. We are so close to breaking that high. We had just about a month ago. If we do break past that, we could be on our way to those all time highs back in april now smash that, like button, if you have been holding bitcoin throughout all of this wildness, congratulations to everyone, whos made gains whos held whos accumulated all of that Sort of good stuff during this time, as you can tell im, pretty excited because the price is getting pretty great, in my opinion, were gon na get back to that all time high very soon. Hopefully, now the whole market itself, apart from bitcoin, is pretty red but thats totally normal and thats. What were going to be discussing today were going to go through whats happening in the world of crypto. All of the news and the updates that you guys need to know also talking about how i personally plan to make some more 100x gains going into this next leg of the market. Now, for the past couple of months, i have been making some incredible gains here on the channel here on my patreon. All of that sort of stuff. The games have been wild weve seen numerous 100 xs 10 xs, two three xs, absolutely crazy. So if you do want to stay up to date, when i make trades, you can join the patreon down in the description and you dont only get access to my trades. Youll get access to my private discord where we genuinely have an awesome community growing there im in there every day chatting to everyone in there.

So if you fancy it sign up using the link down in the description now just quickly, if you dont know me already my names connor and of course i am not a financial advisor im, just an excited guy sitting in his room talking about different ways to Make money online and also i normally sit here with old mate, frank, frank, the crypto, puss and hes happy today, as you can see so finally, frank can be happy all right. We got everything out the way. Remember nothing in this. Video is financial advice. Just to get that out, there lets check out the bitcoin chart. Look at this all right. We got bitcoin, like i said, 52 000 mark were going to try get past. This range we saw here september, 6th and 7th. We had a high of around 52 500. So were very close and then hopefully we can zoom off and hit this all time high of around 64 000 thats. What im hoping as you can see here, bitcoin is very green, very bullish, theres, a nice amount of volume coming in. We do want to see this more like we saw over here. You can see far less volume than over here when we saw these parabolic moves, but hopefully that will come into play. Also, these are my lines of support here. You can see we hit that psychological level of 40 000 about six times. I think it was before we made the next leg up, awesome stuff, great, to see textbook accumulation patterns right here happening, and hopefully it is time that these whales, let us go on a little trip now.

If we do head over to the cryptocurrency market, we can see, bitcoin is up five percent almost, but the rest of the market isnt looking anywhere near as green. Now, what this is is the bitcoin dominance right. So we see the bitcoin dominance is actually having a little bit of a breakout here, and what this means normally is people are just moving their money from their alts into bitcoin because they expect there to be a rally thats. Just normally. What happens? Lots of money is flooding in from institutions, retail all of that sort of stuff directly into bitcoin, and then also some traders are moving their money from their alt into bitcoin ride. The bitcoin up to lets say the old all time high of 64 000, for example. Then the money will move back into the altcoins now weve seen this happen far less obviously recently, so i do think that the money will flow back into altcoins quickly. Wow, look at this were about to hit that were about to hit that 52 500 lets hope it can get past it. We have seen this happen less frequently, weve actually been seeing bitcoin and altcoins move at the same time. This is a totally normal thing to happen. Bitcoin goes on a little bit of a wild run. Then it cools off. Hopefully we can start, maybe seeing an accumulation pattern like we saw here or here ish. We can start seeing one around here.

Fifty to sixty thousand dollar mark, if we can hit that range, you know range in between those 250 and 60 000. The money will then flow back into the old coins and well see a mad mad pump. In my opinion, in those alt, so hopefully youve been accumulating during these times. I know i have holding accumulating taking some profits here and there reinvesting them that sort of thing, but i am feeling very bullish right now about the market lets just head over to twitter, and we can see here recently there was breaking news that the sec chairman Gary ginza says that the sec has no plans to ban bitcoin now this came out a few days ago, and i think this is really what we saw start to spark the market into this bullish mentality. Now, on the note of bullish mentality, you can see over on the crypto greed and fear index were at a 64.. Now this is greed. So, just a week ago, we were in extreme fear, so normally in moments like this, this doesnt pose a great buying opportunity, or what i do myself personally is: i buy when theres extreme fear in the market. We accumulate during those times and then, when we see massive bullish moments like we have right now, thats when we start reaping the benefits now for me personally, i dont really take profits from things like bitcoin, but i take profits from the smaller altcoins.

If we do see huge parabolic moves thats, how i do my own sort of crypto game plan, you guys have to come up with your own game plan, but right now, im going to be looking for a retest again at around this 49 50 000 mark, and Then i feel like well be off to the races, but we have to see what happens if we dont see this 50 000 mark hold. We could see us again head back into this, ranging between 40 and 50 000 mark, but my point is dont, get overly bullish on the market right now because were green right, stay clear! Have a level head stick to your game plan, all of that sort of good stuff right. So if we head over here documenting bitcoin here on twitter, if you guys do want to follow me on twitter, there is a link down there in the description id love to have a little tweet chat with you guys. But bitcoin is now worth more than the two largest banks in the united states, jp morgan and the bank of america combined. Absolutely incredible. A piece of code on the internet is worth more than the two largest banks, just food for thought, and the reasons why we are in this huge bullish, mentality, thats whats happening right. Things are getting really intense, bitcoin and crypto as we speak, and then just. Thirdly, we have our last little tweet here by plan b, so hes been basically predicting whats going to be happening.

August. 47, 000 september 43, 000 october, 63, 000. So this month he predicts that we will close at 63 000 and, as we are right now, at 52 000 we are only about 20 away from closing at 63 000.. So things are right now, looking very bullish but, like i said, do, keep in the front of your mind: theres manipulation happening behind the scenes. We basically have no idea. Whats, definitely going to happen right at a flip of a hat. We can see the market turn as we saw right here. Nobody expected bitcoin to take a dump here. Everyone was super super bullish and what i like to do is i dont like to only have one narrative here on the channel its, how i do my investments myself, i dont have one narrative, just full bull mode. What i have is im bullish, long term, and i like to watch to see what happens in the short term i like to make the best of situations like when we saw the crash here. I was taking some profits around these levels. Reinvesting them right here and now we are sitting happy days right here, thats solely my game plan, right thats, not financial advice for you guys. Obviously you have to go out and do your own research. So, just before we move on to the juicier part of this video, i have joined a partnership with buybit. Here you can sign up using the link down in my description.

Youll get bonuses when you sign up using that link, and this right here is a place where you can buy bitcoin ethereum your bitcoins over on the spot market. If you want to you, can leverage trade here. This is one of the biggest exchanges for leveraged trading. I myself do not leverage trade right now. This is not something that im focusing on, because i believe there is a lot of money to be made simply trading on the spot market, but they do have low fees and its a very nice platform for you guys to use. So if you are looking for a new exchange, then you can potentially give by bit a go so moving on now i did say i wanted to talk about how i personally plan on making 100 xs in this coming: bull leg, leg in this coming: bull market And bull trend that were heading into right now, so i have spoken about this on the channel kccpad. You can check out my how to video around somewhere up here. We have made some crazy games on here. So kcc pad is a launch pad right, its based on the kucoin network, but thats not really relevant to the coins that you get access to. What this gives. You is the opportunity to buy coins before they hit the public markets right. These are the different tiers. The tiers cost between, i think it is maybe 8025 000 right now the prices fluctuate with the price of kcc pad.

The barrier to entry is very high for these, but the rewards are pretty incredible. One thing to keep in mind before i tell you actually how much ive made from holding this kcc pad token is. Your coins are vested, so the majority of coins that are released will be on a vesting contract. Youll get access to them once per month. At about 10 or 20 per month, depending on how the vesting period is set out, but do keep that in mind, you have to have a long term outlook on these things. Also, when you state kcc pad, you have to stake it for a minimum of 21 days to not get any sort of penalty when you unstake. So do keep that in mind and with that said, lets just quickly go through some of the projects that ive managed to get into since holding kcc pad. So i first invested 28 000 into kcc pad. This was for the highest tier, so you can invest 50. 000 for the lowest tier, which will still give you access the good thing about kcc pad. All of these are guaranteed allocations. Now this isnt a sponsorship or anything. I dont want to sound too much like im 4k cc pad, but the returns have been pretty amazing. So we did get in on aida pad. That is now worth 48 000. That was from a 270 investment 270 to 48 000. We also got in on the game zone investment that is now worth sixteen thousand dollars and velas pad, which is now worth fifteen thousand dollars absolutely incredible.

So that is one thing that im doing right now: im holding kcc pad, and just today earlier on, i bought engine starter. Now this is a launch pad for the engine network. A very interesting network basically focused on gaming and, as you know, gaming is one aspect of the cryptocurrency market. I personally really like, and a lot of huge influences also like. I think that this is gon na, be one of the main ways that crypto hits the mainstream right. Having all of these games that people play on playstations and all those sorts of things coming over into the world of blockchain seems like the inevitable path to me. So i want to get on in these projects early. This is a launch pad that i found recently on twitter and i just think that theres a good chance that this could end up giving me access to a lot of good projects really early on so thats. What im doing i genuinely think this could potentially give me 10 to 100 x gains, including kcc pad? I also hold cedafy tokens, so that gives me three different options to get invested into these projects. Early im, always looking for new launch pads, do keep in mind that engine starter was actually released. I think it was two days ago. The price since then has done about a 3x, and this is far more than the price was in the seed funding round. Now i bought it just today.

I bought it around the price its sitting right now, because i genuinely think that this is giving me an opportunity to get into projects, but do keep that in mind. There is a potential that these could crash to zero. So do remember that dont take this as financial advice, of course, do your own research before you go into it, but that is how i plan on making those sweet sweet games. So before we end the video lets just check out some of the news today. So bitcoins price pushes, through 51 000 extending the bulls short term target to 56 000., so analysts are seeing basically the next step is going to be 56 000 and if we break through that, potentially were going to be smashing through that all time high right. So bullish narrative in the news we always speak about this here on the channel, how quickly the news, flips right, youre, bullish, theyre, bearish, bullish, bearish, bullish, bearish, so dont go only on whats happening on the news, make sure you go out and do your own research, But right now the fifth largest bank in the us is offering a bitcoin custody service, so they have rolled out the custody service for bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash right. This is huge news: massive mainstream banks getting involved in cryptocurrency us nerds have been here for ages, and now these huge banks are jumping in its just. For me, it seems inevitable that bitcoin and crypto is going to be part of our future lives.

Next brazilian lawmakers aims to make bitcoin a legal payment currency, a bill that seeks to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is expected to go to the chamber of deputies for debate in the next few days. So this could be the next country smashing bitcoin out just just bullish news, bullish news everywhere we look and then the axiom infinity creator raises 152 million right 152 million dollars. This values the company at 3 billion. This is a crypto game that is valued at 3 billion dollars. Absolutely incredible if you do want to stay up to date with things that are happening at vaxy infinity. You want to learn about it, check out this video here and about once a week i bring you an update on my axiomfinity portfolio, im going to be filming that later on today, and things are looking pretty good in my opinion, for that things have been pretty Wild, so that is pretty much everything i had for you today. If you do want to check out engine starter, do check them out here on twitter. Remember to follow me over on twitter if you fancy it so just to end the video i saw this tweet here: visa, mastercard, jpmorgan, paypal, twitter and tick. Tock are all building on ethereum, and that is all we know so far. So what i want to end this video on is a question to you guys. Where do you think the cryptocurrency market is going next? Do you think theres going to be a huge company that announces very soon that they have bought a huge chunk of bitcoin or crypto or anything like that? Are you bullish or are you bearish? Let me know down in the comment section.

I hang around the first hour or so when i post these videos, so do leave me a comment and ill get back to you. You can leave me some love. You can leave me some hate. Whatever makes your day with.