Welcome back to another one place for all your investing needs in todays video were going to be looking at three more potential altcoins to buy in the month of october. So if we take a look here, the market has been booming in the past 24 hours green. Once again, it is up about 2.56 were seeing a very huge crypto. Bull run right now, our top gainers here in the past 24 hours gon na be adventure gold, which is up about 49.66 percent trading at 4.59 right there per coin, our highest volume, like usual, is going to be bitcoin volume at 35.4 billion ethereum at 16.5 billion Bitcoins up 4.7 trading around this 51 355 area, which well get into later on into the video uh, were pretty much back to where we were just a few months ago. At the all time, high situation for september, i believe or actually august end of the beginning of september, so were at those areas once again, ethereum at 3500 up about 3.72 percent. Here we see all these other altcoins are either up a little bit or down a little bit. Doge is obviously moving here with shiba inu, as well as dojin shiba have been moving in the past 48 hours or so making some great moves, especially shiba shibas up over 100. I believe in the past 48 hours we have some other altcoins that are up or down a little bit as you guys can see shebas up 42.

28 here, just in the past 24 hours market cap at over 7.2 billion in yesterdays video we covered sheba. So if you missed that video check that video out, i believe the market cap is around 5 billion, so its already making some. You know momentum right there and soon we could be trading at a 10 billion market cap or higher, so definitely want to be watching. So lets get into it guys, but before we get into it smash that, like button guys, it helps the channel out lets get 100 plus likes in this video subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification, so you get notified every time. I make a new video and leave a comment below letting me know, which crypto are you potentially buying in the month of october? Now lets get into it. So the first altcoin on this list is gon na be helium hnt. This one is a little bit undervalued right now and i feel like a lot of people are not you know seeing this one, but this one has been booming, especially you know in the beginning of this year, so this one is up about 1.78. Here it is trading at 21.55 in the past week were up about twenty seven percent from lows of sixteen dollars in the past month were down about nine point four percent and then on the one year chart were up over two thousand and fifty five percent. This coin was trading at around a dollar and thirty last october, hit highs here in may at 1951, pulled back down all the way to lows of 971, and then we rock it on higher here in august to 26 31 and with a pullback now, hopefully another You know consolidation, you know, bring back up and come back to the all time highs breaking through that all time, high area and potentially continue to go higher market cap only at 2.

1 billion, so the market cap is still very, very low on this coin volume. Is you know the average like usual all time high? Like we said 26.69 per coin, our circulating supply is 99.2 million, which is 44 of the total supply. So obviously uh you know, helium gets mined with the helium miners. We have the bobcat miner different. You know miners out there actually and a lot of people are, you know, definitely getting in on this coin. I know theres, actually a you know, shortage with these miners that people are, you know investing in its taking months and months and months just to get these miners to come into the mail. I personally actually uh ordered one of these miners. At the beginning of the year, its been about seven or eight months and were still waiting for these miners to come in, they keep on sending us emails, saying that its gon na come in. You know at a later date and it keeps on getting postponed right. Now i think, theyre saying that it might come in sometime in 2022, so were gon na be youre gon na were gon na, be waiting pretty much even longer just to get these miners in. So definitely something interesting to see as more of these coins are getting mined market cap only at two billion right there. It definitely has more potential in the future, so it could continue to go on higher and its definitely one that im going to be watching uh.

You know for this one to continue to grow. I mean if we just get up to about 10 billion market cap. This coin would be trading at around 100 per coin and thats a reasonable area right there so want to add to your radar and see what happens in the long term. Guys is going to be helium right here, so definitely an interesting one. Next up we have litecoin ltc this one used to be one of the top three coins. Obviously in the world, back in the day in 2017, very popular coin back, then it was uh. You know the silver to bitcoins gold. I guess you could say so. This one is up about 1.7 here in the past 24 hours trading at 171 in the past week were up about 22 on this one in the past month were down 26 and then on the one year chart. This coin is up over 280, so this one was trading at 45 last year. Hit highs here in may, hitting you know, highs of 413, almost at that 420 area, which was actually the all time high in 2017 that we couldnt break through. We pulled back down to 107 and then came back up to about 232, so about 100 gain right there. But if we take a look here, the chart longer chart right here. Like we said december 11th of 2027, uh or 2017, we saw it hit highs of 420 and we have not been able to break through those highs.

We were so close here in may, but then we saw the crypto market kind of crashed and pulled back down and we were not able to break through that all time high. So we were so close. You know the candy was right. There our hand was reaching out and then the candy was taken away by the pairing guys so thats pretty much. What happened right there, market cap at 11.8 billion right now, volume is flat. Uh typical hold time is 98 days ranked number 13 on our list. 46. By 54, sell uh, so litecoin obviously, is a cryptocurrency that uses a faster payment confirmation schedule and a different cryptographic algorithm than bitcoin. How does all that work as a fork of bitcoin litecoin did not aim to change the fundamental logic or architecture being nearly identical to the bitcoin in terms to you know for the use and design, but with a reduced transaction confirmation time and much lower costs as Much as 50 times lower, depending on the market conditions, so very interesting right. There now keep in mind like going speed and relatively low fees, make it appealing as a payment option and means of transferring value. But the network has significantly a few fewer miners than bitcoin which has negative effects in terms of overall network security because theres less uh, you know less miners in the situation, so thats another thing to keep in mind. But litecoin still, you know lower market cap here at 11.

8 billion. It was a lot higher back in the day at over 25 30 billion market cap. So theres plenty of room just to get back to you know to those all time high areas. If that is ever to happen, which could potentially happen, you never know whats gon na happen. This coin could get like a second life type situation and continue to move on higher, so want to add to your radar as well to see how its going to perform in the rest of 2021 and then third. Last but not least, we have stellar lumens xlm. Another popular coin on our list, this one is up about 2.4 here in the past 24 hours trading at 32 cents in the past week were up 24. Making a nice move in the past month were obviously down almost 20 percent from highs of 43 and then on the one year chart its up over 340, so this one last october was trading at 7 cents. Here in may, we saw you know: highs of over 80 cents pulled back down to 20 21, and then we hit new highs here at around 42. So we still have a lot more. You know ways to go just to get back up there over 100 potential. Just to get back to all time highs closer to 15 to 20 billion market cap. Right now were at a market cap of 7.6 billion. Our volume is around 606.3 million, which is pretty much flat typical time when this one is 32 days.

That is ranked the number 21 coin: the trading activity. You know its definitely on the south side, 66 sell 34 buy stellars cryptocurrency the stellar lumens powers, the stellar payment network, stellar aims to connect banks, payment systems and individuals quickly and reliably so how it all works. While xlm fuels activity on the stellar network, the stellar network is a system designed to help payment cross the borders much faster and more cheaply than with the traditional financial system network. So, for example, a bank in japan might use sellers to send money to a bank in mexico. Stellar would automatically convert yen to xlm, send the payment via blockchain and convert xlm to pesos at the best current exchange rate now, stellar was intended to work alongside existing assets and cryptocurrencies, allowing users to create digital representation of any asset as a stellar token. These can then be used to tr. You know transact on the blockchain and can be redeemed at any time for a base asset now keep in mind. Xlm is positioned to be particularly useful in developing markets, where it aims to serve as a low cost bridge for cross border transactions, allowing users to send and receive payments in their preferred currency. In early 2021, the ukrainian government selected stellar as its partner in development of a national digital cryptocurrency. So you know there are states out there or countries out there that are, you know accepting this coin. Stellar lumens, definitely one that could be.

You know popping in the future, 5, 10, 15, 20 years or away from now. This coin could be a big one. You never know what can happen in the crypto market and its definitely one that were gon na be watching on our radar as well. So that is gon na be our third cryptocurrency on this list now, overall guys market is very bullish, like were saying so, if thats interesting to you, lets, take a look at the rest of the market and see how everythings performing so lanas still at 162. Here down, two percent doge is up five percent, just like shiba inu is getting some momentum right now in the past 48 hours or so pretty much making the same moves just a little bit lighter. Obviously, she was exploding way higher than doges right now, but doge is making similar moves just a little bit lower, like i said, trading at 25 cents right now, 32.9 billion market cap. That market camp is slowly climbing back up again, but were very very far away from that all time, high at 74 cents or higher uh. We have about a good way to go over 150, close to 200 percent upside just to get back to all time highs, which i personally dont think will ever reach. Then we have bitcoin, which is uh currently up about 4.17 here in the past 24 hours. So yesterdays video – this was trading at 49 000. Today we hit over here on on tuesday, we hit over almost 52 000, which is the area we were trying to break through in the past week.

This ones up 25 in the past month, its flat because those were the highs, we hit last time 52 944 and then we saw the crypto crash. Kind of you know: pull back uh, so that is the area were looking to break through 53 000. If we can break through that 53 000, our next mission is going to be obviously about 55 and then after 55. We aim for 60.. If we break through 60 were very close to those all time highs and we will be in you know in in arms reach, i guess you could say by the end of 2021. Anything is possible right now were making this huge recovery market. Cap 972.3 billion were slowly creeping up on that one trillion market cap. I truly believe once we break through that one trillion market cap, we will continue to boom right now. This is 31 of the crypto market. 35.9 billion volume right there typical hold time is 86 days, 52 uh buy and 48 cell activity ethereum pretty much same pattern up about 3.72 trading around this 3 500 area. We were just at 3, 300 last night in the past week were up 25 in the past month down 11. Obviously, the area were looking forward to here is 4 000, so it is a little bit lagging behind. Bitcoin bitcoin is outperforming ethereum right now, uh to get back to those highs market cap 413.6 billion uh, which is about half of what bitcoin is so its just 13 of the crypto market.

Typical hold time is 83 days, 55 by 45, sell ethereum, still doing very well, 3 500 or close to those. All time highs, just like with bitcoin, were seeing that momentum, and obviously, as these large cap coins, continue to go higher. These you know lower market cap and midi market cap coins are going to continue to go higher as well, so definitely going to be interesting to see how the rest of the market is going to perform with bitcoin and ethereum close to these highs. So definitely leave a comment below. Let me know what you think this is going to happen, as always guys smash that like button for me, if you enjoyed the content like this lets, say for 100 likes subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification. So you get notified every time i make a new video and, as always, im, not a financial advisor guys so speak to your financial advisor before investing. This is all for entertainment purposes. Only no understanding that you know do your own due diligence and understand the high risk highway type situation youre getting into.