This video is brought to you by weeble. If you like, to help out the channel and get some free stuff make sure you check out my link below hey im chris saying in todays. Video is an update on the stock market as well as crypto guys. I want to make sure that i aint getting too far off in the weeds and make sure that i touch on that as well, so guys, listen! If i helped you out in any way, would i always help you make some money or give you a new perspective on the stock market? Please make sure you like and subscribe and join us on the journey without further ado lets. Take a look at my portfolio. Okay, guys another day is in the books, man and listen guys. The market sell off continues in some aspects of the game and some plays made some decent recovery today guys. This is again, i told you a long time ago about not only the correction. In general crashes in general, but a rolling correction, when you might see yes like the market may be up, they might say the s p was up today. The dow was up today, but then you notice that all the plays are still down: 5, 10, 15. Okay and listen guys, thats just the level of volatility that goes with the market. Okay, you still got a lot of lagging indicators and a lot of lagging indexes that are still again not participating, and so, therefore, until we get the right things leading the way, the market will continue to either be stagnant or consolidate at these levels.

Before we fully shake out of this correction and then turn back to an uptrend guys, but listen, i want to talk to you today about a couple things. Okay, i want to show a couple stocks, but i want to jump into some crypto talk on today. All right, nothing to write home about guys, but i wanted to highlight apple on today: ticker symbol, aapl, again up barely on the day up a little bit after hours as well sitting at 142. Right now, i often say in that 1 37 to that 141 range is a buy zone for us. Okay, i dont care, if you nibble at this level, but i wanted to show that they are at least trying to make a comeback. Broadly speaking, thats a good look for the overall market. Okay, you guys got to pay attention to some stocks, can be an indicator to you of whats going on in the market or, if and im saying, were trying to make a comeback. So again were not off the weeds yet, but i did want to highlight this one today, as well as one more microsoft and again, i always tell you guys to have your pillars. Have big dogs in your portfolio, because you will notice they weather the storm. A lot better than your high risk plays, go peek at your high risk, plays and look at how theyre down on a day like today, but then look at these plays again nothing to write home about, but as an investor, you guys want to make note of This and see like man, these do weather the storm a lot better yep.

They can get hit, theyre, not immune or exempt from getting hit, but that what im saying is they dont get hit the way? Your other stocks, your high risk stocks? That stuff, you guys like to load up and go heavy, and then you ignore these. They dont do that. So just be mindful that pay attention to that microsoft, guys ticker symbol, ms msft, currently sitting at 294 dollars. This one was up over one and a half percent today and still up in the after hours, thats a good sign guys. We want to see things like that, but we need to see more of this and we need to see it be continuous and again that will be an indicator for us that things are truly starting to change, but until we see that were not out of the Weeds yet, okay, now on to what i want to talk to you guys about today, which was sheba anew. But, more importantly, guys. I want to make sure that im checking in with you guys to make sure that, if you rock with me, we have to be diverse in what we do. Okay and im talking about making sure our crypto plays, are up to par, making sure that you got your bitcoin making sure that you got your cardano, making sure that you got your ethereum okay and you can get all the other coins you want to get okay, But i need to make sure that you got your diverse portfolios built out, and that includes crypto.

If you rock with me, okay, im showing you my crypto im down a little bit, i was at 109. were kind of slowly crawling back. There are we sitting at 104 right now. Crypto might come past my my regular account at this rate. You know what im saying and so but thats the power of crypto. It moves much much more faster than the stock market. Okay, but its not about that its about you having both, so you should be growing your wealth in both okay but check this out guys. Let me know down in the comments below if you have cheaper new but, more importantly, let me know if you made money off of it. Okay, i just want to love on you guys and celebrate all of you that have been doing your thing and have been part of that run up okay, im, just here more so to talk about the importance of having diverse coins and diverse cryptos in your portfolio. In addition to our stocks, in addition to the options okay, so i just wanted to show some love to that today and love on each and every one of you recognize those of you that may have been into that guys. Listen today, i wont hold you guys long make sure that you are paying attention to the ebbs and flows of the market. There will be pockets of the market that you can take advantage of and there will be pockets of the market that you need to watch and stay away from, for the time being, be patient, be patient, okay, thats.

What again? Some of these lessons are intended to teach. You is to be patient, so listen guys. We have a long road ahead of us. Guys were just kicking off the final quarter of the year october and again were trying to trying to go into the new year going to the latter part of the year with some momentum. But we got to shake this off because im thinking, if not the second half of october im thinking november, is setting up to be very, very good, going into thanksgiving and then going into uh the holiday season christmas and so forth. And then we end out the year on a pretty decent note again: thats, barring a lot of external factors, the debt ceiling news, the jobs, data cpi data, so theres a lot of catalyst that can still derail some things but thats. Why we stay 10 toes down thats? Why we always refer to this being a marathon, because we understand its, not a sprint. We understand were going to get knocked down, were going to get some bumps and bruises on the way. But we get up. We dust that off. We keep moving forward. Okay, listen guys! If you like videos like this, we make videos like this every day. So if you like this, one make sure you check out the next one. Remember most people see the end result very few.