So im gon na give you my playbook that im going to deploy over the next few weeks to make sure that i end up on the best side of this q4 face melt and honestly over the next eight to 12 weeks. I believe that anyone whos playing this game right will probably be able to experience a transformative moment for their own finances or depending on where you are in the game. Just massively multiply your stacks thats. What i believe could be wrong lets find out exactly where im basing this hypothesis on in this video its going to be stacked with value youre, definitely going to want to see this detailed walkthrough so make sure you smash that, like button watch this front to back And remember if you want to make outsized gains in cryptos and of course, the new opportunities that are the hardest to understand, but have the absolute most transformative effect the biggest gains to be had. Then all you have to do is subscribe and put that bell notification on, because no one is getting you further ahead on the most important twists and turns in crypto than this channel right here with that said, lets dive in now, as we see here, bitcoin is Sagging a little bit right now and thats, not that big of a deal, its just exploded a little bit up here. Hopefully, itll flip that 52k into support, but im expecting a little bit of volatility on the horizon, because weve just seen a massive explosion in open interest and leverage leverage is the rocket fuel up as well as down essentially creating long and or short squeezes.

But what we need to know here is that in the meantime, while bitcoin is taking a little breather were seeing protocols – some of our old friends here like phantom taking off and thats, because the phantom ecosystem is absolutely explosive. Now i put my eyes on phantom all the way back in august of last year at about three cents, and it has absolutely crushed it ever since i have the privilege of knowing some phantom team members and they are truly truly brilliant. Now, phantom and avax are the two ecosystems that i believe will have a magnificent alt season here. But of course, you already know about cardano, you already know about polka dot. You already know about bsc. You already know about polygon. Those are the bigger ecosystems. I believe, however, phantom and avax are the little bit of lower cap higher risk. High reward plays here, ive been talking about phantom a long time, but specifically the phantom ecosystem and the avax ecosystems, i believe, will perform really well during this q4 period. Just know. Right now, whats happening is that big money is piling into bitcoin and ethereum and the majors, and, as that starts to happen, it will create a big explosion. My guess is that the huge catalyst will be a bitcoin etf sometime in this october early november period, and then we will see the massive flood of liquidity into bitcoin and then, once that train starts running out of gas, we will see a total eruption throughout the Altcoins and that will cascade throughout q4 eventually well get a blow off top in bitcoin and we will see altcoins peak.

That is what i think is going to happen. Lets go a little bit deeper here and ill. Show you a little bit of the reasons and the specific areas of crypto im. Looking at once again, back on my blog, we see that bridge protocols are on the rise. Remember. I did a whole video here explaining how bridge protocols are totally key to this interchange. Future, you can think of them as the actual passport checks between all of these very very important l1 protocols. You have the l1s, the bridges. Those are really really important – d5 primitives here. So what do we see here with the rise of different l1s and l2 ecosystems? In the last months, weve seen bridge protocols like any swap remember, i was talking about any swap literally last year and it has just gone absolutely crazy or, as one of my researchers has put in here, exactly as predicted anyway, at the risk of becoming a little Bit of a meme here, im just very, very happy about the consistent directional calls this channel has made the thesis based calls that this channel has made way before these changes take place in the ecosystem. Getting ahead of some of the biggest trends like bridge protocols here – and this is what fundamentals based investing should look like. Andys price has been rising hand in hand with the protocols fast growing volume and tvl. I identified any swap as a keybridge protocol several months ago, and so, if you were a part of that or if you did take a swing at any swap or started farming on any swap, you are in really good shape.

As that protocols chart has looked absolutely staggeringly good here over the last few weeks. What we see here is that andre cronier is saying one billion dollars in 24 hour volume any This is obviously part of that phantom wi fi entree cronie umbrella here and so hes got his fingerprints all over this and thats. When i started really taking this seriously, when any swap came under the phantom umbrella and look at this ecosystem explosion, we see tvl growth. Almost triple over the last few weeks here and if we look back here, you can see this three billion to six billion dollar spike is just a huge huge uh cherry on the top of this slow grind upwards. That weve been calling attention to for quite some time so after being in the shadow of solana and avalanche now, phantom continues its massive gain and, of course, now the three ecosystems thatll probably deliver the most outsized gains throughout the rest of the year are right. Here. Solana, avalanche and phantom, in my opinion, obviously theres hope for other ecosystems, but these are where i think the biggest gains will come from and weve also seen a massive pump from phantom. In response, we also see phantom ecosystem projects like popsicle and spirit swap ice and spirit, having really really nice days here, 20 plus percent here. But of course, one of the stories of the day is the meme token revival. Now, meme tokens are like an index on fomo in my opinion and that they start to pump when newer, less experienced audiences get in.

They buy a coin that maybe they identify with. Personally, maybe they think is cute or interesting. Like doge, then we have shib. We have all the dog coins starting to really come out in full flex, with shib having a crazy, crazy pump, the other day, almost a hundred percent pump. What that means to me is that younger new retail money is fomoing in once again, as the market has started to become more healthy. The people who got totally wrecked on the last cycle, theyre coming back for more and so just know as memes pump. That shows that the froth in the ecosystem is starting to bubble over remember. This is how it goes. You get large caps, then you get mid caps. Then you get low caps and memes. Those are sort of the flows. Now, one more dynamic that well talk about at the end is nfts and ill. Tell you how im planning to play nfts once again, because i think ive been almost dead on in how ive been allocating funds back and forth between fungible and non fungible markets, but lets get to this. But i want to be clear here. I made a video yesterday im sure a lot of people didnt like this saying there could be a crash before the moon times and people hate when i point out that there could be a negative thing before the positive thing, but im just trying to prepare you Psychologically, you dont even have to do anything as long as you dont panic sell.

I think that thats the right way forward again, i could be wrong. Maybe panic selling will be the smartest thing you ever do its never worked out for me. Ive rarely ever seen. Anyone be happy about a panic cell, but if we get a leverage wash in a crash below 50k everyones gon na think wow, this was some big fake out, sell it all sell it all, and once again this could be another leverage wash its important to realize That the futures pert funding for bitcoin has spiked this morning back to early september levels with open interest, also remaining elevated. It seems a few smooth brains have taken leverage, long positions, making them vulnerable to disagreements and price stay on your toes. This is key. This is what im talking about here, which is, as people get more and more comfortable with the price going up. They start leveraging their bets up, and that creates some downward pressure. If there is a bit of a fluctuation down and who loves to steal your coins. More than the big whales that can create those one to two percent fluctuations that can totally create a cascading leverage collapse, thats what happened in september thats? What happened in may and just know its probably going to keep happening so as leverage goes up. Just know that that makes the whole ecosystem vulnerable to a temporary flash crash now theres, also some big whales taking profits here. This was another thing that we havent really seen for a while.

You see this green line here, um for the first time in quite a while, really veering down, but i believe this is a temporary sell off where people are taking profits. Maybe these big whales know something about a temporary leverage wash coming the sort of last moment of uncertainty before moon times in q4, again thats. How im seeing this again. This could be seen as a confirmation of the theory as well, but a lot of people think that cryptos already really big. They already think that bitcoins already really expensive and they dont understand how tiny it is compared to traditional markets. Heres, a visualization for you of the global stock markets, and here is crypto just a small fraction, and what you need to understand is that there is a velocity when new money comes into bitcoin theres, only a certain amount of bitcoin being sold, and so as that New money comes in, it starts buying up the bitcoin in price, as it does that it tends to send the price up, and we all know about bitcoin theres, a lot of hodlers who take their money off of the exchange, and so essentially the liquid supply of Bitcoin gets smaller and smaller over time, sending the price per coin way up, and so there is a multiplier effect on bitcoin, as well as all other cryptos, where its estimated that for every one dollar of new capital about 25 to 50 of market cap are created.

So if all of this market cap, which i do believe eventually comes into crypto, i believe it all gets tokenized in some way or another. Eventually, what were going to see is all this new capital is actually going to create multiplicative exponential effects. I dont believe that 2 trillion just becomes 93 trillion over time. You dont add them together. I do believe that we will see hundreds of trillions if not quadrillions, in market cap, by the time this tokenization takes effect. In my mind, the model is about 100x. When industries go on to the blockchain weve, seen the growth from brick and mortar to internet from web 1 to web 2 from web 2 to web 3. thats, why? I have a 10 trillion dollar market value on the gaming industry here in nft and crypto land, because i believe that the 100 billion market 100 100x to 10 trillion now. I also believe that the entire crypto markets will see unheard of numbers that we couldnt even fathom before, because of the dark magic that is market caps and thats. The only way we really calculate the value of crypto right now so understand that, as this comes into this, i see both of these numbers becoming completely irrelevant thats, how early we are and thats the perspective of the day for massive green flags. We also have zk roll ups coming faster than expected to ethereum. We have starkware, which is one of the most interesting pieces of software, the backing for immutable x, an amazing zk roll up based nft protocol coming to ethereum.

Again, i want all the eth. I want it all and thats why im very very heavily invested into each based nfts, which are making me astronomical returns in eth terms. We also have arbitrary and optimism to optimistic roll up layers, but the zk roll ups, the zk roll ups, are, from a technological perspective, the holy grail of l2 scaling. These are the absolute best on the market best in class and so seeing starkware being very excited to start their journey in january. This could be one of the biggest green flags for the ethereum ecosystem, so eth2 zk roll ups, optimistic rollups, as well as the nft ecosystem just exploding. The value of the ethereum network is honestly something that boggles the mind and i believe it will remain the dominant force in defiant nfts for the many years to come, though, thats not to say that you wont get awesome returns in solana that you wont get awesome Returns in avax and phantom, but obviously phantom is also branding itself as sort of an l2 of sorts to ethereum its its own l1, but its designed to offload from ethereum mainnet. So i consider phantom even part of ethereum. And finally, we want you to get ready for the first polkadot dot, mainnet crowd loans. These are going to be massive massive events here. This is not just kusama, which was the canary network, but this is polka dot now, so the projects that end up securing these crowd loans will be massive massive forces to reckon with in the crypto ecosystem.

You have been warned so once again, we see every inch that bitcoin gives the altcoins take a mile, so im very excited to see whats going to happen next with the altcoins throughout q4. I believe its going to be a monstrous quarter, theres a ton of risk in this ecosystem. So you got to do your own research here assume i could be wrong, but in my heart, im super excited im super passionate about whats gon na happen here in q4. Im planning to take a ton of profits once this altcoin season truly kicks off and im definitely definitely going to be buying blood at some point with all of these cash reserves in 2022. Let me know what you guys think about that strategy. Obviously, if we just continue to bull forever, then god bless the blow market. However thats my strategy for q4 im sticking to it. I hope you guys are having a happy and healthy day if you are smash that, like button, if youve been learning and growing from the elio trades channel through nft content, which were now making the most daily actionable nft content of any youtube channel in the world. And i am very very proud to continue to educate about this market and do daily, if not twice a day, content helping people understand the jpeg revolution im also here to break down the best altcoin opportunities and help you understand and navigate this cycle, like the back Of your hand, so make sure you subscribe with that bell notification on.

If you want to be a part of this trip to valhalla, as always, my name is eliot trades ill, see you very soon. On the next episode, you can find me on twitter at elio trades.