I will call you out. That is why you should never judge a book by its cover and judge them by understanding the person behind that cover.. So you ready to dive deep into the pages of Tyler. Well, you dont have much of a choice unless you me offbecause its time for Chico Crypto Lets begin with that Big ole, crypto Bitcoin.After, an extremely bullish start to October. It started to slide yesterday. From the 55.5k high down to just below 54k.. So is this the BIG crash, the BIG Dip Ive been saying, would come this entire week? No, No! Not at all The centralized exchange manipulators havent set enough people up yet., Pulling out the liquidation and price chart from bybt. We can see with this small DIP that there was a drop in the bucket of LONG liquidations., Just 112 million, and that even was less than the 152 million set yesterday. Its got ta be a much bigger DIP and they aint gon na pull the rugger until they can liquidate at least over 1 billionbecause. If we go back to September 18th, BTC dipped from around 48000 to around 44500. A crash of 3500, which netted the exchanges 1.15 billion in long liquidations. And then, like I, showed yesterday September 5th, when the price crashed from 52k down to 46k.. A crash of 6000. Netted them 3.2 billion So expect the unexpected. In my Tyler Analysis, TA opinion there will be a BIG ole diperooksi between 3000 to 6000 dollars.

Remember when the cards are known by the exchanges, aka leverage, traders, liquidation levels.. They cannot resist pulling that rug.. So when is it coming? Well, I think there are 2 possible scenarios and one is more likely.. The first scenario is, it could come soon and we would have a BIG crash from the current level as of yesterday 54k, all the way down to 50k.. Why do I slightly think this could happen? Well, if you didnt know 50k isnt, a number of resistancewe have blown through it pretty much every time the price has gotten near this year. Its a number of support February through April of this yearit provided support on 3 different occasions. Once in early March, Once in Late March and then one more time in late April. So is 50k support going to come into play this go around Like I said it could, but Im leaning more towards this second option.. Now people are extremely cautious in the market. Right now., Many of those putting in the BIG trades aka Big leverages are noteven with this most recent runup.. They still have the September taste in the mouth, where the RUG was pulled. When we broke 50k and shot up to just past 52k., They dont want to get REKT like they did just a month ago. Sooo personally, I think yesterday was just that a slight cool off and we will get another RUN here soon. A big ole, green dildong, pushing us up towards 60kand, just after that is when the BIG dip will come, Possibly even a 6000 dollar one bringing us back down to between 54 to 53k.

, So a BIG diperoo could be coming, but even with the small one. Yesterday of just near 1 percent, Altcoins got hammered even harder.. Many coins dipped way further than Bitcoin, with nearly 70 percent of coins in the top 100 bleeding RED. So based on my predictions, this may be one of the worst time to buy altsbut throughout this. When I see RED, I see opportunity. So lets finish this episode off with some of the best altcoin opportunities out there, in my opinion, So lets talk about the Base Coinbase as they are going on a coin, adding spree which began to really heat up last month. In September. That month, they added DerivaDao, DeFi Money, Radicle, Rari Governance, token, XYO, Braintrust, Horizen, Shiba Adventure, Gold and Finally, Avalanche. And 6 days into October. We got the first addition from them and it was a special one., The first time in a long time they added a group of 4 tokens at the same time. 2 days ago. They announced the addition of function X, Jasmy tBTC and one of my favorite cryptos. The wrapped version of Centrifuge, So what pumped? What didnt Well Im a little disappointed with this addition for a few reasons. tBTC is a bitcoin on ethereum protocol, so it did whatever the bitcoin price. Did. 2 of the shatcoins pumped like mad near a 100 gain like Function X and just under 100 percent gain like function X, while Centrifuge only jumped earlier a respectable 55 percent gain.

But on the day of the listing it started falling while the others pumped Sooo. What the freak is going on, Why are two shatcoins pumping more than the most solid enterprise DeFi coin out there connecting real world assets to DeFi? It all comes down to exchange manipulation.. Looking at Function X, we can see where all this PUMP volume is coming. Fromover: 117 million from Upbit and over 46 million from Bithumb. Dont. You find it suspicious that Function X, didnt PUMP when it was added to its top volume exchange today.. They were added to Upbit April 10th in the middle of a bull., And the price did nothing that day it dumped. And the same goes with their 2nd top volume Bithumb. Added September 17th, 2019 and again, the price did nothing just a slight pump.. So why does Coinbase make this thing PUMP like mad? Both those exchanges, Upbit and Bithumb, are South Koreanwhat. This looks like to me: is a South Korean whale fueled pump and dump, as if you go to see REAL demand back at their markets on a DEX where anyone in the world can tradethere is just 335 dollars worth of volume on Uniswap. And with Jasmy its? Not even listed on a DEX like Uniswap, so you cant gauge real demandjust centralized exchanges.. But if we go to Centrifuge we can see it has real demand. Their top volume is not from a centralized counterpart where they pay the exchange to market make, but from a Dex over 7.

5 million from Uniswap.. I just call a spade a spade. That is exactly what Im seeing. Fake volume, definitely for Function X, possibly for Jasmy and real for Centrifugebut. I have a prediction now, like I have done in the past predicted Coinbase listings. This one is for one of my favorite cryptocurrencies., But first its time for a sponsored segment of this video brought to you by the team at Rubic. … and, like always, the details of our agreement can be found in the description. We first met the Rubic last month in a previous sponsored segment. Lets do a quick refresher, then lets see what theyve been up to … Lets face it performing a cross chain swap is a bit of a headache, a multi step, multi transaction process that even experienced DeFi users find frustrating.. Well Rubic has changed the game.. They are cryptos, first official one, stop shop, a decentralized trading platform, thats, building bridges between and leverages a multitude of AMMs across 6 blockchain networks and growing Their most revolutionary feature is the custom Cross Chain Routing solution that utilizes their RBC token. That acts as a universal bridge between blockchains …. This finally allows traders, a seamless, 1 click cross chain, swap solution between two different blockchain networks. Without using a bridge … Interoperability. Baby, You heard me right trade a token. Nearly any token you want from one blockchain network. For any other token, you want on a completely different blockchain network .

.. Its live. It works. Its super simple. Cross chain swaps are currently available for over 7500 tokens tradeable between Ethereum Polygon and BSC. Check out. My previous video, with Rubic for an in depth, review and see a live trading example., But now lets get to the juicy stuff. What have they been up to Well? Theyve been busy building more integrations and recently finished, integrating Uniswap v3 into their platform, bringing with it nearly 2 billion in TVL and nearly 1 billion in daily volume, along with an expanded selection of tokens to trade.. Theyve also recently completed an integration with the 0x Protocol. 0X even goes as far as to recognize Rubic as an official partner on the 0x website.. These new integrations now give users access to more than 50 DEXs, offering more liquidity sources with access to better rates, all located on one platform, … the Rubic Exchange.. They also updated their roadmap and announced they are fully integrating 4 additional blockchains into the Rubic Exchange by the end of Q4. Currently Avalanche, MoonRiver and Fantom are the new blockchains chosenone more to gowho. Could that be Avalanche is already in motion and they plan on being fully integrated by mid October.. The first step is integrating the 3 main DEXs SushiSwap, Pangolin and Trader Joe, along with creating a token bridge, so users can begin trading and making instant swaps on the Avalanche network directly from the Rubic Exchange.The. Second phase will be connecting Avalanche to the Cross Chain.

Routing system making Avalanche fully interoperable token for token, with Ethereum Polygon and BSC. In celebration of these new Avalanche partners, Rubic will be offering a gas refund promotion for users who complete cross chain swaps on various Avalanche platforms.. They also just announced a Rubic x, Avalanche Meme Contest. You can take part it in So Rubic is redefining the DeFi economy by creating a platform where all the disjointed aspects of DeFi are consolidated into one really simple: easy to use interface, bridging blockchains together. Helping traders save time and helping them find the best prices on trades. Make sure to visit the Rubic Exchange and plug into the Rubic socials. All links for Rubic are down below Now back to that possible. Coinbase exchange listing me thinks is coming soon right in the middle of this Q4 hype. Now, if you know anything about Coinbase additions, they like to add a certain type of token., An Ethereum erc20 token., Its simple for them. The infrastructure is there and readymeaning not much work for them to get a token live, thus saving them money. Well, last year, In June, Coinbase announced the deployment of Coinbase Rosetta. And, as we can see in the announcement blog, this is for connecting to exchanges that use Rosetta aka connecting to Coinbase.. It says the Rosetta interface makes it easier to ensure compatibility with exchanges that use Rosetta and can dramatically speed up the time it takes exchanges to integrate with new blockchains.

So this Rosetta is for chains that arent Ethereum based their own consensus and blockchain.. Now, Since Rosetta was released, many projects began integrating it into their platforms. Kadena, Handshake, Mina, formerly Coda, and many others, including the Energy Web Chain. Well lets just take a look at the Githubs for each protocol, specifically their implementation of Coinbase Rosetta.. Taking a look at Handshake, their last commit to the specification, came all the way back when it was announced. June of 2020.. So more than likely not adding Handshake in the near to mid term.. As we can see, the Mina protocol is actually way behind the master branch of rosetta and their last commit came to it back in September of 2020., Most likely not adding Mina anytime soon. Kadenas last commits are closer to. Today they came on June 24th of this year. Committing just 4 months ago, so in my opinion, more likely to be added than Mina or Handshake, but they arent the most recent workers on a Rosetta implementation.. The most recent is the Energy Web Chain. Checking out their github homebase for Rosetta. It was actually worked on Yesterday And then clicking into insights. We can see that there were 3 chores being worked on 3 days ago. Updating the volta specs to the latest rosetta 2 days ago, docker and yesterday improved node querying reliability.. So the question that pops into my head is: why is Coinbase all the sudden working on Rosetta? Well, here is another thing I find interesting.

One of the first Rosetta builders added to Coinbase Filecoin back in December of 2020 is also recently working on rosetta. Just 5 days ago. Their github shows work being done. Hmmm is all I have to say.