Absolutely so you know, i think, the the key thing to keep in mind with axi infinity is that its not just the fastest growing crypto game weve ever seen, but its really created a movement, its bringing millions of people into crypto and into crypto games and whats. Incredibly powerful about whats happening with axi infinity is that the game is allowing people to earn so its really disrupting. What weve seen in traditional games, where players are producing a lot of value, theyre, allowing the platforms to grow and generate revenue, but theyre not actually participating in any of the upside and axiomfinity, has turned that model on its head, which is one of the reasons. Why were so excited about it? So you know talk to us about the you know this company in particular, and why you are so excited about it. Yeah, so axiomfinity, i think, is an incredible testament to the power of entrepreneurs working through difficult cycles in crypto and really having an incredibly strong vision for what they want to bring to market um. So whats happening here, i think is, is you know? Historically, crypto has been a pretty tough thing to get into. It has a fairly high barrier to entry, often its appealed to mainly technical audiences, but whats happening in axi. Is you have this incredibly fun game with these cute little axes, which kind of look like pokemons and people can come into the game and play and have fun? You know there are different battle games and other things you can do in the axi universe, but theres a whole group of people now actually earning a living, and so i think, thats an incredibly uh unique thing that weve seen here so thats, really what what is Happening at the core of the play to earn movement where um folks are being onboarded into crypto for the first time, theyre earning money um, you know weve seen incredible growth across a lot of southeast asia, but really globally, where people are starting to play the game In lieu of their traditional forms of employment – and this kicked off during the pandemic um, you know during lockdowns when many people were put out of work, but in reality its continuing, you know even now, and its giving people um opportunities economically, that they never had before.

So thats, really what this is about. Speaking of other parts of the world, you recently let around for the indian crypto unicorn coin switch cooper. How big is the the reach of of axi and this play to earn model? You know we think all of these uh projects and companies, whether it beoxy infiniti or coin switch, are really global in nature. Um, you know, i think crypto is starting to touch all corners of the planet were seeing incredible growth across sectors and thats. What were really excited about as the world moves towards web 3.0? How does that change your job? How does that change the nature of investing um? You know the way we think about it is that eventually, crypto will become a part of the technology stack that touches almost everything in the same way that there used to be web companies and now really almost all businesses in some way use the internet. Whether or not theyre what we would traditionally consider internet companies, so we think that components of the crypto stack are going to become part of all companies and so be a core piece of the technology future across sectors as the blockchain ecosystem ecosystems gain ground. There are calls for more regulation. We dont, we still dont even know a regulation for for crypto itself will look like what do you think regulation of this new universe should look like you know. We really encourage regulators to think carefully about the policies theyre putting in place were certainly pro regulation as a firm and weve built out a policy and regulatory team to address these issues.

What we want to make sure is happening is that the rules of the road are clearly spelled out, so entrepreneurs can follow them and that policy makes sense for the particular sub sectors. So all of crypto and all of web 3 are not identical, and so the rules should make sense for um. You know the parts of the sector that theyre meant to identify, rather than being blanketed and not particularly tailored sam altman, who ran y combinator for many years, youve also backed his idea to swap crypto for an eyeball scan. Tell us about this. Well, we cant really comment on any rumors uh. You know we think its up to entrepreneurs to tell their story when theyre ready.