I dont think ive seen any cryptocurrency uh that has this many zeros in terms of its growth in my entire life today were seeing a green crypto market. So thats going to be very, very beneficial for sheba, because we have seen a a sort of a bearish and negative downturn in the crypto market as a whole, so lets dive into today. What shib is currently doing and where ship currently stands right now well be giving away a hundred dollars to a random subscriber to kickstart their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below its a little annoying. Having to reset my charts every time i open up ship now so shib is seeing its 10th green consecutive candle today and seeing 10 consecutive green candles is incredibly incredibly bullish and ive opened up my macd and stochastic charts here as well. What were seeing here in terms of the macd, especially we can see that the momentum that were currently seeing is ginormous in comparison to what we have seen in all of the growth that we have seen in the past. I was a little hesitant to say this in the past, but i have a lot more confidence now. There is actually pretty good odds that ship would test its all time high again, and that is in the 5 000s, given how strong we are currently seeing ship right now. I knew this was going to be a bull run and i knew this was going to be a breakout, and i knew this was going to be a pretty big one, but i still did not expect the growth that we are currently seeing it is.

It is absolutely phenomenal to the im just absolutely lost for words and im, not the only one whos also overwhelmed by this. We are seeing this all over social media. We are seeing a lot of people jumping in, should i yolo 50 000 on ship. I will buy and post one position here if more than 100 people will say yes and theres, definitely more than 100 people, theres 5 800 other votes and 2 200 comments here and if youve logged into twitter recently, we can immediately see to the right that shiba Inu is one of the trending hashtags happening right now in twitter, so the social media spread is incredibly enormous. Im seeing people talk about shiba, you know in gaming forums and gaming, discords in in co working spaces in twitter spaces literally everywhere, and everything is talking about. Shiba inu right now – and this is exactly the reaction response weve been looking for as the ship army i mentioned in the past before that the 10 or 20 movement swings and sideway consolidation. You know gains and losses that happen throughout the week. Isnt going to be any impactful on shipping the long term. What were looking for is steady consolidation and strong breakout in the long term, because this will attract a lot of new investors in a lot of social media buzz, which is exactly what were seeing right now and its fantastic that we are actually seeing it now before.

We move on you can support your favorite crypto projects such as cheap ethereum, more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description and, of course, were not the only ones excited, so we have seen 700 000 holders of a sheep with the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap, and we only need another 18 to reach all Time high again, we have the biggest erc20 token holding amongst the top 1000 ethereum wallets and the most transacted erc20 token. Now this in the last 24 hours weve seen ship go off 74, but the amount that the top 1000 ethereum holders have bought in the last 24 hours is 35 million. This is actually really really refreshing and really really reassuring to see, because this is not just buying into the market. This is adding to their positions. So this is what the i believe, the the fourth day, that we are seeing a massive massive bull run and, if were seeing the whales, add another 35 million on top. That means the whales are believing that youll go up even higher and ive already talked about this in the past. Whales are usually a better investor than your regular everyday investor, because theyre either a experienced or b have a team behind them and theyre, usually well postured. In the market when it takes off and if were seeing, whales add to their positions literally the fourth or the third day when the price is already jumping and none of them are pulling out.

That means theres a lot more potential that you can go. So if theyre willing to add more to the positions that means theyre going to believe that its going to go up even further, so right now we are essentially in outer space. There is no technical levels that we can look to. Besides the all time high, the growth has just been astronomical. There is not much um that you can see in terms of technical levels. It is literally just rocketing right now. I dont have much to say and its sort of its gone well beyond my expectations, not in a very, very positive way. So tomorrow is going to be another big day. If we see even stronger momentum on the macd, that means were going to have a good shot at braking and literally rocketing through the previous all time high. That means the ability to knock off another zero, so keep in mind weve already knocked off a zero in the last three days. The possibility of knocking off another zero is actually not impossible. This week this is literally a unicorn event and for those of you who has held with me through the long consolidation that weve seen the last three months, congratulations and welcome aboard the spaceship, but that is all i have for you guys today leave a comment below.