The reason for making our first video is to review the platform because it had a soaring tvo or total value lot of 730 million, and we anticipated the breakout because the investment thesis followed. The tvl, this number has passed a billion and it has not passed two three four, five, six seven billion its unreal. How much its soaring phantom has been busy at work since our first video three weeks ago, theres tons of updates so were gon na go through all the updates were gon na go through. Why the tv i was soaring and were gon na go through price predictions and where we think phantom can go all right guys. So, if youre new to phantom and want to learn more about the platform, go check that out ill put a link to the video right here. It was one of my most popular um video. So i think its time for an update, and so you can see right here, um on october 7th tv on phantom reached an all time high today of 3.2 billion, guys that was pretty much 12 hours ago or i dont know how many hours ago. That was this morning and if you come to the phylum now you can see that this number has reached 7 billion, so the total value money is flowing and soaring into phantom. Now, why is this were going to talk about? You can see the change in the last 24 hours is 200 guys.

That means it has 3xed almost in the last 24 hours. So why exactly is money flowing into phantom so lets talk about that lets exit this heres a first update for the past two weeks of phantom rdn has launched in our recent video. We talked about the upcoming launch of the nft marketplace: arteon. It has launched 370 million ftm incentive program has been extended to game fights, so these are nft or play to earn games built on blockchain technology, and so the incentive program will now be funding game fight on phantom to diversify the ecosystem. Trust wallet now supports phantom tvl surpassed 2 billion, but we know its gone way higher than that shield 2 protocol is live on phantom and much much more now. This is just from three days ago, and we come to the phantom tvo on d5 llama. We can see we have a surgeon protocol here called geist finance. Now what is guys finance? It is pretty much a fork of ave here on the phantom blockchain, so weve had dexes. You guys know i covered spooky swap um and how bullish that is. You can go check a link to that right. There theres other deficits, theres tata, but this is a money market protocol um a fork of app, and you can see that one day change is 500 and its at 2.4 billion dollars. So this has been the main driver of money into the phantom ecosystem, geist finance, so talking about guys finance.

One of the exciting fees about geist is that protocol fees are distributed to stakers and lockers in the form of g tokens, which means they accrue. While unclaimed protocol revenues was 289 000 in just the first 24 hours you can see, the ftm rewards have begun. These g tokens similar to a tokens on ave or c tokens on compound, etc. Okay, guys finance need, we say more one billion in tbo. That was on their first day yesterday: okay, so so bullish again, our team is out. Rdn is an open source. Nft marketplace built on phantom key features near zero transaction cost, zero percent commissions on sales. We know openc, for example, gives commissions to the original mt artist, low minting fees, chain, link, price feeds and more talking about nft marketplaces. Paint swap 2.0 has arrived. The number one open nft marketplace on phantom just got better native phantom support, edit prices, auto zaps, auction extensions and so much more. You can go read about that later. Also, yesterday, cream finance. We are excited to announce after working closely with our friends at urine finance. The iron bank is now live on phantom. This is a part of our broader joint strategy to align incentives and grow the iron bank as liquidity. Backstop d5 nonsense were thrilled to announce that nansen now supports phantom d5 total value. Lockdown phantom is 3.25 billion, a whopping thousand percent increase in less than three months so guys. Those are some updates on the d5 protocols that have been launched on phantom geist and the rewards the incentive program stretching out to define nft marketplaces.

This has all been very, very bullish, but theres also some fundamental developments here. On september, the 27th the phantom foundation announced trials for a cbdc for tajikistan. The solution will also use iron bank protocol to enable seamless low fee foreign exchange, so fi phantom has been one of the only crypto protocols. Besides maybe algorithm and stellar, to have success um, you know partnering with foreign governments on cbdcs, so that is extremely bullish. News right there, next wonderland tweeted this out just yesterday its time for phantoms, so that could be a hint that wonderland, which is an exploding protocol right now offering 42 000 apy its going crosstrain into phantom. Now wonderland is a fork of olympus dal, which has also been a highly successful kind of decentralized central bank protocol currency on ethereum, so that is very bullish, news for phantom right there, most of all guys, i think its this right here now. If you remember my top 10 smart contract platforms – video, i did say i love phantom, but there was one thing i didnt love about it, and that was the small amount of nodes. Well just yesterday, as well. The minimum state to run a validator note on phantom will be lowered to 500 000, so has been lowered and cut in half from 1 million to 500 000. The latest on chain governance proposal passed with a staggering 94 participation. So this is really lowering that barrier to entry or capital um requirements to entry to become a node, and we should see more and more notes, beginning to spin up beginning today tomorrow.

So keep an eye on this 46 active validator figure and and lets see. If that can grow, as phantom continues in the next couple of months, all right so now its time for technical analysis and price action, guys just how high can phantom go when we come to coin market cap and scroll down well see the phantom is currently sitting At number 37 in terms of market cap and thats, just shy of 5 billion 4.9 billion market cap. We already love the tokenomics, because the tokenomics are over 80 in circulation, a good chunk of that is being staked and it does have a maximum supply, its not infinitely inflationary. So we love everything about phantom, except, of course, the barrier to introduce to become a validator which has now been fixed. So we should see our one big flaw with phantom um. You know start to alleviate itself, so just how high can it go now? The flaw has alleviated itself its going to become more decentralized as time goes on and more money continues to flow in in terms of total value locked into the protocol, which is good because for a token, its not infinitely inflationary, its going to have to survive straight Off protocol fees or network fees at one point its going to depend on these fees to pay the validators, because its not going to be able to mint new tokens or be inflationary into perpetuity because its a mass supply token.

So seeing the growth of the phantom ecosystem, these new projects pop up and this tvo flowing is very, very good because it means more transactions and more network fees, so can sustain those validated rewards and, in other words, sustain its security in the future. Because what the validators are doing is securing the network. Okay, so everything looks um very good here we can see the growth five billion okay. So what i think in my opinion is that if we come here, we can see that after ethereum, of course, over 100 billion solana over 10 billion and tara over 10 billion. Those are the only three in the double digit billions over 10 billion, and you can see phantoms at 6.97, its a bit. It has passed avalanche now. Okay, so thats very, very interesting, especially since the tokenomics have less dilution coming up since avalanche only has about 40 percent of supply and circulation. Okay, so i think its pretty undervalued right now for the tvo and the tokenomics okay. So i think it has a lot more room for growth, or i mean its already. 37 5 billion is a lot, but it can continue to grow okay, so i think phantom belongs in the top 20 for sure. So if you look at top 20 thats, 10 billion, so thats at least a 2x more, so i do stick with this price prediction of around five dollars. I think its very achievable this year for phantom.

I dont like to usually give price predictions, but this one seems i dont want to say the word no brainer, but it seems very, very plausible. Okay, of course, start with a starter. Dont have any liquidation risk, dont invest more than you can afford to lose and dont trade on leverage, and, of course this can take a long time, but its just where i think phantom is headed. Okay, if all the signs point towards the top 20 in the top 20 ranking would mean that it has to double in price and a double in price is about four dollars, so four to five dollars is where i feel safe with phantom okay. Of course, it does have potential to itch closer to the top 15 top 10, and, if youre talking about that, then youre talking about maybe 4x in your 5x, but well see what happens as the entire crypto market continues to grow. Okay, so i think its a 2x minimum at this point where its headed and it can grow even more than that. Of course, we talked about how the tvo has passed avalanche and at this moment in time, theres, less dilution, coming less investors, less investors get invested and less inflation, and so with the tbo higher than avalanche avalanche right now sits at 13 billion. So this would be about a 3x from current price and theres tara, which would be next in line with 10 billion in tbio.

Tara and solana are the only two with more tbl than phantom. We just saw that on d5 llama and theyre, both top 10 right top 11 here, so we definitely belong in the top 20. At this point, um so lets see how we can get there lets go to the chart and check out phantom okay. So we made our first video early september. We did rally to all time high shortly after that video, so its highly successful guys follow the tvo. It shows you um, where the users are moving um, where the value is flowing. Okay, so this was im not going to say easy to predict, but this is what we discussed on jupiter shortly thereafter, when were looking at calling tops. One thing you can do is notice its not just bearish divergence. We had up here when we made it higher high, but we made a lower low on both the j line, the jupiter line, which is the green line there and on the histogram. You can see the histogram there made a lower peak when you have both of those things, um uh, giving you bearish divergence, because many times you only have one or the other. Both of those things is a very, very strong signal. Okay, then, the fact that we closed below the 50 moving average and then hit it as resistance and couldnt get above. It was kind of your second signal, so we did end up consolidating all the way to our 200 moving average on the four hour and consolidating into this triangle formation.

Now the 200 is definitely our support because it holds a support. You can see one two, three, four, five, six, seven bounces all holding the support. We never tagged red on the jupiter pendulum, so we kept our bullish momentum, theres, not heavy selling volume coming in okay, thats that doesnt exist here, so its definitely bullish. We should be looking for buys and theres heavy buying momentum. We just tagged green again on the way to all time highs and you guys know, i repeat the importance of this when you break new structure highs and you hit new. All time highs, youve got to tag green, which means tag, green and jupiter. Here its green line. We got ta tag it okay. Now we should definitely be looking for buys, so you can either wait for a pullback or get some screen in the game. With a starter position, a starter position has no risk. If you want to learn more about starters and scaling improperly, so you can trade with no risk. Go check this video out, please it will really help you um anyways um, so were gon na get to five dollars. Here we can go to the daily or weekly chart here, and we can see if today closes above this level here above this week, especially to be particular. Let me just draw this here: um, if we can close above 1.94, then were going to close. Above all time highs and its gon na be very bullish.

You can see on the daily, our moving averages are in order and they did get our two golden crosses during this consolidation. So now were ready to rally again. Okay were ready to rally again from a daily standpoint. We can draw the structure and see what we pulled back to was just a previous daily structure high, where we pulled back from the jupiter pendulum. Was our bison, you todd green when you get to the buy zone, which is the middle point here, you look for buys so that worked out perfectly everythings going good. If we get this closed, then we should continue up towards five dollars. In my opinion, before the end of this year could happen slow, it could happen very fast. We never know okay, so everything looks good there, guys um. You know we can consolidate at this point because weve had a nice rally and when somethings so strong like this, it can usually consolidate more sideways like this in a penance before blowing up again – and you know, when it starts losing momentum, it can consolidate more like A bull flag going anti trend, in which case you look for the 382 fibonacci extension or the golden ratio or the 50 to look for buying opportunities. Okay, anyways were tired, green any dip back to the buy zone is for sure buying opportunity. Dont know it will happen in the four hours, so we can turn to the one hour and you can see were on the way down there.

We continue to consolidate. You can look for buying opportunities at the buy zone and at our one hour, moving averages, okay, which come in at around 1.56 1.6, all right guys, so very, very bullish. Um. This thing could either continue rallying or consolidate for a little and then continue rallying, but in my opinion, thats, where phantom could go very, very, very much bullish news guys.