Some of the news that we have been waiting for its the news that we have been anticipating uh and it is here for shiba inu coin, so lets jump straight into it, Music. Before we begin, i just want to remind you that i am not a financial advisor, so you should always do your own due diligence before you decide to invest so shiba inu had some great news were going to get to that in just a second. But why is the price dropping uh for shiba inu? If we talked about this just a second ago, we had some great news, so the great news came out around here right, so it is recovering, since we had that great news here for shiba inu uh, but uh we saw that 35 right were gon na. Remove the zeros were gon na talk without the zeros, if youre, if youre new to the channel uh the 35 area. Although someone in the comment section told me that 38 was the all time high, if we go here and we look at coin market cap – it says 35, it could be 38 but im seeing here and another place, i saw 35. I dont remember exactly what the all time high is, but it seems that 35 is the area that its getting kicked back down, so it got to 35 once it pulled back to 28, got to 35 again pulled back. All the way down to 21.

currently were down on the day 25 to 25 down 17, and i told you guys last night – and i told you guys this morning as well – that theres a possibility that shiba inu coin is going to have a pullback that its Not gon na go up green, green, green, green every day now uh. This could be a little bit dip before the rip right, but uh it could be that were gon na fall back maybe to the 17 area to the 18 area and then well have a recovery. So this is something that we we needed to take into consideration. Uh, when were investing in a cryptocurrency or a stock that is volatile, like this thats going parabolic up that theres going to be a day that it might pull back right and maybe thats a day that you want to grow your position in maybe thats a day That uh you sell at because youre afraid everybody you know has to have their own plan here again. I cant tell you what to do. This is only my opinion, but uh. Those are the the philosophies. Uh are contradiction here right some people say when a stock or a cryptocurrency is dipping thats a good opportunity to jump in and buy that cryptocurrency because you lower your cost basis, but you might get into a situation where it never gets back to that high and Youre always buying on the downtrend, and you are buying also at high levels, because it continues to go down and down and down and down uh.

On the flip side, some people say you should only be buying on the uptrend right and you only grow your position in a stock thats showing or a crypto thats showing strength, and – and i like to do some kind of mix between them right. I like to do my first initial buy uh when its going up right when its showing strength and while its showing strength. If it has a little bit of a pullback, maybe 10 15. Then i like to grow my position uh in uh in that uh uh investment, so thats thats my style, its a kind of mix of both uh when the knife is falling, its its really hard to to say to yourself well im, just lowering my cost basis And the the fact that you know putting in pulses is a good idea. Ive seen a lot of youtubers say that put in uh 50 then put in another 50 then put in another 50, but you know sometimes its its better to to maybe change that up. A little bit put in a little bit uh in the in the beginning and then put a little bit more uh once you feel comfortable in the position, so uh thats, just my two cents on that something cool that i want to show you guys uh its Its in hebrew, but uh in in the biggest uh like kind of website uh in in the israel on um financial website uh.

They have uh an article today on shiba inu uh. The fact that uh elon musk tweeted about his dog and shibainu went up a few hundred percent 367 percent of uh floki and they show the shiba inu and the dog, and so i just thought it was uh cool that they were um, that they were writing. This article about uh, shiba, inu and so now lets get to the big news, guys so uh shaytosi shaitoshi kosima, if you dont, know who he is hes like the hes, not the you could call him the ceo we have raitoshi, which is also a main figure In shiba inu, but hes, one of the big big top guys in uh in shiba inu coin, and he usually gives the the announcement. So he says here so first let me thank shiba inu art for being the catalyst for this momentous occasion. For months, the ship army has requested a burn, and today we are happy to announce a partnership that does this and much more ill. Be brief here, our new partnership with now payment io. We talked about this uh this morning or last night that they have the payments with them uh, so its not the same payments that amc is using its a different uh payment. Uh company gives business owners the ability to tap into sheep army by accepting sheep through the my rate of payment solutions, have a shopify store except ship. This is big.

The shopify is very, very big. We know that from an e commerce point of view. A lot of e commerce is done through shopify, and so this is uh big right uh. The fact that shopify is going to accept shiba, inu woocommerce, except she merchant with a brick and mortar store, yes shib, but wait theres more. A percentage of e transaction will be burned. This is exactly what the community has asked for and is the perfect way. We can all do our part to burn a massive amounts of sheep best of all now, payments is also on boarding, leash and bone. Yes, the entire ship trifecta will can and be used for payments and accepted by most businesses. Shortly and yes, i will burn. This is a huge step in the direction for long term adaptation. We already seen this in venezuela, with over 50 businesses, accepting shiv ill step into the ship discord now to discuss a further detail and explain uh why this is so important for the longevity of our ecosystem. So i didnt jump on the discord. Yet i havent had an opportunity, but uh ryoshi would be proud. Byoshi is the other top guy. So why is this so important? The the fact that uh, the every time youre going to have a transaction theres going to be a burn? Let me let me pull this out for a second every time, youre going to have a transaction theres going to be a burn.

This is a very important why? Because transaction fees uh, for example, on dogecoin, have been very, very high. They havent quoted well its an infinite amount of coins for dogecoin uh. They do release a specific amount each year, but the fact that they dont have any burn and its unlimited uh is creating the uh, a high high high uh fee for any transactions with uh dogecoin. There are some solutions for that, but uh. The fact that we are going to have this burn in every transactions means that, in the future, right were going to have a lot less coins and the probability for seeing higher prices will be larger. So if you just hold your shiba, inu and dont use it for any buying, you wont be contributing to the ecosystem and down the line. You might have a lot more money, but today you could be using your shiba inu to buy stuff, so its kind of uh – not here not there, im not. I dont know how i feel about it yet were going to see how you know it, how it the adaptation is, how many uh companies are going to be using this, like weve, seen already dogecoin with amc and uh, and possibly if one day we see on Amazon and walmart, and all these big guns, uh the adaptation and the integration of cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum cardano, uh, shiba, inu dogecoin theyll be able to use these to buy actual stuff uh.

Well, you can in some places uh if, if the person accepts it but im talking about the big dogs, then this could be really really important for shiba inu, going forward guys in the description, oops technical difficulty time press the wrong button in the description down below. I have a few links. We have a link to weeble uh. Once you deposit once and youre, going to get two free stocks, you could get shibu shiba inu there, and also you can trade chiba inu on weeble now so thats a great thing ill get a little commission. So thank you for that. Also, we have the swag shop in the description down below Laughter, go check it out. I really appreciate if you get anything from there. Thank you for watching. I hope to see you next time.