They think were drug dealers. Bitcoin. Am i right the xrp that bitcoin Music um, i dont know if youll really have too too much to do on there, your main one will most likely be crypto busy just because those videos are super short, really easy to produce really interesting it. It actually is kind of cool, no yeah super dope. I love it. Yeah and trading views down, but hey bitcoin is up. Spreadsheets are fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, frank! Hang on before you say anything were pumping baby. Come look at this lets see. Look at this look at that candle. Look at that candle were pumping dude, we just whipped up to 56k. This is definitely bullish. If we land and bounce off 53 dude. I think we might go to the moon. No. We have to remodel every once in a while, so just got ta change it up. You know i just look up from my desk and nick is just carrying on these massive canvases. I am also an art thief. Oh hes stealing. So this is second nature. To me hit network baker, the legend shout out frank, mikey, ocean, j ocean tyler ocean on the beat its your boy baker. The legend lets go here, look my laptop full of entities. They know about baker, man overseas. They know about me like the mona lisa. The lord put me where im supposed to be dad, tell me better, be your own boss, thats, how i was raised and what i was taught can i be scared and nothing at all.

Every lyric, coming straight from the heart, ive been the gameboy from the start. We in the studio after dark last girl tried to run game on me, but she did not know im a star. She did not know that i would go far nowadays. I dont have no remorse im. The rad version of human torch knew id be big. When i came off the porch, so i got home yesterday uh after going to the store and i parked the truck and i got out and me and my girlfriend just turned around – and there was a lamborghini in front of the front of our house. And i was like i could get used to this. I used it to manifest. Im like this is my house. This is my lamborghini feel it be it and itll happen all right. Great tj had the lambo abundance right. Theres theres plenty out there for everybody plenty to go around so uh yeah its good life is good. It is fun to drive im, not gon na lie. I think i i think i was asking frank. I was like what do your whole neighbors think, because i mean we. I had that same conversation last night when we pulled because, like all the cars weve got brians sprinter van in the driveway, the nice truck, sometimes the gtr now lambo they i 100. They think were drug dealers. Yes, youre on you soar from yesterday from uh that uh vr.

No, were you no. You were sweating pretty good, though i was sweating, it was fun. I want to play it again today, yeah john insert the clip of me uh going ham Applause thanks for the motivation this morning, brian wake up ben its no uh shock to you, but the price of bitcoin yeah. I mean weve, been uh, saying it for years. It will go up and it went up so its good uh heres, a question, though what is worth more one bitcoin today or all of these drinks on my desk, its a tough question over 53 that will pretty much confirm were going to go to new all Time highs, i said, let me check see what it is right now. Oh 54, oh, were there now yeah? Well, the other thing to look at. I think thatll be a good little resistance. Once we get over one trillion market cap for bitcoin right now. Well, is it right now yeah because it was at nine and change when i was like like it was right at it? It is yeah, i guess dude. I was looking at it at 52, yeah yeah, so thats, where you were getting that number from the one trillion market cap was 53. No, no. That was like just because thats, where we got rejected a couple weeks ago, Music and i want to – i might buy one and he was like he was like yeah itll, be twelve hundred dollars, and i said i said dang thats a lot and then i thought Well, i do spend a lot more than that on jpegs and i was like i think i might be able to afford, like one real one.

At least its, like, i dont know if i can swing that, but can you can you make it an nft ill play double? If you nft yeah well thats how the conversation started, i was like dude. Do you have nfts his stuff was so cool were ready today, youre almost as high as bitcoin yeah im up here with bitcoin at 55. ben will look average height once hes on there Music. All my brags tournaments welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad. The largest and the greatest crypto community, in all the interwebs, my name is ben everybody. On this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money, crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe. Button pumptober were in the parrot shirt. You hear what the parents are saying: little birdie telling you something a little bernie. I told you, i told you so much watch your souls clock spots, clown swap new higher eyes driver bitcoin. Am i right now? Listen? Look. We had a timeline wrong for sure. We said this should be happening in september. It didnt happen in september. We are going to end up being six to eight weeks off from the top of this market. What we predicted well keep this in mind. Two years ago, we predicted the exact time frame were going to be about six to eight weeks off. You guys see the power of bitcoin. Somebody sent me a message this morning and they say its amazing when bitcoin moves, how much it moves, how fast it moves.

How quickly it moves and were seeing it happen right now, things are looking great, so i told you guys: prices were going up. We were a little bit. We were a little bit short on it, but uh. You know i mean things are amazing today. I feel great, you feel great tj. I feel great. Oh man everythings happening exactly according to plan Music Music. What was it guys? Im gon na take my wife out on a date and then im gon na drive the lambo and then im gon na go pick up. My grill well have the grill tomorrow i aint cooking, nothing with it. We smiling with it uh guys. Thank you. So much for watching. Thank you so much for believing in this channel. Thank you so much for believing in bitcoin. You guys make what i do worth it. I wouldnt trade. What i do for anything in the world! I love this community. I love every person to watch these videos. You guys are all going to make money in the next few months its going to be really fun, but you got to remember uh, you know next year will be a time that a lot more money is made after things crash were starting to get see, excitement Come back in uh dont. Take this time for granted enjoy this time thats. All i got be blessed all right, ben todays, the big day. It is why, in the grill right – oh yeah thats, what were gon na go to right now lets go Music.

You can play its hard to stay humble. You know what i mean. Oh it looks fresh okay, thats, the bottom right. Your teeth are so small. You cant really tell you, have some of the smallest teeth that weve ive ever seen: bro thats thats, where i drive a sports car at that time. Im compensating you know what i mean. My two front teeth are like for your teeth. Oh we all get it. You got a giant tube bottom of its perfect me, see smile open up, yeah its crazy. You uh im just finding new stuff about myself all the time i got tiny teeth. Apparently i didnt know i had no idea. I tell you this. My wife has never told me: i had tiny teeth, thats all matters: okay, Music. Here we go get closer to that say that xrp that bitcoin, i really got salt either. I got lit bling bling bling bling. Every time i come around, bling bling, big money. Big came through crazy. You got ta smile, a little harder for them. Folks, see all that bitcoin look at my mans with the lambo we going crazy. Just to tell a friend to tell a friend i shoot my shot with this coat on my wrist. While we throwing Music yeah so uh bitcoin around 55 000., things are really positive right now. Looking you know, people are asking like.