Bitcoin is rocketing up, leaving a majority of the altcoins in the dust., Those strong hands the hands that hodled tight are laughing at the bears who have crawled back into Their caves, Why so sad Bears? Did you overleverage yourself with the downturn? Well Im glad that true supporters of this channel arent one of those, the true ones, you guys and gals – know our Drill its time for Chico Crypto. It twas a spectacular day yesterday for the bulls. And with the price movements. We were only 15 percent away from the all time high of 64800 and with the 55500 high set as of yesterday morning, only about 12 percent from Plan Bs October close prediction of 63k., Who would have thought 6 days into October? The price would be acting like it is Pulling out a candle chart. Btc is already pulling off the green candles that I predicted would happen this month in yesterdays, video., Remember, October, 1st, and that green candle I said yesterday, we would need just a few more like that and 63k would be clearly in sight.. Well, the combined two that just happened yesterday are bigger than the 1 on October 1st., Just one more like the one we saw yesterday, and we are right back to 63k. Sooois it coming this week. Well, HODl on to them horsies we arent that bullish yet.! Remember! I said yesterday there would probably be a major dip coming before we break 60k.

There is tad bit more evidence out there to why I think that. And it all comes down to leverage Checking out the Bitcoin derivative trading tracker from We can see that over the past 24 hours, over 242 million in short liquidations, have smacked the bears across the face 242 million. That sounds like a massive numberright Well in the scheme of things its not that big Looking at the lidquations chart below we can see. There have been more than a few days since July, 9th that have resulted in higher short liquidation levels.. This wasnt that BIG but look back to September 6th and that giant LONG, liqudiation dildong over 3.2 billion dollars in long liquidations, happened on that day.. As we can see to get that amount of money liquidated by Longers. It only took a price dip from 52k down to 46k. Guess where a majority of that LONG liquidation value came from None other than the crypto youtubers favorite shill Bybitnearly, 1.2 billion of it from that exchange, alone. Again screw you youtubers, who make outlandishly bullish or bearish Videos and then promote your subs to go trade, there. That is the epitome of nastiness in this space., The more their subs make, or get liquidated and losethe more. They make in referrals. Its a win win for them, no matter where the price goes, which is why the flip flop from bearish to bullish bearish to bullish. So I will repeat myself: there will be another one of those days.

A BIG dip coming this month, as the exchange manipulators cannot resist making that much money on long liquidations, especially when they have the cards and can see all traders liquidation levels on their exchange. So Beware: Bullsdont: go blasting through the China shop. Now lets switch those gears over to Ethereum Major Im. Talking about Major news came for Ethereum 2.0 2 days ago.. It was announced that the Altair Upgrade was ready and it would go, live on the beacon chain. Mainnet October 27th, So what is Altair? What does it bring to the beacon chain table? Well, first, what is the beacon chain? Well, the Beacon chain is Ethereums proof of stake, chain. Its a parallel chain that runs in conjunction with the proof of work, main chain.. Besides running in parallel, the main task of the beacon chain as of right now, is the management of the staking validators.. This includes accepting new validators, with the required 32 Eth stake, providing staking rewards to the validators, choosing validators for blocks and finally penalizing or slashing offline validators.. The beacon chain does not include smart contracts. Thus, no tokens, nfts, defi or dapps are on this beacon chain yet.. They are still on the proof of work chain., So this beacon chain is now getting its first upgrade, though Altair, and this upgrade is specifically designed to advance the economic logic of the network and to bring light client support for its core consensus.. Now, if you know what light client support means, you know its the beginning of those smart contracts coming to Ethereum 2.

0.. The purpose of a light client protocol is to allow users in low capacity environments like on smartphones in browser extensions and some desktop applications to maintain a high security assurance about the current state of some particular part of the Ethereum state or verify the execution of a Transaction. The plan is in motion and the Ethereum Merge where the proof of work chain and the smart contacts it holds will be merged into the proof of stake chainlooks to be right on schedule for December, So the end of the year will be HOT for Ethereum, But right into November it could sizzling further. Starkware announced big news 2 days ago. They dropped a blog, announcing the Starknet Alpha and it was coming to the Ethereum mainnet. By when, As we can see in the blog, it says by November. Everyone should know the importance of this, as Starkware is already helping scaling today on the mainnet for some projects. DYDX for perpetual trading, DiVersifi for spot trading and payments and Immutable X and Sorare for NFT mining and trading all use StarkEX.. They have seen massive gas savings of between 100 to 200x, depending on the type of transaction., With the alpha on the mainnet. The flood doors get opened to other projects and after alpha it gets opened to everyone And finally lets switch those gears. One last time to.MEME coins. What Tyler is talking about them MEME coins? Well, we have to as Shiba Inu pumped like a mother sucker and the trading volume exploded.

So what was the reason for this PUMP? Well, the PUMP began on October 3rd because of a tweet by ELON Musk. All he did was tweet a picture of his new Shiba Inu Puppy smiling with the words Floki Frunkpuppy … that began the hype and for the past 3 days. After that, the price has been jumping and jumping. I really dont get it. Elon Musk does not like Shiba Inu the token he bought the Shiba Inu because he likes Dogecoin. Like his tweet from December saidOne Word, Doge..It didnt, say 3 words Doge Shiba Inuit said just Doge. Doge is Elons, favorite crypto, no other meme coin out. There has ties to him Tesla or any of his other companies like SpaceXno othermemecoins, Remember when Elon tweeted in April. That Dogecoin was going to put a literal dogecoin on the literal moon. Well, he was referencing the Doge 1 launch. He tweeted just the next month. Spacex launching satellite Doge 1 to the moon next year, Mission paid for in Doge 1st crypto in space 1st meme in space. To the mooooonnn, And this leads us to the conis that do have actual connections to SpaceX and ole Elon.. This is the greek space tokensBeta Gamma, Kappa Xi and Rho, who has Geometric Space Corporation behind them and, of course, RENA Finance with the development group behind it, Iteration Syndicate Going to the official Doge 1 launch PR release, of which Elon was referencing. We can see Geometric Space listed as the main partner of this launch and, of course, Iteration.

Syndicateand remember this is what SpaceX vice president of commercial sales Tom Ochinero, said about the launch in the release. This mission will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth orbit and set the foundation for interplanetary commerce Were excited to launch DOGE 1 to the Moon. Although one more team has been added which isnt fully known. Back into the PR release, there was also a Point Blank LLC contributingand, who has PointBlank, been retweeting and talking about like mad. Well, as we can see, Revest Finance Now many people arent up to speed on what the space tokens do. So let me bring you up to speed Each of the space tokens allow you something. What Well they each are involved with streaming digital art on the cubesat satellite getting launched with Doge 1.. Yes, the satellite will be able to display artwork on it like an NFT of yours or your personal ART. The pixels hue is KAPPA, the luminosity is GAMMA, the X Axis, location of the pixel is BETA and the Y Axis location is RHO. And Xi is the long. It will be displayed, So you need to purchase all of them. If you want your digital art to be displayed on the cubesat. 1st time in history, digital art will be floating around in space Now: Samuel Reed, the HeFe behind Geometric Space and the parent company Geometric Energy tweeted this on October, 1st Geometric Energy Corporation, is proud to Acquire a partial stake of Starry Night Capital on the October 1, 2021 launch.

. Thank you to kyled116 aka, Kyle Davies and zhusu aka ZhuSu for accepting our investment, and especially those are the 2 behind 3 Arrows capital. And finally, there was VinceVanDough. They thanked him for drawing them. In. WAGMI, If you dont, know who 3 arrows is, and these guys..they are the biggest names in the NFT space Like Samuel saidWAGMI. We all gon na make it.