Basically, a sub sector of cryptocurrency also makes millionaires. Guess what else makes millionaires gaming yeah you ever heard of like twitch streaming and all that stuff or just simply being a competitive, gamer theres more interest than that than ever before. That can make a millionaires, so what we have today is a play to earn nft game triple a title, all that kind of stuff non fungible tokens. My friends did, i say, aaa title this isnt some mobile app looking game made by who knows who this is a fully doxxed team. That means a public team that were gon na, be looking at so im actually really excited to evaluate review a project. That is, you know in bold letters like yo were making a triple a title built out of the unreal engine. Okay, i think look i was a huge nerd. I love uto4 baby so that that game was so much fun and i have way too many hours in the gears of war than i like to admit shout out to my boy. Marcus phoenix, but today were gon na, be jumping into quantum works. Their aaa title, theyre, developing and their token q, bit, which ill be honest first thing i think of – is q, tip and uh, but first well be looking at tails. Our resident ximena doge, the owner of the vos coin, youtube channel. My name is vosk. I work here and im super excited, given the opportunity to show you guys this project today, if youve ever wanted the benefits of mining bitcoin, but you didnt actually want to go through the hassle of setting up your own mining rigs and building your own mini mining Farm then youre probably going to want to mine bitcoin with compass who would not only help you acquire bitcoin miners, but also connect you with co location facilities to operate that bitcoin mining hardware learn more with our link out in the video description below.

I just want to reiterate how excited i am for play to earn nft games games like axi infinity have made people literally millionaires. I know i keep dropping that term, but thats oftentimes the dream for new or existing cryptocurrency investors is basically how can you make money? How can you become a millionaire? How can you get rich with crypto or just simply, how can you improve your quality of life and trust me? You know the longer youre in this or, if you just get into this, for the right reasons, you learn that its not just about getting your fiat dirty money, your dirty dollars up right. You want to get your cryptocurrency up, because trust me, the limited supply and just transparent tokenomics with many cryptocurrencies, is incredibly interesting compared to the say us dollar, which they just print as many as they want, which is terrifying, but with the right game, mechanics games can Be incredibly fun and truly rewarding and profitable to play, but none of these games look like they were built with a high quality engine. Definitely not unreal and if you dont know unreal is one of the leading game engines around powering. Some of the most beautiful and realistic games ever created in the history of ever enter quantum works a triple a gaming powered by crypto, built in unreal 5. yeah im interested. How can you be a nerd and be into crypto and not be pretty excited about this stuff, so they already have a token trading on the binance smart chain, so lets go ahead and check that out were going to wait for this token to load here.

But while we do that lets go to our good old buddy poo coin, which is like an unprofessional version of dextools, so we can see that qubit is having some fun right now, as they appreciate pretty rapidly in price. Keep in mind, this price chart is just over the last couple hours we zoom out a little bit, and you realize this could still be a really good buy if you like this project and youre bullish on it, and just because im super bullish on what theyre Doing doesnt mean im bullish on their project, so were going to run through their project entirely in this video, and then let you make your own decision here at the end of it. But the fact of the matter is is that they have their own token to power all this stuff, but i just could not be just happier more excited to see a fully transparent team here right and theyre trying to set the expectations clear that aaa games. Take three years to develop and they have a public team behind their project here and they claim to also be rug, pool proof: okay, if youve ever been rugged in crypto youve been exit, scam, uh its its pretty miserable right, its pretty miserable, but quantum morse was Founded this year, when fraser gordon saw a unique opportunity and gap in the global marketplace for a aaa gaming title and studio, but built around crypto right and theyre, funded solely from their own cryptocurrency token, a bep20 token utilizing.

You know the binance smart chain, which weve talked about many times. We have a full video guide on what the binance smart chain is, how to set up the wallet, how to get started, how to get running with this stuff, how to use it with metamask? How to use pancake swap and everything in between so please refer to those review and tutorial videos. If you need that, but theyre now working on project quantum. I hope that im not coming off chilly or something because, like im, just not allowed to get excited anymore because apparently thats like a show um. But i mean i, i love gaming and, if youve ever seen, just for example, our switch collection, which is really just uh. Like my gaming collection, is a cool roundup of all my physical gaming media. Right because you know all my steam stuff, its all digital and basically steam – has full control of it, even though i paid for it, but anyway, whats cool is the way that theyre already incentivizing users to participate, like a founders, sign up bonus right. So the first 5 000 people who sign up and purchase their token receive a unique in game item like a diamond hand, cosmetic enhancement, though thats funny thats, crypto ish that thats thats a hit right. You get these other um. You know its the see the clear diamond theme um there and you know looking through their notes – and i like i saw this and like imagine, winning an item from a famous youtuber in battle and selling it on the marketplace for profit.

Everybody able to see the stats previous owners kill streak over time, its a digital, antique capable of telling its own story. I dont think im like. Oh, that awesome and cool and uh. You know famous youtuber whatever else, but it would be super cool to have our own in house gaming tournaments. And so, if you know you can either take me down or win the tournament or whatever, then you get this unique item, and maybe it was one of my favorite guns and we alright me and susie. We got a long history and now it goes to you and it hits the market and maybe like that, that little story that excitement you know kind of hypes it up and it builds the interest, and you know im all about that narrative. I think its really cool when, when you think of games you know i played a lot of games with collectibles. You know its called hats and other stuff like that cosmetic items, and it would be so cool to know that, like theres truly only say 10 of these and thats verifiable provable on the blockchain, transparent ledger, we have these unique token ids and thats it theres. No, like just manipulation, theres, no theres, nothing, bad, nothing fraudulent happening, and you can never know that for sure with a closed ecosystem like say you deal with with steam in the steam marketplace, which is one of the best um and most popular like marketplaces around that Doesnt utilize, a unique token system like that, like nfts, non fungible tokens its just its just the way right, and the other thing i saw on twitter was just this uh.

Just these couple mock ups, they had – and i mean look like this – is cool stuff, like the the this im excited for this this direction. I love that kind of space theme. I mean im a huge starcraft nerd. This doesnt look too far from that. You know. Uh that whole series – so you know, im, im intrigued right treasure, hunt to the death get loot get out, get paid uh. You had me at hello, okay, im interested but lets jump back to their token 1 trillion qubits bep 20., so with their main development want. The this wall receives 20 of the pre sale funds and subsequently receives 3.5 percent of the 24 hour daily trading volume. Through the taxation built into the smart contract, wow bep 20 token taxes, equity, wallets 100 billion just to confirm right. They have a token tax of 10 percent on each transaction, so they say to enact a buffer or slippage amount here of 12. So if i could get this token to load on pancake swap which is just forever slow lets, uh thats, not what i meant to do lets try to trade it again. At a token, nothing found there. It is quick, so ive got my slippage at 25 because im just a disgusting d5 dj gen – and you know we just do a quick, uh token uh transaction here so theres not there we go so that will get me that many tokens, so you know, were So close lets lets go all the way.

Lets get 50 000.. You always feel like youre, just all high and mighty when you buy these high supply tokens because youre like i got 50 000. What if they go to a dollar yeah, you understand what kind of market cap is associated with that um yeah, so lets go ahead and pull that up currently its indexing, and so when this is done, indexing ill be able to clearly show you here. How? The token tax comes into play while we wait for that lets talk about their telegram group. If you have questions you want to join, you want to get involved with their community join their telegram group, its also a game right, its a game studio. So you know they got discord, ill drop. The discord link down below that ones got like about 2 500 members of the timer recording this video. This one, their telegram, has about 10 000 members, but telegrams are easier to blow up a lot of bots just kind of make their way in there and stuff like that, im, not saying that they bothered it its just a you know, byproduct telegram. In this era of crypto, so looking at the transaction here, you see, i bought 50 000 tokens, but i only received 45 000 tokens that is due to that token tax. So understand that and understand that you need to clear that to get in and get out and make a profit if youre just looking at this token as a short term, medium term or even long term.

You know play right and you guessed it its, not financial advice, so theres this article 11, things to know about the gaming upstart quantum works in the cubic coin, so lets run through that 11 things uh real, quick here. So this is a crypto associated with quantum project quantum. According to the developer, quantum works. Qubit will be the fuel for the in game economy of this game. The company is also rewarding players with unique in item in game items for investing in their crypto. So weve touched on those things pretty much its being developed on unreal 5 and its going to be open world first person, shooter looter and the game is set to feature both pvp and pve, so thats player versus player and player versus enemy or everything or some People say pvm like player versus monsters and stuff. The team beyond the game includes several people with uh experience in the industry. This includes director magnus stone his previous work at sega and 4j studios jason tennant is also director of the, for the game has worked on crackdown 3 and hailer matt hala, haler, halo, master chief collection, which me and miss vosk recently beat, i said recently like you Know before the script of bull run, you know: bear market projects right shady sapphide, im. Sorry, i said your name im, sorry hes, the art director for project quantum and his previous work includes uh, uncharted games, bioshock, infinite and the last of us one and two.

So those are, you know pretty big titles again. Jamie magnus is the lead world builder for the game and served as the main director on the last two series of doctor who so hes got imagination for sure potential investors should note that project quantum is nowhere close to coming out and the developer does not have A release window, the cubit stock, was up 20. So i think this is super. Cool im excited to see way more stuff, like this im, really intrigued to see where this project can go. I have nothing but high hopes in the sense of like i. I hope they do well. I hope they succeed because a triple a title you know combined with nfts and their own token. Can you think, do you talk about like anything more bullish? Do you understand like how the world would like just quake that wasnt a quake reference, but it could have been um say if call of duty dropped cod coin on their next release or, like? Oh, you know, halo and you know now. Hes got the chief token. So i dont know how you could be in a crypto and not support a project like this and again im not showing it im, not saying to go in there and buy it even just rooting for it. You know, supports free, so hey, im, gon na leave. It at that i hope you guys enjoyed todays video. You know its just fun time to be in crypto to be alive, so im thankful for that im thankful for you.

If you took the time to watch this video and watch all the way through and if you subscribe, that makes you even more awesome leave a comment. Let me know your thoughts. Do you think that this is going to be the next halo or this is going to be what the next cyberpunk i dont know whats the next dot right um? Let me know in the comments below smash thumbs up. I will see you on the next video. Please be advised there are scammers impersonating us on multiple platforms. I dont want your money. I just want you to smash that subscribe button. Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes. Only. That means its not financial advice me.