A lot of people are scheduled to come into the cryptocurrency market during the final stages of any bull market. That is how the system works, and so, during this period a lot of money is going to be made and a lot of money is going to be lost, make sure youre on the right side of those profits and thats. What were going to look at in todays video, my overview of strategies that im looking for in this next quarter and potentially into quarter one and quarter two of 2022? Now these are theories and techniques that i share with my members in patreon and in the membership course, which you can find a link to in the description down below if youre wanting to join us. So in todays, video im going to go through some of the strategies and a brief overview of what i think is coming up in this next quarter. So make sure you smash that like button and destroyed the subscribe button, because you can always unsubscribe later, it is a free risk, free investment to click. Those links down below lets start with cryptocurrency market caps, and this is important because were seeing where the money is flowing and how beefed up the industry is getting im also going to cover some other strategies that weve seen before in terms of altcoin phases and then Get through some charts as well. So the first thing here is fifty four thousand dollar btc and eighth is beginning to climb back to its previous all time, high, yet again getting close to that four thousand dollar level.

And that, of course, is bringing in a lot of activity and huge greed into the market. Looking at the greed, we are at 76 yesterday and 74 today. So looking at the chart of the fear and greed were getting spicy again on that greed index, and you know what has happened in the past when we get to those levels between that 70 and 80., you can see that we tend to have a bit of A pullback we need some sort of cooling off in the market. Now, if we of spinning all the way back to earlier in 2021, we just shot straight up into the 90s and hung around in those 90s for quite a period of time before we started to make lower highs and then dump back into those levels of the Teens to 20s, where it was good buying again so take note. This is a bit of hopium filled video today, whereas generally were more opium free, and this is where the opium free comes in. It is getting spicy try to keep your socks and your shirts on before things get too crazy, all right so on to the charts and bitcoin usd just having a look at where we have the potential of going just a bit of a road map. It doesnt mean were going to get there, it doesnt mean were going to be a 200 or 300 000 bitcoin by september, even though its october, but well leave that one for another day looking here were, were trending more towards a 2013 type of cycle, and i Think many people are probably in agreeance with that at this point in time, especially as were seeing a big blow off or a big move up and then a rounded top and then a fallback of around 54.

So previously 2013 we had a peak of around 260 dollars and then a drop back to around 60 bucks before we took off to our final high getting closer to that 1200. So around 1160 dollars that gave us a percentage range between top to top of around 350 percent. If we were to get a top to top 350 again for bitcoin thats, going to take us from around 65 000 to around 208 thousand dollars, probably closer to around 300 000., do i think its possible this cycle, probably not and im classing a cycle to where The next big peak is until we get another correction of probably 40 to 60 percent. At least maybe well go further, but well see as we get closer to that point in time. But if im to take a more conservative approach and say maybe were going to get half of that distance instead of the 350, maybe we get around a 150 to 200, then we go top to around 150 percent. Takes us to around that mid. 150. 100. 000 range now ive talked before about we may only get to around the 110 to 120, 000 and thats going to give us about 100 percent from the previous high. So, im going to take play a little more conservatively just to bring the hopian back in terms of my strategy and thinking into this next quarter of the market and potentially the first half of 2022. im.

Also, looking at the dominance to give you an idea of, when will we get these life, changing profits from cryptocurrency trading or investing or trading into nfts and and that sort of thing well, the dominance is still up. We are finding a little support on around the 43 to 44, after bursting through 44 and closing slightly above 45. So if the bitcoin dominance continues up, then weve still got some more time in the altcoin space to be making some of those gains. Now, im going to be looking at the bitcoin charts, the bitcoin pairings for anything that im investing in during this next three to six to nine months of the market and the reason being is the risk is so much higher in this next stage of the market And the risk is higher, because a lot of cryptos have already run weve seen some lows and weve seen them start to run again so theyre starting to get closer to their peaks, and should they explode and blow up and start to dump or the market becomes Extremely illiquid in the case of nfts, then i dont want to be left holding those bags. So, although there is potential to make big gains in this next stage of the bull market, i want to also be able to walk away in this bull market with a good ton of profits, even if those returns are lower than what i could have received playing The nft space, so there is that option as well.

I want to be conservative with some of the portfolio and i want to go and start playing the markets with a small percentage of the portfolio, because we can really start to see things ramping up as weve seen with the greed, its just getting really hot. Bringing the opium back down lets see if we get a little bit of a pullback to find a better entry, and this opium is going to continue until we get an etf approved and it doesnt look like the u.s is going to not approve something. Gensler has talked about etfs coming out, hasnt said when, but some are calling for this month. Actually looking at october as a potential for an etf approval, gensler struck a similar tone in an august speech that ignited a rush in tailor made bitcoin futures etfs filings. None have been approved by the sec, but industry observers expect decision as early as october, so that could be another catalyst to send us shooting off to the moon. Of course, bitcoin will take all those gains and then the alt coins will start to bleed. So i want to walk away with some good profits in this next stage of the bull market. Chanalysis also shows that cryptocurrency is being adopted all around the world with their list of vietnam being the highest scorer. At the moment, india coming in second pakistan, ukraine, the united states, is pretty high up there as a developed nation and, of course, we also see south africa.

China is still in there and all the way down to russia a little further down, so its still being developed or adopted pretty heavily across the world and thats, something that we didnt see so much in the 2017 bull market, which means we could get multiple major Peaks with sizable corrections in between and potentially long periods of time now, what am i going to be looking for in this next stage if you are unfamiliar with my channel, i do look a lot into trading cryptos and i, like the d5 space, the nft space Of course, that is probably going to be the hottest and i would even argue to move the nft into the bigger circle and throw defy just out on the edge polka dot ecosystem obviously goes off. Eth killers go off scaling solutions because of the ethereum gas fees. They tend to go off as well, and these all move in cycles now the least fun out there in the markets are data privacy and identity, its not to say that they cant pump. But if you are looking for those huge hundred thousand x returns, theyre, probably com compared to nfts or the polkadot ecosystem or d5 theyre, probably not going to be found in the data space or privacy or the identity. So i i look at this and ive seen this happen before and i would uh suggest if you are looking for those massive massive returns, then probably focus your attention on this upper end of the narrative, the pumpable narratives, rather than the other end.

If you find yourself finding cryptocurrencies, which are in the data space or the identity space, they might not be the pumpable cryptos that youre looking for and you might waste this final or second final stage of the bull market. Look for the pumpable stuff! Now i focus on the btc value because, as this little infographic here states, a lot of influences online can throw myself into that basket. If you really want to, i am here online. A lot of influencers will only look at the usd value and the usd value will go up and theyll say that theyre doing a fantastic thing. You know his favorite influencer says were up 20 talking about this cryptocurrency, but in in reality, its gone down against the btc value, which means that bitcoin is rising and all tides are rising at the same time. But those cryptocurrencies are just moving up slower than bitcoin, because theyre just a weak crypto, so really pay attention to your bitcoin value. If you want to make the most out of this next stage of the bull market, thats part of my strategy, looking at the btc values now, nfts are obviously crazy and i put a post out on twitter. So if you want to follow along subscribe to my twitter links are down below mechaverse is something thats, absolutely crazy. At the moment it hasnt even come out, and the floor has gone from a 0.28 up to approximately 6 8 at time of filming this video.

So they havent even come out and people are bidding far far higher than what they have been minted for so nft is obviously going to be crazy, but again it is pretty much just like leveraged trading. You can get burnt super super hard, but at least you have a jpeg to walk away with that. Maybe no one wants the other part of the narrative is, of course ethereum and i think ethereum is going to pump. So if nfts are too risky, then ethereum is a safer bet, in my opinion, of course, theres not going to be the same sort of gains that we would see with nfts, but a lot of nfts are being minted on the ethereum blockchain. So, of course, ethereum is going to be burning a lot more eth because of these nfts that are being minted and traded, so eat being burnt means theres, less eath means that the supply is dropping and at the moment, theres still a lot of demand for ethereum. So i can see that rising the price, a fair bit and probably more than what bitcoin is so its kind of that safer bit to anything else and probably a bigger gain, some bitcoin now. This is all, of course, speculation, but this is the way im playing this next stage of the bull market to make these bigger gains. Maybe this is the last opportunity until we get a massive bear market looking at mecca verse on openc, where you can be buying these the floor price at the moment.

Now is 4.6, so it is changing quite rapidly and you can go down the list here to see any mecca versus which arent even out yet with bids of 3.6 e 3.9 eth, and then we just sort of hit 4 and onwards 4.2. So you can go into openc and just start to get into that nft space. So my strategy is split between two different types of portfolios: a longer term something safer and then getting out to the gambling space. Because part of my strategy is to make sure i walk away with profits at the end of this bull market, its been four long years between peak and the next potential peak, i dont want to waste it and i hope you dont either so make sure youve Got something written down and youre following a plan to walk away with profits, you dont need to sell the absolute top or buy the absolute bottom. You just need to come away with some profits. For your time. Remember, youre! Spending your time researching, nfts d5 projects trading. Storing your cryptocurrency learning about cryptocurrency walk away with some sort of profits to make this a long term endeavor for yourself – and i did ask you guys earlier if you wanted to see a video about how to take profits – and i have put that video out on The channel and you can find it just a couple of videos back with the title, important crypto exit strategies revealed ill leave a link to this at the end of this video.

So you can get an idea of my thought process into creating a plan for exiting the cryptocurrency market. Now, if you did want to learn more, of course, there is also patreon as well. Link to this is down below, but lets look at ethereum and ethereum usd is slowly climbing up. So with all of this positive news were still getting those moves in eth. Where can we go in terms of the eth price? So ive got some targets further up around that eight to twelve thousand dollars. Now ive got around eight thousand because again, its very, very conservative, its about a hundred percent from the previous higher and if we do a round number of the previous high of approximately forty four hundred that brings us out at about eighty eight hundred. So if we throw another hundred percent on top of that price, we come out at around the 13 000., so a smaller narrower target of between eight and twelve thousand. That sounds pretty good to me and if i look at it in terms of returns from where we currently are then at thirty six hundred to get to that eight and a half to nine thousand ive still got about 100 150 percent. Now, if that doesnt sound great to you 100, maybe in three to six months, then you need to start getting riskier going into those lower market cap cryptocurrencies, which is what we also look at on the channel as well.

But in terms of my strategy i want to be buying, or i want to be, holding more bitcoin and eth at the end of this cycle than what i started with thats my strategy. I want to make sure i get to that point and ill be implementing some of the things that ive talked about in this video right here. Weve, looked at a lot of things in todays video, looking at the bullish narrative for the major cryptocurrencies, based on a lot of the smaller projects which are finding their ways into the market for people to earn their massive returns. The nft space is kind of like the ico space of 2017 theres, really its really just built on hopes and dreams. They are just jpegs at the end of the day sure they might be rare jpegs. But what is stopping someone else? Creating a new project which sounds just as fantastic with the same fundamentals and better images thats what it is at the end of the day, it is a bubble and it will burst at some point. We all know that, but like in 2017, the market just kept running really hot further than what we could expect and icos kept going off. There were bigger hopes, bigger dreams until we just couldnt match those hopes and dreams by the end of that stage, and then of course, the bubble burst and ethereum was down approximately 92 percent. So, im going to be on the lookout for something like that to happen again in this cycle, with the nfts being the narrative, which is why i may not invest heavily into nfts.

But i definitely keep a track of them, because that is going to give me an idea of what the market sentiment is leading into this final stage of the bull market now, in terms of a chart im looking for something similar to what we saw in 2017., I dont know if well get the exact blow off top like we saw in 2017. We did have a few hundred percent between the previous highs, but it is starting to shape up very similar to what we saw in 2017 when we had a peak and a big correction and another peak, and potentially we get another correction or weve. Just seen that correction before the market just takes off huge steam comes because we have gone through a lot of pain at the moment, and everyone will believe that the pain wont happen again because this time, its different and thats, where ill leave todays video. We will recap more about the strategies leading into quarter four and, of course, during the period of quarter four in the markets, nothing is ever different, it is always the same. It smells the same.