The market. Before that and find out the best all coins to buy for october 2021 stay tuned, whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were taking a look at the top 10 all coins for october 2021, based on a strategy which three x the market last Month, two exit the month before that, and why are we doing this well guys it looks like bitcoin, is going to resume its bull run, potentially going up to 200 to 300 thousand dollars, and if bitcoin can do that, if it can four to six x. Just imagine whats possible with altcoins, so were going to take a look at the top 10 all coins based on a strategy which 3x the market last month, thats right. If you would have used this strategy bought those all coins, guess what on average, they would have gone up 17. The total cryptocurrency market last month went up 5. That means you would have 3xed the market not only that, but the month before that, using the strategy. Guess what on average 65 the total market 38, almost doubling the average returns on the market? So what is this strategy guys? None other than token metrics ive been talking about this for a long time, and i believe in this platform, because this is the system that ian molina used to turn 20 000 into over 5 million dollars the last bull run. This is the system that he has used to pick out consistent winners like polygon matic, which went up 250x like chilis, which went up 85 x like a whole bunch of other ones that have gone up very very significantly.

So we take a look at token metrics and were going to get into the top 10 cryptos, but before we do, you should definitely check out tokenmetrics theres. A discounted link down in the description in the pin comment is worthwhile looking at because they have completely revamped. The platform – and it is now absolutely amazing. The first thing here is a tm grade. I mean this makes it easy in a glance to just take a look at all the altcoins out there and see how theyre doing compared with other altcoins – and you can do this on a daily on a weekly on a monthly time frame. Not only that, but they tell you the most trending projects out there, so you can go. Take a look at those see if theyre worthwhile, but not only that guys, because now they have added sentiment to token metrics. So you can see in a glance what the sentiment is for certain projects, not only that but theyve added on chain data for some of the top cryptocurrencies out there as well. But for today what were going to be taking a look at is the monthly indices. Now, how do you do this? You go to insights, you go to indices and then were choosing monthly were not including the low caps, because, while the low caps may give you higher reward, they also incur greater risk. So they may go up a lot more, but they may also go down a lot more so based on that there are 10 coins were going to take a look at today that are arguably the top coins for october and, like i said guys, we have evidence This is data driven, investing and its doing pretty darn good, so lets take a look at the top coins for october.

First, one were starting out with is cosmos. Now this should be nothing new for a lot of you guys. Cosmos is the internet of blockchains an ever expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services built for a decentralized future. Now, if we take a look at it over on token metrics right now, market cap 21 trading at 34, and if we take a look, the overall tm grades, 84 daily 86, weekly, 85 monthly, so very high tm grades for cosmos. Putting that ranked number one! Well, not particularly ranked number one but part of the portfolio and tokenmetrics basically combines all of the data. They have to pick out the 10 best coins to give the optimal returns on your portfolio for the upcoming month. So cosmos is the first coin were going to be adding to that portfolio. The next one would be bucks, buy crypto hassle, free, the easy and affordable way to invest in bitcoin and other digital currencies. They strip crypto trading from its complexity and with the possibility to invest with zero commission and buy fractional coins. You can enter crypto markets with 30 euros, enabling pretty much anyone to get into cryptocurrency very very easily. Now, if we take a look at this one over on token metrics right now, trading at 59 cents market cap rank 645. This is one that you may not have heard about because it is so low down in market cap. But if we take a look guys, look at the tm grades, 87 daily 87, weekly, 87 monthly scoring very, very highly potentially if it gets more people into cryptocurrency.

Yeah, the value of the token would likely go up as well. The next one is luxo multiverse, the beginning of a new digital economy, its a blockchain infrastructure, providing a series of standards and solutions for physical and digital consumer goods in order to foster transparency, circularity and new forms of responsible production and consumption. Not only that, but they have this super sweet pink chain graphic on their website, now, luxo right now, tm grade 89 daily 89, weekly 86 monthly, and if we take a look at it trading at 27.90 market cap ranked 172., so that one makes it in the Group as well, the next one is ecome. So basically, the token for vive an app based marketplace for premium licensed digital collectibles with vv users can obtain common, rare or one of a kind, digital collectibles, customize and showcase them in the virtual showrooms, as well as buy, sell trade collectibles with other users. All from the palm of their hand, so clearly with nfts being as popular as they are. This one could potentially do very well and if we go take a look over on token metrics, the tm grade is 87 daily, 86 weekly, 85 monthly right now, trading at 0.6 cents market cap ranked 87th. Now the next one was actually on uh the token metrics for last month and had you invested last month, youve already gotten 75 percent returns on this one, but this one is mineplex all operations in one click in the palm of your hand, top of your balance By mine, tokens perform any operations with wallets, generate transfer and convert plex to mine, quick and easy in one click, another platform to bring people to cryptocurrencies very very easily.

Now, if we take a look at token metrics right now, trading at 1.74, you could have bought a dollar last month. When i made the video last month. How come you didnt do that? Also market cap rank 188 and if we take a look on the tm grade daily 86, weekly 87 monthly 92, crushing it for the monthly grade. The next one would be privateem a technological and legal solution based community platform that enables private assets management. Now this one here is trading at 1.69 market cap rank 358, and if we take a look at the tm grade, this is actually the lowest of all the coins out there, but potentially they know something that is not being shown here on token metrics now daily Grade is 57 weekly grade 63 monthly grade 78, but this one also shows up in the portfolio the next one i think potentially could go up quite a bit nftb, which gives you pretty much exposure to some nfts that you could see here and if we take A look at this one over on togemetrix right now, trading at 33 cents market cap rank 643. Now we go down to the tm grade. Look at this pretty much the highest 91 daily and 90 weekly 90 monthly and with the popularity of nfts right now. This one could potentially go up quite a bit more. The next one would be aurochs token, designed to help you make money. This is basically a platform that could very well be one of the best competitors for trading view out there.

It gives you all the accessibility of trading view for free and then, if you want to use the tokens, you can get better things than pretty much. All the free users have now this one here on token metrics right now, trading at 95 market cap rank 580. If we take a look, the daily tm grade is 89 weekly grade 89 monthly grade 87, so very strong as well, so guys those are what i would call the top eight coins of the ten coins for the month. The last two coins are going to be somewhat surprising, and some of you may not want to invest in them, but were going to go over them anyways. The last two coins to show up in the indices for this month. The first one would be rupia token. The most adopted indonesian rupiah stable coin. Now, why a stable coin? Well, because this gives you potentially a little bit of hedging against us dollar fluctuation prices, but also it gives you some stability in your portfolio now for some people they may not want to invest in stable coins, totally cool other people may want to just follow this Portfolio as it is because, like i said last month, at 3x, the month before that 2x, so potentially they know what theyre doing now. If we take a look at this one, very high tm grade weekly tm grade monthly tm grade all of those and right now trading at a fraction of a cent market cap rank 1223.

But if we take a look at the price, pretty much stays stable. The next one, another stable coin – z usd the digital usd well, this one as well pretty high on the daily tm grade 81 weekly of 68 monthly is 72 right now, trading in about a dollar market rank 1760 and the price is pretty much stable. So these last two rupiah and zusd may not want to include in your portfolio but based on what weve seen previously having a portfolio with these types of coins in here with this percent representation, and you dont even need to do this percent. I dont even use these percentage buying that they have, but if you did well, potentially you might be looking into 3x or 2x the entire market, and that will get you much better gains than just trying to pick and choose coins on your own. Now, one more handy thing that i want to give you before this episode is over is another great resource for picking out absolutely winning cryptocurrencies, and there will be links to both this and uh coin. Telegraphs, marcus pro and also token metrics down in the description and the pin comment now coin telegraph markets pro is something that not a lot of people are using right now. So if you do use it, it gives you an advantage over pretty much everybody else out there. Now. What are these advantages? First? Is news? Quakes you get to know the news before anybody else knows the news.

So basically, when a new coin gets listed on coinbase, you know before anybody else and if you purchase it on average goes up 58, but not only that, because you also have the vortex scoreboard, which gives you the top coins. Each day this every week has been picking out between 30 and 50 percent of the top performing coins. Every week now, using this theyve back tested, it and theyve shown that when coins get above a 90 in a vortex score on average, they get eight percent plus returns above an 80 on average about six percent returns and above 70 on average about 4 returns. So this is also another platform very worthwhile to check out and there will be links down in the description and the pinned comment so guys. Thank you very much for watching those were the top coins for october of 2021. I hope you enjoyed it.