with nfts and also, i think we need to come up with a new name for virtual real estate, like vegas state digistate, i dont know.

Let me know your ideas in the comments now, why does engine have potential its attempting to break down the walls between games and the real world? This is similar to how nfts have created an entirely new market by digitizing real world art engine is doing the same, but kind of in reverse, so theyre taking digital items that have been centralized, controlled and locked up in their own individual universe and then giving them Real world value, so theres been a lot of talk about a multiverse where anyone can trade any item for another item. If engine or someone else crack this, they will be rewarded handsomely and, finally, video games bring in hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and that number is growing fast. If engine is able to tap into just a small piece of that, they will be again rewarded. Handsomely especially considering that their current market cap is just over one billion dollars now lets talk potential risks. The first potential risk i see for engine is adoption. The thing is game. Development companies want to make money, so, at the end of the day, no matter how good the idea of engine may sound, if developers feel like they can make more money using centralized systems, they may never touch engine and the second risk i see for engine is The use of nfts nfts being used as video game items is very exciting right now, because its a perfect use case, but were still banking on nfts, which is a brand new technology in itself.

If, for some reason, nfts die off or a better alternative, pops up engine may be hurt in the process, as well as every other game on this list, and this brings me to gaming crypto number two decentraland, so decentraland is a massive virtual sandbox game where the Community can buy land and build whatever they want or just enjoy the mini attractions that are already built on the game. Although land can be expensive, very expensive, the entire decentraland map is made up of 92 000 plots of land. Most landowners have just one parcel some own chunks of like five to ten parcels, and other parcels are owned in mass amounts by organizations. This game also has a huge variety of character: customizations you can buy accessories or utilities for your character using decentralands currency mana. Now, one of the most popular ways of utilizing land in this game is to build an nft art museum and display your nft collection on the game to either flex it or sell your pieces off, i know, were getting were getting deep here. This displaying nfts on nfts that inception, but when nft art began becoming popular mana 5x in price, due to it being a perfect setting for digital art, but its not all about the land and the art. You can also play mini games socialize with other users and watch live events. Now. Why does it have potential the central lands? Mana currency has solid tokenomics with a properly decentralized supply, and this gives the project a bit more trust, and on top of that, decentraland has many solid partnerships and a small but mighty active user base.

So regardless, if you prefer another game over decentraland, theres, no question that its one of the top dogs in blockchain gaming and worth looking into further now lets talk potential risks and the first one is development. So decentraland has always been a browser game, meaning anyone could play it, but theyve run into performance issues over time being limited by the browser and theyre now in development of a desktop application. Now, my only worry here is that this transition to a desktop app is first going to affect the already small, active user base and second take too long, and that user base could begin to shrink and then, on top of this, it seems like the game may Be behind its time a little bit compared to some other blockchain gaming projects, decentralands, graphics and user interfaces seem a bit dated now. I do have to say that decentralized team says that theyre working on these issues for that desktop app and either way its still one to check into further now. Third, on the list we have sandbox sandbox started off as a simple community driven pixel art game that quickly gained traction in the years following its beta launch. Sandbox is similar to decentralized where anyone can do or build anything. They want so ill be comparing the two pretty frequently. It also has its own universal currency, just like mana, which is called sand sandy, and this currency can be used for buying and selling land or items or even staking, which we love to hear.

You can socialize in game and play mini games just like in decentraland, but the major difference is the building in sandbox. Any member of the community can use their free software to build assets for the game and then sell those assets in the in game market. As an nft for the sand token, so this feature is what sticks out most to me. It gives everyone an opportunity in the game to earn money now whats. The potential here sandbox has some solid partnerships that include the smurfs care, bears the walking dead and even atari, and a history of being able to land. Large partnerships is a very good sign for the future of the game. But the biggest appeal to me is the user experience. The games, graphics, are very simple, with a minecraft inspired style and all the user interfaces are extremely simple to understand, meaning absolutely anyone can play this game and, on top of this, consistent graphics gives the entire game, including everything that the the community makes a feeling of One cohesive piece where with decentralance sometimes it feels like youre playing two different games depending on who developed what in the game and either way as far as virtual open world games go sandbox into central land are definitely the two go to investments for the space. As of right now, although they may appeal to slightly different demographics, now here are the potential risks and the risk i see are twofold.

First, this is a small project, which means high volatility, and second sandbox games will be one of the most popular genres in decentralized games, and i do wonder if or when a competitor comes along and steals the spotlight from both sandbox and decentraland. With these games, youre banking, on continuous innovation and user growth, now the fourth gaming crypto on this list is elluvium. What is it? It is the first triple a game on the blockchain. If you dont know what triple a means, it basically is just a very high budget game that an entire studio puts their efforts towards now the little bits of content weve seen on the game. So far, look amazing. Eluvian was inspired by pokemon and just like pokemon its a battle game where you collect creatures called alluvials and battle other alluvials, so alluvials have different versions of themselves, just like in pokemon. Stronger and more rare versions of themselves, then built into the game, are interesting ways to craft new characters, random chances at rare characters and armor. Now, why does it have potential? This game has potential for one big reason: basically, its a creation of every kids imagination when playing pokemon cards. Eluvium is taking an already proven concept in pokemon and kind of bringing it to life, and there has been a lot of hype recently around pokemon cards, especially first edition ones, and if elluvium takes off and becomes popular, i wouldnt be surprised if their first generation alluvials Become worth a lot of money, on top of this, its built on immutable x, which is ethereums nft layer, 2 solution which gives elluvium access to instant nft trading and minimal fees throughout the game.

Now there are risks on paper. Elluvium seems like its on track to be the best blockchain game out there, potentially even better than axe infinity, but the major risk is the developers actually delivering the video game. Industry is notorious for over promising and underperforming. The game is promising a lot and weve still only received one cinematic trailer with no proof of gameplay or anything so well. It does seem like it could be a solid game im going to stay hands off until we have more information. Now the fifth gaming crypto on the list is ultra so for the last one i wanted to do a small cab gem thats a lot riskier, but has a ton of potential upside and thats ultra so founded in 2017. Ultra is a decentralized platform for all products and services within the gaming industry. Their main services are first game distribution tools. These are back end tools for developers that allow them to organize and manage dlcs patches versions of the game and product stores and second, digital markets. These are the markets for all types of digital goods, including game models or presets for developers to buy subscription plans or even in game items and nfts. Now what is the potential here? The reason i included this is it reminds me of steam, which is used by basically, everyone who plays pc games ultra seems to be aiming to do what steam does but build it around decentralization and games that take advantage of nfts or cryptos in a potential future.

Where blockchain games become the norm, platforms like ultra could be extremely helpful and investors could benefit in a huge way. So, even though ultra is relatively new and has ambitious goals, its targeting a market that may end up growing exponentially larger, so its definitely worth keeping an eye on now, there are risks. The highest risk is due to its size, and we need to be honest with ourselves. Most of the projects at ultra size end up dying, a slow death and their tokens value slowly dwindles to zero. Then we have the risk of bigger fish. Steam was able to do what it did with pc gaming because it had a very popular game to give itself credibility. Half life ultra doesnt have that so a big worry of mine is that some other player will come out with a popular game and then launch a platform, and people will gravitate to that other platform away from ultra now, with a market cap of just 160 million Dollars i dont think theyll be bullied away just yet, so a good plan might be to keep an eye on it and see what kind of partnerships they secure and developments that they make in the next six months and then decide from there. Of course, none of this is financial advice. Now we do have an honorable mention to add to the crypto gaming list as well, and that is axi infinity. I didnt include it on the list because its an obvious number one due to its popularity – and i just did an in depth video about it x infinity – is also very similar to pokemon, with a strong user base and a multi billion dollar crypto coin axs.

I will have my video on axi, linked in the description if youre interested in more information on them – and one last thing i wanted to remind you of – is the inherent high risk of investing in gaming projects, especially blockchain ones. The thing is, video games get a lot of their appeal from people wanting to play the game and progress in them. So what do you think happens when they get far in the game or something new comes out? Theyve played it a lot. New games come out and they leave to the new games so naturally because of this games depreciate in value over time, which is why theyre very very risky investments, youre banking on the developers continually making the game better and better in growing that user base. So if you do end up investing in any of the projects, i mentioned this video just make sure it aligns with your risk tolerance and that you diversify into other areas. Besides gaming, cryptos always satisfy your safe investments first and thats, going to do it if youd like to see which, if any of these projects i end up personally buying make sure you join my patreon link below in there. You will also get all of my buy and sell alerts, a private community and much more in depth.