This is toshibuman coming at you with another video guys hit that subscribe button. The markets are looking great and i cant wait to get into it. I got my hot tea and honey a lot and loaded ready to go. Lets get this show started before we get into the vj news, guys, big, big big bullish news for bitcoin brazil, um, making bitcoin legal tinder and us bank launches bitcoin custody service as institutions race to cater to crypto demand, so were seeing more and more institutions coming Into crypto guys this is just the beginning. Just the beginning, i keep saying it over and over the bull run is not over yet us bank, the fifth largest retail bank in the nation, announced tuesday that is cryptocurrency custody service is available to fund managers. The offering will help ins investment managers store, private keys for bitcoin bitcoin cash litecoin and with the help of sub custodian, nydig and then support for other coins like ethereum, is expected guys. This is a whole new asset class that weve never seen before. The digital revolution is currently occurring and uh. I mean cryptos here to stay thats. All i got to say guys its not going anywhere weve got big banks coming in weve got governments adopting it its here to stay thats. Why? When price goes down and people are poo, pooing crypto and oh kryptos go to zero vijays going back to what is it all that garbage that people were talking about a couple of months ago, thats why we dont listen to that stuff thats? Why i come on here every single day and give you the news, no matter what the price is, because we see whats happening, we see how many institutions are getting in.

We see now the fifth largest bank is getting into crypto custody services. Whos next is its not just going to be us. Bank banks are going to copy cat each other, so you guys get flooded out of the market if you want to, but im going to continue to stack my favorite cryptos and chill and speaking of my favorite cryptos vijay, not too much news in the v chain. Ecosystem um, but v chain is on a little bit of a pump. We will take a look at that uh once we get to the market and analysis or whatever um, but back in 2019. Vechain was one of the first blockchain service providers to register with the cyberspace administration of china. Guided by strategic partners in tandem with our advanced protocols such as feed delegation v chain, continues to develop in a compliant manner. Now i talked about what i think about v chains: relationship with china. Uh is, but you know we are being adopted. That is the key here guys v trace, uh, uh v, trust. Sorry, my care, mostly all of our blockchain as a service solutions, are being adopted by one country or another, and this is whats going to get us to where we need to go guys. Real world adoption, real world utility, actually storing relevant valuable data on our blockchain, and hopefully you know well see china turn around. But you know theyre going to do what theyre going to do v chain is just there to store data who know the kings, giveaway guys pretty awesome, so theyre giving away in nft.

You could tag three friends follow the kings nft on twitter and retweet. This tweet here also join them on discord, talk to me or discord too guys, um heres, the v kings, nft, discord, um, pretty active, so go ahead. We could chat together on here. Add me, as a friend too id love to hear from you go ahead and retweet that bang bang hope i win a free uh v king thatd be pretty cool and then, lastly, guys we got vim world here. Do you have a birding question for the vin world team? Are you curious about our future plans, make sure to submit your questions early ahead of the ama with vim0002 co founder on monday october 11th, 1000v for all questions picked so its pretty awesome. They were, they recently released a discord to join them. World discord its pretty lit there. They do giveaways and all that good stuff over there as well 901 days to the next bitcoin block. Having guys things are looking good lets. Take a look here. Bitcoin is doing really good guys up 10 on the day. Absolutely crazy. Like i said a couple days ago, bitcoin can move fast. Crypto can move fast, thats. Why you dont get disheartened every time you get a chance to buy dips, you buy them. Okay, not financial advice, im, not a financial advisor, but ive been in this market a long time and i never count out bitcoin. I never count out crypto itll move in a blink of an eye.

Now, typically, what happens is bitcoin rises fast. It kind of moves sideways for a while and people start taking profits from those bitcoin profits and they start bleeding into uh other cryptos here so uh bitcoins up ten percent thats cool bitcoin dominance is gon na rise a little bit altcoins, probably not gon na move That much until bitcoin starts to move sideways thats when were gon na start to see major major major major booms and some of the altcoins, so shiba inu uh. The reason why theyre booming so much is because a whale bought six trillion of them um and thats. A good indication that altcoin season could be occurring as well when we start to see smaller coins rocket up in price teslas, still looking good as well, and if we take a look at v chain here guys were up about 3.5. I know its a little bit modest, but again we will start to see the big booms once all coins start to pump um lets. Take a look at the the exchange volume here looks like binance is still the highest. We need to get that up bit poke like we had the last time. Actually lets go ahead and check a bit. If you recall the last time, v chain was at um, 26 cents, the all time high it was getting pumped by update here in korean exchange. Let me just double check here: has it moved up any doesnt? Look like it uh nope doesnt, look like it so um.

Hopefully we get back into the koreans good graces here it looks like theyre pumping hive token right now. Um, so itll remain to be seen. It seems a bit random what coins they pump and what coins they dump, but they must know something about hive and stp that we dont know about theyre putting two billion per day into those coins. So if you want to catch a pump, go ahead any of these five coins. Any of these four coins here above bitcoin are getting pumped by koreans. So, just just to keep you guys informed if you didnt know that um take a look anything else. Bitcoin is looking good shiba inu bitcoin gold, rap bitcoin, its basically a bitcoin day. So i guess, like i said earlier, uh bitcoin is going to rise and then once people start taking profits from bitcoin its going to start bleeding into our favorite crypto, so guys we could be on the precipice of something huge here. Keep the faith, keep stacking and chilling keep stacking your favorite kryptos chilling. The second leg of the bull run is near guys, barring any major um black swan event, or you know anything crazy. I think the next leg of the ball run is currently going to happen. So um anything else i dont, i dont, really think so slow news day, but hey its okay long as we we get to see some green, so thats always good to see uh yeah, im gon na stop rambling.

Now guys dont, let your means be dreams.