Yes, guys were in halloween, so its only right that we do this. These projects are no particular order, guys just projects that have been doing huge things in the space in one way or another, and im going to be time. Stamping. All of these so just go in the description if one of them has your interest more than the other and just click on that time stamp. So guys, who are we talking about today? Man today were bringing to you guys neobeast guys were bringing to you big game, elita, the squeeze token seonyx and i community labs man so a lot to get into today. So no further ado fellas lets tap right in so fellas, starting it off with neil beast. You guys see it man on dx, sale right now. Man live and direct. This is gon na, be absolutely crazy and youre gon na know exactly why in just a minute. So, looking at neobeast what they are, what theyre facilitating to be so, as you guys, can see man, they facilitate international use of cryptocurrency by using atms and debit cards again theyre going to be enabling interaction making all these things happen for you in different ways, and What is neobeast guys, its a platform, its going to be bridging and taking you from centralization to decentralization and theyre doing this guys through innovative systems, again assistance, guidance, ai and so many different things. So we are very, very excited to see what they do next and looking at the team.

Man again, you have carlos titan jaquan max and you guys could actually check out their twitters right over there and guys. Why am i super excited for this token? What is it that theyre doing the tokenomics of it? Well, fellas, you can see it right over here man looking back at it, you guys can see the entire breakdown of it four percent going towards marketing and game development, four percent towards the buy box, three percent towards busd per hour. Again guys these guys pay out per hour, so keep that in mind and three percent towards the liquidity as well and fellas. Looking at their roadmap, you guys can see they have a lot going on man, their own exchange, again further development, and just so much more man that theyre working on right now and so much they already accomplished. So, as you guys can see in q2, they got the neobot official launch happening. They got all these things happening, so i must say fellas. We are very, very excited to see what they do next and guys. If you want to know right away where to buy. You see this video man absolutely awesome its a movie fellas, so heres, just a quick look of exactly whats happening so very, very exciting stuff and if you guys actually click the buy new beast button, itll take you live and direct to the different pairings. How you can get involved exactly whats happening and another great place to go, to get all the updates on whats happening on dx sale.

All that good stuff is their twitter man. So, as you guys can see today, this was october 1st. The dxo is starting, and this is going until the 10th, so you guys can see the entire breakdown of this today, the dxl started, and just so much more happening for the man. You guys can actually click on the link right over there to join in and get involved. So awesome awesome stuff for a new piece very excited to see what they do next now guys going on to our next project. You guys know me, you guys know danny. You guys know are huge huge fans of sports so what better way to get involved than through big game. So you guys see different pairings happening the bucks, the nets. All these different bets. You can bet on soccer, basketball, baseball, so many different things. So we really really love to see it and they have a full diversification of games guys. So you have in house, you have slot games virtual sports table games whatever it may be, man you have an opportunity to get involved and as far as the dividend, loot to get a weekly dividend, you guys can see whats happening over there utility token used to Actualize profit sharing and asset appreciation in big game. So again, absolutely awesome, awesome stuff! You can see the breakdown over there between big game mining dividend luts. So this is all available to you live and direct.

You have the platform data, different accounts, total payouts, the countries cryptocurrency supported, and you guys can get involved. Just like this man joining the big game. You see theyre on facebook, twitter, its secure, fast and fair, and that is exactly what were looking for man. So all you got ta do is sign up very quick, very fast and you guys can get involved right there. They have different referrals if you want to actually refer people which is a great option, because guys its just such a great great platform and all powered by the loot token – and you guys can see when i say keys to the kingdom im talking about the loot. Token so, as you guys can see its a functional token on the big game platform, its based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, its combined with the centralized betting business and from there guys, you create a holographic ecosystem for dap mining and other scenarios. So absolutely awesome awesome stuff happening right over here. You have the deflation mechanism of the loot token. So here it gives you a breakdown and again both transparency 10, going towards the ecological node incentives 10 towards the construction 10 towards the reward pool and 70 being mined. While betting so wed love to see it again, full transparency, the contract address right over here. If you want to check it out and lets see what these guys do. Next man, big big, shout out to big game and guys.

Third, on our schedule: today we have elita. These guys are connecting centralized and decentralized trading platforms worldwide and fellas its the ultimate reward token for a global training platform. So first things first fellas. I know how you guys are you want to launch the app you want to get a real, real good look so thats what were going to do guys? So you have a lida swap right over here. They have the best swap rates. You guys can see. The total volume lock so guys over 150 million. These guys are going absolutely nuts on this project and once you actually connect your wallet youll be able to see it in more detail. So fellas we really really like to see it so much happening with this. You see how much you can earn. You see how much can happen right over there and then once youve actually connected your account. Youve authorized it youll be able to see the entire interface in a different leg, guys so again, absolutely awesome stuff. You guys can see. The breakdown here were also gon na. Look you guys see. Our wallet has been connected were good to go and then boom guys awesome, awesome, stuff! You see your different earnings once you actually have any tokens. You see whats going on right over there. You have different swaps, farms, different pairs and a lot of different ways to earn man all around. So again, we love love, love to see that big, big shout out to elita swap and very excited to see what these guys do.

Next and i got ta, say man, a project thats in the nft space thats in every different facet, wed love to see it and heres. A quick breakdown of how lita works again connects decentralized and decentralized trading platforms by maximizing incentives for users and increasing profits for partners. So awesome awesome stuff over here you see the maximum supply the airdrop token one token unlimited platforms – and this is all done through flexible incentives, maximizing user benefits, cross platform reward systems going past trading. So you have station farming, rewards, vaults governance and you see its all secured by certik and its a different approach to growth, guys through alta. They have a different approach when it comes to growing the user base and they believe in the power of connecting and growing together guys so big big shout out to them and its actively searching for centralized trading platforms to build a better future for the whole whole Trading atmosphere, the atmosphere as a whole guys. So we really really like to see that fellas and fellas number four on our list is the squeeze token again bringing a new look at utility, providing the safest place to invest and looking at this breakdown. Man, 75 of their very large supply, has already been burnt, and you guys know how the burning works guys. You guys can see the breakdown, everything that is happening. Everything thats going on and you guys can talk to chat, see whats going on with them, and we really really love to see that stuff.

So big big talk about this, bringing a new token on looking at all the different utilities and thats the problem with a lot of projects. Nowadays, man, they dont, have the right utility theyre just a token doing nothing. So when i see something like this, where they do provide real liquidity and utility, i love to see that, and you guys know what burns already this much being burned knows that the value of the token has gone up significantly and if you guys want to know Where to purchase the token where to get involved, click that purchase token button and itll take you live and direct to the swap import it. You see, you have the contract address and you guys can actually go ahead and trade over there. So very, very simple stuff! You have the white paper as well. You want to look more into it and see some more detail, and these guys are just solving problems, guys again taking care of the rug pull projects taking care of all the different spaces needed in crypto. These guys really make sure to provide that, and you guys see a man built a platform for the crypto trading industry already has burnt a large amount, as we saw and its all done through abstract guys so again talking about the solutions when i say theyre coming Through with solutions, theyre fixing these providers by actually providing adapt and its going to be scanning contracts for common code used in unsafe, small cap, crypto investments theyre going to be using this to create, adapt and its going to be alerting investors of speculative water activity.

So again, guys full full safety. You have the squeeze seal of approval, so this is done over there. They believe in truly promoting rug, free projects. So i love that. I love the fact that theyre looking out for the community, they have the audit. This has all been done. You have token redistribution, so it gives you a breakdown of everything over there and 11 fee of each transaction and its all done properly guys. Eight percent of the fee is used to allocate for redistribution, while the three percent buyback liquidity is used to increase, squeeze tokens for so awesome stuff over there as far as marketing it can be used for marketing squeeze token. You see the devs its going to be there for development fees and maintenance to the project, and just so much more guys. You have the philanthropy behind it again, full on transparency through the contract address, and, i must say, fellas very, very hyped to see what they do next and if you want to know where you can buy this click on these man, its on hobbit, fed x, indo X, uni swap our favorite unicorn and just so much more happening. So big big shout out to the squeeze token now guys talking about number five. The next revolutionary charity token im talking about seonix guys these guys are connecting impacting and empowering as you guys can see and fellas. This is just the beginning. They have a quick video here that were gon na watch.

Guys tell you a little bit about the wallet Music most secure, crypto wall advisor Music, ensuring maximum safety. You have the unique features over here and its coming soon. Boys coming soon, so wed love to see it here. You guys see more token information about the price. The holders the market cap, you see how much has been raised for charity so again, seonyx the cryptocurrency token on the finance smart chain. You guys saw the breakdown 13 is broken down like this and lets take a look at the utility. As i said it guys, a lot of these tokens dont actually have real utility. So when i see a project like this, i really really have to give them a big shout out. So, as far as the utility of this token, six percent is rewards and bmb again giving back to the holders incentivizing them thanking them for being part of this community and holding three percent goals for the charity. So this is awesome again going towards a good cause. Two percent for marketing, one percent buyback and an auto lp as well, so its going to be added to liquidity, to create a stable price for so wed love to see it and looking at this man, you see the name seonix, the symbol, decimals. What type of token? It is yes, guys a bep 20 token, and this is just a look at the charities people theyre, helping out people who are volunteering.

We really really love to see that and its just the six percent from all buys and 12 from all cells. Again guys, incentivizing people to hold on to this and taking a look at their roadmap. Man youll get an idea of all the things theyve done from phase one which was building token development website development. Token deployment theyve already done all of these things, the white paper onto phase two, so you have the pancake swap listings. Beginning development, nft projects different charity donations – all this awesome stuff has already been done. So we really really love to see it and looking at phase two, they still have to do these man. So again, awesome theyre gon na be listed on coin gecko coin market cap, creating concepts of a unique innovative wallet. All these things are coming right now in phase two and then looking on to the next phase, nft marketplace touching on that space. We love to see it. Building charity tokens massive giveaways, 300k donation of 500 ml market cap hosting massive events for the community, and just so much more guys, and here it gives you a breakdown on how to buy download, metamask, guys or trust wallet and after that, youll have to add the Finance smart chain to your network list, you could buy bmb on the exchange transfer the tokens to your metamask wallet that 20 addresses, starting with ox, go to pancake, swap guys copy this copy, the contract address and youre going to be good to go, and i see It all the time man, part of every awesome project is an awesome team and they have that they have daryl again.

Johann and nell rob everyone for every position and you guys can check their linkedin and see theyve been around for a very long time. Making a lot of things happen in the space, so big shout out to them and guys. Last but not least, we have community labs man. These guys are doing huge things as well and looking at it its blockchain for everyone, man, easy implementation. They dont over complement things. They deploy blockchain solutions with ibs the api pro platform, and on top of that guys, they advise you and facilitate the necessary integration so awesome stuff over there. You have the different use cases so going on over there for logistics quality certificate. All of these can be done through this token and theyre launching the isom token as well, so you guys can get involved watch it all happen. Different platform benefits being usability, automation, transparency, cost savings, and just so much more man and looking at this, how does the api benefit you in so many different ways and something i like about demand? They have different plans based on what youre looking for you could request trial access and really really make all that stuff happen. If you want to access this access icon, you could do this right over here and they have an awesome video as well to show you guys about what theyre getting into so big big shout out to them, and that is all the time we have for today.

Man, i told you today is a very, very special episode. We went into the top six projects, making things happen in one way or another. You had different dx sales happening. You had different projects doing things in sports, the esports game, the lottery game you had saw squeeze token what they got going on over there. You guys saw elita really connecting centralized and decentralized trading platforms worldwide and just so much more man, so big big shout out to these top six projects were very excited to see what they do.