If this is your first time on my channel, i hope i can earn a subscription today in todays video um im, just gon na be doing like a little update and giving you guys or showing you guys, um some gameplay on the headshot crypto um. I talked about this in a recent video, not that long ago, on my channel, if you guys havent seen that video its gon na pop up here or here somewhere or even at the end of this video, maybe um most likely uh. So what im gon na do is im just gon na show you guys kind of like the gameplay and give you guys some a little bit of information on kind of whats going on um. So, as i always say, this is not financial advice, not investing advice. This is just for educational and entertainment purposes. Only one thing that i do want to cover and make very clear is that they actually have their pre sale happening tomorrow: okay, the 7th of october um, so the tinville ido, which is going to be 200 b b. Also on the 7th of october, it says: fcfs tinville chat, um thats, another 100 b on october, 8th um theyre, going to be doing their dxl um launch on there, which is going to be like 100 at 200 b and then theyre also going to do their Actual launch on october, 8th so with that being said, guys lets play the game Music, so Music, guys im gon na, be um completely honest with you guys here: okay, i am not a computer gamer um.

So if you guys want to make fun of me in the comments section, please do so make sure you like the video, though, if you do make fun of me um, but im just going to do a little bit of gameplay here to kind of see what This kind of is ive been playing a little bit um just to kind of like test it out and stuff like that, but, like i said the last thing from being a computer gamer um, i was always on ps5 or something like that. So were just going to get right into this here and see kind of so you guys can kind of see what the gameplay is all about holy. I got ta figure out my how to move around this is this is hilarious, lets go, take it thats health! Oh, like i said guys, i am not good whatsoever. Hmm yeah, i mean, if you guys, are good at computer gaming like if you guys are, you know, pc gamers and i can see this being really fun holy lets go yeah. My aims off. I know im gon na pick this up, as you guys can see, though, like i said im, not really a computer gamer, so its something that i got used to lets see if i can figure this out. Okay get out of here. There you go im dead, of course, but, as you guys can see here, guys um its a pretty cool little game, i just got ta get more used to this whole playing on a keyboard.

Like i said im, not a computer gamer got him got him got him. I bet it probably will probably be easier if i had a controller of course, im dead, thats, totally fine, but guys, as you guys can see its pretty cool. If you guys want to try it out, like, i said, ill leave all of these in the description, if you guys try as well im just going to play a little bit more kind of get the hang of it, see what its all about. Some of you guys are probably way more advanced in uh computer gaming for sure than i am foreign. This is fun. I think its pretty cool, pretty cool little game, its pretty awesome how you can actually earn crypto too okay. Well, he got him with that grenade. Oh im, not really a big fan of that shotgun. Like i said, im im telling you guys, if you guys want to make fun of me in the comments section. Please do i think its funny. I got to get my gaming, my gaming um abilities on pc up for sure seriously. Well guys, like i said um, i am not a computer gamer. I am not a computer gamer um, so i just wanted to show you guys a little bit of gameplay. So you guys can kind of see what it is um, some of you guys might have not seen it before or youve seen it for yourselves um.

If you guys dont know really much what about like what the thing is about like what the game is about ill give you guys a little run down here. Right, quick so, like it says, kill to earn so the first headshot crypto hs uh hst headshot, a first person shooter, is already available to play in an alpha b. That requires no installation. Um headshot is not just fun and exciting. It showcases the potential of this revolutionary uh new approach to gaming, so stake every respawn. Every player is required to choose an amount of headshot crypto hst to stake on his or her life. This amount represents an initial life cost when injured in gameplay. A player loses surrenders a certain amount of headshot krypton she or he has stake and player gains headshot crypto hst from another player by injuring or killing that player the minimum requirements. It says intel i3 processor or higher four gigabyte of ram 250 mb of free disk space at least intel our hd graphics, um 530 video card, as you guys can see, i dont have that so um thats. Probably why the graphics werent as great as they could be um the chrome browser update to the newest version as well, and then emunation unlimited for the first three days. So players can start uh playing with as little as 100 headshot crypto hst. Every player is provided with a set of free weapons at the start of each game.

Ammunition is currently free in unlimited quantities. For the first three days, allowing the first adopters to benefit players can upgrade their weapons for headshot crypto at the marketplace. Useful uh items for sale will also include protective armor, medical kits apparel and other uh character. Customization events, guys, okay, like i said, not financial advice, not investing advice, its a pretty cool game um, if you guys are into crypto and youre into gaming. This is something that you might want to check out: um thats, going to be it for todays video guys make sure you do subscribe to the channel like this video. If you did like this video make fun of me in the comments section as well. If you think its pretty funny how trashy i am at playing computer games, which im totally okay with because thats, just not what i do um but guys with that being said, hope you guys have an amazing day make sure you do um check out their channels. All their social platforms, i will put all the links in the description and guys theyre pre sale literally will be happening tomorrow. So if you guys are looking to get in this pre sale, i highly recommend you do so um tomorrow get in from get the information that you need today. Um, like i said ill show you guys the other video as well.