Today we have bitcoin blasting off once again up around seven percent testing, that major resistance level that we talked about yesterday. Things are moving very quickly. Bitcoin is approaching its previous all time high. So i do want to talk about the markets and what i expect to happen here in some big news. So before we get started, i do appreciate if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you havent already and hit the bell to be notified for regular video videos. Alright guys we do have bitcoin on the rise once again up six and a half percent today, now up 30 on the seven day passing a one trillion dollar market cap by itself today, which is huge ethereum, is currently at a 412 billion dollar market cap below That nothing is over a hundred billion yet, and i do think in the near future, we will be seeing a lot of cryptocurrencies above a 100 billion dollar market cap in the top 10.. So this is very interesting um that we just have bitcoin rising by itself. Ethereum is trying to break upwards uh, but its stuck at this major resistance around 3500 uh. We do actually have all the ethereum competitors down a couple percent. Today. Binance is down two and a half percent eta down almost two percent solana down at six percent and uh. We do have avalanche down the most here – nine percent, because that did rally the most recently, so that is expected to have a good correction for avalanche.

But as we continue forward as they have big announcements and stuff, i do expect that to continue climbing in the future, so towards end of year, im pretty bullish on chain link uh. I do think litecoin has high potential as well as uh bullish on eos, because they do have the big exchange that is launching. I think theyre gon na start doing a lot of marketing afterwards as well. I actually have a big eos video planned. I know uh, the majority of people in crypto think its a dead uh cryptocurrency, but um. I do want to show you guys why uh we could be ahead of the herd on that and it could have huge profit potential by end of year. So still lots of great opportunities here in the top 100 im really looking at the small cap. All coins, though, like always, and i do think the focus is really on bitcoin right now, because it does have uh the bitcoin tap root upgrade coming bringing smart contracts to it. The focus is on bitcoin, with twitter uh, launching uh, bitcoin, wallets and cross border payments. With the strike wallet very huge, we also have a possible bitcoin etf that people are speculating will be approved by the end of year, which will be massive for bitcoin, really open the floodgates to institutions getting into bitcoin, and that could definitely be where we see a 100 000 bitcoin by end of year is if we get a bitcoin etf approved regardless.

A hundred thousand is still very possible even without the etf, and i do think thats more likely than not as ive been saying all year, so uh very bullish. Here we actually tested major resistance today, much quicker than i expected. I did draw this out yesterday, uh so that resistance line here around 55 to 56 000. We broke above that a little bit, testing 56 000 and then uh dropping back under 55 000. So that actually happened a little bit quicker than i expected huge recovery here, uh from end of september, where we did have bitcoin testing the low 40, thousands so um. We actually have some articles. I do want to go over about bitcoin some predictions and stuff, but basically one of the articles is stating our new major support line is here at fifty thousand dollars so uh going forward here in quarter four. If we do have drops into the high forty thousands ill, probably be dollar cost averaging there uh moving forward with everything, thats very bullish. Of course, anything can happen in the short term, be very careful. Any bad breaking news can send this back down to the low 40s or even the low 30s. If its really bad news, we have no idea what type of stuff that would uh make that happen, but its always a possibility – and we do have to be aware of that, where theres high risk theres also high opportunity. So if you check this out uh testing, this major resistance is actually the highest price.

Bitcoin has been since the market crashed here around may 11th uh this we havent seen this bitcoin price since may 11th is huge and definitely a great sign. We are on a general recovery um, as you guys can see. If we uh chart this uh, we should be breaking previous all time highs here by end of year, and i definitely think that hundred thousand dollars is very likely so im also very bullish on quarter. One of 2022 and thats just because theres so much mass adoption in the works. So many major companies are exploring crypto options and i dont think going forward. Things are gon na look the same as they did in previous bowl and bear markets so uh trying to compare this to previous bear markets. I dont think its gon na play out well for anyone uh. That is investing like that. Of course um. I do take small profits on the way up, just in case we do have a market crash. I do have extra funds to buy back in and buy um at these lower prices, so its always good to be prepared like that uh. So we actually did have axe infinity surge again as well. I think gaming is going to be huge uh towards end of year and in the future in general, for crypto and nft mass adoption. This had another huge leg up, which is massive in uh. One of the reasons why im so focused on crypto gaming, any new games that come out that actually get huge utility and are actually widely used, like axe infinity axs token, are really going to be parabolic and have massive return on investment.

One of those projects. I do think has that possibility? Is the sandbox um theres a lot of smaller market cap cryptos coming as well, but this definitely has a much smaller market cap than axe infinity. The sandbox does have more developing to do, though, lots of great small cap ones as well. I will be mentioning in the future. So definitely a good place to look is in all coins that are building something that will have good utility, but the thing is moving into the future uh we will uh wont, really see huge pumps for gaming all coins unless theyre actually getting a huge user base And they actually have good utility for the token, which is why axe infinity, blasted off um so quickly here up 200 x, basically since the end of 2020, where it was 50 cents, so insane profits, but its because so many people are actually playing this game with The scholarship program they have allowing uh people in countries with extremely low minimum wage or no minimum wage at all to actually make a decent living playing this video game. So massive user base massive passive income opportunities for people giving a lot of people around the world. A huge opportunity they wouldnt have with their local jobs. So i really like that well see how it goes in the future, but this is at a eight billion dollar market cap for a newer crypto in the gaming space. So that just goes to show you the massive potential here for other gaming projects, so lots of huge things in the works im going to be going over an nft update in the near future as well lots of huge nft projects launching lately lots of projects.

Surging and doing a 10x or more in a short period of time, of course, a lot of projects are launching that arent going to do anything and theyre really just going to go down to zero eventually, so we do have to be very careful of that. You do have to do your proper research and understand what makes a good crypto project uh definitely check out my cryptocurrency guides playlists. I will be doing more guides on the nft space coming up, um pretty much some basic guides that will help you step by step to get into the nft space if you are brand new to crypto and nfts. So lots of huge things on the horizon here im definitely bullish on a uh 100 000 bitcoin by end of year. We do have some uh price predictions as well: 200, 000 bitcoin price programmed as bitcoin heads towards second rsi peak. So everything is looking good on the charts and with uh the news and mass adoption. Historically uh. The end of year has been huge for previous bull runs as well, which is why were getting predictions like 200 to 300 000 bitcoin. But my prediction is more conservative around a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin, i think, is more reasonable. Of course, if we do get, a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin were gon na, have 10x gains and a lot of smaller market cap cryptocurrencies as well. So three factors that can send ethereum price to 100 gains in quarter four, putting it around a seven thousand dollar ethereum or more.

I actually think ethereum will break a ten thousand dollar eth price. If we get bitcoin breaking a hundred thousand dollars, lots of bullish, stuff happening for ethereum as well, and it does have a much smaller market cap than bitcoin uh, with all the adoption and um institutions now buying into ethereum as well. I definitely think that has very high potential, so bitcoins 50k resistance to become support in quarter four. I did talk about that when i looked at the chart here: new major resistance, our support level at fifty thousand dollars its definitely a zone uh, where im looking to buy around forty seven to fifty thousand dollar bitcoin. If we drop into that ill, definitely be dollar cost averaging, as were starting to build more and more support at higher levels here, breaking uh the highest bitcoin price, since the markets crashed, is a great sign in my opinion, so bitcoin returned to one trillion dollar asset. As bitcoin price blasts above 55, 000 thats, pretty huge, bitcoin being above a one trillion dollar market cap alone. Uh. When you do consider this, comparing it to major companies and other assets in the world, bitcoin is still very early, and the entire crypto space as a whole is still very early, and i definitely think theres huge growth potential over the next couple years and i definitely Think 2022 is going to be looking great for a lot of all coins that do have huge updates coming so last price prediction for this video large pump coming to bitcoin hints bitcoin price metric, but maybe not until december.

So, according to this tweet here its saying, based on historical, recurring bitcoin price tendencies across all previous cycles, bitcoin could rally to its uh previous all time. High of 63 500 in october then retrace the low to mid 50 000 in november, then break out to new all time highs in december. I actually think thats very likely to play out like this uh, but if we even test previous all time highs here in october, i think thats going to be pretty huge and kick in a lot of retail fomo again and we do have a lot of institutions Taking interest now because of the possible bitcoin etf and all of these companies just looking into bitcoin in general, fidelity and all of these massive companies just getting into crypto as heavily as possible, which will cause institutional fomo. At the same time, retail, fomo and thats, where we will be breaking a 100 000 bitcoin, whether that happens end of 2021 or its sometime in quarter, one 2022. I do think it will happen at some time in the next five or six months here and im. Still very bullish on all of 2022 as well, i dont think were gon na peak uh anytime soon here end of year, anything and then drop into an extended bear market like we did on previous bitcoin cycles. So lots of huge things happening right now. The nft space is growing rapidly um im actually making more profits in nfts right now than uh the crypto space, but regardless still huge uh potential in both the crypto and nft space.

I will be doing a separate video on nfts. Some new sets im investing in and more info on, my uh nft set that im launching by end of month as well so thats it for todays video update. As always, i appreciate you guys liking commenting below what are your thoughts on the market right now, and all coins are bullish on and sharing this video anywhere on the internet. Everything helps the channel grow. I do really appreciate that again.