I have some really exciting news today. I am literally shaking this is so so important see day 113 kindly asking robin hood after this ship, and you know we have all been waiting for this new holders or veteran holders. You know youre all welcome here for subscribing and dropping a like, as this is a really really important so far. We never saw this before and finally were seeing some actual updates on this so definitely be sure to drop a like and watch until the end, because were also going to be talking about a very, very early cryptocurrency project, thats going to be burning shibeinu. So this has 206 000 petitions and robin hood is probably most likely going to be soon listing it, as their volume is massively down theyre, not getting as many trades as before. Of course, its the crypto boom and theyre doing it. But right now from what i can see uh, this just proves that theres, a huge demand for shiba inu drops, and i do think that were gon na be seeing a lot more. At 300 000 people requesting this and new holders joining in with robin hood, listed its going to explode. Basically, and that being said, we do have some amazing updates. If you watch my channel before winship was down. This is an insider. This was talking about amazon and it does seem like that. Insiders and big institutions are. We have some proof that theyre buying in ship theyre buying in ship massively.

I see sav investors taking price discovery position into dojland. Basically, hes talking a lot about shiba inu, and one of those is that, yes, this is correct, big institutions are buying and one of them could be robin hood. Amazon denies plan to accept bitcoin, but also amazon is currently investing several projects with plans to accept crypto payments from at least two cryptos in 2022.. Dell kryptox talked about this, and this is really really important, though last time we saw about amazon now were seeing for robinhood and with robinhood were going to be getting millions of holders. So that being said, youre all beautiful lets talk about this project. Thats going to go to the moon like ship, reaching 700 000 holders, how much ship are you holding you dont want to miss out on this project. This is my own project and its going to be surging. This is search inu im, going to be fully explaining what it actually is, its a beep 20 token, its not an erc token. So that is something you really need to know and right now were having a private sale, which means were having a private sale for only a few days left, probably two or less, and its really important that it wont get any cheaper. This token will not get any cheaper as the private sale is the cheapest it can get and when shiba inu and robin hood do a massive collapse. Thats going to be a million holders in and someone would have to take shibanus 3 billion market cap place and im.

Looking for a sergeant to do that thing, you know there always needs to be someone going after shibainu and guess what serge inu is going to be burning, shiba inu. That is why, if you buy this token in a private sale when its super super early, not only do you get six percent of all transactions um its really important here that we have this so much. The team has done so much in the past 24 hours and its gon na completely change the ecosystem. So this token is a binance token, so you can buy it on the binance smart chain which im going to be investing uh talking about later on. You could buy it on metamask or you can buy it on trust wallet or you can send these tokens to the private wallet that when we manually send back the tokens, so we already send out the first wave – and this wont get a better opportunity, because when Robin hood and shibei new collab uh theyre, you know i dont think shibano is gon na get cheaper, thats gon na be a million holders in uh thats a massive amount of holders coming into ship – and we never saw this before but developed by shibainu fan search In is an ecosystem cryptocurrency thats going to change the memecoin space forever search puts the community first. You know this is going to be my own community token im fully doxxed. I actually do have a face behind the token and six percent of every transaction is redistributed to all holders and its also gon na be burning ship uh manually and its gon na be burning their own tokens, so search inu as well.

So how exactly can you buy this token and how early is it well, that being said, 55 is already burned at the start, and this is so so exciting because you wont have this opportunity two days from now, then we go into pre sale, which will make The price more expensive and then were entering the public sale, which is listing on pancake swap and everywhere else, where the price will not get cheaper and theres already 500 holders of that being said, its still super early theres about 300 holders being sent out the tokens Right now, where we send the tokens panel, so heres how you can buy, but that being said great news to shiba and nfe fans, we launched a ship trading campaign like crypto com, making moves and with chiba inu growing. So much theres going to be a lot more cryptocurrencies like search in growing, which has very very small transaction fees. Uh ethereum fees have been crazy right now and its so simple to buy search inuit. You want to hold at least some search. You know, because you get passive income, you know thats why we bought shibainu because it has the chance to basically explode and search. Inu has the same thing, so we made a little guide over here yesterday. We had so many buys. We raised so much um with that being said, this is a private sale, so its very limited for a limited amount of holders and the maximum you cannot buy is 10 bmb, so thats not going to be having any whales that can dump the token search value For one bnb is 50 billion search.

You send the bnb to this address the links in the description below. If you want to follow the guide, how you can actually buy the token and to follow the social medias, follow their twitter follow their telegram im always active there, and then you simply add this address to track your wallet to track tokens. And when you send this, you really really want to make sure youre on the binance smart chain and not the ethereum smart chain um or anything like that. But youre going to send the bnb to this address and then we manually send back. And yes, we have already sent out previous tokens, which you can check for yourself, so this is going to be only a limited opportunity, because when robin hold lets shibainu, all of these exchanges will be looking for more other tokens to actually list it. So you also, i will leave the links in the description, but something you need to know is. I also be showing you how you can do it its super simple, its super easy, its on binance my chain and not just bnb, also, if youre in trust wallet its something you need to reconsider, swap the token from yellow bnb to blackbnb logo and thats it. This should fix the issue and that is done. Um and im still waiting to receive my search. So you can wait up to 12 hours because were sending all of this manually and common issues include.

You didnt understand the minimum required amount of 0.1 bmb. You send bnb from binance, and why should you exactly send bnb to this address? Well, when the team sends it back, you know you can just test it with any amount um you definitely want to be holding search and after the private sale were launching a pre sale which will make the token much easier to buy, but also a bit more Expensive right now, its super super simple, so im gon na be actually showing you how he can do it so ship army look at this ship army is everywhere. So if we check over here, ship army is legitimately exploding. We never saw before so im. Gon na be showing you how you can actually buy search, so i go to under this guide here. Its super super simple. You know i click on here and send the bnb to this address bam. I open up metamask and i have like two b and b over here. I just click, send you know, be sure to use the finance smart chain by the way when you use the binary smart chain, you know search, send and you send up to 10 bnb. So you can understand 0.1 bmb, i saw people buying 5 bmp and they all receive their tokens now. So that is really exciting, because this is gon na be for only a limited opportunity and then you just type in a 0.1 bnb.

You know from whatever the address is: um theres also telegram members helping um. We have an active team and thats exactly what i want to do. I want to make the next shiba inu and it will also be burning ship. This is going to be a hidden burn, um its not affiliated with the shiba new devs, but it is in fact, going to be manually burning ship, its something im going to be saying because robin hood app once it lists that uh were gon na, be seeing The moon, the moon, is the only reason you know um and were still all alive today, but that being said, im really really excited for this because uh, you know, were all super early here were all holders here and with robin hood coming in with cryptocom making Amazing plans like what is else like is amazon next and these tokens theyre going to be surging theyre going to be exploding, especially serge inu, which will give you passive tokens back and definitely check out the links in the description below or in the comments below its Super simple super easy and im fully talked. You know this is my own project and im, not gon na. Let it go away so im trying to reach the market cap of what shibainu was before so about a billion or three billion, and with a pre, pre sale and a private sale just in its never gon na get this cheaper because, once its listed on pancake Swap you know its gon na only get more expensive and the supply is only gon na decrease more and more so.

The supply decreases on every transaction and for everyone, thats, fighting, fud, im so happy for this community striving and excited for what is to come to this ecosystem. You have always been there with a shill. All you do is wear the community out there. So im really excited for that were going to be seeing so much look at this 700 thousand holders search inu has only about 200 now, so it can be super early into this. You dont want to miss on this out and thank you so much for checking out search enough links in description below you know. Hopefully, shiba inu and robin hood make a huge collaboration together because theres some confirmed rumors that theyre working together and until next time.