At the end of the last video after sheep has gone up around 120 percent. I said it is possible, but quite unlikely that you uh do another leg up in terms of its price and literally one hour, i finished. Recording she began its next 100 move up in terms of price, honestly um its not something i actually expected, but i am pleasantly surprised that this indeed has happened. So today, were gon na have a look at where ship currently sits, which is in an absolutely phenomenal place and what we can possibly anticipate from here and what has actually happened as a result of the big leg up that weve seen in the last two days. Well be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kickstart, their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below so as of recording of this video shib is ranked number 20th in the coin market. Cap of all the cryptocurrencies combined, we are currently seeing a market up of 8.7 billion dollars of a 24 hour volume of 14 billion dollars. Now for frame of reference, we are being ranked belong polygon matic we are above axi. Infinity were above stellar way above ethereum classic its kind of crazy to me, where we are currently sitting in terms of its coin. Marker cap, right now and and its bewildering to me to how much volume were seeing were seeing close to what 15 billion dollars now and the closest next closest thing.

In the top 5 top 20. Sorry is bonanza usd, which is at 7 billion and keep in mind. Bonanza usd is a common denominator for transactions and if we go all the way to the top, we see usdt on top well thats natural, because thats a denominator ethereum, which is just a tiny bit above, but its also sitting on a blockchain theres. A lot of transactions involving you know nfts and bitcoin, which is also another dominator, so outside of the common denominator. Coins ship is actually the most transacted cryptocurrency. That is not a common denominator or a base currency, and even crazier than this we saw dogecoin um being around for roughly seven years, weve seen sheba around for one year and we are already seeing polls where ship is currently exceeding terms of uh owners. In terms of of social media hype, that is much higher than what we have seen in the past for dogecoin, so a bazinga put out a tweet sheep or doge. Forty four point: three percent owns ship 31.7 at doge and even more importantly, shib is on one point, one: five, two: a million watch list while doj is on 1.151, so we have officially taken over doge in terms of the watch list on coin market cap and That number is very crazy to me, because weve had such a short run up in terms of the watch list in such a short brief period of time and its the amount of hype and the explosive growth that we have seen in the last couple days is Splaying my mind right now, so what exactly has happened and while were looking at the charts here, i just want you to pay attention to my watch list so right now, ship is actually up close to 30, while most of the crypto market is down.

So if that were not the case, well be seeing a lot higher growth, a lot higher gains for sheep as well. So what happened for sheep is mostly a technical breakout. So, from a technical perspective, a technical analysis, perspective sheba was postured for a breakout. Given its pattern formation, but underlying this pattern, theres been a lot of news, a lot of positive catalysts that have been brewing, the background that is waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and when you have a pattern, uh forming on a technical analysis, point of view And theres a confluence on positive catalyst thats when you can see and when you yield very strong breakouts that we like the one we have seen in the last two days. So going back as far as august. We have seen listing after listing – and i believe this particular candle 16th of september is when we saw the announcement of sheep on coinbase and now theres. A lot of things already happen in terms of a utility perspective, also a social media perspective leading up to the breakout. We have seen social media picking up us all theres a lot of talk about potential breakout, even and driving the driving force behind. All of this is also possible rumors of a listing on robin hood as well, which could potentially well, which is a driving positive catalyst of ship prices. And if we actually have a look at the price and actually have to zoom out here its just its insane to me how much its just grown, um so theres, actually not many technical support levels here, that we can currently see and its kind of insane right Now so, im gon na have to zoom into the one hour time frame so over here we can see um that the price has gone from a bull run after bull run after bull run, so were now in another uh consolidation stage of this particular bull run.

It does look like its got: some gas left but um. I said the same thing when it was sitting over here, because i thought looking at the stochastic as well, that he was looking to quieten down, but you didnt just kept going, but the size of the run is starting to look a bit smaller. Let me have a look at this. This is 65 and this is yeah. This is 56, so the strength at which uh ship is moving up in price. It has slowed down so at some point, its also usually quite unlikely to see three consecutive bull runs. I want to see this uh consolidate a little bit before it takes a big move, because i want the big moves to be big. I want this big move to be a headlining on social media, so we get more retail interest to invest in this is so we can see a bigger move than what we can currently see if we have a smaller moves, so im going to zoom out into The one day, time frame this is a bit hard to draw and doesnt really look very pleasant, but ideally we see a bit of consolidation happen for ship. Ideally, i want the price of ship to sit above the 2000 level here, which is this level. So, honestly, a bit of a pullback because it does look a little overextended, but there is, it is still looking quite strong, its very hard to tell its sort of a once in a lifetime event where anything can really happen.

So a bit of consolidation here into some sideways action will be really really great. So we see a bit of a pullback into sideways consolidation um. We want some news to play out for sheep, so we want perhaps to see a robin hood announcement, so that would drive the prices up a bit more or we can see some uh announcements like shiba net being released. That will drive the prices a bit more, but right now the if we see continuously growth day after day after day, thats not going to be sustainable. So its going to that will sort of um be a symptom for almost a pump and dump scheme. But we dont want that, because ship is a long term investment for people like such as myself. So we want to see a bit of pullback. We want to see people who invested at maybe this point and this point to start taking a bit of profit. So the price of sheep will come down a little bit thats my thats, my expectation at least for long term growth for sheep. We want to see a bit of that to happen, but i was wrong last time because i thought it was going to consolidate around this area, because i thought that was already good. But it took off another 60 to 70 overnight from the bot or from the lows now before we move on. You can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin.

To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description and now also today, i want to talk about satoshis latest medium posts, so we now know a little bit more about the shiboshis nfd. So shiboshis are 10 000 lovable creatures, so 10 000 mint and during the first 24 hours you can only purchase shaboshis with leash. So we have to fill our wallets with leash and it says here while youll be able to sell shaboshes on secondary markets like openc. The initial purchase will only be available here on shibaswap and the cost for the first three thousand shaboshis will be 0.1 in ethereum now, heres, the good part, so when and burn shaposhis can be named by the whole of the nft. Initially, theyll just have generic names like zero, zero, zero, zero one, but you can name it flatoshi or whatever for an additional fee of a hundred dollars paid in ship and if everyone names, the shabboshes theyll, be one million dollar burn and im gon na be picking Up these as well ill attempt to given how strong my internet will be, because i think the competition will be very fierce in terms of obtaining these um. But if everyone changed, the names which i intend to thats gon na be a very quick and easy. One million dollar burn and also suspect that those people who are willing to flip these will also want to change their names as well, so were going to see reoccurring, burn events happening integrated within the shaiboshis and also says here.

It is important to name shaboshis, because names are unique, can only exist once in a ship or shivers with the expansion we are planning. This could potentially make a shaboshi more valuable, so obviously very evident names like saitoshi will be taken and these names and if you get in early, will drive the value of these nfts up a lot higher and there is a nft game associated with the shaiboshis. So shaboshis arent, just nfcs theyll, be converted into game characters. The shaboshi game will allow shibashi holders the ability to use the nfts in strategic gameplay. Some shabboshy properties will have corresponding gameplay element attached. So this is not just an nft. This is a nft that can be integrated into a shiboshi game universe, so this will be very, very exciting and i suspect the price of the shaboshis, on the second hand, market, with three to five x within the first 24 hours and also last but not least, Coming up in our next medium well discuss shibu sub updates, doggy dao and our launch pad incubator until then salute ship army. So the next update will have more information on shiba swap and the doggie dial, which im also very very excited for anyway, guys thats. All from me, thanks for watching and thanks for your continued support, let me know in the comments, if you think sheep is going to consolidate, or are we going to expect another spike in the coming days, as always take care well catch.