As always, it is nick here back through daily crypto news and analysis and today were actually going to be live streaming overall um. I just want to give you guys an overall quick update on the entire market were going to be talking about pretty much. Everything in regards to the market were also gon na, be talking about some specific things that i personally wan na see happen uh now, this live stream is also going to be a little bit shorter than most just because i do have to go to the gym Here shortly – and i am pretty much cutting it very close on time uh, so i do apologize for a little bit shorter of a live stream, so overall uh lets just jump into it and lets really kind of talk about whats happening. So, overall there is a very bullish sediment going on in the entire market and trust me, the fear and greed levels are playing perfectly into that. As you guys do see, we are sitting at about 68 in regards to greed, and you know whats funny about this. Is that last week, just last week alone, we were at extreme fear levels at 24.. This is updating in one hour and 21 minutes. I guarantee you that this is probably going to be in extreme greed levels, uh, probably going even back to last months. Extreme greed levels at around 79. uh, the entire market, is doing a major shift right and i ive talked to you guys a little bit about this for quite some time.

Ive talked to you guys about how october is pretty much a huge month for crypto the end of this month, and i know that this is going to sound crazy, because i know that things are looking fairly really good right now. You know things. Look great! The end of the month is actually the big point for crypto, not the beginning. The beginning is a little bit shaky. It actually is fairly volatile in the beginning and we could actually see that and we could actually notice that happening right now, um. I know a lot of people are going to be concerned with what im about to say, but when were talking about bitcoin, i would be expecting a slight pullback to happen on bitcoin, nothing too crazy, uh, but well most likely have a slight correction on it. Nothing too crazy, like you know, 40 or anything like that, but well most likely have a pullback, and this will actually hurt our altcoins a lot more than anything that weve seen in the past just so far, because when were talking about bitcoin right now, at 55 000, we are closing in on my major target point up here: uh well, most likely see a pullback to about 52.7 k thats our major support level, just right now, so well, most likely bounce off of that or bounce off of the 50.5k zone somewhere around that Point if we do have a correction im saying if we do so dont, go ahead and sell your all coins or anything like that.

Just have some fiat on the side. If you guys are ready to buy more and then well most likely retest. This 56.8k point very very soon, hopefully, by the end of the week, that would be even crazy, crazier if weve seen that um but again im im waiting for a slight pullback, because if you guys do see what happened just recently with bitcoin um. I understand that we are in a major bullish, sediment period, but this is literally, you know, 36 of an increase in price in a little under a week right so overall, when were talking about this, you know bitcoin looks great right now: everybodys very bullish, everybodys, very Greedy and as you guys know from the past, i always say when everybodys being greedy be a little bit fearful when everybodys fearful be greedy thats, how it works every single time, so right now well, most likely have a pullback which happens pretty much every october. Even if we go back to the weekly uh zone on this chart – and we go all the way back to october um in in 2017 2018 – we didnt really have too much bullish, uh or bearish points right. That actually happened in november is when we had that pullback, but if we go to the daily and check back here so one second, this is going to take a little bit of time. I know this sucks, but it is what it is so overall when were talking about october right, so we have our september low being printed here.

This is pretty much the bullish time frame that i was talking about, so we do see in october right. It continues to pump trades sideways, a little bit continues to pump and then by the middle, to the its pretty much almost the middle. To almost the end of october, we have the slight pullback, which this pullback isnt anything too significant when were talking about this. This is only about a 13 pullback, its nothing too crazy and again we have another one here, but this allows us to have actually a lot more price action involved and sorry, i did not mean to click that uh when were talking about this right. Well, have pullbacks along the way to the top. This is a 30 pullback happening in november. You know when were talking about the exact patterns we dont have to play the exact pattern game where we do the exact same moves overall, we dont and when were talking about the current time frame. Right now, i wouldnt be surprised by a 13 pullback on bitcoin uh, its not the idea of repeating the same pattern, its just the idea that a 13 pullback wouldnt be too crazy. When were talking about what was happening on the way up to even 52.7 k. When we were pumping from pretty much july, all the way to you know the september time frame. But if we do a 13 pullback from the current point right, look at where 13 brings us down to 48k, which is a major support zone.

But if we actually pump up to these points up here, which i am hoping for right somewhere between 56.8 k to 58k, you know – even if we just pump to this point here and drop 13 right, look at the difference in terms of that right. Well, bounce off of the major 49.3 k point, which is a huge support point for bitcoin, even going all the way back to you know, february of this year, and i would like to see something like this now again. What am i talking about in regards to how this would hurt our altcoins a lot? Well its the idea that, if our all coins take a little bit of a hit now in regards to bitcoin bitcoin dominance is extremely high. This is exactly what ive been warning. You guys about for a very long time. This is exactly why we are not seeing too much movement on hbar. Why were not seeing too much movement on xrp and most altcoins within the entire market? Its because bitcoin dominance is extremely high. A lot more money is flowing into bitcoin than our altcoins. This happens a lot. This actually happens. Often, the problem here is that, while a lot more money is actually flowing into bitcoin, more money is actually flowing out of our altcoins than into our altcoins. That is why you see the volume significantly lower on xrp. You also see the volume significantly lower on even h bar when were talking about h bar being around 265 million dollars in volume when it was just at a billion dollars.

Literally, like a month ago, thats significant okay, so volume is flowing out of our alt coins into bitcoin more so right now, because bitcoin is stealing the show which is totally fine. In fact, we actually want bitcoin to steal the show right now and we actually want to pay attention to bitcoin, because this is the moment for it to shine. This is the moment that bitcoin makes a higher monthly close right, where we do see a major uh level being closed on the the past monthly charts. That is what we want to see. Okay, we are above those levels of the september high. We are above significant levels as well, but i want to see it go higher. In fact, i want to see it back to this demand zone up here at about 56.8 k to roughly 58.5 k. This would allow us to retest the all time high by the middle to the end of the month, and, yes, we will have a little bit of some volatile price action along the way up its not going to be a major green candle. All the way up to these major targets that everybodys calling for im just saying we will have slight pullbacks. We will have corrections where you will be able to buy some dips on the way up, but for those who have been along with the ride, youre already packed right, your bags are already packed youve already. You know gotten into those sweet deals of going back to the you know, summer time frame and now we are looking for some major juicy targets to be hit going into the quarter.

Four. This is quarter four millionaire status. This is where people make absolutely crazy amounts of gains, but we need a lot of things to play out right now. Currently, we need bitcoin to make a nice high somewhere up in these levels up here for some solid strength. We want it to range up here, while bitcoin dominance actually falls a bit with volume flowing back into our altcoins, because right now on the usd pairs right things dont look too bad. You know, hbar is still around the 38 centil. You know major support zone. We almost retested 33 cents. You know. Support, has held strong so far, xrp again on the usd pair looks good its still in that major demand zone around the dollar five support zone, nothing too crazy between a dollar and dollar twelve. But when you look at their bitcoin pairs, look at how bearish these bitcoin pairs look. This is because theres not a lot of money flowing into these all coins, theres, not volume. We need volume in our alt coins for them to move so theyre not going to move theyre not going to be, you know, doing bullish. You know price action movements and you know catapulting to these new highs. Thats not happening thats, not going to happen until bitcoin ranges, while bitcoin dominance falls and a lot more money flows into these lovely altcoins that we are holding and waiting for these major targets to be targeted. But these look extremely bearish im going to be completely honest with you guys.

So if bitcoin were to break down at this point, we will see some massive discounted prices on hbar on xrp on these major altcoins that we are holding for so long, which would provide us with some great buy opportunities. Im, not saying its guaranteed to happen im. Just saying if bitcoin does have a correction which looks it looks like it could, you know when were talking about greed levels? They are at greed, levels right now, which is perfect for us to get in uh and pretty much buy up the fear levels when we do switch to fearful levels, which we will. I i 100 think that we will thats where we will be buying, were not buying right now. Absolutely no way am i buying right now anything im not looking to long anything im, not looking to you know, get into a juicy position. No because bitcoin right now looks extremely greedy. It looks fairly bullish. Every everybodys, happy everybodys, you know saying: oh look at everything, looks great, but right now its just its not time to buy, in my opinion. So, overall you know everybody who has been watching this channel for a fairly long time. You should all already have your massive bags packed. You should all be ready for quarter four, because quarter four is where we will see some major price action lets check out the weekly on uh xrp and lets go to the bitstem price chart that has the most potential in regards to price data and lets just Go back to 2017 2018 from the september low to the high right were looking at two thousand one hundred and forty five percent.

This is absolutely crazy and prepare for something similar like this to happen where we will see some major price targets on xrp were talking. Seven to fourteen dollars were talking 15 to 25 dollars. If that pattern is repeated, same goes for hbar. I think hbar is going to be a last tier runner where we do see it run in the last 10 percent of the bull run to some major price appreciation targets of three to six dollars with highs being 10 to 15 dollars for hbar. These possibilities are endless within this market when we go over to the entire coin market cap and we go to year to date, percentages. You know when were talking about twenty one thousand percent: nine thousand percent, ten thousand percent. These are possibilities. These are possibilities that get you know print it every single time that we have a massive bull run, and you know theres people that turned a thousand dollars into three million dollars on some low cap risky gems, but that is crypto. Crypto moves extremely fast and the the fear and greed index tells you that you know last week. Extreme fear today were at greed. Levels of 68. in an hour and 10 minutes will most likely be at extreme greed. That is exactly how fast crypto moves right. So crypto is a great opportunity. Quarter, four is going to print a lot of new millionaires and a lot of you who watch this channel are going to be commenting and your guys are going to be messaging me saying thank you.

I could already see it right now, because listen a lot of these gems that we are in are so undervalued, even at their current levels, while bitcoin is ranging to these highs, and i could not be any more happier to have you guys along with me in This ride im going to be here every single day of the week, pretty much updating you along the way and trust me guys. I am just as happy and excited as you all are as well for quarter four quarter. Four is going to be absolutely crazy. Did we just need to get through some? You know volatile price action throughout this month and most likely within the november time frame to december to january. We are all going to be celebrating, but remember guys always take profits, dont get too greedy, and always you know just im just saying it right now always have an exit strategy and always have an exit plan. Now, of course, i am watching the dollar guys, as you guys already know, dxy is the big key here. This is also showing some strength so im watching this fairly closely within a bitcoin correction as well. I think bitcoin though, and i think all of crypto already decoupled away from stocks. We dont have to really worry about stocks too much right now. I think you know when stocks and commodities were kind of crashing this last week and even going back to last week as well, you know, i think, that that was the time that crypto pretty much decoupled away from this, and i think crypto right now is pretty Much in its own lane, but of course we do still accommodate for the dollar, because the dollar is not gon na decouple away from bitcoin and all that kind of stuff.

I think that this plays a huge role within these markets as well, and pretty much allows them to kind of guide the guide itself. So right now the big three right im watching bitcoin im, watching bitcoin dominance and im also watching the dollar bitcoin dominance and the dollar. I want to see these pretty much moved to a lot lower levels, while bitcoin ranges to a lot higher levels and allows for our altcoins to get some volume in them, because, right now the volume is garbage. The bitcoin pair charts are absolutely garbage and i am hoping for a reversal here soon and i think that we will be seeing that as we do march forward into the half of october into the end of october as well. So with that being said, i am going to wrap up the stream here, im going to say hi to everybody who has been in the chat: uh health, goat, welcome to the live stream, adam whats, going on hc lips whats going on um. I hope that you all have been enjoying the content lately. I hope that you guys have been enjoying the live stream lately as well uh christian. What is going on meet you about new york, uh hi brother, thank you for so thank you. So for the information? No problem at all david bought tons of hbar yep. That is the key mk 2020 itt. Hey. I see you always posting me on instagram.

Thank you for the continued support. I do greatly appreciate it right. Uh is bitcoin falling soon. Well, most likely have a little bit of a correction here soon it wouldnt be too crazy uh, but it will provide a lot of good buys for a lot of altcoins um you cant buy. If you have no money hey, it is what it is. All these videos over the last few months have sent me broke were all broke at this point were were crypto rich, just bank account broke, bro uh brotherly. We shouldnt buy now abi uh, while she may be considered a garbage coin. Do you think it will pull a doge in the future? Also why the heck is it moving so much uh, because meme coins just move in their own lane? I mean theyre, just massively manipulated elon musk, probably just manipulating these things, its a lot of this stuff gets pumped by influencers and its just not a good look for crypto. In my opinion, brennan g whats, going on man all right. Well with that being said, i have a caught up in the chat. I hope everybody enjoyed this live stream. I hope everybody enjoyed the video if guys do more free content. You guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join the free discord description below. If you guys do want paid content, you guys can always check out ncashofficial.