All 5d stocks can easily double over the next 12 to 18 months and if you want a free dosh coin or a free ethereum coin, just write hashtag ethereum or hashtag doscoin. In the comments section and if you havent hit that like button hit the like button, i really do appreciate it and it does help the channel a lot. All right lets talk about coinbase that could blow quarter three earnings out of the water. This could be huge. Remember if you bought coinbase under that 250 reference price we might have to about 325 after this earnings report. This is huge news, especially if youre a coinbase holder, i think theyre gon na – do really really well, although i do prefer just buying it to the cryptocurrencies directly. All right lets talk about shiba inu. We could have another 200 upside and lets talk about why shibaino is up 216 over the last couple of days, then lets talk about uruguays roadmap to the crypto world. Remember we are getting more and more countries that are getting into cryptocurrencies, like el salvador, brazil theyre. Now, making cryptocurrencies theyre national currencies, which means at some point youre gon na, be able to walk into a store, buy a i dont know a pop chips, maybe even buy a house like you can over. Here we had somebody purchase a house in rhode island using dogecoin about six months ago. So cryptocurrency is here to stay. Lets talk about ethereum getting to about 100 000, and when is that going to happen its really important when crypto starts going down, you never want to panic, sell and then try and rebuy a lower price, because you never know when that bottoming is going to happen And it can rebound by 20 or 30 percent very very quickly, and you might not be able to catch it on that rebound.

This is why i just like to average into all of my investments now lets talk about dogecoin. Could it get to 7.80 and what it would take to get to that price and im using some real math here, trying to figure out some normal market caps that are potentially possible, not making up crazy numbers like saying deutsche going to a thousand dollars or whatever? So well talk about what it would take for doscoin to get to about seven dollars and eighty cents. Now, if youre brand new to my channel consider subscribing down below, i do daily updates on the dogecoin that way if youre subscribed and you have that bell notification. Icon turned on that bell: notifications got notified not just want to buy into certain stocks and cryptos, but want to actually sell out of them and keep those gains. If you want to get two to four free stocks with weibo downlink is in my description as well. Now, if you want to get those live alerts, the second i buy or sell a stock in real time. You can do that via patreon. Its the very first link in my description patreon will give you access to my entire portfolio every single stock. I have youll get the live, buy and sell alerts. You can see how we took ten thousand to ninety eight thousand dollars in just ten months, and you can join that ten thousand to a hundred thousand dollar challenge.

We started this year with ten thousand were now at ninety eight, so we might actually end up taking that 10k to about 120. If the market rebounds over the next couple of weeks and our crypto part of that portfolio is doing really really well. All right lets get into our stocks and kryptos Music. All right, everybody lets take a little portfolio really quickly. We got oh wlt outlet, we got it at 420 were up about two percent, but it was absolutely oversold. Steel of a dealer here were going to add a little bit more to this position. Robinhood 4216., we got in at 4143 up about two percent. Almost facebook we got in at 324 were up three percent again, not bad. We just purchased these and i sent us those patreon alerts uh a few days ago, so fi 1651. We got it at 15.55 up almost six percent coinbase 250.. Remember what i said you want coinbase under that 250 dollar. Reference price were now above that. So if you stay right now, 249.94 still a buy, remember if its under 250, you should be adding it to your portfolio. We got a 230 up about nine percent. Almost nokia were up about 40, almost 41, again thats how we took 10k to 98k. If you want to join that 10k to 100k challenge, click on the link in my description and youll get those live, buying sellers access to my entire portfolio, and i can even take a look at your stock and crypto portfolio and get you rebalance them back on Track all right: 25 cents doge goes up 30 in the last seven days lets go.

Doge were going to talk about why shiba inu is also pumping. Well, elon musk switched his focus from doshiko to shibaino, sent out a couple of tweets and he sent shiba inu skyrocketing 200. Apparently he loves any coin that has a dog name in it. So shiba inu is on a wild run, all right doshko. We do have a buy alert for dogecoin and fear, and greed index were now back in pretty extreme greed over here people are buying up crypto like its free candy, all right bitcoin over here, i think its actually over 50k. Let me take a look: oh yeah. It was over 50k now its come down about 60 dollars, but we did break that 50k resistance well see if it heads past 55, 000 really strong, buy alert for bitcoin ethereum lets refresh this bad boy. I think its actually over oh wow, its trying to get to thirty six hundred dollars. Again. We got a good resistance at about four thousand to forty two hundred, which means theres really no resistance from here. So youre gon na get another four hundred dollars out of ethereum, even if you buying right now and then sell off around that four thousand dollars, all right, ethereum really strong, buy alert as well. Obviously, its just been a straight shot to the moon and ripple. We went down to about 80 cents and i was telling you is going to get to about five dollars steal of a deal.

You know if you can, edit on a weekly, maybe bi weekly base is really good. One lets refresh this cardanos back at 225. Again, if you can pick up cardano, like i said earlier, under 2.32 cents steal of a deal, and you know we hit highs of three dollars and 34 cents, i believe so youre still about a dollar off per coin. From the all time highs, we finance coins skyrocketing lets take a look 437, so we are up in the last week, 32 incredible bounce back, very impressive polka dot 32 lets see if its gone up a little bit, nope still 32 bucks. We got chin link at 27 and we do have lets refresh to see where the oh wow, we have hit one trillion dollar market cap. What bitcoin wow that is impressive and those who dont know remember we did some math about. I dont know maybe eight nine. Ten months ago i cant remember it might have been about a year ago, but i did some math. We did some calculations. What would happen if dogecoin hit the one trillion dollar market cap? Is it possible yeah? Absolutely, you know just take a look were about halfway. There, with ethereum we just hit that with bitcoin. If you get enough sentiment and you get dogecoin to get to one trillion dollar market cap, that will put deutsche ko in seven dollars and 80 cents, but lets say we dont even get there.

We get about a halfway. There, youd still be around four dollars per dose coin, which is a pretty incredible return now, even if you, you know kind of have that, maybe even lets say it only hits 333 billion dollars. It gets a third of the way there that would still put oh its going at about. You know easily two and a half dollars per coin. So you know at that market cap. It would be just under ethereum a little bit over binance coin. So that possibility you know 250 to 780. You never know how much sentiment and love is gon na. You know be kind of put toward you know into dogecoin. It can run up. Remember we ran up to about 75 cents in a matter of a few days. Thats, how quickly skyrocketed now coinbase is likely to top quarter 3 trading revenue estimates on bitcoin volatility, oppenheimer, says: bitcoins price volatility. A key driver of trading action has boosted the exchanges volume of late and analyst the road tuesday night, as sentiment and love grows for cryptocurrencies. More people get into it, theyre gon na look for safer and safer exchanges. What does that mean? Youre, better off getting a small fee with coinbase by knowing your money is safe, then buying it on a different exchange and then possibly never getting access back to your funds. I know people that purchased on gemini and other platforms, and it took them three. Four.

Five months to get their money back, you know at that point you could have experienced lots of highs and lows and everything else and imagine if you bought bitcoin at 30, 000 in january and you had the opportunity to sell it off at 65, 000. More than double your money, but that exchange didnt, let you because you couldnt access your funds and then you could have literally sold it then rebought it back on the dip and doubled and then tripled your money. So i see a lot of people, especially the very rich, wealthy people, theyre gon na, say its okay ill pay. The small fee ill purchase on coinbase coinbase is gon na make more money off of those fees and then its gon na help. The shares of the actual company grow in value so were back to about 250 dollars already from 220 just a week ago, and again, those of you that dont know tesla and elon musk tesla purchased about 7.8 of their cash on hand using coinbase, so those billions And billions of dollars purchased were purchased using coinbase same thing with elon musk, all of his actual ethereum and all of his bitcoin was purchased through coinbase, now, im, not sure where he purchased this dosh going from because he didnt mention it. But he did say that he bought both of those if they remained bitcoin using coinbase. All right, shibainu krypto is up 216 in one week with some help from musk.

Again, like i said, if you invest into stocks and cryptocurrencies, that musk invests in youre most likely going to do it very well. Why? Because, if hes investing into it, hes going to talk about it and one single tweet from elon musk could send a cryptocurrency up. Clearly at least 216 percent, which is unbelievable. So if you seem talking about a stock, a cryptocurrency, a coin on twitter, probably a good idea to put some money into it before this goes viral and then a lot of people buy into it. So you got to kind of pay attention to what hes talking about, because hes literally moving the entire market single handedly off of a tweet. So this crypto surge is 91 in the last 24 hours after elon musks tweets. Then that went to 216 percent. Then it went to about 300 percent, so pretty powerful there. Now central bank of uruguay describes the road map to crypto asset regulation, so youre, seeing a lot of countries theyre now figuring out a way to regulate cryptocurrencies, whats really good about this is if theyre going to regulate it. That means they have decided to never ban it. Regulation means were going to accept it. Its going to become a part of our country were going to probably tax it at a little regulation. That way, you know just not the wild wild west, but were gon na accept it. This is exactly what we want. You know this kind of says were going to take cryptocurrencies and adopt it into how basically, the company and the actual country works and its going to be a asset that you invest in long term.

All right, so lets go a little bit into ethereum over here. So were looking at here long term 2033. They have bearish estimates of 24 000. and 6 680 by 2033. I think this is really really really bearish. Now my outlook for ethereum is 2023 theyre. Seeing is going to hit about 11 000. I dont think theyre really realizing the adoption and the rate at which crypto is moving, so i would say that by the end of 2022, which is next year, we would not hit about 7 500, well, probably hit about 10 to 11, 000 by 2023 im. Actually, thinking were more in that 15 000 16 000 range not 2027, and this 25 000 range is probably 2024, and then i see it actually skyrocketing by 2025 2026 hitting that hundred thousand dollar range. So in the next four years, im predicting that ethereum is gon na hit about a hundred thousand dollars per coin, and i know people are like. Ah that sounds like a lot of money. Just remember, you could have bought ethereum at six hundred dollars, even when it started skyrocketing last year and now its at four thousand dollars just someone to keep in mind. So those numbers are absolutely possible, especially once it switches to proof of stake completely lemonade under 65 dollars a steal of a deal you should be adding lemonade shares to your portfolio. Im gon na try and bump this to about five percent of my portfolio.

Im very bullish on them peloton again, beating better than bruised lets. Take a look at the last six months we are down from about 130 dollars were down 36, which is incredible. This is what you want to do when a stock crash is a good company. They now even acquired pre core, so youre really buying into pre core and peloton. At the same time when it goes down by 34, 35 35 thats a by the dip opportunity, will they get back to these? You know lets go back a year to date over here or lets. Just take a look. The 52 week highs are 171 dollars, so you know were down from there were down about 50 percent. Do we have to get back to 171 dollars? Who cares if you get 20 30 percent out of peloton and lets do some math over here so 83 dollars – and you know you just get – maybe 30 percent so lets calculate it here. 30 percent would get us to about 107 really. If peloton gets to 100 780, you could sell out of it. Take your 30 attendees, maybe buy some crypto or something with it. Absolutely getting back to 107. We probably wont get as high as 171, but im not trying to get back to that 52 week high. I just want to get 30 40 percent gain then move that money and then make even more money, probably getting ethereum facebook down on some.

You know regulations, bad news were down from about lets. Take a look here were down about 12 again, i think long term. Facebook is just the way to go and i would absolutely start buying into it all right. Moving on our very own is our first stock pick its going to be an etf and a rkk, fantastic etf over here, 109 is absolutely oversold. You should be buying into it really good steel of a deal over here and even if you dont want to keep it long term, keep it till about 126, then sell off some of it or all of it. Its up to you, but its gon na bounce off of 126 or break through it so 126 is a good number to keep to at least all right southwest airlines. Another fantastic one. If you take a look at the last six months were down about 15, fantastic, fantastic pickup right now, again, even going back to lets say april over here were down about yeah 15.04 percent, really good one is going to do very well long term and just the Way, their actual seats are arranged absolutely a good pickup again, if you want to join me on patreon, that link is in my description, click on it, youll get the live, buy and sell alerts, youll get access to my entire portfolio. I can take a look at your portfolio, get you rebalanced and back on track and you can join my community over 2 000 members in this school.

We talk about stocks, cryptos even mining cryptocurrencies as well. All right! Thank you for watching ill talk to the next video.