You lets talk about this today, really good news. 100. 100. I love them back. Shibar me, hey shiba, you are, the shiva army, loves you and we love milkshake. It keeps us updated with the news, but what were going to be talking about today is something else. Some real, really good stuff. Today, uh with that being said, im really really excited to talk about. This aroshi never ceases to amaze me. You know he has a few new updates and i also have something new to talk about so now. Payments x, shipped their relationship, will allow businesses, creators and more to onboard ship as a matter of payment. Now, thats really awesome. I already talked about, but this weekly close is very important for ship, because um its also a bit opium fueled, because 43k is right above a key area um in our bull market support area. We have tested the support two weeks successful, and this would be our third. What this basically means is that if bitcoin goes up right now, its gon na be looking very, very good. Its gon na be offsetting a new trend, but i do think institution will be coming in at the correct time and when it comes in at the correct time, its also going to be seeing new waves of growth and when it sees a new wave of growth. Its going to be seeing something else, so more than 1 million investors keep chibino on their watch list after the binance and coinbase listing, and look at this, this is something else you know this is a big demand.

One million people like thats, a half a country, shibay new crypto, who was recently listed on etoro people coinbase pro binance and coinbase – has opened its doors to millions of investors to buy the coin, with a click of a button that go on tedious steps to own Them through exchange swaps, right after being listed on top training platforms, shibainu has seen itself land on more than one million investor watch list section on all the apps combined and the number is expected to increase by day. As present, 1.1 million investors have kept chibinu on their watch list and at least half of them are expected to make an entry position in an appropriation time based on the price factor. Surprisingly, shibenu seems to have etched a dogecoin in their watchlist section, as 1.1 million investors thats. A lot of investors have capped doge on their watch list and ship is only 26 000 away from crossing dogecoins watch list. So we are coming in closer and closer to dogecoins watchlist, so something im super excited for but watch. This is an indicator that investors are keen on a particular coin and are most likely to purchase this after looking at the days chart or doing a dip. That seems to fit right to other portfolio right. So when ship robinhood app were on 1.1 million watch lists – and i do think thats because you know people are talking about ship – a lot theyre talking about ship in real life theyre talking about it, usually because its one of the most talked about coins, its its Talked more about than bitcoin, because it has more updates its talked more in dogecoin, its talked more than robin hood.

At least half of the investors are expected to go ahead and decide to purchase their favorite coins in a few days as the crypto market has considerably dipped after china deemed the cryptocurrencies as illegal in the country. Several coins are available for a bargain at present and could pick up steam where thus settles and reaches new weekly highs. So all we need now is a bump from institutions thats all we need shibainu grew with popularity, only 2021, which we already know but were closing in, were closing in fast on the big institution growth. Many whales have also started taking entry positions into shiba inu and have pumped in large amounts of money while buying billions of ship coins. In return as a time of publishing, ximenu was trading and is down two percent but check the already distributed portal dedicated for a ship. You know shimano is going to be used for payments thats already being used for payments in venezuela, so that is something im really excited for, and there are three reasons why ship will be used in other countries. Security, low fees and instant ship payments are nearly instances reduction. Take mere minutes security. Ship holders could, you know, be certain about the security of their funds, since ethereum network is one of the strongest in the industry, and ethereum always seeks to maintain a low transaction fees and benefits ship holders. So im really excited for that as bitcoin hits 45k tvtr.

So twitter stocks rise, four percent after bitcoin tipping comes to twitter nobodys. Talking about this, but twitter stocks feel the benefit of the orange pill as surging stocks after the positive tail wins for bitcoin. So twitter stocks search four percent, which is really exciting. It does seem like stocks and bitcoin is connected what the internet did for communication bitcoin and the lightning network is doing for money. So ceo jack, mallor summarized an accompanying blog post. Twitter immediately felt the benefits with its stock up nearly four percent after yesterdays close a video from mueller showing him using the new tipping feature. Meanwhile attracted 1.6 million views at just 15 hours, and you can see i just published announcing the strike api. So twitter will be having bitcoin tips, and you know people are excited about this, because this means shiba, youtips and ethereum tips and so forth will become available in the near future. So lets take a look at this like look at this view wow. Oh my. Oh my so these are the twitter headquarters and, as you can see over here, they basically already have a tipping feature already free remittance payment and you get like a free payment through twitter, which is really really awesome. But im just really excited about this view. Like this view looks awesome, you could also like tip here so, like say, lets say ten dollars. Twenty dollars like this was just leaked, and i think this is really really important like.

I think people are excited about this, because this means shibanu could be potentially used as a donation through twitter and a lot of people use twitter. You know twitter might not be as popular as it was before. It might not be as big as google but uh. This is gon na be bringing celebrities together there. A lot of people are gon na, be simply tweeting, uh uh tipping a lot of people now a lot already bullish. Bitcoin traders were even more optimistic for wrecked capital, a trend, continuation involving a dip consideration and eventual access to the upside was well on track. So, if we check more news, 60 billion charity provider enables block bitcoin donations, and these are the future. We as shiba no holders gave huge amounts of donation, and i think bitcoin knows about this and as the number of cryptocurrency users have grown so has the number of crypto donations and thats gon na increase. You know thats something to consider. I think uh people will remember the largest donation in the crypto history uh. I do think people do realize um that this is one. This is gon na, be one of the biggest donations nationwide like there was never such a big donation in the history of crypto or worldwide, like a 400 million dollar nation were talking from vitalik, but the giving block also expects to facilitate one billion in cryptocurrency donations. In 2022, through a number of partnerships that are set to go, live in the fourth quarter of 2021.

, so chinese regulators actually uniting all together. You know bitcoin peering in china, trying to keep all that bitcoin out and also shibenu. You know imagine if these are the shivena coins theyre trying to keep that out as financial management departments, cyber security and information departments, telecommunication departments, public security departments and market supervision departments work closely together to cut off the payment channels dispose of relevant websites and mobile applications. In accordance with the law, so theyre trying heavily to downtrend, you know basically bitcoin, but its not going to be stopping its definitely not going to be stopping here. As the next generation of data driven healthcare is here, you know, i mean healthcare, which there is also a lot of money is going to be using blockchain tech, which is going to be something else now. Coinbase is also getting sued by someone which is uh. Something i want to talk about. Ukraine joins the committee of crypto friendly nations with new regulations, so ukraine is joining in and a lot of these countries in the future will be accepting shibeinu, at least in stores, or will allow stories to accept shibuyu, and i think this will be huge. So, unlike russia, ukraine has passed laws that will ease the adoption of cryptocurrencies within the country. The legal stylus of cryptocurrencies remains a mixed back of regulatory positions depending on the jurisdiction being considered, while some countries move toward blanket prohibitions of stringent regulations, others elect to go with more open approach to crypto, so ukraine here actually going on a complete open approach.

Establishing a virtual asset policy in ukraine will enable the creation of a legal space for ukrainian international vasp, so basically stores to register its businesses and accept crypto crypto payments. So there is a clear need for crypto adoption in ukraine, and with that being said, who knows it might become the second legal tender and other countries will follow with parliaments green light for this law. Individuals and companies are adequately protected as the bill provides more clarifications on financial aspects and officially allows cryptocurrency companies to operate within the country. So this is big not much more to say here, as bitcoin vitality continues, as bitcoin price closes and a critical weekly close. We still have a lot to see for bitcoin like this is gon na be a huge month. I definitely do think october is gon na, be something else, but uh definitely be sure to drop a like and subscribe for more because schubert is going to be seeing another bull run as at least if the analysts are correct by the end of 2021.