So today, just like the thumbnail, the title suggests there is one crypto asset that im pretty sure is going to outperform everything that i currently own. So first were going to take a look at some market data on chain analysis, and this is kind of new ish. We started this yesterday were gon na. Take a look at that one crypto asset class were gon na. Take a look at uh how bitcoin cash is doing good and were gon na wrap it all up with the opposite end of the spectrum called masterworks and then im just gon na give you a little snippet about uh world mobile token at the very end. So lets just dive right in, shall we so today is a pretty nice day, thursday, beautiful day out here and look at that total mark cap. Let me bring this down a little bit 2.3 trillion and were down 0.2 percent thats. Okay, the market has to breathe a little bit, but the bitcoin daily sentiment is still 65 or 100, of course, were using trade. The chain, if you want to use sentiment, analysis, theres a link in the description. It does all the different crawling and data analysis. For you but heres what we got so the last 24 hours were looking at uh a decline of bitcoin of one percent. But who cares because in seven days check this out in seven days 24 for bitcoin, pretty good? I mean as compared to traditional finance.

Ethereum was up 20 in a week point four: nine percent in the last uh i dont know 24 hours. Cardone was up at 230. Uh salon is down polka dots up all over the board, but really its kind of stagnant, a little bit of a pullback avalanche. Negative five percent, but if we take a look at the seven day, it looks pretty gosh darn good, and i will take that because we can just keep going up forever ill. Take a little bit of a pullback im good with that uh. If youre big into trading and want to take a look at a little sentiment, lets take a look. Look at these coins sky coin beam, troy, voyager credit, towing and btu protocol. I sure hope that one goes up and uh next hour, so you can expect that these are the price uh fluctuations, so go ahead and give that a give that a whirl. But what i really want to do is just get into first of all, a little uh market data, because um this was went over pretty well actually uh. Yesterday, when we start everything else, so we always start with the market, but uh now were just going to go over just a couple of pieces to see. Give us a broader view of whats going on in our marketplace so uh right now, total liquidation is not too bad. Uh weve got uh. The largest single liquidation order happened on uh, ok x, its only 1.

3 million, not a big deal, not like 100 million or billions like before uh. In the last 24 hours, people have lost around 195 million either going too short or too long and heres. The long and the shorts uh nothing really fantastic right there. However, this was interesting to me so were taking a look at on chain analysis. Ive got three that i like to look at all miners outflow, meaning how much the miners are actually selling the exchange reserves. As far as bitcoin ethereum and if you notice down here, let me blow this up, so you can see it were seeing that theres, an uptick of miners selling their bitcoin, which makes a lot of sense. So when you see mine or sell bitcoin just know the price is going to go down because sometimes they do hold quite a bit the exchange reserves. Since these miners are selling, i think other people took profits. Look at this over here. Of course, people were starting to accumulate so the reserves and the exchanges went down. Price goes up over here. The exact opposite is kind of happening. Well, actually, thats not true uh they accumulated but were going down and up down and up and now were kind of going on an uptick as far as price and a little bit as far as the reserve. So people keep selling hey, they can only sell so much then, as far as like ethereum. This is also interesting.

Same type of thing were going down, then we hit a floor as far as the price and then we just kind of skyrack it up a little bit for price, but just be aware that the exchanges are having more ethereum and bitcoin on them, because people are Selling and taking profits – and then also this was also interesting – is that, as we move forward im interested to see the correlations between our crypto market and the traditional market, so just so, you know you can find this on trading view s p, 500 uh. It took a dip yesterday and everybodys like oh, i have things uncorrelated. This is fantastic well its up today, so whatever nasdaqs up that was up brussels 200s up us dollar index down, not surprising and bitcoin index is down so um, not so much of a little bit of a correlation. But perhaps but uh looks like the traditional market. Is doing pretty well and this the pi cycle top indicator, which is something i really should be looking at every single day, because this is when the 111 day moving average goes over the 350 day and its only happened four times. Okay, so the four times has happened is right here that was in 2013, when uh bitcoin was a whopping, 130 bucks and they crossed over, and then we took a big dip and then it happened again in 2013, so people say: oh, it cant happen twice in A year, well, it did so what happened twice there? The next time it happened when it crossed over, was right.

Around 2017 took a big dump and then, of course we were in crypto winner and then over here it happened again in april, and people were freaking out because they think oh thats it but its not its uh. It happened twice in 2013.. I think it might happen twice in 2021, but only time will tell so that is the state of the market, in a nutshell, lets jump in todays top story, which is the one crypto asset here. It is this thing the doge pound, and these are all nfts. This is what is going to beat the pants off your entire portfolio. Sorry, to tell you, but it is true its already probably done that uh nfts are a big mystery to most mystery to me. Im still trying to to figure it out, but i can kind of see where things are going so youre like well, why would anybody uh own digital art? Well, why would anybody own digital currency? Well, here we are owning bitcoin and ethereum and xrp in cardano. So is it really what stretch the imagination that people are going to get into a digital art piece that they can actually prove anyhow so with the dogepound and what is going on here? Uh lets just open this up and buy on openc thats, going to bring us up to the page of where we can buy these uh goofy little pictures and guess how much they are thats right.

They are uh, four eth or they are 3.58, and that is how much they are going for, most of them, 3.58. 5.2 blah blah blah. What the heck 45 eth sweet barry joseph thats a lot. So the thing is why, before i get into the y lets click on the doge pound and see look a little bit of data in here. So this is the doge pound and whats been happening, and just so you know, i kind of i was talking to a friend today and he calls uh. He calls nfts icos 2.0 and i think hes right, but there is a lot of things going on. Look at this right here, so you take a look at the doge pound, the price from this kind of just kind of started, rumbling july 13. 2021. The average price was point zero, six point: zero of ethereum. What the heck is point zero six! Well back, then, i can tell you it was a lot less than what it is, but lets just say it was 216, whatever right it. Wasnt 216, its probably like 120 bucks, something like that or maybe even less. But now what we have is the floor. Price uh being about 3.6 somewhere around there or the excuse me the average price 3.9 lets just round up, because i like round numbers so today that would be worth almost fifteen thousand dollars, and that is in that since july so july. Let me use a quick math august september october, yeah two and a half months.

Okay, so you go from 120 bucks to 15 000, ah thats, not too shabby, and that is what is happening around in the nft uh area and what is happening also. I want to take a look at this real quick lets. Just go to openc and im going to click on. Where is it stats, and i want to look at activity. Oops stats and rankings. Excuse me, and what i want to take a look at here is all the different nfts that are being sold and how much they are being sold for and the volume so crypto punks are gone. Okay, and that is geez. That was, the vine was 20 000 uh ethereum uh crypto toads. The volume was 16 000 ethereum in seven days. This right here is the new place where people are making a ton of cash, but it is a mystery. Why are they doing it? Why do people come in here and which ones are valuable and which ones are trash? The same thing was said for icos and really in all honesty, i think a lot of the times you can just throw a dart and things would be okay. However, there are so many things going on, but this would be the place to start if it was me, investment opinion, not investment advice. If im looking at this and going, which ones do i really want to get into well, i would probably take a look here and take a look at the volume.

Also ill, probably take a look at the community and see how active they are and id see. Actually, what they do well theres a doge pound. Look at that down. 16 probably peaked out, but in that short amount of time in seven days, 640 percent and then on and on we go and the prices. You can take a look at all those things, so that is essentially uh the the piece of why these are going to outperform everything in your portfolio and probably everything in my portfolio. Just the truth and the real question is: why do people own these well theres? A couple of reasons and uh talking to friend again he says: hey its all comes down to you know. First, it was lets just have some kind of digital art just sell art. That sounds good and the next part was well lets. Uh lets put in the hands as many people as you possibly can to see. What happens, then? That happened, then, all of a sudden, now its kind of getting to the point of lets see what kind of utility we can have, and that is a another big step up so like with uh the doge pound there. When you buy one of those dogepound, you get like a twofer, you get like a doge and a dog or a puppy or whatever else right so great and then other platforms. You can actually launch your own nfcs and then also on some of these nfts uh.

They actually come in come with tokens which you can stake and you can earn yield off. Of that. Do those tokens do anything? Probably not they probably dont do anything and will they be around in the next year or two years? Probably not, but just like the icos 99 point, something percent are going to be gone, but i think there are some real gems out there and what i want to do is im going to start bringing on people on this channel to give us the best information That we can possibly get as to which types of projects to get our hands into, hopefully a little bit early and then go from there how to buy, how to sell secondary market so on and so forth. So if that sounds like something youd like to be interested in, let me know in the comment section, but that takes care of that. And lastly, i will just say this: if were taking a look at uh, how things have gone, i mean we just saw dogepound right, which was pretty crazy. If we take a look at that and then just add that up to uh, this is charlie beleo and he always gives the best uh information. As far as data analytics – and he says – look returns. The last decade has been this bitcoin, pretty good. 1150. 1 million. Excuse me: 150, 000, tesla, 14, 000, nvidia blah blah amazon, pretty good for the last 10 years uh.

You know what 10x thousand x no 1 358 percent apple thousand percent, google bonds, a whopping, 34 thats just more for safety, and then gold, plus one percent youll. Never get rich with gold im, sorry to tell you those days are gone, but i hold gold and silver and bitcoin. I dont understand why people dont, so that is what is going on. Let me know what you think about that in the comments section lets move on to our next piece, and this will go pretty quick and were going to talk about whoops. Bitcoin cash does good. So we talk about one nft project and all the money you can make check out check this out. This was from bitcoin news and it says smart bch, poolside, puffers, nft collection sells out in three days, but 100 of proceeds goes to the orphanage in vietnam who doesnt like that. So poolside puffers theyre 2100 unique generative, art collectibles, and this is what they what they garnished. They said each puffer sold for .0035 bitcoin cash per unit, which is roughly just over two bucks using the exchange rate, which you think about it. They sold two thousand two dollars again: quick math, roughly four thousand bucks and thats going to well wheres that going to uh an or in vietnam, so im pretty sure thats going to go a lot farther than say new york. Puffer is a friendly art project, introduce bitcoin cash and wider cryptos to the new evm side chain, smart vch bch, which is enabling ethereum smart contract capabilities like what the heck.

So if you dont know, because i didnt know um smart bch is this uh smart bch is a side chain for bitcoin. Cash has an aim to explore possibilities compatible with ethereums evm web 3 api and high throughput for dapps. So look at bitcoin cash make it a move so uh. I like these types of stories, especially when things are giving back when people arent just making a bowl of money for no good reason, but so yeah good for these guys. Who did that anyhow? Lets move on to our last piece, which kind of goes in the opposite way of what we just did? We talked about digital art now lets talk about uh, real art, and this was from techcrunch. They talk about. Masterworks raises 110 million to sell physical art, not nfts, and just so you know they raise 110 million in series, a funding at a valuation north of 1 billion. Why do i bring this up to you and its because of this? I have gotten invested into masterworks and what theyre trying to do, or what theyre doing uh is that they are selling fractions, fractionalized, artwork and uh. What they. What the data that i see and you can go to this website theres a link in the description and you can figure it all out. Some people just want to do digital art. Some people say you know what i want to get into another asset class which is uncorrelated to everything out there, and they talk about the the data points here.

As far as like, when the 2008 crash happened, art really didnt take a hit when other big things happen. Art didnt take a hit because guess what theyre dealing with multi million pieces of artwork and the ultra rich dont really care about whats, going on in the normal day to day dual drum lives of us, because they got a ton of money. Now. This is all up to them and you can see exactly how they do these things and again links description, but theres, two different sides of it: its not how much you make its, how much you keep and to me this is just another asset class to consider Investing into that is what ive done, but this is investment opinion on investment advice. Oh before i forget, i almost forgot uh world mobile token, so just real quick, we already titled masterworks world mobile um theres been a lot of questions about how to stake world mobile. I had a meeting with the team over at world mobile last night and they talked to me about the whole process of how to stake and the things that are going on. I learned some pretty interesting things about their partnership between them and cardano, charles hoskinson and the whole thing, and i can tell you that they let some things slip and i cant tell anybody anything because i dont want to get sued but uh. I will just tell you: this cardano is making some pretty big plays and if they can do what i think theyre gon na do its gon na be a pretty uh, exciting time for everybody, at least for coronal holders, okay and thats it so look if you Made all the end, i want to say thanks so much.

I appreciate it if you like that type of video go ahead and give it a thumbs up. Also consider subscribing a lot of things. We talk about are time sensitive on this channel, and that is it for today. So thanks for hanging out with me, i appreciate it and ill see you on the next one.