Things are looking superbly bullish for the rest of the year Soo. Can I get a Hoorah for the Last Hoorah of this cycle put hand up to ears. I cant hear you hands up to ears Thats better.. Now we can do our drillbecause its time for Chico Crypto. Yes, BTC was above the grand resistance of 50k as of yesterday morning, which means BTC is 50 percent of the way to the fabled 100k per Bitcoin.. This is a grand resistance because we have tested it more than a few times since the end of Julyand, actually breaking it in Early September, which only lasted for a smidgen of time.. Another reason why above 50k is grand Well going back all the way to the middle of February. We can see from February 17th all the way to May 12th BTC bounced around the 50k to 60k range, where 50k provided support on more than a few instances.. So now that we are back above 50k, the question is: will it HODL and are we going to push up towards 60k Or is it going to be short lived and will it break once again like what happened in Early September? Well, we are going to look at both sides of the coin. Here. It may not break immediately falling back under slightly re, breaking it falling back under re, breaking it and pumping back up to the September break high of 520k And thenone more big DIP.Why. Well.

50K. Is a psychological number and because of its importancethe market manipulators will try and set up the LONGs.. Many uninformed traders swooned by Youtubers with Bybit links, will be led to leverage trade and LONG due to their outlandishly bullish. Videos. Im telling you if a tuber has a Bybit leverage trading link in their description and shills itthey are no good and only want one thing from their subscribersthe money: bybit will give them in referrals for their subs getting REKT.. Thus, that is why I think there could be one more larger DIP before the official break of 50kalthough. I personally think we will officially break 50k and stay above it by the end of the week.. Why, Well, like I said 50k is only halfway to 100k and if we are going to get there by the end of the year, the price better start moving, But also there is a guy you may of heard of.PlanB. Who has that tweet prediction of monthly price closes through the end of the year.? He was spot on with August nearly perfect with September and remember he predicts 63k for an October close Now, you may be saying to yourself, as of today. We only have 24 more days left in October and if we dont officially break and stay above 50k by the end of the week that shrinks to just 21 days., How is bitcoin going to gain 13k in just 3 weeks? Well, if you dont think its possible, you may not know Bitcoin.

Just. Last week, BTC saw one of the biggest green candles of the year. October 1st BTC, jumped from under 45000 to above 47000 in minutes. And just hours before that the price was below 43k. 43 thousand. To 47k in under a day, All we need is a couple more of those types of days this month and 63k seems very likely.but. There could even be a bigger one.. In February of this year, when Bitcoin was pushing up towards 50k, there was the biggest green candle in BTC history. The price jumped up from under 37 thousand to over 46 thousand Happening in a blink of the eyeshoot. We would only need one of those to get ner 63k.. Besides green candle, hopiumI dont. Think many of you realize the power of the hive mind and meme magic. Im a big believer in bothand channeling, our combined distributed powers and thoughts to believe the price will get there.. Can make it do. It.So like I do in my live streamslets. Just do a little bit of the magick with the help of sir Novograts. And please sing and dance along Bitcoin. Please go to moon, Stop going sideways, nowLonger Pause Tone, aya vays, saying we going down to 1k, but Mr. Novograts Say we have booooooooooooooooootoooooooooooommmmmeeeeeeeed out Batommmeed out. Novogratz is bullish, Batommmeeed out Tone, aya vays is bearish, Novogratz is bullish. Let us go to moooon So Bitcoin. Please do go to moon aka 63k by October into the 80ks by November and around 100k by December.

Maybe even higher. Remember, Plan B, predicts 135k by then Now its time to switch those gears into Altcoins., Because if bitcoin fulfills is meme destiny, there will be at lease one more altseason where ALTS go WILD And we wan na be part of the wildest ones. Although no meme coinsplease no meme coins this time, Besides top doggy coin doge Soooo, let us begin with Ethereum king altcoinlast, week, 7 days ago, Vitalik Buterin posted a medium article about a certain EIP which, in my opinion, could be even bigger than EIP 1559. The post was titled, ERC 4337 account abstraction without Ethereum protocol changes and its all about account abstraction.. So what is account abstraction in Ethereum terms? Well, on the Ethereum network, there are currently two types of accounts. 1 External accounts which are wallets from which cryptocurrency is transacted in aka, send and receive functions that exist outside of the EVM or the Ethereum. Virtual Machine. 2 is Contract accounts, which are smart contracts that exist in the EVM.. With this design, every transaction on Ethereum needs to start from an externally owned account controlled by a private keywhich, as we know, has some major security issues, especially for the newbs. Controlling saving and keeping a private key safe is a task that many newbies arent the best At which results in some major losses. And its not only limited to newbs some vets even fall short and lose millions. Due to this Now, with EIP 4337 and Ethereum account abstraction, the goal is to reduce from two account types down to one: just a contract account.

Getting rid of external accounts., The single account type will have the functionality to transact both coin and contract., Developer and user. Will no longer need to make a distinction between account type, since transacting will be moved fully into the EVM and off of the blockchain protocol.. This is big, as it will allow wallet features like never before. Even the ability to recover your private key Saving those noobs and even some vets from losses.. So how will this work Wait for it.from, the BLOG under? How does this proposal work? Vitalik says Either miners or bundlers using services such as Flashbots can package up a set of UserOperation objects into a single bundle transaction which then gets included into an Ethereum block, Flashbotsthe technology behind alchemist coin mistx, which is already doing something like this. With exchange transactions to bundle them and abstract them away from prying miner eyes to stop sandwich attacks, Although I have one more piece for alchemist, I need to bring up and then Ill shut up about them for the weekmaybe Alchemist coin. Tweeted 2 days ago, this Emoji. A smiling face next to the mistx logo, with the words Comfy AF. What could that mean? Why so comfy? Well, I predict this means. Mistx is optimistic, aka, some sort of partnership with the optimistic ethereum layer 2, where you are soon going to be able to use mistx technology on Uniswap3 on Optimism. Hows that a prediction from a very, very vague tweet And now finally lets bring the house down One More BIG prediction: Just last week the Morpheus network announced they were partnering with CERTIK for security, audits.

Audits, for what Their platform and smart contracts are live. Well, yes, on base layer ethereum, but in April they announced Morpheus Network black, the next scalable step in Morpheus and it scales with down in the token sectionmasternodes, And with that scaling coming, there will more than likely be the deployment of a big Enterprise Who Well, if Youve watched my content, you should already knowbut Ill. Tell you if you forgot or dont know So I was on the baseline show just last month with the members of the baseline protocol and asked Noam Eppel co founder of Morpheus about this Enterprise. Lets. Just listen in Hmmmm! Well, just after this talk that went down on September 1ston September 12th, both the founders of Morphues, Noam and Danny, sat down and had dinner with Ben Smith, who is Brian Smith. He is none other than the SON of the president and COO of Coca Cola.Brian Smith..