50K now lets all go: oh yeah, Music im going to get the new money gang logo tattooed on my body, Music, just cooling off the room, tj yeah, just you know, theres a little too much hot air going on in here. So gotcha we just wanted to uh clear the air so to speak. Here we go uh, so we got bearish bullish, yep, yep, right, bannon parts, away, phantom farts away all right. You got any uh, a teaser topic for us. We want to keep them all secret. Tekashi69, hey everyone welcome to another episode of bearish or bullish on this series. We give our guests 15 seconds to answer whether they are bearish or bullish on a particular topic, and why tj are you ready to hop in im ready lets? Go Music thats all we have for today. Thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful weekend lets thats right were out bullish on iran. All right me too. Me too frank: hey, hey bullets on you, hey missy ranch meets whats up frank whats, going on man. How are we feeling today, 50k, oh baby? How how are you feeling about that great if well, i feel great if we stay above 50k, if we keep going above 50k and then going below it and thats, not good. Okay, so 50k becomes support instead of resistance, then ill be happy and then im really bullish, but we keep bouncing off of it as resistance, its not good like if we dont hold it its, not a good sign.

They locked you out, yeah, im locked out, dude man is rewarding right now, so you know this is what you get for, having a pee in the middle of the recording its like, he thinks he owns the place or something Music welcome to bit boy crypto home With the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs in all of the anals of history, this is the greatest channel of all time. 50K. Am i right 50k and it looks like its holding pretty good right now and of course, those are the magic words to make it dumb. So here we are fifty thousand dollars. Uh were going to get into that were gon na talk about whats going on. Why its at 50 000, what were expecting bitcoin doing some really good stuff Music? Look at what we just have on the ethereum chart. We just got the green dot at the top on market cipher a well we come over here to yesterday on bitcoin. We got the green dot on market side for a and then that led to a pump all the way from 49 to uh at the peak and went all the way up to 50, ‘5 and 50 cents. So could we see the same thing for ethereum now? Tj, have you felt like ethereum has just been like so boring lately. Well i mean it made that nice move over 3000 but yeah, but it just it just bottled up yeah its fallen in a really tight range.

It hasnt done anything especially interesting lately yeah, but i i was thinking about that last night and heres really. What i want to say is that when it comes to ethereum but weve seen these lulls to sleep before, where it lulls you to sleep, and then it starts running and people are excited about, do not be confused. We are still as bullish as ever on ethereum on this channel and when this thing starts to run, we will be covering it. You know better than any other channel which we always do with ethereum and carnano, and the ethereum network is currently in the midst of upgrading to e2.0, which will bring a shift to proof of stake consensus, scalability improvements among other features. This will greatly increase the usability of the network, even as many competitors like cardano introduce smart contract upgrades Music, uh bank of america offers bullish outlook for divides and empties yeah. We know this, they already said this. They already said this a while back. We got some new reports from them. Uh they say, crypto is a trend. Thats barely started want to know how youre early the bank says. So uh money is the easiest application. The bitcoin use case started there. For us, digital assets are not about payments per se. Theyre about a new computing paradigm, programmable computer, its accessible everywhere to anyone and owned by millions of people globally. Im just gon na be honest with you. Ive always been kind of hip im, very its very apparent im, very hip right, fanny packs.

Everything like that. You know i rock them theyre cool um, but you know sandals with socks. You know rock, though sometimes you know living the life, but when it comes to technology like i never saw myself as a person to be on the cutting edge of this stuff uh like 10 years ago, but man we are on the cutting edge of this metaphor. Stuff, this metaverse stuff is going to be the biggest niche in crypto for a period of time. How long i dont know were seeing the pop up everywhere: eververse watopia, uh sandbox, you know its been around for a while. We talked, i talked on carls channel its either out today or yesterday. I dont know when hes putting it out, but we talked about metaverses and uh nfts and gaming, and definitely a lot of really cool stuff, uh whats. Today, tuesday, oh theyre, not livestream. Today, though, october 5th, no, i dont think they are ruthless new name for jay all right guys, thats. All we got for today excited lets, see if bitcoin get over 50k today lets see tomorrow. Be you know at 175k, well see what happens its all happening goodbye. It looks like theres functioning businesses kind of surrounding it. The street may veer off. So if youre running a production or something you dont see where the road goes, its like a dead end around the corner or something. Basically, the idea is its a hit factory, but its an outdoor version.

You dont have to block off any streets. You dont need to hire police officers to help you you dont have to pull permits. You just do whatever you want, because its your street yeah. It looks like functioning businesses but, for the most part, its shells right um, except the front part thats up against 41.. Those could actually be functioning. Businesses, yeah so were talking about the land next door to the hit factory right now, theres, a few acres between us and all the one. We are one. We already have an option on uh that nobody else can buy without us exercising our option and then theres. Another lot right next to it, that isnt run with sewer and utilities and all that stuff yet. But i think if we got the one that we have the option on, it connects very easily so, okay thats, a good idea, lets uh lets, keep that on the docket and see where we go. You know lets just keep lets thats. Probably the best use ive heard for that space, yet its the most winner trying to spend all the money you think uh its called investing. Nick, you run the lambo. I did. How was that look man heres the thing when it comes to lamborghinis, theyre beautiful. They are the supercar you buy. Okay, you can like mess around where youre gon na buy the one that has the most impact, its the most vulgar in your face and thats what you do when youre buying a supercar, okay, lambo now lets all go.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah, ryan, whats up frank, dude running a new money gang alone. Today, huh thats it im solo. We did a solo, live stream today, uh, but we had a special guest interview and thats, because justin is in the hospital and its because his wife is having a baby which you might have already known already. But good news, healthy baby about 30 minutes ago was born and so justins gon na be gone for a little while. So you might see me riding solo for a little bit vegas tonight back here thursday, see that j chains weve been talking it up a little bit. You know in the office, but uh today is finally the day. Today is the day. Today is the day that i make good on my losing of our 100 to 10k challenge punishment, ultimate punishment, im going to get the new money gang logo tattooed on my body, Music, getting real its about to happen. Lets go all right ross! You ready here we go Music bleeding now that right, there is what i call dedication. Thats dedication to your team brian, i dont know where you are youre here, somewhere good job, winning that one im winning the next one. Welcome to big boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest, the greatest crypto community in all of the interwebs. This is around the blockchain. We come to you monday, through friday, every time at 5 pm eastern standard time, thats, right and im, your host dz were going to talk about some great topics with some great guests were going to get right into it, Music, all right all right! Well, we might have some more hit network content coming your way, but that is all we got time for today: well be back 11 31 a.

m with the morning stream. So make sure you check that out. Thats! All we got time for today to squad easy out. Dz, that was a wild one. It was a wild episode. Uh ben ended up winning uh, it was. You know. We had a little bit of a issue with the wi fi. He didnt scream get off the wi fi, but then ben had to come here. We had to do a mid, show. Camera adjustment, um bj brought the chair for him to stand on. You know, but we didnt end up using it, but yeah it was a wild episode. Live tv live tubing uh, you never know. Whats gon na happen, no its its a wonderful day. Lets look at the price right now. Bitcoin is 51 555..