This is some leaked news in the works hello. There coin market cap ship from celebrities constantly supporting ship on social media platforms to coinbase following the projects on twitter check out. Why? The token is so popular in the crypto community and seems like we have a new blog post from coin market cap. You know with actual proof this is the biggest thing were seeing so far official announcement for koi base. They dropped just a new bombshell. Right now. Look at this ship actually repeat, were tweeting to this and dropping a huge, huge bombshell that coinbase and ship are actually working together here. So theres has never been a giant pump since hiroshi left, but that being said, we are seeing some new updates, as you can see here so far, look at this shiba swap ship bone unleash everything thats coming. You know its here and bitcoin dogecoin ship were all in this together were all want to see some growth im really really excited for that. As this simply looks beautiful right now. Look at this. This is really really awesome so far, but i think were going to be seeing a lot more of this, as influencers you know, are talking the fact you know about this, so lets just jump right into the news right now, so she being a coinbase best friend From celebrities constantly supporting ship on social media platforms to coinbase, following only the shibeinu project on twitter check out, why the token is so popular in the crypto community.

So this is actually just in. Thank you so much for dropping a like, but last thursday september 16th, a major u.s crypto exchange coinbase announced the listing of the ship tokens. The booth has provoked excitement in the crypto community, along with vigorous market action, the price of ship went up about 6.5 per million tokens to high as 9.1 in a few hours immediately following the announcement. An increase of almost 40 percent like this is something else a week later and a half later so a week and a half later, ships price per million tokens has retracted down to about seven dollars, but is still holding well above the pre listing levels. As the token itself remains, one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies on social media, so the listing terms in an email said to its users: coinbase announced that shibanu will now be available for sending and receiving and trading on, both its basic platform advanced coinbase pro ship Will be tradable against the us dollar and the tether usd stablecoin, notably a separate redacted email, was sent out to the exchanges customer based in new york, and the same was posted on coinbase listings detail page, so it was in fact posted everywhere. But what is exactly? Shiba inu, so doge is a dog, in particular a sly, looking representative of shibay new breed, whose image are often captured with the whats supposed to be her attentional monologue, such as wow cool and so on.

We already know what shibainu, in fact is. You know such as their branding or a twitter shout out from a celebrity, so it does seem like theyre growing but uh, the peak around 68 cents, so shibainu peaked around 68 cents uh. These include but theyre definitely not limited to doge cash. You know those cash has also grown um, doge doge lawn mars. You know all of these capitalized on dogecoin, then we have randog, kishu, inu, uh and, of course, the subject of our article shibainu. So shibainu is one of these that actually capitalized on dogecoins growth, right uh, who said that its gon na kill shibainu so much decentralization. Such self governments of all the epilogues epigons ship is by far the most successful, currently holding 47th place by marketplacation. There is no other cryptocurrency that made it that far, you know, created by unknown developer over group position developers in august 2020, shiba inu itself as a community run fully decentralized ecosystem in order to avoid excessive, well consideration, evident and uh intentionally scarce cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, where The whales control the market ship was designed to be abundant to to have a lot of these coins, and that was the design from the start regardless, if you think the supply is big or not, it launched with a vast supply of one quadrillion coins. Shipping was built on top of ethereums blockchain. Its smart contract functionality enabled ships direct integration into the centralized finance economy, unlike dogecoin, whose relatively inflexible blockchain powered by the script proof of work algorithm makes it quite isolated from the scene where most of the innovation is currently taking place to further prove their lack of Desire to exercise centralized control over the ecosystem, roshi has sent half of the tall supply to vitalik co, founder of ethereum and one of the most well known incredible personalities.

So lets see what happened. You know a lot of influencers picked up. Shiba yunu, like dogecoin shibainu, has made some millionaires along the way and lets not forget that you know theres a lot of millionaires from ship, but uh like dogecoin, enjoy the support from multiple celebrities. These include one of the nick carter, a member of the world renowned pop quintet backstreet boys uh. He actually said in may we are the ship army, you know theres influencers talking about ship army, antonio brown proclaimed chick the next dogecoin. Both tweets went live in the beginning of the coins price plummet of about 67 percent, celebrity tweets of questionable legality, people owning large amounts of certain assets and tweeting would be construated as manipulative device and by stocks, but in crypto you know thats completely normal, so coinbase Itself was only following: shibeinus twitter account for a short while before it went into its usual practice of following a short list of closely related products. So ultimately, ships listing on coinbase, currently the second largest coinbase and crypto exchange in the world by daily trading volume, is a significant milestone on the ways to whatever fate it awaits. So this has 2.5 k shares and i do think coinbase actually will be supporting ship on the long term. You can see why they actually accepted it uh. They gave a great reason for that. So what exactly is shiba inu but uh? It seems like ximena is going to be having a lot more utility, even as roshi left.

The creator left the sheba in the token and also leaked documents show the citizens uh. Obviously, we do have more news today, but el salvador might put western union out of business by igniting bitcoin mainstream adoption. If this does happen, western union is not going to exist anymore or is going to be severely limited and one day well, look back and wonder how the world ever put up with companies like western union um and theres a lot of companies. You know that are simply outdated and el salvador is looking to change. That bitcoin is looking to change. That blockchain is looking to change it to upgrade the current world because theres so many companies that serve no purpose anymore, but just exist or that could be upgraded. But or not because they work but be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful, so she being new price, looks south toward the sixes as technical favors ship bears. She may know price to crash as bulls fail to come true, ship coin. Why shiba nikoi may never rise again? You know all these articles are reporting that shibenu is over, but this is in fact not true. You know so theyre saying its just about to go on sale, theyre thing to tell telling you to panic so so they can get on sale, dont believe the hype, so robin hood listing coming real soon. Maybe it will maybe not ship doesnt need robinhood to be successful, so im always greedy, because the media is always spreading fear.

So theres has been a lot of articles that are basically talking the crypto shebano dog days are over. But who knows you know um? Everyone is reporting the same thing that ximena is going to be seeing a big price crash. Is this true? Probably not shibenu still has influencers to come aboard. Um theres also people scamming other people. So you definitely need to be aware of that. United arab emirates, legalizes cryptocurrency training, and we never saw this before, but this is huge. You know there will be a lot of new buy ins for crypto so far we never saw this before but uh. This is really awesome. So financial regulators in the united arab emirates have reached an agreement to officially allowed support, cryptocurrency traded trading in the economic free zone in dubai, and we never saw this before, and this is basically much larger than anyone expects. Also jp morgan, ceo says bitcoin price could rise 10x but still wont buy it. Banking mogul jamie demon has been notorious the detractor of bitcoin since 2017, in contrast to his firms, overt desire to capitalize from the ecosystems growth. So an online interview with the times of india, jamie demon, ceo of investment, banking behemoth, jpmorgan chase, slathered, bitcoins, popular appeal, uh, but now hes, basically saying uh. That bitcoin is going to be seeing a 10x increase that its going to be seeing in the next five years, its going to be hitting 500 000.

So i would be really excited for that, because this means shebang is going to be growing as well. I dont really care about bitcoin. I think people waste too much time and breadth on it, but its going to be regulated and when it will constrain it to some extent and the same for shibainu shibainu will also get regulated but whether it eliminates it. I have no idea – and i personally dont care im, not a buyer of bitcoin. That does not mean it can go 10 times in price. In the next five years, bitcoin can come in existence as a spontaneous. A life form that grew out of out of our global collective, conscious as a defense mechanism to fight predatory, central banks. So basically, what theyre saying is that all of these cryptocurrencies will have its place and shibenu could have that place being the peoples coin, which would make it and give it some value.