We talk about everything crypto daily, jumping right into the market today in crypto bitcoin lets check it out. This is the daily chart. Remember im giving away 2 000 for the bitcoin end of the month subscribe to the channel. Like the video leave, a comment in the comment box boom, free bitcoin lets go so this idea. So here we have touch one, and this is touch two so essentially trying to find out. If, if this is an upper trend line that we need to pay attention to so a daily candle closed now and potentially, this gives us an idea where this level is a key level being respected. Okay, some type of pullback would be in the cards. However, if you do get a a breakout to the upside, you know youre bought we buy breakouts right. I mean this level is key, because here you see, the price action came down and reversed, based on this level, all right um now this is this – would be a strong level. This lower level would be a strong level to re test. Because of here you got a double bottom right did roll over, but again theres theres. A couple key levels in play right here were going to zoom into some lower term time frames. For more clarity i mean you do have over bought stochastic rsi and then the rsi is, you know, close to overbought. So you know there are some pullback ideas, but it you know it could be pullback bounce and explosive move higher.

Yesterday we talked about on the four hour chart. Eleven thousand, almost twelve thousand people saw this. We were looking for a pullback to fifty two. Fifty three, fifty three thousand right here on the four hour. Guess what happened? Bang here we are okay, so we got this pullback now. If this is a re test of this level, i mean this is this would be bullish? I mean this would be. The most bullish scenario would be a re test and you know: pull back re test explosive move here right. It would be a gift, a gift, to see a pullback down here in this area, 48, 000 right and so again were looking at entry ideas, pullbacks for bitcoin and then reversals right, any type of of pullback and then double bottom. For example. Uh. You know if you got a if you got a pullback double bottom reversal right on that double bottom thats, a reversal idea. Okay, again, this would be the gift double i mean. If this were to happen it would it would work out to be some type of falling wedge, but at this point you know the markets super bullish on bitcoin. However, you do have this overhead resistance level that, where bitcoins got rejected from you get a daily candle close its about to happen about seven minutes and asias waking up so again, the i mean this would be. This would be potentially a retest. Let me just clean this start up real quick.

A lot of people are saying: oh hey, this is this cup and handle right. Well, a pullback and retest at this level would give a it could be a re test of this cup and handle you can call it what you want, but i mean this: you get a bounce and then a breakout. At this level i mean theres some theres. Some potential upside we talk so paying very close attention to whats going on with bitcoin will we get the gift buy in that were looking for. Ive got some amazing, shout outs to give in my trading group this person he 20xed his portfolio since he joined the group 20x. This this is the best email right here you can imagine to get from somebody. Thank you from broke to millionaire. I mean life. Changing money, how else better could you put it its? A nick hes been the member of the trading group for 10 months. He said its a life. Changing no brainer. The group pays for itself its ridiculously cheap yeah. You can tr, you can pay for the entire year in a trade or two this person, his account, went from 16 000 to 23 000 within minutes thats. What we want quick gains check. Remember you go over to the website. Cryptorev.Net, you can pay with cryptocurrency. You get 50 off if you pay for six months or the year. If you pay for the year, you get an additional month for free.

If you do want to pay month to month, you can also pay with a card pays for itself its a no brainer cryptorev.net. If you go down into the description of this video theres, a link, take you directly to this website. Remember if you have any questions. Email me cryptobitcoinchris gmail.com. This is ftm. I posted this in group, 56 gains in a short period of time. I mean think about it. 56 percent in two weeks and ive got another setup. Ive got a ive got a kucoin gem pick coming with so much leaked news and a super bullish, technical pattern. This things about to take off its about to explode were about to see exponential profits coming for this, this kukuin gem pick at the end of the video. This is ftm right here we started buying way down here we are up 310 youve got to hit these multiples. You want to be five digits. Six digit, seven digit crypto, millionaire youve got to hit 3x 5×7 youve got to be in the right. Coins ill. Make sure you are constant updates every single day, constant, update after update shout out to mr khan here in the group talking about ship and again, this is a strategy and idea we go over where you zoom into the lower term time frames, and you continue to You find these entry ideas just because shib is mooning, like you keep zooming in to these, you find triangles and falling wedges like the game changes when you learn these these technical ideas, which are not hard like its not rocket science.

If i can do this, the average joe you guys can do this too tm, okay, so ive got to set up on this. Phantom jumps 36 on geist finance defy launch. So this is attracting a lot of new users to the phantom ecosystem. Now, according to geist finances website, the protocol has already amassed 3.8 billion in total value locked within 24 hours of going live, so users are, this is huge. Geist is allowing users to land borrow various crypto assets from within the phantom ecosystem. So again, this is. This. Is huge news for ftm? Let me show you ftm real, quick this thing, so i posted this earlier in trading group and again we were buying all the way down here right. If the sound on this video isnt very loud im, just i moved to a new location im trying to tweak the sound settings, so work with me might have to turn your volume up a little bit but ftm right. You got this this its such a bullish pattern. Now look at ftm now its already broken out. I mean its up about. You know 10 from when i posted this earlier and again i post multiple times and multiple updates right, so heres the idea. This is a breakout confirmation line. You get a retest here, i mean youre, looking at 250, 285. 3.50 ftm. You remember what solana did what lunas done like these crazy parabolic pumps? Ftm is ready, pay attention to this.

The retest is the best entry here quick. This is a total two right, so this is all the alt coins. This is all the 125 top crypto. All coins is forming a cup and handle this thing breaks out. I mean we could see a two trillion dollar altcoin market cap and thats, just the top 20 125 kryptos altcoin explosion lets go all right. Kucoin gem pick x cur this thing theres, so much news. I got a ton of leaked news on this, so this is from an anonymous source but theyre announcing a partnership with solana at the solana conference. This im telling you guys this is ready to bang watch watch what happens so curate excur that right they they just announced bep 20 deposits and withdrawals. They got polka dot integration and now theyre announcing solana, integration, theyve got credit and debit card deposits. They got a p2p marketplace as well tiered staking, and this is going to go live by the end of the quarter. Now. Listen to this. This gives you the ability to enhance the yield. With this stake, boosting nft, amplifier so premium will get 1.5 x. Amplifier gold is going to get 2x platinum is going to get 3x so again, theres. So many strong technical and fundamentals ideas with this pattern and then let me just move this out of the way you got: volume, confirmation and a breakout of this level. Listen to this like this, is we talk about this stuff every day, youve got rounded bottoms, pay the bills right cup and handle right.

Then it breaks out and now youve got a retest. This is your second chance to get into x curve before it goes to four dollars. This thing could see four dollars 450, so much upside out of x curve.