Kathy wood believes that this bull market in crypto and stocks will not end until 2026., so why would this be well? In a recent conference she explained that the markets going to be powered up by the 70 million strong millennial army, so in this, video were going to be taking a look at the key takeaways from the salt conference with kathy wood which ill link to below. So well be looking at why the market will not be crashing anytime soon. Kathy shares her thoughts on whats, going on in china. Now, with this latest crypto ban and to finish she was asked the question: what is her favorite crypto and her answer? Just might surprise. You, as always, if you do enjoy anything in the video, then drop a like always appreciated. Okay, so theres a growing number of people out there calling for a big crash anytime soon, robert kiyosaki harry dent jeremy grantham, just to name a few yet kathy wood believes that we have got years left in this bull market. So what does she know that the others dont well lets find out? Well, i we just learned from uh jolene caruso that millennials are 70 million strong in our economy and now bigger than the baby boomers uh. As a a demographic and um im going to hearken back to stan salviksen um, most of you wont remember who he was uh. He made one very important call in the early 80s.

He said baby boomers are going to be the reason that the equity market goes up for the next 20 years. It was a brilliant call, hes no longer with us. I were in the echo now and i do believe that both crypto and uh, the equity markets are going to be powered by millennials. In fact, um tom lee at some point yeah. He he has done the arithmetic. The way that stan did – and i think he says this bull market will not end at least until 2026, and maybe not until 2038, when the number of millennials peaks out there so contrary to popular belief, kathy wood is on the side of the research done by Tom lee of funstrap, because of the 70 million strong millennial army stocks and crypto will continue to be powered up to new. All time highs all the way to at least 2026. next up. We have all the craziness happening in china right now. We had evergrand one of the largest property developers almost going bust and sending ripples across the world to the latest crypto bans. Now, as based on the current growth trend, china is on track to become the next worlds largest economy, so its always good to keep track on what is going on. Take a look, i think, theres something going on there socially, that the government is very worried about many of the same things that the rest of the world is worried about where theres the divide between the rich and the poor i saw today ever grand there are There are protests around the evergrand offices, because the wealth management products that werent highly regulated are are not paying interest or not paying back and so forth.

So i think theres social unrest taking place there and thats why common prosperity has become the rallying cry and hostage to capital has also become a a rallying cry, so i dont think its a a very friendly place for capital now. The other thing that i think is and weve seen this in the crypto space uh by shutting open source movements down, which is what theyre doing right opens for all open source movements. No um. I think this is going to give the us a competitive advantage. So we have allocated more of our innovation assets here in the u.s because of whats happened. China was going to be one of our biggest competitors. We saw them in the ai space, making the league tables and chips im, not so sure. I think they have to do some um house cleaning right now that we probably do not understand all the causes, but i think theres social unrest. That would be my guess so essentially what china are doing are shutting down any open source initiatives, so any software thats open to the public so its a bit of a strategic gamble. If it works out, then theyll have a competitive advantage over the rest of the world and full control over everything they do. If it doesnt, then this will give the us the competitive advantage and kathy thinks that this is going to lead to social unrest in the country. Okay, to finish up, she was asked what is her favorite cryptocurrency and, as we know for a long time, this was just bitcoin, but this is starting to change check it out.

That is becoming a harder and harder uh question to answer. I think id default still to to to bitcoin, because countries are now deeming it legal tender and we havent even put that into our uh thinking ether. However, um is seeing an explosion in developer activity, thanks to nfts and d5 im im fascinated with whats going on in d5, which is collapsing the cost of the infrastructure for financial services. In a way that i know that the traditional financial industry does not appreciate right now, so it does have to move from proof of work to proof of stake. That transition is underway and seems to be taking hold. So our heres. How ill answer that question? Our our uh confidence in ether has gone up dramatically as weve seen the beginning of this trans transition from proof of work to proof of stake would still probably do 60 percent uh bitcoin 40 either kathy wood believes contrary to popular belief. There is no crash coming to the crypto or stock market anytime soon, in fact, not for at least another five years. This is mainly due to the echo boom following the baby boomers, which is a 70 million strong army, which is going to pick up the slack and power the markets higher. China is playing a risky game, banning all open source innovation and whether this turns out to be a winning or losing strategy may determine whether they become the worlds largest economy and once a bit of a bitcoin maximalist kathy.

Wood is now getting more bullish on ethereum and shes, now recommending a 60 40 split between bitcoin and ethereum as a good crypto allocation for investors. So there you are guys hope you enjoyed now. I do have another video coming out tomorrow, as kevin oleary from the hit tv show, shark tank has revealed that there could be trillions of dollars coming into the crypto market, which was too good not to share for now just to say if you did enjoy anything In the video then drop a like and a big thank you to everyone who does, if you havent yet subscribed to the channel, then click below and join us got some great videos coming up that you dont want to miss.