If you hold cryptocurrency, you do not want to miss. Todays video today were talking bitcoin huge news involving stellar lumens, lower cap altcoins, including api 3 and sovereign, and much more hit subscribe right now, if youre interested in making money with cryptocurrency, we drop a video every single day. Demystifying. This cryptocurrency market lets jump in. Like always lets start with the market mover bitcoin, the sec has just approved an etf for bitcoin revolution companies. This portfolio includes companies like tesla and twitter, and this new etf from volt equity will give investors exposure to a range of companies like microstrategy and square that hold crypto, and this is one more step to the highly coveted, highly anticipated bitcoin etf that were waiting for. In the u.s that has the potential to skyrocket this market, an etf stands for exchange traded fund. Basically, the fund buys the bitcoin, and then you buy shares in that fund and its a way for the traditional market, traditional investors to accumulate bitcoin. What this is, this etf is sort of one step removed from that its giving you exposure to a basket of publicly traded companies that own bitcoin and it just got approved, managed by san francisco based vault equity. The fund will provide retail investors with exposure to bitcoin by creating a portfolio of bitcoin revolution companies that hold a significant amount of the cryptocurrency on their balance sheets. When the application was originally filed with the sec in june, volt said that 25 percent of the funds assets would be made up of the stock microstrategy.

Now, since then, tad park, who is volt founder, said that percentage could be slightly lower when the fund, which will trade under the ticker symbol, btcr, is listed on the new york stock exchange in the next few weeks and how many bitcoin companies will be listed in This etf park added that the fund will consist of shares in approximately 30 companies, including tesla square coinbase and paypal. He also said vault decided to include twitter, which recently made bitcoin tipping part of its operations, as well as bitcoin mining companies like marathon, that also hold the cryptocurrency in their corporate treasuries. What do you think well how this affects? You is plain and simple. The sec said: yes, the sec approved this. This is a small but positive green flag for the future of crypto. The question: why wont these companies just buy bitcoin or just buy microstrategy? Why would they buy something like this to hedge risk park said that the bitcoin revolution fund will be less volatile than pure crypto plays, since a plunge in the price of bitcoin does not have a major effect on the shares of firms like tesla, like paypal. In a final direct quote on the significance of this a year ago, an etf like this wouldnt have been possible. We hope this is a crack in the dam and thats. True give me your thoughts on this down below in the comment section, but lets keep moving next up. Breaking news for stellar lumens moneygram has officially partnered with stellar and stablecoin usdc for blockchain based cross border payments.

The firm will begin a pilot this year, followed by a gradual rollout in early 2022.. Another way to say this is cross border payments. Giant moneygram is working with the stellar blockchain network to create instant money transfers using circles usdc stablecoin, so this is not usdc on ethereum. This is usdc on the stellar blockchain and how will this work exactly early 2022 will see a gradual rollout of the ledger based stablecoin bridge between crypto and the local currencies, with a view towards connecting moneygrams over 150 million or so consumers. So the masses are about to arrive and in a direct quote from ceo of the stellar development foundation on what this partnership means. Working with moneygram allows end consumers to have on and off ramps everywhere. That moneygrams vast agent network supports this. So this is just transformational in terms of being able to exchange crypto for fiat and fiat for crypto. We are trying to go as big as we can. So if you like mass adoption, if you like stellar lumens, then you like this and in many ways this is sort of a big slap in the face for ripple who quote unquote partnered with moneygram a few years ago, meaning that ripple bought a stake in moneygram And then had them start using xrp and then shortly after ripple was slash, is being sued by the sec. Moneygram quickly dropped them alex holmes. Moneygrams, chairman and ceo pointed out that the partnership with stellar is an entirely different animal than the relationship moneygram had with ripple, which leveraged the crypto firms on demand, liquidity, ripples on demand, liquidity to facilitate foreign exchange, fx trading, so hes saying that with ripple they were Using xrp, the altcoin as liquidity to switch in and out of different countries, currencies with stellar theyre, just using a stablecoin on stellar according to homes.

Working with stellar is a larger in scope because it directly touches on consumer payments. I would be very interested to check the chat down below see what the xrp holders think of this see what these stellar lumen holders think about this, but either way this is potentially millions hundreds of millions of millions of people onboarding into crypto for remittance payments for Consumer payments huge deal next up, lets talk about lower cap altcoins and some adoption in el salvador, el salvador state owned bank banco hippo tacario. However, you pronounce it taps four different crypto startups for blockchain products, so this is potentially a very, very big deal. This is a national commercial bank in el salvador has started working with four companies that will develop blockchain products they say, will increase financial inclusion for the banks customers. So this is for the people of el salvador and out of the four companies they have started. Working with, i think, youll recognize a few of them. One is chain link competitor api, three, a decentralized autonomous organization that provides data feeds to blockchain based smart contracts. So, like i said much like chain link, it is decentralized. Oracles takes information off chain and brings it on chain. The alliance also includes decentralized digital asset management, infrastructure, cuerdo and sovereign, a decentralized bitcoin trading and lending platform, so why this matters is because we already know that el salvador has adopted bitcoin as legal tender in the country, basically giving its citizens the el salvadorians the opportunity To be your own bank self sovereignty, and now this one bank is giving its customers the option for banking type services on bitcoin.

With these crypto startups, slash, altcoins, keep in mind. There is still no estimated date for the launch of these products, but they have announced they will be implementing them, and here are some examples of what potentially, the el salvadorians will now have access to. According to edeniago friend of the channel and early contributor of sovereign, there could be custody products with the ability to provide information from the bank to apis to the blockchain and vice versa. So easy transfer of banking type information and, in addition, the development of lending and trading type services and bitcoin backed staple coins, so el salvador likes bitcoin notice, theyre, building d5 type services on bitcoin interesting. According to the announcement, cuerdos decentralized custodial infrastructure will aid bitcoin banking in el salvador and, like i said sovereign, will, provide an infrastructure to enable traditional banks to offer bitcoin native defy products like lending borrowing and bitcoin backed staple coins. Interesting to see these lower cap altcoins like saver, like api, 3, etc gain some pretty major adoption ill. Keep you updated next up, some pretty big news for injective protocol for cosmos, blockchain and band protocol check this out. The injective community has officially voted to enable a cosmos ibc, meaning that injective and cosmos can now interoperate. They can now communicate, which brings a lot of new potential to the two blockchains. The community will carry out a major chain upgrade that will allow any cosmos, ibc based chain, such as a banned protocol such as terra money, to interact with the injective exchange.

The era of cross chain derivatives is here so how this affects you plain and simple. This is interoperability.