I think a lot of people are going to want to watch this video all the way through my friends if youre still bullish like i am on cbe new comment 777 below, because i know what were about to talk about in this video youre not to want To miss my friends, this is brand spanking new news that i think a lot of people arent going to be talking about, because theyre just like yo shibeenu is the um is the the one meme coin that people are not going to look into after dogecoin is Going to take off – and you know, bitcoins taking off its about to hit 60 000 blah blah blah long story short. If you, if you want to youre more than happy to you, know click off this video, but were going to talk about the cryptocurrency markets were also going to be listening. What mike novogratz has to say this guys a beast. My friends just do me a huge favor put the key in the ignition back up the truck and get ready lets just run guys whats going up bull runners, kyle here with runguys.com and were going to start this video off with a quick giveaway were giving away A hundred dollars – and all you got to do – is give this video a chuck, norris roundhouse kickaroo right to the like button and comment below every single comment. You leave enters you in to win and then head over to runguys.

com to make sure youre subscribed to our make money newsletter thats, where we announce the winner every single week. So with that being said, lets run the markets. Okay, my friend so think about the top. Ten then also think about the top 20. whos in it. Well, she be new still continues to just go up. The ranks from you know top 30 40 cryptocurrency to the top 20 right now, its hovering a little bit over the top 20. What were seeing is that only 9.88 in the 24 of the um of the volume thats coming in right now is based around well im, not going to be careful. What i say remember: im not a financial advisor im sharing you information, education, entertainment only okay, but she be you. If you look at it right now were looking at a project that has a market cap of 10 billion dollars. Now, if we go back here, well also notice that dogecoin is sitting here at i mean look at this market cap of 32 billion, the height of the market cap used to be 60ish 70 billion dollars. What makes you think that she, being you, cannot go and crush out all these numbers and be one of the biggest flip and meme coins of this bull run. You have something coming to you, but the thing is the sell off is going to continue. We are going to witness everybody who had their bags with shiba inu theyre, going to start selling off a little bit, and i want to prepare you now for what would be happening.

People are going to get scared and theyre going to think. Oh, my gosh shibuyas not going anywhere were so scared, oh my gosh, but when in doubt, zoom out look at the old all time high. What im seeing right here is nothing, absolutely nothing. What im excited about is to see this go past, its old all time. High and create a brand spanking new floor for this project, and i hope you are too as well. Many of you that listen to us, okay, were not any gurus, but we will tell you one thing: we know what the heck were doing. You see that all the people, if youre brand spanking new, consider subscribing to the run guys channel, give it a like give it a give it a comment. You know, give it a chuck. Norris swing a roosky right to the subscribe button. Just so, we know youre really about this life and then youre gon na run the markets with us. My friends, this is powerful stuff. This is amazing. This is amazing to see a community band together and every we were talking about this. The whole way through we were talking about this all the way through some of you made millions and millions of dollars just because you watched our videos, some of you made tens of thousands of dollars. A lot of you made hundreds of thousands of dollars in this bull market so far with she being you, many of you guys deserve all the success.

Take it in accept these blessings you deserve it now lets go over to some articles here, quick and lets understand what chibi news doing its the 12th largest biggest cryptocurrency after 367 rise in just a week now falling back to top 20.. Now we want to really understand what was the reasoning. A lot of people are saying: hey, it was elon musk, good old, elon musk was just twittering up and tweeting up and and letting everyone know how jealous you got ta be of his brand spanking new puppy. The shibuya new flokie, the friend, the frunk puppy, which is the front of his tesla, but im not lying you that has got to be the cutest picture. I have ever seen of a of a dog im, not kidding one of the this is so cool. I think elon musk, you did it right. I dont know if youre using the brand new iphone or you had a brand new camera, sony a7 or something take a photo, the most adorable puppy. But was it just elon musk that tweeted that made chibinu go or was it the community that band together and still believe in a project like she being new with this ecosystem that theyre creating with shib with im sorry with uh leash with bone? My friends, we even talked about another altcoin that well talk about here soon that i think a lot of people who looked into it made even massive bags the last few days because of what you know i shared with you guys and ill share with that here Soon but chibinu took 14 months to hit a market value of 12 billion dollars.

It took those coins six times as long to reach that milestone. So congratulations to all of us. That believed in a meme token called she be new and and guess what we deserve. All these blessings so its taken 14 months right for the meme coins for cbnu to enter the ranks of the worlds top 20 cryptos its market valuation of 12 billion on thursday. This is thursday now were dropping back, because why listen to me we have to prepare for this. The fud people are going to sell off because they have what major bags that they created. Some people are just taking itty bitty profits, okay, some people. Why wouldnt they take some profits if they made millions of dollars. Why wouldnt they take profits if they made hundreds of thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars? Why wouldnt they? So you cant blame them, but you do have to understand. There has to be a pullback of reconsolidation, no big deal, elon musk tweets with a photo of his chibi. He knew on monday appear to trigger a rally in the coin, so to me its very interesting, but the cryptocurrency markets as a whole. I want you to understand when were watching this video here soon but head on over to runguys.com, to throw in your email address. Just if you havent, because youll be a part of our make money. Newsletter youll as well at runguys.com, see what were up to when it comes to the coins that were choosing before they even go out to the masses.

Maybe that interests you, maybe it doesnt, but its just your email address, thats it thats. All you got to do and then for everyone, thats been listening to us and listening to myself on this video that you guys keep on watching im just on coin market cap, but kumainu right its not even on coin market cap, its not really listed, no ones Talking about it, however, if we go to coin, get, go and well see right here that kuma inu, which is a meme token, that still utilizes the developers of shibi new interesting right interesting. Is it possible that kuminu could be the next big one because when in doubt, zoom out what were witnessing right now we talked about this? Well, i mean i talked about this on my videos and uh yeah. Look at this massive spike, so any of you guys, listen to me um. I just want to say congratulations to you. I i did not tell you to buy this by no means everyone knows that im, not a financial advisor. I didnt tell you to buy this, but you guys and gals got in uh when the market cap was very, very low. It looks like so ive seen some people in the comments say you know. Thank you. So much for helping me make this much money and im like dude. I just shared with you. I just said: hey its possible if the same developers that helped with shibuynu did this for kumainu and theyre up to some amazing stuff in the d5 space and theyre trading meme coins.

This could make a lot of sense and thats. All i said i said, hey, you know kuma token.com and look at the kuma breeder that theyre focused on which is the yield farming protocol for meme coins. You basically deposit your meme coins. You earn passive income as well as the decks. Okay, the decentralized base petrol contract trading protocol for meme coins, so its basically up to like 25 times long short leverage trading. Could you imagine just trading meme tokens like it sounds kind of cool, so again, look at the roadmap when you get time. Take a good, hard look at this project and keep it on your radar, not telling you guys have to buy this again im just saying this is what theyre up to this project just made a lot of sense in my mind, so i had to share this With you now again, i think a lot of people arent talking about this project, which i brought up yesterday, uh yesterdays video is a six million dollar market cap, but when in doubt, zoom out this project, isnt is on top of cardano. So if its on top of cardano and nfts are starting to explode, which platform has yet to explode in the nft space, we see a lot of people launching stuff on solana because its working right now. But if you can think six months out years out five years out, this potentially could be a massive project um for anybody to look into when it comes to a project in, on top of cardano, same thing, cody right, look at cody.

This is a project that is needed needed right now for cardano, so a little bit high, but i think in the long term this could be a wonderful project. Another one lets talk about another one ctsi. I think this one is a flipping sleeper for some reason. I dont know why a lot of people are not talking about this project. I dont get it when in doubt zoom out. I i still do not. When is this one going to take up? I dont know, i think its getting ready, i think, were starting to witness uh this trading volume just get ready to take a little flip, ruski all the way to the top, but it could be wrong. I dont know i really dont know another one. I want to share with you is in the d5 space is called bond b, o n d, barn bridge okay, and this one look at the market cap, its only 112 billion, all right, im – sorry, 112 million, not even the billions yet so we have maybe a Nine plus x um waiting for this baby. In my opinion, the old all time high, i mean 1′ upwards of 147 when it came out, but i dont really like to look at that. I like to look at something like this hey. This could be a nice little. You know 3x to get back to its old all time. High, then some, because, if theres a 10 million dollar max a total supply its possible, this could be very similar to something like compound when it comes to their token.

Their tokenomics another one clv, so look at clover finance. When you get time. Market cap is 169 million when in doubt, zoom out. We might be witnessing right now this baby ready to break out. I could be wrong, but i just think that this thing is so needed in the ecosystem, um that theyre creating and again clover finance like. If you know the brand, you know the company uh, they do some massive stuff as it is so i want to share with you a tad bit more um on the crypto markets and see what no regrets has to say, because its a little bit of news Update comment below how excited you are right now about your bags with tv new 2 by the way, and if kuma, if you did kumainu, let me know well thats what we dont know and what we dont know. We dont know what what do you see in in the next uh two three four months that were not uh were not anticipating for crypto i mean it could be china, it could be more companies adopting it more fintech moves. What do you thinks gon na going to happen that its gon na dictate the movement? Where do you think well be in three six months, not to sound like the ever bullish guy that i sometimes im accused of being uh? But i literally see a scenario where we take out the highs in bitcoin, and we have one of these parabolic moves in all the crypto going into the fourth quarter, a little bit its like when you go to the kentucky derby, the horse that turns the corner At the end always runs the fastest uh in investing in hedge fund.

Investing, i remember, you know my 12 years of running the macro fund. Uh the assets that are ahead in the fourth quarter usually have great finishes because everyone piles on and pushes the valuations higher, and i see that happening right now. I see this confluence of that, where the surprise will be. Oh, my goodness, how do we get to 80 000? How do we get to 100 000? How do we get to you know 5 000 in ethereum um. That will be the surprise. Weve pushed a lot to the downside, weve thrown china, weve thrown regulation uh and the market continues to hold and its holding, because just new money coming in it was 17 billion dollars of new venture capital that went in the first half of the year. Its just a tremendous inflow of both talent and money, yeah, thats cool, absolutely so – were going to be covering. Maybe this video tomorrow yeah. So you want to stay tuned and well explain a little bit more. Just just dont! You dont want to miss the next video. The next video we do tomorrows me six, so thank you so much for your time. I wish you mass success. Let me know if you back to the truck for kuminou and a lot of these other all coins and comment, your top three all coins. I want to maybe make a video about them tomorrow, so thank you so much ill see you next video and ill also see you.

My friend on the beaches of the flippin moon lets, run it up Music. I got dreams to catch. Yeah yeah hey, run until im running Music Music. I got dreams of cash, make sure you like comment and subscribe and share it.