This week we have another major bank adopting ethereum updates on a new layer to scaling solution coming for ethereum. The eth 2.0 merge the switch over to proof of stake. Big update for you on that, as well as some bullish network statistics, my names lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if thats, a topic youd like to stay up to date with maybe learn some more about make sure you subscribe to the lark davis channel, also while youre down there, if you tap on the thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm, real quick, that would be Super super amazing, and, as always, if you want to know when i put out a new video, make sure you click on that notification bell also every single week, my team and i produce wealth mastery. This is a cryptocurrency investor report designed to help keep you ahead of the curve in the market. Every single issue youre going to get a deep dive, altcoin report, a step by step, defy tutorial top tier technical analysis, airdrops token sales interviews and much much more. All of that for less than 10 bucks a week, making this the most value packed and the same time most affordable investor report on the market, click on link down below where you can learn more about becoming a member today, now lets go ahead and get into The news lets start off with institutional interest in ethereum, so this is a survey that was done by coin shares.

It said the results came out. Many investors prefer the scale and the decentralization of ethereum compared to other layer ones. They think that it is the most compelling asset for growth. In total, 42 percent of investors see ethereum as having the most compelling growth outlook compared to bitcoin at 18. The survey found finding comes as the market share. Ethereum investment products has risen from 11. At the beginning of the year to 26, its very very interesting whats happening right now at the the big money level. Obviously they still like bitcoin but theyre. Looking at ethereum all the use cases, everything is happening with it and ive been sharing these stories with you for months now we just keep getting more of them. The institutional money crowd the funds, the millionaires, the billionaires family offices, the companies. All these guys are looking at ethereum right now. Looking at whats happening with nft is looking whats happening to d5 and stable coins, even just the value proposition of the core ethereum asset. We have burning for it, thats a perpetual, basically uh asset buyback mechanism. We have massive deflation coming with the triple halving. We have the switch over to proof of state coming. We have staking rewards. All of this creates a very interesting and powerful value proposition for the institutional money crowd compared to just bitcoin, which is digital gold. You buy it yeah, you stick it somewhere. You wait for the price to go up, which is also nice, but ethereum is very compelling as they say, and i think its got a lot of room for growth.

The big money crowd. They agree and its interesting too. If you look at performance this year, ethereum 383, bitcoin, 90 and then of course, thats all the stocks there thats all the stocks, theyre all these big funds and stuff throwing money into stocks, putting money in apple, for example, seven percent. This year i mean hey: seven percent thats cool thats cool, its no 383, but thats cool. I know i know this is cherry, picking the kryptos right you could bring in well what about solana its seen bigger gains? What about avalanche, just steam, bigger games? What about shiba inu coin lark come on? Why bother the theory when shebino has gone up that much this week? Yes, there are other cryptocurrencies that also have big gains. We have to understand. We start talking about these big funds and stuff, like this theyre. Looking at really high market cap stuff, they want to know if they can bring in a billion dollars or half a billion dollars and get liquidity for that instantaneously, that they can sell half a billion dollars worth of ethereum and not have it destroy the market. Imagine selling half a billion dollars a she, but you knew that would just crush it right. Theyre, looking for serious investments, ethereum is still in spite of all the drama with the high fees and the slow upgrades, its still the king of the smart contract platforms. The big money crowd understands this is why theyre paying more and more attention to it and the statistics for ethereum are absolutely mind.

Blowing ethereum has settled 6.2 trillion dollars in transactions. In the last 12 months, holy cow man holy cow. You kidding me 6.2 trillion 6.2 trillion. This is one of the biggest payment networks in the world right here, its doing the kind of volume, in spite of the fact that it is limited by its low transaction throughput right now until we upgrade each 2.0, its still doing incredible, incredible settlements – and this is Partially, of course, because we have a lot of ethereum whales, a lot of big users that are making big transactions thats part of it right. We see a lot of money coming in and out of d5 et cetera, et cetera, but still this is incredible. Unbelievable amount of value being transferred defy crypto ethereum is just blowing the top off of finance and its only going to get bigger by the end of the decade. This is going to be like 100 trillion dollars a year. You can see a lot of this as well has come from stable coins. The blue box, here 3.’ trillion, has come from stable coin transfers on ethereum, so thats people sending stable coins to exchanges sending stable coins in and out of d5 protocols to do farming, etc, etc. So thats a massive chunk of it ethereum is the preferred settlement layer for stable coins right now, 2.78 trillion of that was done using ether, incredible statistics right there, im absolutely blown away by this absolutely blown away, ethereum also leading the way in development according to pastry.

if. They shared this from electric capital, so essentially what this is showing there are more projects on ethereum than polka dot, cardano and xrp combined. So this shows the blockchain repositories of the top 15 cryptos by market value. Look at ethereum boom well ahead, most organizations most repositories. Although you know polka dot and cardano theyre, making some pretty decent showings there, you got ta, keep that real, but still aetherium far and ahead. The leader in this pack, pretty incredible still so much brain power coming in behind ethereum, its very impressive, also one final mega bullish statistic to share here with you: this is the transfer of nfts, so these are erc721 transfers by quarter. Those are nfts for those. You may not know this is the token standard for nfts, so essentially, nfts on ethereum in q3 saw a 305 increase over q2 nfts are going to the moon, theyre, absolutely taken off and yeah theres a lot of junk in the nft space theres a lot of Pump and dump scams its its a a wild and messy space right now, but but this is the future of digital ownership. Sports cards collectibles profile pictures all that stuff. All that stuff is coming to the crypto space and its all going to be verifiably rare with nfts very interesting, very, very interesting. Now this is an interesting post. I want to share with you, so this is about the eth 2.0 merge. So this is the old.

How it started you can see here not much going on there a little bit, not much not much going on there, how its going right now, essentially, what we are seeing is an incredible amount of development happening right now, around eath 2.0 and particularly around the merge. The merge is when proof of work mining ends forever and we switch over to proof of stake. Now that probably is going to be coming sometime early next year. You know how it can be with tech deadlines. Things usually take longer than you expect they will. I know there was a few months ago, some rumors that maybe its going to happen by the end of the year. I dont think thats a very likely scenario at this point. I would obviously welcome it more likely were going to see this coming out sometime q1. Next year, but the merge is coming, the merge is coming a lot of haters out there on ethereum and yet ethereum is just continuing forward its continuing to pull off the upgrades its continuing to develop. Technologically, we saw eip1559 come in thats reduced emissions for ethereum by around 50 already, which is massive when we have the triple halving come in as part of the upgrade to proof of stake were now going to see. When that happens, uh we will see ethereum going into negative issuance, which is crazy. The merge is coming im very excited about the merge. I think the move to prove a stake is going to be great for the network, its a really positive move in the right direction.

Now the developers have not said anything yet about potential performance improvements that proof of stake will bring. I think its very very likely that proof of stake will bring performance improvements, what kind of improvements its going to bring thats a different question, but there will be improvements, but the real improvement of course comes when we bring in sharding as part of the eth2 point Of upgrade thats going to be the final part of the 2.0 upgrade right now, thatll make ethereum dramatically more scalable, but until that happens, the good news is. The good news is, and obviously were looking forward to the ethe 2.0 merge its going to be a massive event, but until that happens we have to remember weve got great layer, 2 scaling solutions right here. Right now that are working. We have optimism working with many major d5 protocols like uni, swap we have arbitram, which has got a lot, a lot of interest from developers, weve seen most major d5 protocols, integrate with arbitram thats, sushi swap and uni, swap and curve finance, and dozens of others that You can now go use on layer, 2, ethereum, thats, amazing, thats, very, very good. We also, of course, have polygon, which is an ethereum side chain. Theyve also bought hair maze, which is a layer two scaling solution, much more in line with what arbitrary optimism are. So we have all this stuff going on and then we have starkwear now starkware this ones been going for a while.

Now you may have heard of the dydx exchange that is powered by the starkware technology. We also see a few other protocols that are also powered by starkware. I think immutablex, one of the nft protocols, theyre starkware powered, i think a couple other uh smaller things are software powered too, but we havent seen a broad adoption yet well. That is because we are waiting for starknet. This is the alpha main net uh going live in november, so more good scalability news for ethereum, obviously layer, two right now until we sort out the see fee situation is incredibly important for ethereum. So definitely good news there to see that layer, two ecosystem is continuing to thrive in a very, very serious way, because thats, i think until we get an upgrade for ethereum, is the only way that ethereum is usable for regular users, because right now we have fees. You know its 50 to 100 bucks to use uni swap most days, which is absurd beyond belief. So its no wonder, people are going to bsc theyre going to polygon theyre, going to avalanche theyre, going to solana block chains. They can afford to use basically final story for today. Credit suisse has integrated security tokens on public ethereum now. The first use case of this is regulated tokenized shares of a travel and leisure company, but its a very, very important test case. Here we have one of the worlds biggest banks right: its top right top 100 bank here credit suisse theyre, issuing out security tokens on the public ethereum main net, now weve seen bonds, weve seen other security tokens happening.

Seeing security tokens come to public ethereum, its not a first, but its really interesting to see big banks doing this. This remember just last week. What did we have? We had society general proposing to put their banking bonds into d phi. This big stuff happening right here were actually seeing these banks, starting to use the networks in a very serious way, going beyond just allowing people to invest in bitcoin or invest in ethereum thats. What weve seen the big u.s banks doing, like? Oh yeah sure you can come trade with us or well help you buy, buy it with nydig or whatever the european banks. What weve been seeing theyre actually using the products. Weve also seen this with some thai banks that are using d5. But here we go another story of a bank using the public ethereum mainnet to launch traditional legacy market products into crypto land. Before you know it, by the end of the decade, i would say were going to see just a mind. Blowing amount of adoption of legacy stuff moving on chain were going to talk about. Securities were going to talk about, properties were going to see bonds. All of this stuff from the traditional markets coming into the crypto space. This is the future of finance. The smart banks are getting on board now and, of course, they chose the public ethereum mainnet. They didnt choose a layer 2. They didnt choose to go with. One of the competing blockchains they went with the household name.

They went with ethereum the trusted smart contract platform anyway, just some good ethereum updates for you for today.