My name is toby and i want to go over something thats really important to understand where we are on this fifth cycle now. Many of you might not know some of this. I actually didnt know some of this. As well so lets get into it, im going to explain to you why i think alts are about to make the craziest move youve, probably ever seen. Okay, so lets go back in history, uh 2017, its pretty much thats kind of when the bitcoin dominance. Uh was around 95 means that bitcoin took up pretty much the entirety of or 95 of the altcoins as well like the value of all those combined. So imagine that right now that if, if bitcoin had all of the value in uh in crypto right now, would be worth like 2.3 trillion dollars, which would equate to well over a hundred thousand dollars per coin. Now, if you want to learn more about bitcoin dominance, check out the video that was posted just before this one, heidi made it its really good and also heidi, is coming out with a series on trading and understanding where we are in cycles, where we are in Price and um yeah so keep in mind that this is just one indicator uh, just because you know this, one is really good indicator. Doesnt mean its the be all end all right. You have to combine this with many different indicators, but right now this indicator is very important with the al coin cycle.

So back in 2017, the bitcoin dominance was at 95 percent and it proceeded once. The bull run of 2017 2018 happened, uh to go to uh 35, so thats a massive decline in bitcoin dominance, and one of the main reasons for that is because there were new icos coming out. You know, for instance, people caught on to ripple ripple, went to from under a cent to three dollars and fifty cents you had coins like dash that went from you know a buck or whatever to 1 600. No, at the end of the bull run right back in 2018. You can see the the incline of the bitcoin dominance. It started rising like crazy and the reason why is because altcoins usually lose about 80 to 95, sometimes 99 of its their value. You know a lot of the coins that were in the top 10 back in 2017, 2018 arent there right now, like theyre, theyre kind of going away, its kind of like one of them was dashed. You know dash, never recovered from its all time. High of like sixteen hundred dollars um, you know because theres many more different projects out there that are taking advantage of decentralized finance, nfts like and the list literally goes on and on and on so this is why i mean think about it: binance net was was Not in the top 10 back in 2017, 2018. now its you know its giant its in the top five.

So this is just what happens with market cycles. You know every bull run has its different. You know benefits or winners and losers, pretty much so um thats kind of what i want to point out so right now. People are probably wondering why is bitcoin taking the show right now, you know the coins right now are kind of flat right now and you might be wondering why is that you know bitcoins going up bitcoins at 51 000? Why are my coins like atom or you know, dots or you know, algo or or you know different coins like that? Why arent they going up um? Why arent they catching up with with ether as well? So this is just different cycles through different through the different phases. One two, three four five youre. You are going to experience coins that will drop when bitcoin is going up or and and and certain times itll be going up while bitcoin is going up as well. So you its its kind of hard to tell the beginning of this, of the beginning of these stages of the the switch from bitcoin dominance to rising to altcoin dominance rising. So what i expect right now is for bitcoin to rise a little bit more, but i really think right. Now is the time to get into your favorite alts. I expect a huge run for this year, uh, especially to the end of the year its going to be massive, and you know there yeah theres a lot of the liquidity getting thrown into bitcoin right now, but dont forget about these alts.

You know like these. Alts are going to be huge um, you know this is where the fun fun happens. You know this is the last leg of this bull and you know it youre going to be fomo in really hard when the alts start going like crazy and your bitcoin isnt going as crazy as the alts. So keep that in mind this always happens. You know a lot of people get slaughtered during this time, because theyre like well shoot they they want to chase the price and chasing the price is not a smart idea, its not nothing its. We never recommend that so anyways. If you want to see what we are doing with our portfolio check us out, the link is below for the ct club ill show you our trade alerts and our portfolio updates. I also give kind of my market synopsis of like where i see this headed. You know a lot of people were really bearish um, a lot of like even trading platforms and and youtubers were really bearish during this time. You know for the last six months or whatever theyre like this is the top. This is the top and heidi and – and i have been you know, sticking our heads out there going no, this isnt, the top. You know like stop listening to these people um, and that is why we have. We started the ct club to help people kind of navigate their way through the crypto land anyways thats.

All i have to say to you, if you like videos like this, like what ive done right here. If you want me to keep track of this for you, i will continue doing that just leave. It leave a message below and ill um ill know that you guys kind of want to see videos like this, because i know its really helpful, especially for navigating the end of this bull run and well. Definitely let you know when we are going to be selling its not right now, not even close, but you know when we are going to sell were going to let everybody know all right have a good day.