Every week we invite some crypto expert from india to have a chat with right here on this set to allow ourselves to know more about this fascinating world of cryptocurrencies, and today ive got a young whiz. Kid wholl be joining me on the show, but you know the drill by now. I begin the episode by dropping some fun trivia right at the start, Music, james, howell, whos james howard, ill. Tell you back in the day when platforms like coin switch did not exist. To make our lives in trading in cryptocurrency, easy people used to buy bitcoins and store them on their hard drives computer hard drives or newport, which is a town in the uk, james howell, maybe yeah bitcoin 7500 bitcoins, because back in the day it was very cheap And he stored them in the hard drive of his computer and then what did he do? He forgot about it yep. He did me bitcoin Music yeah. That would have been the value he had two identical hard drives. So one day he picked the hard drive with the 7500 bitcoins in it and threw it in the trash yep. Many years later now bitcoin is splashing across the headlines. The prices are going up. James howell realizes hes got 7500 bitcoins, so he pulls out the hard drive which he has. He plugs it into his computer. Only to realign hes got the useless drive. James howell still is trying his best and spends his days, arguing with the city council and pondering over his lost treasure, buried somewhere outside the city in a garbage dump with jim howells story.

Out of the way, its time for me to invite my young whiz kid of a guest onto the stage now hes got two extremely successful tech startups already one a blog called techyscoops and the blockchain school hes working with crypto startups around the world. As a marketing advisor and a consultant and the fascinating bit is hes only 24 and just graduated from college, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for saurabh sharma. What do we need to cheer up? We need someone with a big broad smile, a lot of accomplishments and someone whos nice, young, bright and colorful, just like saurabh sharma. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining me on crypto tales. How are you im happy to be here? First of all and im doing great two successful ventures already chobis key hp in the tech sphere start consuming your journey. I wanted to do something different right. I was always passionate about uh building or doing something of my own. While writing. I stumbled upon blockchain a summer bitcoin honestly, but something was more on the emerging technology side. Theres a community based sort of toronto. They recognized us uh as a top three channels in asia were appreciating or writing about. Blockchain then started receiving a couple of invites for blockchain conferences: the blockchain school yeah. How did that come about at such a young age? How did you decide that hey? Let me start a school. I was talking to a couple of people and someone just pinched on this youre from india whats wrong.

Where are the the supply of engineers thats coming from decades? And so india is like a mass producer of techies right. We produce and provide software developers to the to the world, but this was not the case with blockchain and i found awareness and education is a missing bit thats, where the blockchain school happened. It was just an initiative, and now it has turned into a business idea for sure, simplify it because blockchain when anyone hears about complicated, so blockchain is made up of blocks which are holding data back in the days when uh there used to be everything on registers. Just take that up put it on internet and try to understand that something thats on internet right, holding the data and is more secure distributed. So this is basically spread across computers globally, so theres, no central authority, decentralized decentralized. These computers are linked that basically builds a network of computers. One transaction has multiple copies on all computers, so that now uh its also temper proof right. So, if im messing with one computer data, there are ten other copies as well. We say: blockchain is technology of trust right so internet when evolved. It has solved major problem of connectivity, but trust was the major factor. We were too much dependent on central uh bodies and middle men on internet, so thats. Why we thought? Can we scale it up and and make it decent lies peer to peer is a good example, but you and me are the parties involved.

So why cant we both deal with each other in ourselves, but we need something. We cannot deal in air right so thats. Why we are leveraging technology here sacha? It still sounds like rocket science, so you can understand. If someone says yeah, i am a little hesitant getting into cryptocurrency. So may i can understand that its its like very simple. Okay, so tell me this televisions right, evolved the kids back, we purchased television. Do we do we even know how it works? Do you know how television works in the background? Every technology is simple when you actually get into it, but investing in crypto is definitely not difficult. What is it that bitcoin hasnt offered that now there are so many other startups? What sort of uh solutions are they aiming at providing? Why not just settle with bitcoin its, not the way people look at it? Bitcoin is an asset they invest into it, but uh we needed something beyond right. We want to build the next internet, uh kind of a revolution right with blockchain. How do we do it? We do it obviously building application in this area right, and that is where ethereum comes in picture now. Dont confuse ether is a cryptocurrency right. Ethereum is, is a blockchain which gives you power to build great applications. It is world couple of years back and today you wont believe the value locked in decentralized finance is more than 100 billion dollars wow.

Actually, if you look at the traditional uh finance world right, there are a lot of loopholes and somebody need to solve that. Give me some other examples for your example as a use case. Elections is a hot topic for india right and we have heard that elections. May there are a couple of challenges that uh democracy is facing, or india is facing what, if we bring election on uh, because again we are saying that blockchain is technology of trust. Uh healthcare education supply chain is a big topic again right, so im drinking coffee. If i need to understand the entire process of from where its getting created and coming in my hands, this can be weird on blockchain everything that has data around that has transactions around information around can be put on blockchain and then youre saying it becomes sort of Sacrosanct that data once its up on the blocks and the blockchains is probably where its the safest, safest and cannot be deleted or edited or things like that good job. This is the idea that a lot of people, this information is probably not as easily accessible. So thanks a ton for this polygon, you said right. The polygon, matic matic ive been reading a lot about it and mark cubans very bullish on it, and there is an indian connect to this. Its an indian ground project right. It evolved to solve challenges that were there with ethereum like gas fee, and things like that.

Matic is the coin. Matic is the coin. So coin like fuel right, matic is the coin. Polygon is the network, its blockchain, i mean purely. There is an indian connect yeah to this. This has to be in my portfolio. What ive realized is that if you get onto coin switch while im learning more about crypto currencies, im, also taking some hints and diversifying my portfolio wow yeah, while you were talking about it, i have polygon matic as part of my portfolio, naturally and thats. How easy it was youve got a few yeah. Obviously, subtlety come down to crypto yeah right. What is your view on it as an investment and are you personally invested in it yeah, so yeah i i do invest in cryptocurrencies. There are too many mainstream assets where people invest money yeah right, but cryptocurrency is relatively new yeah right people do think that bitcoin is like what fifty thousand dollars honestly. If we look at the entire picture, still early and and and youre, not late to the party and thats, why im also taking too much interest into investing in cryptos because it gon na pay off in in the long run? So if someone sort of missed out on bitcoin at a great price yeah, there is still a lot that crypto is going to offer its just the beginning, still its its actually an exploration phase. Right when we say the use cases are evolving, its evolving uh.

You name any company, they are spending millions and millions onto research and development around blockchain, so that definitely mean that it gon na come mainstream its actually so its happening now right because india is talking about cryptocurrency, the world is talking about cryptocurrencies and its definitely going Mainstream but yeah, as i said, youre still early and and i think the movers and shakers of the world are talking a lot about it and thats. Oh thats, getting everyones interest right. You know jack dorseys of the world uh there is elon musk, so they have understood the power of the technology uh, they understand money, they they have to game right. These are the people who are definitely shouting out loud when it comes to crypto currencies, they have their own favors for sure uh. They have their favorite crypto currencies but uh. The best thing is, they are considering it bitcoin or ethereum. Interesting question – and i have an interesting answer to this. Okay, if everything got executed very nicely, uh bitcoin can be that currency, which can be basically used for for the for this universe, right, uh, but ill have to choose ethereum after building up. It could take you to mars after dubai, thailand, spain, it could take you to mars, but you still opted for ethiopia. Im still opting for ethereum uh uh. There are two things right store of value right, uh, even bitcoin blockchain, but you can. You can build things right, but not that skill, but ethereum is actually brought in picture.

A lot of great applications we built on ethereum bitcoin was the first generation cryptocurrency ethereum learnt a lot from. It is the second generation, but now all the new coins that are coming in theyre all learning from the previous one and trying to make the experience and transactions better and will this now continue to happen? Is it a win win situation for all the investors? It is a win win situation because the more opportunities you have, the more options you have. You love it right. Every time theres a new blockchain coming in or their new product coming in thats, where the cryptocurrency comes in picture, theres, no coin, that is coming first, its the technology thats coming first and then you have the coin, which is powering that technology, just like so many Other subjects that are taught right, which might be new, which makes them more fascinating uh. Could this become mainstream its just a matter of time right so the moment applications are scaling so rapidly. The moment use cases are scaling so rapidly, theres, definitely uh the evolution that i can actually imagine and thats the mission. We really want blockchain to go mainstream and, i think, adding this to curriculums in schools and colleges and universities. This can just be cherry on the cake like why not im teaching blockchain uh here to a set of audience. Why not teachers in schools and colleges, teaching blockchain to everyone? And then we are in a definitely new world which is like people are already an expert and they are known with blockchain, sorry sharma.

I dont know about you, because i am going to block your travel and chain you to india. To be very honest, we just wanted to simplify it for all the viewers out there and i think saurabh has done a phenomenal job in doing just that. More poverty, saurop cheers wasnt that amazing. I know it was also intense and it was also complex, but guys i mean cryptocurrency might sound like rocket science at least buying. Cryptocurrency is not that hard. All you need is: coin, switch, indias, simplest and largest crypto trading platform.