My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video in this collaboration with bitboy crypto and the topic for today is going to be nfts, because nfts are, of course right now um. Well, it has been a big topic for a long time, but its getting more and more momentum, and i thought bit boy. I think it would be great to hear your view on the market for nfts, where you see it going right now. Are you buying any whats the next big project coming up? Let me know your thoughts uh on the general nft market, yeah nfts are continuing to explode and i think there was a there was a twitter thread. I somebody told me about it. Actually, didnt see it. Um, so i cant give you the username or credit to the person, but what they said was they said, however, bullish. You believe that you are on nfts if youre, the most bullish person out there on nfts youre, still not bullish enough thats. How uh, incredibly people feel about this nfc space, and i think something really interesting to watch is going to be when we do go into a full crypto bear market a bear winter to see what happens with the value of nfts as collectibles, because i believe that We are going to see you know a lot of uh projects like actual tokens. People can buy. We will see those retreat into a bear market, but just because lets say um lets say you made some uh nfts with axe infinity right just because the token of axe infinity goes down.

That doesnt necessarily mean that the individual nfts that the collectibles price is gon na go down like lets. Look at wax, for instance, like tops the baseball company they put cards out on the wax blockchain uh theyre, now gon na be working with avalanche, but thats beside the point. Just because the value of wax goes down in bear market, doesnt mean the value of the nfts are going to go down in the bear market. I think thats going to be something really interesting to watch. We see nfts go in cycles, much quicker cycles than we see a four year cryptocycle play out, so i think its important to kind of balance. Your if you want to get in on nfts balance your portfolio between tokens, which im going to give you some tokens at the end of this video to take a look at in the nft space, but also balance it with actual nfts. Because i think a lot of those are going to hold their value better now, a lot of people disagree with me on this, so this is not theres, not like a blanket statement where everybody feels this way, but i know that uh, you know i think, elio Put out a video saying that you know if you own a bunch of ethereum at the top of the market, its probably good to put that ethereum and nfts, because theyre going to hold their value better than the tokens themselves.

Like you know like, like ethereum coins. Tokens, however, you want to say it. So you know this continues to explode. There was actually a big story that broke uh well, theres been so many big nft stories. Last week we had tick, tock come out and theyre creating their own nfts theyre, calling them tick. Tock moments to where its, like the viral videos of a lot of creators on there theyre going to turn those into nfts theyve got artists working with those creators to you know make them look very good. We also had garyvee or gary vaynerchuk. He did something called nft doodles or v friends. I cant remember what its called, but the point is his. He had one nft that sold for 400 000 at an art auction this weekend, four hundred thousand dollars at that same nft or that same art, auction and andy warhol, painting the famous painter, andy warhol from i guess, the 60s or 70s. It only went for 25 000 thats insane, like a classic art piece going for much less than these new digital collectibles um, so um doesnt. This i mean is that a good sign or a bad sign thats a great question um. Some people are saying that that makes it feel topish. But what ill tell you is it felt topish when people sold an nft for 69 million dollars right its felt topish nfts for a long time, and it just keeps continuing its one of these things where at some point, weve got to hit a break even point Where we do see a reduction in the values, but were not there right now, and so there are a lot of people that are, you know, as they say, djinning out um, you know buying these nfts everywhere we have a project, pluto alliance.

People can check out um, you know those are continuing to crush it. They all sold out in two hours in the pre sale a few weeks ago and now, like the floor price has like 10xed on those um. You know we had one. You know some of those are for sale for three hundred thousand dollars. They all started out at 300 bucks, so you know were seeing it firsthand here at bitboy crypto with our nft department, like just how you know ferocious the demand is for these nfts and its like uh. You know we constantly are seeing new people come in and kind of um just get kind of sucked into this world. Its kind of, like i dont, know carl. If you remember, when you first got into crypto, you first got into crypto. You started like you got into altcoins. You were like trying to buy everything you wanted every coin thats the similar experience that the new nft user is having is very similar to what we were feeling back in 2017, except is with collectibles and things they can keep its not worthless coins and a wallet That, like they, just buy and sell for a value that theyll never actually use like these. They actually own them. So its definitely pretty crazy to look at where things are right now within fts and its its continuing to grow, people are cautioning and i got to give a caution as well like yes at some point, we are going to see a massive pullback in the eft Market but its not right now all right all right! Thank you! So much so.

Basically, you um. You think that nfcs are going to continue to go up and i think it also depends on bitcoin and the general crypto market. Of course, as long as bitcoin is in a bull market, i also see that nfts will continue to do well, because everything is doing well in a crypta bull market um. How do you see nfts performing in the potential bear market, and do you even think were gon na see, bear market anytime soon, because side note for my side, i think a bear market is not gon na come in. The next, like, i think, were gon na. Go bully for the next like six months or so um, so so i guess my point of view would be that nfcs will continue to at least do uh, okay or very well for the next six months. But let me let me ask you this: are we gon na see a bear market soon and uh, because you have been talking about before that were going to see a top at some point here soon for for bitcoin? So what do you think uh will happen to nfc? In that case yeah i mean i. I do believe that we see the top this year. I dont think wed go into next year. I think in the fall. We will see a top that you know towards the end of december would be the end of the fall at the beginning of winter um somewhere around the 22nd, i think of december or 21st.

So i think were going to see that sooner rather than later. I think were about to break out weve been seeing some strength here as bitcoin you know, went from you know, 47 to 49 very quickly and just last week you know it was down at you know 42 or i cant remember where it was last week, but Last week was very low and then now you know its making a resurgence um, so i think we are going to break out uh here very soon. I think you know we will see a top this year, but next year we will see a bear market and well go into that. But i think i want to get back to the point here, though, of just because we see crypto go into a bear market that does not mean were going to see nfts going to a bear market, its collectibles, its something totally different. Yes, when theres a lot of crypto, positivity theres, more awareness for nfts, but i would much more closely compare it to the baseball card market or the nfl memorabilia market, where these things they have local tops. They go in waves. They go in cycles much smaller than a four year cycle uh, so the value of those nfts could be based on something totally different than the value of crypto. Now. This is why i dont when i look at nfts and i look at the crypto projects that go along with them.

It they dont necessarily go hand in hand right. We may see a a project. The the value of lets say axia infinity. I mentioned it earlier, like we may see axe infinity where the value of that token plummets in the bear market, but that doesnt mean that individual nfts that go along with the game are going to plummet, because this is a game that people outside of crypto are Plane right its helping getting more people into crypto theyre understanding what nfts are through a game like that, but as long as the user numbers stay up and theres still demand for the individual nfts that go along with that game, it doesnt matter what the token price Is it doesnt matter what the crypto market is doing, so i think thats, really the cool thing about nft? Is it bridges outside of just crypto brings gamers in, and that is why a lot of people think theyre going to hold their value better in the bear market than actual crypto projects? And if we look back throughout this year, weve seen waves within fts already to where crypto was pumping. Nft prices were plummeting and then weve seen the reverse as well so um. I wanted uh real quickly to give you guys some uh some projects here that i believe uh could possibly be some ones to check out in the nft space. If you didnt know on uh coin market cap uh, you can actually sort these by uh.

You can sort these by nft projects. If you just come here and you click nft right here, you get a whole list now. Some of these are not primarily nft projects. I mean tezos is a smart contract platform that also does nft. Stata is the same way. Uh chilis, obviously, is a big nft project. Decentraland is a metaverse project. Engine coin is a gaming. Uh coin flow definitely nft project. So you got to kind of go through here and see which ones you know really probably uh you know are classified as nfd projects, but you know we have actually infinity. That has been absolutely crushing it lately. If we go to the all chart here, you can see this thing. Just continues to pump, continues to pump, continues to pump and why this game is getting so many users into it. This project is very popular, its the number one nft project right now uh, so it continues to move um and heres a look at the website here. So this is the game. There are these little uh uh, i dont know, look like little kirbys kind of little little ball characters. Uh people love this stuff. I dont really get into gaming hardcore, but people people love this right there. On the website of the game you can get to the white paper. You can find out how to play just hit, get started here, but a lot of people dont know that you know theres another project that goes along with this, which is called uh, smooth, love potion, and this one has been around for a while uh.

If you go back, you can kind of look uh. It had a massive pump last year, um in april and now its continued into this year or no that is this year thats this year. Actually it had a massive pump. It went all the way up to uh 36 cents at the high. You can see it double top, basically dropped down tremendously and now its peeking back into the green here on this coin. Market cap chart um. So we could be looking at some good stuff for this small love. Potion is an nft that goes along with axi infinity, so you think actually infinity is going to continue to do well and you think, maybe you missed it. Small love potion could be at a good price, uh right now, uh another project to look at um heres, one, my neighbor alice. It gives you the farm bill vibes from facebook back uh in the early 2000s, maybe 2010 your grandma was playing farmville. You know uh. This is a project right now, uh, you guys can look at the all time on this one and see it also has been on a decline after kind of a pump uh over the summer uh or back in august, its kind of dropped down. Now it could also be moving up. This is a game that a lot of people are bullish on what you would do. If you would, you would be investing in this one – uh, not financial advice, of course, but you would be looking at like.

Maybe this game can mimic the magic that actually infinity captured as a game and that can propel it up as well. Then we got star atlas. This is a very interesting project. I know a lot of people really like this one. Its had a pretty big drop. Um, you know, since it launched uh just last month, but starting to show some strength again could be ready for a breakout coming at 11 cents. This is a very interesting game. A lot of people are super bullish on um its kind of a a vr uh. You know kind of uh experience uh the website is really cool. I got lost here on the website. I dont even know how to get back to where i was here for everyone is that i actually invested in star atlas in the pre sale, so um yeah. I did not so thank you, you guys can trust me. Dont trust carl, but you cant trust me um, but anyways. This is a game. A lot of people are excited about, and the graphics for this game are absolutely unreal and then, of course, we do have sandbox im a big fan of sandbox im invested in sandbox. We have a large plot of land there um. So this is something that um. You know a lot of people like as well. I think sandbox ultimately is going to be. I pick it over decentraland to be the number one metaverse project um, so nfts metaverse, it all kind of goes hand in hand.

Here you look at the sandbox chart, you can see its been on a pump lately its retraced a little bit, maybe not the best spot to get in at right now, but over the long term i mean this – i mean guys they got snoop dogg like what More, do you need, if you have snoop dogg here for a sandbox, but its gon na be a game that is going to you know take the world by storm. I believe uh, you can check out the map. You can see all the different people that have uh land here: weve got land the walking dead has land here. Um lets see uh uh lets see some of the other ones. Here we got atari with a massive plot of land. I know binance has several plots of land um. Our land is right. There, you guys can see our land over well, i cant get it now right. There theres our land right there, so we got a pretty big plot um, but you got uh lets see. I think smurfs is in here somewhere. You got like a lot of cool a lot of cool projects here, uh roller coaster tycoon has some land here. The walking dead land is right here. I know its kind of hard to see because the graphics arent the best here on this map, but um. This is definitely a game to watch out, for i think this is a long term hold.

This is one that i would definitely suggest people check out uh. I think its gon na be the number one metaverse project. Metaverse is the new hot niche in nfts and gaming. So definitely look out for some of those projects all right wow. That was very interesting. That was a great little expose of uh nfcs. Thank you. So much um guys if you enjoyed this video, leave a thumbs up down below and as always the link is down below to beat my cryptos youtube channel great channel one of my favorites so go and subscribe right now, um is there anything else you want to Leave us with before we wrap it up. Yeah lets see how many likes we can get this video too thats all like this video yeah, i think, like 10 000 likes or something like this yeah for sure we get that easy. 10K. All right, all right.